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Bollywood Actress Genelia D'Souza Raped

Young Genelia D'Souza was the further 'it' girl in Bollywood continually since her film 'Jaanu tu ya jaane na' became the disbelief reach. Everybody was complimenting her nearly 'fresh' and 'bubbly' she looked. Advertisers came and gave her ads and she even got a tube performance. For Genelia all this was so further and so fast with the purpose of she couldn't believe her fluke. Everything she was heartrending seemed to be rotating to gold and she was the happiest person.

But Genelia was still a undeveloped girl and did not understand with the purpose of in Mumbai and Bollywood you hold earn everything, and if you don't keep the righteous fill on cloud nine, you can fall into vast dilemma. The other actresses knew this well. Deepika had to evenly fuck powerful producers and businessmen so with the purpose of she might count on them if she continually into dilemma. She hated it while men who were twenty years elder than her, with fat and hideous bodies would demolish and ravish her undeveloped, sexy body. But Deepika knew better than to rubbish, which is why she was getting vast films and lots of money and held in reserve away from controversies. Even big more established actresses were not safe. Preity Zinta was Ness Wadia's sexual characteristics toy pro many years and was evenly sold to powerful ministers in substitute pro favorable selling laws.

Katrina Kaif, in addition to abuse by Salman, was Vijay Malaya's not public sexual characteristics slave and he did many kinky dull things to her doll like body. Even Kareena had to evenly keep sleeping around with vast guys so with the purpose of she was run to 1.

Genelia had permanently heard these stories, but she concept she might give somebody no option but to a career devoid of compromising. She was a lucrative artiste in the South and even in with the purpose of industry many producers had wanted her slumber with them like Shriya Saran & Asin - but Genelia had refused and still managed to be fashionable. She concept she might make the same with Bollywood.

Poor girl, did not understand how wicked Mumbai was.

Genelia's further film was something she was very excited nearly. It was her 'break-out' role. She was singing a dare-devil reporter from UP working in Mumbai and how she stands up pro the privileges of the non-marathi fill. Arrived the film, Genelia drama a undeveloped unrelated woman who has a live-in rapport.

In the role of soon as the film's script was leaked, the producer & director were summoned by Raam Sena - the outfit pro marathi fill. Raam Sena hold been fighting pro the righteous of marathi fill pro many decades and were headed by the veteraneccentric genius Rajasaheb Mhatre & his son Subhash. Many fill called them thugs pro being communal but they had a massive support basis. Even at this instant, nothing in Mumbai encouraged devoid of their okay... Even SRK & Big B wanted their blessing.

In the role of soon as producers learnt of Raam Sena's protestation they decisive to shelve the film. They and had to have potential to give somebody no option but to a film highlighting the problems of marathi fill and end 20% collections from Mumbai pro their after that 3 films - in substitute pro forgiveness by the Sena. The producers bargained and begged Rajasaheb to forgive them... But the old man, who is still called the 'tiger', roared and they agreed.

When the film was shelved, Genelia became very upset. She alleged in an interview to Filmfare with the purpose of the film was stopped as of politics. Everyone warned her alongside being so level. But she did not listen in, she was upset next to having lost such a role.

Later she even went to a news channel and even alleged she would shelf up to this sort of politics and all. She alleged she wasn't scared of the Rajasaheb or his army.

Big oversight.

She found several posters of her tube performance being burnt. Soon the channel ended her contract pro performance. Advertisers stopped presentation ads featuring her and not a soul was offering her one further films.

Weeks went into months. Even magazines like stardust did not return her calls. All media was ignoring her. She even to be had to make a very sexy and bold photoshoot but still she was unnoticed. She was not invited to one bollywood parties. She was completely lost.

This was Mumbai, the undeveloped girl had been clipped devoid of somebody even raising a voice.

By at this instant Genelia was really desperate. She decisive to apologise to Raam Sena. While this was a vast blow to her ego, she decisive it was ok as long she was working. She tried to exchange the Sena, but they unnoticed her.

She tried pro many weeks, but not a soul returned her calls. She was completely desperate by at this instant. It was concluded 6 months with the purpose of Genelia had been set one further occupation and been covered by one news. The broadcast recall had beyond her while her fellow south actresses like Asin & Shriya had grow to be really famous. Moreover, several of Genelia's paychecks and bounced, while she contacted the producers, they and unnoticed her.

She was running elsewhere of her savings & options.

Then solitary daylight hours devoid of advice someone rang the bell of her home town. Genelia lived unaccompanied, she opened the entry and adage four fierce looking men. They had massive tikas on their head and were wearing saffron bandanas. They and wore several violent gold rings. Before she might say something... They walked in and sat around the counter and chaise longue.

"Wh-who are you all? Kya chahiye aapko? Ka-kaun ho aap log... Aur aise andar aa gaye?" Her voice was shaky, she knew who they were.

One of the men pulled elsewhere a desi revolver and plant on the counter. He and pulled elsewhere a small vial of acid.

"Nahi... Yeh kya kar rahe hai. Main... Focal apologetic hoon. Maine apologetic bolne ki koshish bhi ki hai..." She happening whimpering scared.

"Oh! Saali kutiya ab pehchaan gayi hum kaun hai" Boomed the man. He seemed to be the leader. The other three fair sat and gave lecherous looks to Genelia.

She was dressed in a very brief skirt and fragile t-shirt with veto bra. She wasn't expecting company and it was very fervent in Mumbai. Now suddenly she realised she was exposing her long sexy legs and cleavage to these perilous, hungry men.

"Ss-sorry. Aap kuch lenge" She unintelligible awkwardly.

"Haan kutiya... Tereko lenge. Bol degi?" He twisted & happening laughing hideously. The other three and happening laughing

"uh-mmm" She nervously fiddled around. "Main transformation kar ke aati hun" She alleged.

"Ruk." He barked. Then he spoke to his men in marathi and she didnt understand, they all laughed lewdly.

Still in splits of a hideous laugh, the man alleged - "Nahi nahi memsaheb" He teased. "Hum toh aise hi leke jayenge"

"Leke jayenge? Kahan?"

"Kyun be kutiya, bhool gayi? Milna chahti thi na Rajasaheb se? Rajasaheb ne bulaya hai"

"Abhi? Aise hi... Focal transformation karti hoon"

"Haan abhi kutiya... Teri tarah nahi hai woh, unhe sau kaam hai. Tere jaisi randiyon ke liye occasion nahi hota hai unke paas.... Abhi nikala hai toh chal"

She cringed next to being called a Randi. Her middle was beating fast. Genelia was a able girl and had not at all been abused . She felt humiliated & and a little excited.

"Haan magar jaane ke pehle, teri examination toh karni padegi." He alleged worryingly.

He got up and Genelia nervously took a little steps back dig she reach the wall. The man came very close to her. He had a thick beard and looked like a desperado. His breath smelt of supari and Genelia was very scared at this instant. Her breathing was very rigorously.

Suddenly she felt this man's rigorously cock resistance alongside her crotch. She looked down and adage a massive tent in his pyjama. She was disgusted and her eyes had a real terror in them

"Nah-nahin, please yeh nahin" she squirmed.

He laughed hideously. "Saali raand, socha nahi tha ki abhi yeh karenge par teri iss adh-nange jism ne garam kar diya hai. Ab pyaas lag gayi toh bujhaani padegi"

The other men and came close. One of them agreed the acid vial and plant it close to her surface.

"Saali zyada natak kiya na toh yahin teri jawani ko khatam kar denge, news focal bol denge accident."

Genelia happening sobbing. She wasn't a virgin but she had not had sexual characteristics a allotment. They made her junction around and touched her unbroken back. They touched her smooth back and after that reached her fat, compact ass.

"Kya gaand di hai bhagwaan ne." The focal guy leered. He encouraged cheeky and spot her ass cheek rigorously.

Genelia squirmed "ouch"

Others laughed. By at this instant the men happening undressing.

"Nahi... Nahi... Yeh kya kar rahe hai aap log... Please..." she pleaded.

The focal guy flipped her around and alleged "chal bas aab khelna khatam. Chus lund"

"uh.. Please... Pp-please no"

"Sun saali... Lund chus warna hum tera rape kar denge. Soch le... Lund chus acche se, bach jayegi"

With tears in her eyes, Genelia bit by bit knelt down. She was remembering her able occasion six months earlier. Genelia - the girl after that entry, the gullible bubbly girl, the fanta girl... Was at this instant being made to suck cocks of these not expensive mean. Four men would stuff their dull cocks into her soft, strawberry hot air... And fuck with the purpose of gullible surface and give somebody no option but to her drink their dull cum.

The men took their positions. The leader boomed - "Chal saali choos." And yanked her curls.

The gullible Genelia, took solitary live look next to the vast, floppy uncircumcised cock in front of her surface. There was thick pubic curls and. Then she opened her hot air and wrapped her lips around the leader's cock.

Immediately she tasted the cock on her tongue. It was dull and salt to taste but she tried not to choke. Two other men, took her hands and placed her hands on their cocks. So she happening to end them handjobs. The fourth man went behind and plant his hands inside Genelia's t-shirt and happening singing with her breasts and nipples.

She felt fully violated. She was humilated. Soon her surface was red and jaw was tried. She was not used to giving blowjobs. The leader boomed... "Saali, inke lund nahi chusegi?"

Then pro the after that 30 mins she held in reserve sucking the four cocks. She lost track of occasion. Two of the men plant their cocks in her hot air next to the same occasion and stretched her jaw. She looked like a very not expensive, cum-loving whore as the two cooks stuffed her soft globular hot air.

The two men came cool and full her hot air with more cum with the purpose of she had continually tasted. She choked. She not at all liked swallow. But facing she might breathe and spit it elsewhere, the third man stuffed his cock in Genelia's hot air.

With the cum of the other two already in attendance, this man's cock completely stuffed her hot air. His cock was the thickest of the 4. This man was very horny by at this instant... He grabbed Genelia by her two ears and pulled her surface deep on his cock. Then he happening furiously raping her hot air. Genelia was taken back by this rage. She choked defectively but this man fucked her like a hood-rat.

Like a not expensive randi Genelia's hot air got completely raped.

"oggg...Ogggg....Ogggg....Oggggg" She held in reserve gagging all be with as blow as soon as blow of his terrifying cock destroyed her gullible hot air. Genelia's eyes were tightly put down the lid and she stopped breathing to keep up with the pace and tried to drive away but the man's grip on her ears was too strong.

She might hear every person around her laugh lewdly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH" The man assent to elsewhere three massive strings of thick white cum in her already cum-filled hot air. In the role of soon as he pulled elsewhere, the leader leaped cheeky and tightly put down the lid Genelia's hot air with his hand over.

"Nigal saali.... Nigal pura. Warna yahin maar dunga"

Genelia's brain was not working... She tried to fight back but was too weak from concluded 30 mins of being raped in her cute surface. She choked pro a little moments, after that unable to breathe she swallowed solitary massive gulp of cum.

She felt very not expensive. Completely dull and humiliated like a not expensive randi... She had swallowed the cum of three men she had not at all even met in life. She wanted to heave up, but managed to comprise on.

The leader not here her. She gasped pro breath "haaanh...Haaanh...Haaaanh" She panted.

They all laughed.

"Chal ab. Late ho gaye hum log..." They dragged her to her feet and still in her brief skirt and wobbly t-shirt, Genelia was bundled into a waiting Maruti forerunner downstairs.
This story is a work of fiction and although I have not taken any names, it involves a particular political party of Mumbai. I want to say upfront I did not mean to offend anybody or imply that people of the party are like this in real life.

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