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salare be min how

Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. Here I am writing my experience of a wonderful incident when I could take my chithi sarala for a real deep rape. I was in college those days. From my room i could see sarala washing her clothes and drying them etc. I was around 19/20 then and she should be around 35/36 at that time. She is from tamil. A real sexy tamil woman. Real stiff suck able breasts, lovely folds in her hips and clear thunder thighs. I used to envy her ugly husband who is never in the house. Every after noon i enjoy seeing her washing her clothes and her pally goes in between the two breasts showing her tits and at times her nipples also clearly. She has long hair. The moment i see her, i could not control myself and i used to masturbate. I was waiting for an opportunity to fuck her. As every dog has its day i was also lucky. My folks had gone to attend a wedding. It was around noon and i saw sarala coming out to wash clothes showing everything of her. Her house was also empty, husband had gone on tour and her children had gone to school. My blood shot up and waited for her to finish washing. This time i did not masturbate on seeing her as i did not want to waste my cum i wanted to sent my cum inside her. I only rubbed my dick slowly when i saw her. After 20 minutes she finished washing, she went in to her bath room without closing the back door. I could see her entering the bath room. I came out of my house and bolted the door from outside so that it will appear locked. I scaled her wall (lucky no one saw me), i slowly entered her back door and closed it. I could hear her having bath. I went in to her room and waited behind the door. I was breathing heavily. My my what guts i had at that time.

After 10 minutes sarala came to the bed room , wet only with the skirt up to her breasts and a towel on her wet hair. I was watching her breathlessly. She brushed her hair fully and put on her petti coat, wow i could see her bottocks what round well formed buttocks, i am waiting to lick them. She put on her black bra and toook her black blouse and yellow saree and she saw me. She was astonished at my sight. She was about to shout, but i went near her and hugged her and kissed her tight on her lips before she could realise what i was about to do. She was kicking me and scratching me and hitting me, nothing could stop me from kissing her lips and licking her face, she was about to shout, anticipating this i had already closed the windows and switched the a/c on so that her screams could not be heard out. I dragged her to her bed, she was pleading arun please do not do this i am elder to you, we are family, we have to see each other etc., but all sarala’s pleading fell on my deaf ears. I was wanting her badly. I put her in her bed removed my lungi and she saw my cock at full steam, in astonishment she closed her eyes. I went near her and thrusted my cock into her mouth holding her head tight. She was gasping for breath, my cum started oozing all over her face, i was going mad with ecstacy. I stripped open her bra with my dick inside her mouth. She was totally helpless. I was enjyoing my chithi wonderfully. What a lunch. She tried to bite my dick but i took it out and slapped her. She tried to run away from me, i chased her back and held her from behind and tore her petticoat and made her nude. Wow first time i am seeing my chithi sarala stand nude in front of me. She became angry and threw a lamp shade on me, i ducked, she went and hid near the dressing table to hide her breasts and cunt . This sight again aroused me. I dragged her to her bed and put her on the bed and forced my self on her. I lustily licked and kissed all over, whe was crying and pleading to me. I was busy crushing her breasts and finally thrusted my dick in to her cunt and looked at her _expression, she was accusing me in bad words. I did not bother, i told her that sarala i have ben wanting you for more than three years and i cannot hold it. I went deep inside her and held her tight and held her sexy bottom and i exploded inside her.

I ddid not bother to take my dick out again i waited for 10 minutes again got a hard on and screwed her like this for four times. Finally i took myself out and i could see sarala lying nude and unconscious in her bed. By seeing this again i had my lust, i rolled my dick all over her face, breasts stomach and finally again raped her to my hearts content. Before leaving i saw that she was unconscious i took nude photographs of her for my safety and to black mail her for my future needs and i went back home.
A week after the wonderful rape, i was in my terrace walking and looking at that sexy sarala washing the utensils to close her kitchen. She was in a rose cotton saree and rose blouse. I could see the strap of her black bra inbetween her blouse. My dick stood up and i wanted to fuck her immediately. I took up my cordless and called her. She attended the call, i told her that this is arun, she was scared and whispered as to why i called her at night as her husband and kids are around. I told her that i needed her now, she said no way and i can do what i want. I told her that i am calling from the terrace and showed her the nude photos of her which i had taken after raping her. I threatened her if she does not agree i shall post the same to her husbands office. She had no other go other than to agree. Then she asked me as to how i would come there especially as her husband and kids are around. I told her to come to to the ground floor under the pretext of taking some water from the well. She came down, i gave her some sleeping tablets to be given to her husband and kids after dinner. She was scared to take it, i told her that they would be fast asleep for the next three hours and even an earth quake would not wake them up. By i saw her finishing the kitchen off and that stupid husband of her came inside the kitchen to have water ( i was wondering how she could go to bed with such a horrible asshole). I saw her giving him the milk of course mixed with the sleeping tabs. I called her from my cordless to find out the position. She came near the window and told me that they are all fast asleep. She asked me how i am going to come to her house. I told her to keep the back door open. I scaled the wall slowly or my folks would get up.
She had kept the back door open ready. I am seeing sarala aunty close. Rose saree and rose blouse. Unable to bear the torture of my dick, i caught hold of her and started hugging and kissing her lips there itself my hands was running on the folds of her hips and was holding her big sexy round bottom tight. She was scared and said that no arun not here lets go inside but this is the last time and next time i shall not come to you.

Better return the photos. I agreed to her (or i will spoil her mood) i went like a hungry dog following her. The moment we were inside, i caught hold of her from back side and my hands was squeezing sarala’s boobs hard i was uttering sarala sarala in her ears which had diamond studds. I knew that even she had fallen prey to my seduction. My dick was hitting her buttocks hot and tight. I told her sarala kutty i need you badly let us go to your room. She said no my husband is sleeping there. I said it is ok he will not get up as you have given him sleeping pills. Saying so i lifted my beautiful sarala aunty who is my chithi and took her to her bedroom. I saw there the ugly husband snoring and sleeping loudly like a pig, i put her in the bed next to him and started kissing her wet lips and put my head in her neck and was slowly saying sarala sarala. She took my head of and pleaded saying that arun, my husband my get up and it would be a bad scene for both of us. I got irritated with her. I got up and gave one kick on her husbands nasty hips. The pig was still snoring. I told her see sarala this pig is still sleeping. Dont worry about him. I need you. Saying so without undressing her , i sarted kissing her all over her body. I slowly removed her pallu and saw her wonderful breasts inside her rose blouse. The sight of the black bra inside aroused me. I removed her saree and her blouse very artistically woven. She was only in her black petticoat and black bra infront of me. I did not want to screw her right away. I told her to sit down and suck my cock for some time and then later on go further. I knew she had made some gulab jamuns two days back as she has sent the same to our house also. I told her that i wanted some gulab jamuns. She was looking at me in surprise but she went inside the kitchen and brought them to me.i put the jamuns and the sweet juice on my dick and balls all over and asked her to lick and eat and taste them. She initially said no as she was aware of her husbands presence. I forced her head in to my dick and thrusted my dick loaded with the jamuns and juice inside her mouth. She was sucking it slowly and then increased the speed. As she was sucking my dick, i removed her bra and was crushing her breasts, i caught hold of her folds in her hips and my hands were running around them, i still went further down and removed the strap of her petticoat and made her nude i saw her beautiful round bottom once again after the rape. I was having a real hard on and at that time i exploded inside her mouth, she was about to take her mouth out but i sensed it and thrusted my dick into her mouth with full pressure and was shouting sarala sarala after the cum release, she went to the wash basin to wash her mouth, i went behind her, i forced my hard dick in her bottom and carried her in my arms to her bed.

She said no, my husbad is sleeping there. I was in no mood to listen, i put her in the bed and was on top of her sucking her beautiful round breasts, my my what hard nipples she has got even at that age while biting her nipples i could hear her husband snoring – bastard i told to myself, i after sucking her breasts, i went down her pussy and kissed it and licked it like an ice cream. Unable to hold any longer i entered the beautiful sarala aunty, i fucked her to my hearts content, while fucking her i was only saying sarala i need u for ever, pl come whenever i call u, u r my wet dream and so on. After some hesitiation sarala aunty was in her moods and was saying kanna, kanna and two hours we had real fun. After the screw, i was about to leave, i got dressed it was 2 am i went to the back door, sarala followed me she looked like an angel in the moonlight, unanble to control my self i again undressed in the back yard and fucked her in a hurry for about fifteen minutes. My my sarala though she is elder to me atleast by 15 years, she is a wonderful dish. I will tell you about how i had to take her to trivandrum and how i had sex with her in the train, that’s one hell of a incident.

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