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mom in dark night

First let me introduce myself. I am a 28-year-old guy living in Kolkata. I am exactly 6′ tall. I have quite a healthy physique due to which I look older. On first sight strangers assume I must be around 33 to 35 years old. I have a fair complexion. I am in the hospitality business. We used to be a family of three. My father divorced my mother and left for a woman younger than me 4 years back. My father is in the merchant navy and he used to be away for eleven months in a year. Sometimes, he was away for as long as 23 months. Then when he returned for a month, he spent 15 days with his parents, my paternal grandparents, and 15 days with us. Needless to say he gave us all the luxuries in life but he didn’t provide my mother with the company she desperately needed.

My mother is a 46-year-old lady. But due to her regular workouts and massages and since she has a slim and trim body she looks 36. She is 5’6″ tall and comes up to my shoulders. When we go out together strangers mistake us to be brother and sister and in some cases even as a couple. She has shoulder length black hair and she has a fair complexion. She looks really ravishing in black or dark colored dresses. My mother drinks a finger of gin every Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week she stays dry. Sometimes when she is in a really good mood she lets me join her with a beer. She never lets me drink more than one bottle of beer, however.

Now let me come to the point. I can still remember vividly how it all started. A few years back we went to a party. I hadn’t started my business then and was studying. It was the anniversary of a friend of my father’s. The elders were drinking alcohol in a room and when we entered I was led to the young ones’ section by uncle’s son. Uncle led mother to the place where all the uncles and aunts were. However, my mother isn’t a person to sit still at any place so we saw her at frequent intervals. On her 5th round, however, I found that she was a bit tipsy as her steps weren’t that measured. I quietly sidled up to her and whispered into her ear not to consume any more alcohol. She agreed and went away. Then when she didn’t come for nearly an hour I was a bit worried and went to the room where the uncles and aunts were. I couldn’t find her. Worried I asked auntie about her.

She hadn’t seen that I have come and was surprised to see me and said that “Your mother had a drink too many and Raj has offered to take her home.” I rushed downstairs and searched for Raj uncle’s maruti thousand. I found it and found that it was empty. Then a thought ran across me. My mother had kept the keys of our car with her. So I ran back to the place where our Contessa was parked. Sure enough Raj uncle was there and he had already put my mother in the passenger seat and I could see that he was holding my mother’s hands in one hand while caressing her breasts in the other.

I quietly went up to him and thanked him profusely for taking care of my mother and said, “Thank you very much Raj uncle. I think I will take over from here and drive her home.” Raj uncle wasn’t ready to let me get away with her and he said, “no, no, don’t waste your party, I will take her home.” But I didn’t trust him. I had seen him caressing my mother’s breasts. And I knew I stood on firmer ground. After all what can be more natural than a son driving his drunk mother home! So I said, “No Raj uncle I won’t be able to enjoy the party if I went back now. I will be worried about what happened to her. Why don’t we both go!” He wasn’t interested in going with me and said that what is of importance is that Shalini, my mother, got home safely and said that since I have generously offered to take her home there was no point in his going. Then he praised me for being such a responsible and caring son, though I could see the anger in his eyes, and after handing me over our car keys he went back to the party. I watched him go and then I got in beside my mother and after ensuring that she was buckled in I started for home. As I drove I began to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t arrived in time. And I decided that I had to do something about it.

On reaching home I parked the car and opened the passenger side door and found that the top 4 buttons of her salwar were undone. So I buttoned them up and tried to wake my mother. She was completely drunk. Finding no other way I gathered her in my arms and went to the elevator. Fortunately my mother is a light woman. The automatic one was operating. It would have been a bit of a trouble for me to close the gates if the other one was in service. We stay on the ninth floor and as I got off the elevator with my mother in my arms I set her down on the ground and with my arm round her shoulders supporting her I felt in my hip pocket for our apartment keys. I inserted the keys and picked her up again and after walking in closed the door behind me.

I switched on the light and as I bent down to take off my mother’s shoes she began to stir a bit. I was relieved and thought that at last she was coming to. But it didn’t turn out to be that and my mother vomited on both of us. Now, this left me in a bit of a problem. Earlier I had thought that I will just dump her on her bed, in my parents’ bedroom, after I had made the bed and get out. Now I was left with no other option but to change her clothes. I took off her shoes and then mine. Then I took her to the bathroom. There I put her head under the tap and let the cold water pour over her head. I was hoping that she would regain some consciousness. But it was useless. She was completely drunk. She stirred a bit but then her head rolled again. So I undid the buttons of her kameez and the zip at the rear and took it off. She was wearing a white bra. Her breasts filled it and were straining against it. I felt at the back but couldn’t get it off. So I turned her around and undid the hooks and took it off her. I later learnt they were 38D. Then I turned her around again and letting her rest against me I pulled the strings of her shalwar and pulled them loose and pushed them down her waist and over her hips and let go of them. They dropped to the floor. Holding them with my feet I grabbed my mother by her narrow waist and lifting her clear of them I kicked the pajamas away, then I put her down on the floor again. And my mother was standing there clad only in a pair of white satin panties. I didn’t take them off. Instead I started to splash water on her and then as I reached out for a towel, to dry her with it, she started to vomit again. I took her to the washbasin and held her till she was finished. She regained a bit of consciousness and asked me what I was doing. I narrated to her what had happened. When I was finished she looked down at her near naked state and she blushed. So I said that do you feel strong enough to finish the work that I had started! She said yes so I let go of her and she immediately began to sway and would have fallen if I hadn’t reached out and caught her. So I said that “Forgive me mother but I can see you haven’t recovered fully yet. And I have to finish what I was doing.” So I again washed her.

But I could see that some of the vomit had spilled on her panties and as I hooked my thumbs into them and started to pull them down she tried to stop me. She had regained that much sense to realize that if I pulled down her panties then her most private part would be bare and she would be completely nude before her son. But I had already started to pull them down by that time and they were already halfway down her thighs. So she just covered her pubic area with her hands. I realized her embarrassment and pulled them back up. She whispered, “Thank you son.” Then I sprayed water on her panties with the hand shower and after that I dried her up with a towel. Then I wrapped the towel around her and pulled her panties down. This time, however, she didn’t object, probably because the towel was covering her. Then I reached beneath her towel and dried that area with another towel. The color darkened in her rosy cheeks. So I said, “Sorry mother but if I don’t dry you properly then you will catch cold.” After that I led her into the bedroom and asked her whether she would sleep in the towel or should I help her to put on her nightdress. She said, she would manage herself and tried to pick up her nightdress. But in the process the towel slipped and though she tried to grab it, it fell to the ground. Now my mother stood before me in all her naked glory. But I was too worried about her to appreciate the sight. She had the sense that she was completely nude in front of her son and that she couldn’t manage to put on her nightdress even, in that state. So she dropped her nightdress and while trying to cover her pubic area with her both hands she said that, since I had already seen her topless I should wrap the towel around her waist and after I had slipped her nightdress over her head and it has come down below her hips, I should take off the towel and pull the nightdress to her feet. I did accordingly and put her to bed. She said another, “Thank you son”, and drifted off to an alcohol induced slumber. I went to my room and after having washed myself and changing into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt I went to the kitchen in search of some food.

I satisfied my hunger and decided to check on my mother and retire for the night. I found her sitting on the floor. I rushed to her side and asked her what she was trying to do. She said that she wanted to go to the toilet. So I helped her walk to the toilet and lifted her nightgown above her waist and she sat down and relieved herself. After putting her to bed I decided that I couldn’t leave her in that inebriated state, because I didn’t know when she might want to go to the toilet again. So I went to my room and got a paperback and after entering her room lay down on the other side and began to read it after turning on the bedside lamp. She slept peacefully through the night except for a minor tossing and though I stayed up most of the night I dozed off in the wee hours of the morning. When I woke up with a start I found my mother already up and she had covered herself in a housecoat, since she never ever appeared before me in a nightdress, and was drinking some tea and staring at me.

I was relieved to find her fully recovered and asked her whether she had any tea left for me. She didn’t answer and kept staring at me. I was a bit puzzled and got up hurriedly and asked her whether she was all right. She just nodded but didn’t answer. I waited for her to speak. After a few minutes she said that “You have already told me what happened yesterday night but I don’t recall exactly what you said.” And she requested me to repeat them. I started to tell her but then remembered the look of embarrassment I had seen in her when she had regained her consciousness after vomiting for the second time. So I said that, “Forget it, you were a bit out of control and I took care of you.” She had been watching me and said that, “If you don’t tell me about it then I will be more embarrassed in front of you henceforth.” I watched her and realized I had to say it no matter how embarrassing it became for both of us and maybe she wouldn’t commit the same mistake in the future. So I narrated to her all the happenings of the previous night starting from the time I got worried due to her absence till the time I lay down beside her with the paperback. She had been listening to me attentively and I had seen the color deepen a couple of times in her rosy cheeks. Then she simply said “Thank you very much son, if you hadn’t been there yesterday then I just shudder to think of what would have happened.” Seeing that she was back on balance I got up and went to brush.

I went to the dining table and found breakfast but mom was nowhere in sight. On Sundays we have all our meals together. So I waited for her. But she wasn’t coming. So I called out to her. On hearing no reply I went to her room and found that she was in the bath. I went to the bathroom door and asked whether she would be late. She said that she was coming out. So I turned and started to walk out of the room. I heard the bathroom door opening behind me and then I heard my mother call out to me. I turned and found my mother in a beach towel wrapped round her, which covered her till her knees. I was taken aback. Since whenever my mother appeared in front of me she was suitably covered from neck to foot. She saw the surprise in my eyes and said “Why are you shocked? You have already seen me more unclothed than this.” I said “You weren’t in your senses then and I was too worried about you to appreciate your nakedness.” She said, “I know that. I don’t really like these night dresses, so give me one of your shorts and a T-shirt.” I thought that perhaps she was joking, but then she said “Ok, if you won’t give them I will go and get myself one.” So I rushed to my room and returned with the longest Bermudas and a T-shirt that I could find. She put on the T-shirt first and then took off her towel. The T-shirt came halfway down to her thighs and her full thighs mesmerized me. They were silky smooth and seemed very inviting to me. She took a pair of flimsy white satin panties and began to put them on. She bent down and I saw that the buttons of her T-shirt were open and I got an enticing view of her cleavage and could see that she wasn’t wearing any bra as her breasts were hanging downwards & I could just see her nipples. I began to develop a hard on. To hide it to her I turned around and told her that I will be waiting for her at the dining table. I had nearly reached the door when she said, “Wait son, look at me.” So I half-turned and found that she had already put on the shorts and was holding the shorts with her hands. When she saw I was looking at her she said that “Look” and she let go of the shorts and they promptly slipped to the floor. She said your “Waist is 40 while mine is 28 and my hips are 38. I need a belt to keep this in place.” Her T-shirt ended halfway down her thighs and watching her my hard-on began to develop. So I went to my room again and after putting on a pair of stiff briefs, to hide my erection, I came out and found her standing near the dining table holding her shorts with one hand. I tossed her the belt and she put it on and buckled up and we sat down for breakfast. I couldn’t stop stealing glances towards her legs. True the Bermudas covered her till her knees but her calf was bare and that was also a sight for me.

Once she reached across to get a glass and I was busy staring at her breasts straining against the thin material of her shirt, I could almost see the nipples. She wasn’t moving and as I looked up at her I found she was watching me. I immediately concentrated on the contents of the plate before me. She sat down and said, “Why are you staring at me? Did you like what you saw yesterday?” I repeated, “I was too worried about you yesterday to appreciate it.” On hearing this she chuckled and started to drink water from the jug. Then she splashed some water on her breasts and her magnificent breasts were fully visible to me through the transparent material of her shirt. I had trouble sitting. I had a tremendous hard on and the underwear was making things more difficult for me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them and after some time I realized where I was and as I looked up I found my mother watching me with a smile at the corner of her face. I was confused. After all she is my mother. But my underwear was making things difficult for me and I couldn’t contain myself any longer so I finished my food hurriedly and after excusing myself I went to my bathroom and after locking it I masturbated and the load I shot off was nothing like on any previous occasion. Then I had a bath and went to the drawing room and turned on the TV. As the idiot box flickered I began to ponder on my next move. It was clear to me that if I didn’t make a move then sooner or later someone else will and I had lusted after her ever since I was twelve. So I decided to be seduced by her or seduce her as the case maybe. I got up and looked around. Mother was nowhere to be seen, so I took 2 beers and after pouring it into 2 mugs I went to her room but I couldn’t find her. I peeked in my room and there she was sitting on my bed. I went in and handed her a mug.

She downed hers in one go and as I sipped mine I watched her. Then I put down my mug and moved towards her. Just watching her I began to have a hard on so I stood before her and pulled her up to me. I looked into her eyes for a moment and then planted my lips onto her mouth before she had a chance to appreciate what was going on. She pushed me away and said “I am back on balance, besides don’t forget that I am your mother.” I understood that I had to seduce her. So I said “Mother if I don’t then somebody else will and though my father has taken care of all your needs he hasn’t provided you with the company that you need. Besides I am not going to go any more than kissing you.” Though I knew that once we started there would be no stopping. She seemed to accept that and I moved in to kiss her again. Now my objective was to arouse her so much that she wouldn’t want to stop after kissing. This time, however, she didn’t object and I felt her mouth open up under mine and I put my tongue into hers and began to explore her mouth.

Our tongues met and caressed each other. At the same time my hands were playing over her breasts. I played with them and kneaded them and when we broke off for air I found that her nipples were visible. I kissed her cheeks and then continued onto the nape of her neck. I had already seen too many blue films to know how to turn a woman on. My girlfriend had also helped me in that matter. I trailed down her neck and onto those lovely mounds and I could feel her hands on the back of my head pushing me down onto them. I knew she was getting aroused. I stood back and kissing her once more on the lips I began to take her shirt off her. She seemed to object. So I said, “Mother I just want to have a look at your breasts and taste them once. Just this once mother. After I have had a good look at them and I have tasted them I will stop whenever you ask me to.” She seemed to hesitate, her conscience was telling her to stop but her sex-starved body wanted her to continue. And then she raised her hands and soon she was standing topless before me. I watched in admiration, her breasts that were really big and looked like 2 creamy mounds. I took one in my hand and planted my mouth on the other. I kneaded one while sucking madly on the other. She arched her back and started to moan. I lowered my free hand across her navel and put it through her shorts and down to her panties I passed my hand inside. I found her mound to be wet. She was leaking like anything. I continued to knead and suck her breasts until I realized that she was well aroused.

So I took my other hand away from her breast and began to unbuckle her belt. Soon it was undone and as I let go of it, it fell to the floor and my beautiful mother was standing there in front of me clad only in a pair of white satin panties. There was a wet spot on her panties. I slowly pushed her back on the bed and kissed her navel. Then I kissed her toes and began to come up. I left a wet trail along her calves up to her thighs. Then I began to kiss the inside of her thighs, a place where a woman is the softest. Her thighs were silky smooth and creamy. She was whispering, “Don’t do that”, but was pushing my head towards them at the same time. I reached her love spot and kissed her vagina through her panties. I could see that her panties were all wet and were clinging to her vagina. I touched her love spot and gently pressed it then I slowly hooked my forefingers into her panties and slowly started to pull them down. She raised her hips slightly to facilitate their removal. Now my mother lay completely nude before me. I looked at her completely shaved vagina and I put my mouth to her vagina and kissed it. This was the place through which I had entered this world nearly two decades ago. The scent of its love juices made me mad and I put my tongue inside it. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue and she arched her back and screamed. I asked her “Do you want me to stop?” She answered, “No, no please carry on.” I was still fully clothed then. I pinched her clit and she came she was so much in heat.

I put my forefinger and middle finger inside her and began to finger fuck her. She came again soon. Then as she lay there gasping for breath, she said that, “Son I want you inside me.” I had been waiting for her to say that. But I wasn’t ready yet. I quickly shed my clothes and turned her over. I began to kiss her smooth back and came down the curve of her back to her buttocks. They were pear shaped and absolutely smooth. I took the beer that was left in the mug and poured it over her back and her buttocks. Then I began to lap it up. As I reached her buttocks she was quite hot and then as I put my tongue into her asshole and felt around, she squirmed. It gave me immense pleasure to know that I could make my mother squirm with pleasure. I put my finger into her asshole. She said, “I don’t want your finger, I want your penis and I don’t want it there.” But I wasn’t in a mood to listen. I continued to finger her ass. Then I spread her legs wide and began to lick her from behind. With all this foreplay she was tremendously aroused and as I turned her over again and she lay on her back I could see that she was ready for penetration. So I kissed her vagina once more and spread her legs wide. Then I positioned myself so that my penis, which was fully erect by now, just touched the outer lips of her vagina. She raised her lips to have my penis inside me. I carefully guided myself inside her. She was tight. I lay on top of her and put my mouth on hers and began to kiss her. I had learnt from my girlfriend that moving the hips slightly in that position stimulates the pleasure nerves on the outer walls of the vagina. I wanted to give her the maximum pleasure.

She was moaning and she wrapped her legs around me. She put her arms around me on my back and I slowly began to move back and forth. As I increased the speed of my thrusting in her she closed her eyes and formed a silent “O” with her mouth. A sure sign that she was coming. When I felt she was almost there I stopped. She opened her eyes and rocked her hips to attract my attention to the unfinished task. I said, “Wait mother, let me catch my breath.” Then I carried on and soon I knew I was about to come. I told her that. She said, “don’t worry son, flood me, flood me with your juices.” So I came and she came. I flooded her and such was my load that some trickled out. Then I fell away exhausted. Then as we were resting with her on my chest, a thought occurred to me. I asked. “Mother what if you become pregnant?” She said, “Don’t worry son, there were some complications when you were born. I had to undergo surgery and the doctors have told me, I will never become pregnant again. But I have to tell you something son, you are a real lover. And you are experienced. You know how to give a woman pleasure. Where did you learn to make love like that?” I answered that, “My girlfriend has helped me in that but I think the real reason is I love you too much and I wanted you to have the maximum pleasure.” She lay beside me and put her arms and legs around me and kissed me and after that we slept in each other’s arms. From that day on we have been sleeping together in the raw. And now that my father has divorced her there is no chance of his coming back.

And from that day onwards we lived as husband and wife. Of course when we met relatives we were mother and son but when we went out to visit other places we lived like husband and wife. My mother and I went to Mauritius on what she said was her “Second Honeymoon.” We have tried all the positions. But what she likes most is sucking me because in her own words “It gives me pleasure to know that I also can make you happy in bed”. We have even tied each other up. I will try to tell you that, some other time.

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