All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Meri piyari Chaachi

Hi there, it’s my real story which happened in 2003 in Pakistan. I be a son of bitch if I do lie in this matter. We had a joint family system and were living in our Grand home those days. My father and young uncle was working in Kuwait . My aunt (Chaachi) aged 36years was living here with her two young children. I never thought of having sex with her, even I had no bad feelings for her. She was an average looking pakistani lady with heavy Breasts but her plus point was her fair white colour. In summer, we all usually sleep on our roof. It was an august mid night, I got to pee and I went down to our toilet. I heard water tab noise, there was someone is the bathroom but the door was open. I thought that Someone has forgotten to close the water tab. I moved towards toilet but suddenly stopped because I see a lady taking bath. First I thought her my Mom. But I didn’t care because I was very anxious to see a fully naked woman. Then I came to know that She’s Shakeela, my Chaachi. I
was on fire to see her and I moved quitely to a point where She could not see me at once. My cock was erected. Shakeela was using shampoo on her fair body. I could see only her back. But it’s quite enough for me. I took my penis out of trouser which was erected so hard. I wanted to see her breast and pussy but it was not possible, I could only see glimpse of her huge breast from both sides. I was masturbating so fast by looking my hot Chaahi then I cummed. Later on, my feelings for her were changed and I started feeling and looking her as a man not as nephew. I masturbated a lot dreaming about her. I was fond of reading sex stories and I got an idea from a story. I bought Ativan 2mg (Sleeping Pills) and made plan to feed her. Shakeela was addicted to drink milk before to sleep. I got a chance one day and mixed two pills in her glass of milk. I left out and came back after an hour. She was in her room with her children and light was off. I opened her room and found all of th
em sleeping. I told my Mom that I will not sleep on roof today. I waited half hour then entered in her room. She was snoring that means she was fully asleep. I sat on her bed and my body was shaking in fear. I looked at her, she was looking so hot (May be only to me). Her cleavage was so damn sexy that her half breasts were popping out. I touched her hand but no movement. It gave me some courage. I took her hand in my hand and placed it on my lap. She didn’t move and I moved her hand directly on my penis. It’s like an electric shock, my penis erected. I was getting mad to see Shakeela’s breast. I put my hand on her thigh and slowly started touching all over. She didn’t move, her snoring was giving me a courage that She is fully asleep. I moved my hand on her pussy but didn’t move and waited for her reaction. But nothing happened, so started moving and rubbing her pussy and I kept her hand in my other hand and rubbing my penis which was on it’s top real now. I felt some feeli
ngs on her face but kept playing with her pussy. Now I could see a smile on her face as her own legs holding and shaking as I was making her on fire by touching her Pussy. By God, to my surprise She was holding my penis now which was so hot for me. I moved my hand in her Shalwar (Trouser) and it’s my direct approach to her. I swear my God, my Mother and my Father that her Pussy was so soft and free of hair. She was holding and pressing my penis tightly. I wanted to remove her shirt but I was afraid to get her up. I tried to move her trouser more down. Oh my God, her round thighs were so healthy, hot & sexy that I had no proper words to tell it. I had gone mad when she opened her legs as I felt her Pussy wet now. I thought to do it now and I took off my trouser. My penis was looking like a steel rod. I sat closer to her and rubbed my penis on her Pussy. She smiled and her smile was an open invitation to explore her beauty and sex. I put my penis on her Pussy and pushed it i

To be Continue……….

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