All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life




It was a hot summer day; I was planning to have a small nap in the afternoon when I got a call from one of my friend, Kavin. Kavin was a very good friend of mine. Only a year ago I mate him on the bus stop. I was going somewhere with my mom when we met each other. The story of how we became so good friends is different and will tell you about it later.
That day he called me and asked if we can meet, I was also bored sitting alone at home as dad was away in US and mom went to the nearby town to meet our relatives. I was having holidays after exam but did not go with mom, Mom only told me to stay at home as thieves were very active those days. I was alone in the house for the whole weak and was bored so I told Kavin to directly come to my house and we can have some time to spend together. He told that he will come in an hour and cut the conversation.
Let me tell you about Kavin. As I told you earlier I met just a year ago but soon became very good friends as we are having the same likes and interests. He was very good as a friend and a nice funky person too. He always was a positive and funny, enjoying kind of a person. He was also a frequent visitor to our house. Mom also was happy with him as he always used to respect her.
Soon in some time Kavin came to my place. I opened the door and took him inside. We sat on the sofa and our discussion about the general things started. He soon asked about where mom is. I told him about her visit to our relatives and told I am alone at home. After some time the discussion came to having some fun at my place as there was no one to disturb us. Kavin asked me if we can watch some porn on my pc. I was not much interested in porn those days. I used to get bored to the stuff in porn movies. I refused his idea but he forced me and we went in my bedroom. Kavin many times used to watch porn and all those kind of things. He convinced me by saying that there is something new that I will surely like.
He soon started my pc and connected to my new broadband. We started surfing through many stuff and could find some enjoyable videos to watch. It was a video in which a woman of age 30 35 was being fucked. I was not much fascinated to it but Kavin always enjoyed.
Meanwhile we both removed our pants and were sitting with our tools out. It was our general practice, that whenever we get a chance we used to watch porn and shag together.
Kavin then pointed to the corner of the screen, it had a picture of a young Indian boy and a lady in her forties fucking each other. It wrote “Indian mom and son having sex”. We both were curious to it and Kavin rapidly opened that video. We both were silent and watched the movie. The young boy was fucking his mom and mom too was enjoying that. My tool was erect completely and same was Kavin.
He looked at me and we both gave a smile to each other. He saw my erection and started kidding
Kavin: hey look how you get erect after watching incest.
Me: yes dude, the video was really hot but how can this be possible? How can a son fuck his mom?
Kavin: oh common Ashu! Not everything in porn is real.
Me: oh I see.
We then both jerked and left our cum. We then rested on my bed for some time. It was just 3 in the afternoon. We got up went to washroom and cleaned ourselves. We both were feeling hungry and there was nothing to eat in the kitchen as mom was away. I used to have my food at some small Tiffin shops nearby. Then we had some conversation as
Kavin: when did aunty left?
Me: couple of days ago, she went to nanded (a town near Aurangabad).
Kavin: hey, but I think I saw a lady like her in a hotel yesterday. I saw her at hotel Ajanta as I went there for my friend’s birthday party. I saw a lady like her, she was going to the lodging area but I could not see clearly whether she was aunty.
Me: dude, 2 days passed she is not in Aurangabad.
Kavin: let it be might be someone else.
Me: yes.
After all this conversation we soon got dressed and left out to roam around the town on his bike.


The next day I called Kavin again asked him if he can come home to accompany me. When he came home I was watching pictures of some functions in my home. As the bell rang I kept the photos open and ran to open the door. It was Kavin as expected, I took him inside and we came to my bedroom where I was watching my family photos on my pc. As soon he came inside he saw the photo of my mom in her yellow Sari.
Kavin: Hey is this aunty? She is looking really nice.
Me: Yes. She is beautiful.
Kavin: Dude, can I see all these pictures?
Me: Sure man.
Then Kavin and I both went through all the pictures of that event. He was fascinated by the beauty of my mom. She was really looking nice in those pictures. It was a marriage ceremony of one of my cousin where she was dressed in her pink sari. She was looking like a young newly married young wife.
Kavin kept on watching the pictures over and over again. I didn’t know why many times when I used to watch mom dressed I used feel some heat in me.
This time she was looking so sexy that I got a small erection. I didn’t know why I kept on watching the pictures again. After our fifth round of watching the pictures, Kavin turned and smiled at me
Kavin: Dude, aunty looks so nice.
Me: Yes, I know she is beautiful and look so nice in her saris.
Kavin: Dude, would you mind if I say something?
Me: Oh come on man. Whatever you want just say. What is there in seeking permission to ask?
Kavin: I hope you will not get angry. Promise me, you won’t!
Me: Ok, I promise I will not get angry to whatever you say.
Kavin: Dude, don’t mind, but aunty is very sexy in these pictures.
Me: Oh (I was shocked).
Kavin: I hope you ok with me saying like this.
Me: No problems man. Even I feel the same many times.
Kavin: I am actually getting an erection looking at her beauty. She is really very hot and beautiful man.
Then he pointed towards his penis. In jeans it was looking like a small erection. He was already erect looking my mom’s beauty.
He continued saying.
Kavin: Dear friend, I actually wanted to tell you from so many days. I know it’s going to hurt you, you might even get angry and beat me up here, but I can’t hide this anymore from you.
Me: What is the matter dude?
(I was actually curious about what he is going to say)
Me: Tell me the thing, Kavin.
Kavin: I am sorry man. But I am having lust on aunty. She is so beautiful and hot that I can never control getting erection. I just started loving her and for the worst I wish to fuck her. I many times masturbate thinking her. She is really hot.
I was totally shocked listening this. I never imagined that a boy, who is my friend, can ever wish to fuck my mom. But I kept silent. A lot of thoughts were coming in mind. Actually the thing was I too was having a lust on my own mom. I several times thought her in wrong ways but never opened it up. I was almost speechless that time. I was even having a small erection in my pants after looking my own mom’s pictures.
Kavin: What happened dude. I am sorry. I know I have hurt you. But what I can do, it’s the truth.
Me: it’s ok friend. I am not angry at you. This can happen. I understand what feelings you are talking about. I know my mom is very beautiful and attractive and this can happen to anyone.
Kavin: so hope you are not angry to me.
Me: never dude.
Things were roaming inside me. I had a thousand thoughts running in mind. I remembered my mom, her beauty, her curves and all. I also remembered how I masturbated many times remembering her curvy bottom. I remembered how I got erection when I read stories about mom and son. I remembered how I thought of fucking her many times. I was completely a mom’s lover. Everything was silent around us. I thought of the erection I was having in pants.
Finally my mind came to a decision. Yes, I love my mom; I too have a lust on her and wish to have sex with her. This was the first time I started a lust on my own mom Seema. I was really hard that time, I never thought that I can have a lust on my own mom, but this was true.
I and Kavin were sitting silent in front of the pictures. He was not even looking at me and was trying to keep his eyes away from me. He was feeling regretted for what he just said. I got his feeling and said,
Me: dude, its ok man. I am not angry at you. I know this can happen and this is fine with me. Are you ok?
Kavin: yes. I am fine now.
Me: so forget it then. You are my best friend and I am not angry with you.
Kavin: thanks Ashu.
Me: let’s have some cool drinks. I will bring something.
Kavin nodded and I went to kitchen bought some soft drinks and two glasses. We poured some drink and started drinking.
Kavin then described me about how he feels for Seema. How sexy she is event at 42 and all. He loved her curvy ass. He soon left that day.
I lacked the door and back to my pc. I was shocked to know how my friend lusts on my mom. I was much more shocked to be aware of my own mind that said I lust on my own mom. I could not resist this thought. I kept on thinking about Seema, my mom.
I again started my pc and opened the pictures of mom. I was already getting an erection. I started watching those pictures carefully. The pictures in which Seema, my mom was wearing her beautiful silk pink sari. She was really looking gorgeous in it. I thought as if she was an angel. She was having damn curvy boobs at front. I was thinking to hold them and then press them. She was also beautiful from behind. Her open back blouse made me crazy. Even more, the hot ass, soft like sponge, was the sexiest part of her body. One will surely love to caress the round shapes. I was imagined putting my 8” erect tool in that round ass. I was mad at that time. My tool was completely erect and poking out of my pants. I felt the heat in me. I removed my pants and took my tool out. I sat in front the pc, opened the best picture of Seema and was in the world of imagination. With my erect tool in hand I was thinking that I am fucking my mom. I was imagining mom is nude in bed, and I am moving my erect tool in and out of her ass hard. She is moaning loudly. I was going mad that time. Sooner my tool pondered the white fresh cum all over my hand. I masturbated thinking my own mom. It felt really nice. I then lay down on the bed with my hand and tool full of cum and yes one thing in my mind i.e. my mom, Seema.

It was 7 in the evening when I woke up again. The sun was on the way to rest in west. I was half nude with my tool covered with dry cum. I slept after my first masturbation thinking my mom. I got up from the bed, the computer screen still shown the picture of the beauty in her forties but still looking like a newlywed girl. I was really mad at that beauty.
I then realizing the time went to washroom and cleaned myself and came back. I was feeling hungry, hungry for my stomach and a new hunger in body, for a physical relation with mom. I was too desperate to fuck my mom. I was feeling no shame for these kinds of thoughts. It was called a sin to think about your mom. But I was in no apology to have Seema in mind. I was really mad, my hunger have rose up for her.
I locked my home and went out to have some food. I went to a nearby restaurant and sat at a table. A group of girls was on the other side of the hall. Usually I used get looks of girls in the town, but now I was no more interested in looking at them. I was only thinking about mom. I ordered some food and finished with eating it. I then paid bill and ran back to home. The clock was showing only 8. I being mad about mom closed the main door and ran back to my pc. I again started watching pictures of my sweet mom. I then thought of some more fun and opened some video of marriages in which mom was seen. That night I was unable to sleep. I shagged thrice later and was complete mad dreaming about my mom. I was just restless, having the pc on showing mom’s pictures I just felt asleep in the morning.
When I woke it was some 11 o clock. My pc was still running with mom’s picture in the front. I was totally frustrated. I woke up and closed the pc.
As I was having my lunch I was thinking about whether to tell this to Kavin or not. I somehow decided that, yes I need to tell this to him.

Kavin was only smiling when I told him about my new lust. He was just looking at me as if having lust on your mom is just normal.
Kavin: dude. Don’t worry. This is normal. Look, now got the reason why I get mad at your mom. She is really hot man and its ok even if her lusts on her.
Me: hm. I don’t know what to do. I just need her. I mad at her completely.
As I told everything to Kavin, he was only smiling. He accepted my feelings and gave me confidence that this will be a complete secret between us. He was a very faithful person in my life. We then decide that we both will try seducing Seema, my mom. We then started enjoying mom’s beauty together.
We used to sit in my room sometimes at Kavin’s place as well and shag together on mom’s pics. We collected a lot of pictures and videos of her to masturbate. We started capturing her pictures secretly when she used to work.
We both were complete mad at her. Kavin’s visit to my home increased. We together started to have more and more fun.
After we started our mission together, I used to bring mom’s inner wares when she was away. We used to shag and leave our cum in those. It was going very nice. We enjoyed these acts a lot.
Almost after a month, one day Kavin came, mom was out at her friends. He bought some instruments that carpenters have. It was a pointer and a hammer. He told me a plan and I agreed at him. We made a very small hole on the door of our common washroom that mom used to bath. It was very tiny that cannot be seen by normal eyes. Actually our house was very old, the door already had several cracks and making this wasn’t difficult as the wooden plank was very thin. We successfully made very tiny hole through which we can easily see inside.
I was very eager to see my mom naked. This was going to be a very nasty moment. The very next day, I woke up early to check for mom. After doing some household work mom went to bath and closed the door from inside. I quietly came near the door and started peeping through the hole. But I was completely disappointed at the moment. The hole was already very small and it was not giving a proper view of the whole bath. I could see only mom’s head while she was sitting on the floor taking her bath. I was disappointed and left the peeping act.
I then called Kavin and gave him the news. He too was disappointed.
During this time period we both started doing things like this. We tried to peep inside her room but never succeeded to see her naked. We started to think for some new way to find her. We everyday used to meet and shag together. We were very hungry for my mom. We did a lot of things to seduce her too.
Many a times I tried to show Seema my erect tools. She only used to smile took it very light. The days started passing the same way. We were two hungry guys with a lust of Seema.
Seema was a very beautiful lady. Even at the age of 42 she was damn beautiful and sexy. Anyone who watches her gets an erection. She was fair with black hairs. Her curves made me mad, she was a complete 36 30 38 lady. She had the power to erect any tool she passes by. I many times saw people looking and staring at her figure in public. I watched how some men used to rub their dicks over their pants when she moved by side. I came across many incidences where young guys and sometimes even old men tried to molest her crowd. I never got why people go mad at her, but now having my own tool in hand I got to know why she makes people mad and rub their dicks.
She was a complete hot mall. Her asses danced as she walked. Her boobs made me lust on her. She was a complete angel. I would think of her day and night.
I was completely mad at her. I was too much desperate to see her nude and fuck her.

Almost two months had passed when I started lust on mom. I have noticed several changes in her since last 2 3 months. She used to be out most of the times. She used to go to her friends and relatives. I don’t know why, but I thought she must be feeling lonely at this age without her husband. I also have noticed a change in her dress. She started wearing a kind of revealing cloths. Many times I saw her wearing sari below navel, her blouse having more cleavages. I found now days she wore tight Chuddidar giving a clear idea about the hot figure inside. But I then used to thought, this must not be the change, this is a change in my own attitude looking at her. No doubt I started enjoying her in these revealing cloths. I used to get erection when she wore the Chuddidar with a high make on. She looked like call girls who wear high makeup. Looking her like that, I used to imagine that she was a call girl serving and pleasing her customer for money. It really felt hot idea to see her being a call girl and being with different unknowns in bed. But it was all part of imagination. Neither I nor Kavin knew what was going to happen ahead. Every time I saw her this slutty way, I used masturbate.
The things were going normal, one Saturday evening, when I was returning from college. Kavin called me and asked me to come to his place. I called mom, she said she is going out to some party and will only return at night. So I decided to go at Kavin. As I went to him, he took me inside. As we sat he said,
Kavin: dude, a good news for both of us, I have a surprise thing.
Me: what?? What happened?
Kavin: oh come on, just get nude, we will masturbate on Seema.
Me: oh now??
Kavin: oh come on man. Is there any time to have fun on Seema? If we both shag now I will show you the surprise.
Me: oh ok. But what is the surprise?
Kavin: oh man. Surprise, I promise you will be happy.
Me: ok. Let’s do then. Open the latest picture of Seema in the red Chuddidar. We will shag on it.
Kavin: yup.
Then Kavin opened the picture of Seema I captured last week. In this Seema was wearing a tight red colored Chuddidar with her blue colored Duppata. She was looking real slut in this picture. Her boobs trying to pop out of her Chuddidar, her high make up. We were going crazy. We both removed our cloths and sat on the bed near. We took each other’s tool in hand and started having fun.
It was our regular practice to do so. You may say we were doing gay, but it was not a gay sex. It was the best way we found to have ultimate pleasure. Most of the boys do these kinds of things. As we started fun, Kavin started saying his imagination.
He said “Imagine she is your slut in this red dress. She is sucking your tool taking deep inside her mouth and you are pressing those big melons with your hand. She is sucking it hard. You are going to crazy.”
We were imaging and moving each other’s tools with our hands. It was very hot feeling. After almost ten minutes we both left cum out and lay on bed. Our hands full with each other’s cum. Kavin then stood and went to washroom to clean up. I waited till he comes. He came back and said
Kavin: nice man. It’s time for surprise. You just go, clean up and I will show you the surprise.
I stood and went washroom. I first cleaned my tool and hands and then felt of peeing. I peed in his toilet, washed my hands and legs and came back. Kavin was doing something on his pc. I went and sat on the bed looking at the screen.
I asked “dude, what is the surprise? I am eager”
He said “wait” and he going and selecting some folders reached to one file. It was a video file. He pointed to it and said, this is what the surprise.
I first thought it must be some porn clip he wanted to show me. But I was amazed when it played.
The video was actually showing both of us shagging. The same thing we did some moments ago. It was a recording of what we did just now.
I was surprised to see that. I was in surprise with my mouth open, and Kavin smiling.
He bent forward and took out a pen from the pen stand on the table. He showed it to me.
Kavin: look dude, what I got?
Me: (with confused expression) what? It is pen. But how did you capture our video dude?
Kavin: (still smiling). He he, dude, this is not a normal pen.
Me: then?
Kavin: man, this is a spy pen, it has a camera and it can record anything secretly.
I was surprised at it. I took it in my hand. It was a spy pen camera. Though it looked like a pen, it had a tiny camera installed which recorded the whole thing we just did some time before.
I was really amazed at it.
Kavin: now guess what dude. Our dream to watch Seema nude is going to be come true soon.
I got everything he wanted to say. He winked his eyes, I too winked back. I was very happy. After all my desire to watch Seema, my own mom, nude was going to happen soon.
We both were happy. He shown me the functioning of that spy pen, I don’t know from where and how he bought, this never meant to me, what I meant to was seeing Seema nude. The pen could record video with nice quality for long 24 hours continuously. Store it in the memory and we can copy that to computer afterwards, it had a USB port too.
It was a real turning of the story. We hurriedly got ready. I called mom checked. She was not going to come till night. We hurriedly came to my home. We were ready with our plan about what to do ahead.
As we entered, I closed to the door and went directly to mom’s room. Yes, where mom changes her dress, sleeps, comes after bath and we were going to record all this. I was really happy. We settled the camera near her dressing table. We checked it twice whether it gives full view of the room. And here, we were ready to record Seema. We sat in front room and were waiting for Seema.
Kavin soon left with the promise to come the next day afternoon.
At night 9’o clock Seema came. As she ranged the door bell, I rapidly moved to her room and started the spy camera and quickly went to open the door.
I opened the door and took her inside. She was looking damn gorgeous in her green sari. As I suspected, it was much below her navel. She was looking damn sexy. It was a semi transparent sari revealing her deep cleavage blouse, which was giving glimpses of her fair cleavage. She was looking tired and her makeup somewhat rubbed.
She directly went to her room, and there I was, happy from inside because now Seema was going to be revealed in front of the camera I placed.
I was waiting outside, after some 15 minutes; she came back in her home dress, her night gown. In home she used to wear normal simple dress like an Indian housewife does, but it was question why she goes slut sometimes. Keeping the questions aside, when I got all my doubts cleared later.
We both took the dinner had a nice chat and after watching television for sometime both went to sleep.
I went in my room and fell in my bed. I was only dreaming about what must be going with the camera. I was only praying that I want to see her nude tomorrow through the recorded video.
Meanwhile I slept late night, dreaming about my lady sleeping in the next room. I was tired and slept.

It was almost 9 in the morning when mom came to wake me up. She was ready after her bath and was calling me to wake up.
I woke up and realized about what we have done last night. I hurriedly got up from bed. Washed mouth and went in kitchen to take tea with mom.
Mom had an early bath and was ready in her blue simple Saree in home. She made the tea and sat beside me on the table. I was not interested in anything except to check the spy camera.
Mom: Ashu, what is this, waking up so late.
Me: mom. Leave na, it’s a Sunday morning.
Mom: you are becoming really lazy these days. You sleep late at nights and wake up late.
Me: mom, let it be na, we will enjoy the Sunday now.
Mom: yes my dear son, we will lunch together but I had to go out in the afternoon.
Me: for what mom? I have seen you stay most of the time out from last many days.
Mom: nothing dear, I just go to friends and joined a club where all housewives like me meet. Just to kill the loneliness.
I ignored her talk. We soon finished our tea and I went to take my bath.
I was really happy as I was having free time in the afternoon, so that me and Kavin can sit and watch all that happened with the camera.
In the afternoon we had lunch. She went to her room and came back after almost half an hour. I was watching TV when she came. I was amazed to look at her. She was really looking a sexy lady. She was having her pink silk Saree, much below her navel, almost near her waist and same thing from back. She was really looking hot; she had a sleeveless string back blouse with most of the back open. I did not know about her cleavage but she had a very high make up. She was looking like a sex doll ready to be fucked. She was looking a complete slut. I was completely mad and erect in my pants. She said,
Mom: Ashu, look I will be back after 8 ‘o clock, I am going to my friend’s club, one of my friend going to pick me up.
Me: ok.
Mom: and look, tell me am I looking good?
Me: really beautiful mom.
Mom: ok bye and don’t sleep in the afternoon.
Me: yes mom.
She left; I went to close the door. I was amazed to her this way.
But soon I ran into her bedroom. Took out the pen camera and checked, it was still ON; means this was recording from last night till now when I switched it off. I went near the window in her room when I saw a white colored Indica (car) came near our house picked her and went off. I was not in mood to think for her but to check for the video. I called Kavin who in minutes reached my home as if he is an action hero in Bollywood movie.
We came to my room, switched to the computer, attached the camera to it and started to watch the video. Our hearts were racing and beating fast about what we are going to see.
And this is what we saw in the video…..

The lights switched on and Seema entered in the room. She was having the green Saree. She kept her money purse on bed and sat besides. She opened the purse and took a bundle of notes of 100rs; counted them and kept them inside the cupboard. I guess they were almost 5000rs. She then came close to dressing table, removed her bangles and other ornaments and then took down the Pallu of her Saree. And here, the show has begun now, oh gosh she bent somewhat, and guess, she was having a big cleavage with two of her upper hooks open. Then she slowly opened her Saree. Her Saree was tug below navel. She pulled it down and now was in her petticoat. Her navel was big that anyone will wish to tong fuck her. I used to imagine as if I am licking her deep navel many times. It was the symbol of her sexy body which looked cute below her pallu when she wore slutty sarees.
She then removed her blouse and gosh! The two big melons were popping out from her cream colored bra. She was looking sexy. I wished to hold those boobs in hands and caress them hard while kissing her neck. If she was a whore, I bet most of her customers will ask for a boob fuck. Her popping boobs from bra looked like ripe mangoes ready to fell from the tree.
Then she removed her petticoat and now was in her bra and panty. The cream colored bra and panty were giving a good view of her fair body. My dream lady was standing in bra and panty with her fair skin and curvy body. She then thought of something and sitting on the bed removed her panty.
I was completely mad to look the further scenario; she had a complete shaven smooth pussey. Her vagina was having a pinkish brown color and no hairs around. I was crazy looking at my birthplace. It was a real feast always to see your own birthplace. She had the best one. I later even took a snap of it and used to look at for long hours.
She then opened her bra and the mangoes fell out. She has pink colored nipples. We both were complete crazy looking this. I felt like pinching those nipples hard.
Seema was complete nude in front of the camera. We were already erect. But the show got over as she went near the cupboard and took out her home dress. She wore the Punjabi Salwar Kameez without bra and panty. Kept her cloths in cupboard and switching off the light came out.

Further the camera had shown only dark as she was out. But soon she came back. She switched on the lights and went near her bed. She prepared for sleep. But don’t know what happened she came near dressing table facing her back to camera and started opening her dress. She again got nude this was her curvy soft ass was visible. It was complete smooth curvy that anyone will like to lick it. She was making us crazy. After removing her cloths, she took her mobile, switched off the lights and fell in the bed. As it was dark camera wasn’t showing everything clearly but it only recorded some movements. Mom was sleeping stark naked the whole night and was talking on mobile with someone.
I and Kavin were looking at each other. This was a real turn in our life. We just saw the dream completing but it was not over yet.

The video continued to morning. Seema woke up early. She was complete nude in her bed. She sat and caressed her pussey and boobs and smiled a little. She then stood wore the dress back and came out of the room.
After sometime she took her towel and went to bath. After bath she returned with her towel turned around her body. She came near dressing table removed her towel, she was in her pink bra and panty. She hurriedly wore her dress and went out.

Further the camera had shown the climax of afternoon. Mom wanted to go outside and she was getting ready for it.
She came in her room, closed the door, and undressed quickly. She took her pink Saree that she wore while going out. But now she was taking a long time wearing that.
We once again watched her glory as she got complete nude again. Her fair body, shaved clit, and her big boobs with pink nipples everything was amazing. Her own son was spying her nude and she did not have any idea. She tugged her Saree below her navel and almost at hipline from back. She had worn her pink bra and panty. She pulled her blouse, it was quite tight and making her boobs pop out with a big cleavage. She was a real slut in that dress. After wearing the dress she started with her makeup. She applied lot of face color, and pink gloss. Then she taking out pink lipstick applied it carefully to her hot lips. I was going crazy that I took out my tool watching this. She took a long time completing her face make over.
After makeup she looked like a real TV actress who looks beautiful. She was beautiful. She had a last look at her image in the mirror. Then collecting her thing in her purse, took her mobile and called someone. She had a very short conversation with a smile and kept the mobile back in her purse. She then locking her cupboard left the room. The video ended when I came and switched the camera off.

I and Kavin were now very happy looking at this. We both had our tools in our hands with the pre-cum oozing. We looked at each other and started masturbating. After having one dream fulfilled we slept on the bed.

3 days had passed since I recorded Seema and I seen the video several times. I even recorded her two more times just to get different looks. Almost all things used to be same. But after that day she did not go out so it became difficult for me to settle the camera. I then got a new idea, it was Thursday morning, and I with my full ready plan woke up in the morning. I had already told mom that I was not going to college that day. Last night when mom slept I settled the camera inside our common washroom where mom used to bath. What my job today was only to switch it on before mom goes to bath so that I can have a nasty view of her. I woke up early and rapidly switched it on without Seema’s knowledge.
And this is what the camera recorded.
Seema came to bath and started the tap to get some water in the bucket below. She was in her Saree that day, she removed her Saree and got complete nude. It was a real feast to watch her nude.
She was complete fair lady with 36 30 38 stats. Her pink pussey shaven neatly. Her melons with pink nipples. She was a complete feast. I was going crazy watching that. She came and stood near the water heater where I installed the camera. She was having her pussey very close the camera. It was a real hot pleasure for me. It was pink from inside. I was watching my birthplace from so close. I wanted to lick that forever. I wished I can take my tool deep inside that pussey. After some moments she moved back and sat on the floor. She started pressing her boobs and pinching them. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the self pleasure. I was amazed to see her. She then slowly started playing with her vagina and started moving her fingers in and round her clit. She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. She started moving her fingers in and out of her pussey. She was enjoying self masturbation. I was mad looking my own mom self fucking. She then opened her eyes and got something. It was a small foot scrubber that she used to clean her feet. It had a long plastic and handle.
I was waiting to see what is going to happen. She inserted the handle in her pussey. It was complete slutty thing she started doing. She started self fucking with a plastic foot scrubber. She was moving it in and out fast. It was almost 3-4” thick. She inserted deep inside her pussey. This was a signal how desperate and hungry she was for getting fucked.
She was doing it fast and moaning softly with her eyes closed. After some 10 minutes of self pleasure she left her cum. Her pussey was leaving a big load of cum. she took the plastic scrubber out and kept it aside. She was feeling the real pleasure. And it was me who was also enjoying her this way.
She then took a nice bath and I had every inch of her sexy body during the show. One thing I noticed, she kept the plastic scrubber aside and later forgot to clean it as it was also filled with cum. This meant the scrubber might be holding her cum still. I closed my monitor and rushed to the bath. I searched for the plastic scrubber and there it was lying at same place where she kept. It was still having some white milk on the handle. I hiding it, bought it to my room and closed the door. Here I was having some drops of my own mom’s liquid. The handle had some white cum, fresh from mom’s pussey. I smelled its aroma and was complete mad. That aroma felt like a flower giving it’s aroma in garden. I smelt it for a long time and then I licked the drops. It tasted so nice that I will leave having sweets and will use her cum as sweet dish. It was a real pleasure in my life. One of the finest things I tasted in my life.
But soon mom was calling for something and I left the scrubber below my bed and went outside.


The things were going the same way. I now was having a good collection of her pictures, videos including a dozen of videos of her nude while changing, bathing etc. It became my everyday practice of recording her and then watching them on pc. I shared everything with Kavin. He too used to enjoy. We both sat and shagged together. We were mad at her.
Here in this part I am going to tell you about some of the incidents I came across. These incidents will tell you about how men are become lusty and get attracted to Seema. This part is only to add some masala (spice) to the story.
As I noticed before and even after having lust on her that men get attracted to her. She must have experienced groping and molesting in public many times. I seen such a 2 3 incidences where she was groped by hungry men. I liked watching her being molested in public.
The first incidence I am going to tell happened in a market near my house where a man was trying to touch her. It was Monday; we have a weakly market every Monday near my house. In Maharashtra weakly markets are those where the farmers and other product sellers come to sell their farm products, vegetables and other daily needs and the customers go and purchase food products for the whole weak. These markets attract a lot of crowd every weak including the low earning group and middle class people like us as well.
It was actually my routine to go and purchase vegetables from this weakly market to help mom. But that Monday, mom said that she will also join me as she was bored sitting at home. I took her on my bike and we went to the market. As per always it had a lot of crowd that day. Mom told me that she will be purchasing the vegetables today and I had to just follow her holding the bag. It was 15 minutes we entered the market mom had purchased some onions and I was holding the bag following her from a distance. At a corner of the market a seller was having some leafy vegetables. He was one of those few vegetable sellers who had leafy vegetables. He was promoting it and naturally attracted many customers. He was having a cart full of vegetables where some 15 people were surrounded him to purchase. It was too much crowd around him and this was the place where I got to enjoy something happening with mom.
Mom also went to that seller and got in the crowd around her. I stopped away at some 10 fts behind mom. I saw a dark tall man passed by my side in the same crowd. He was standing just near to mom behind her. He was too close to her. I thought he too is purchasing at that seller but this wasn’t the real part and I was going to have real fun.
Let me first describe about how she was looking at that time. As always she looks sexy, she was wearing blue chiffon Saree with a bit deep back blouse which gave a nice view of her fair skin. She was looking damn sexy from behind. I am not going to describe how she looked from front that time, as this incidence is to deal with only from her back view. She was looking damn hot with her fair half open back and the buldging and protruding ass in that blue Saree.
So coming to the incidence, the dark man was standing very close to her. I was not interested in that man but my eyes were glued to her sexy ass. But in some moments, I saw that man took his palm near Seema’s ass and touched his back palm to the corner of her ass. I was confused about what was happening. He again touched it one more time the same way and looked at mom. Mom was still busy selecting the vegetable on the cart. There was no any reaction from her side and that man became bolder now. He again touched his back palm but this time he did not take it off but kept it for comparatively long time and looked at mom from corner of his eyes. There was still no reaction from Seema. He grew confident. He gave some pressure with back palm and slowly turned his and put his fingers on seema’s sexy bum. Though I was confused with this sudden happening but got amazed and started watching the grope show. As he saw Seema was not responding any way, he put his complete palm on her ass right cheek. He kept looking through his corner of eyes towards Seema. He was still enjoying the softness of her ass. He was rubbing his hand moving slowly applying pressure on those soft buldging mounds. He was enjoying it a lot. This happened all of a sudden but I was enjoying a lot. All this went for more than two minutes but soon Seema moved as she finished bargaining and purchasing vegetables. That man suddenly removed his hand put it in his pocket looked and gave a wicked smile to Seema as she turned. Seema only looked at him and came back with vegetables in hand. I had shown her as if I was watching elsewhere in the market.
This incidence really aroused me and I was erect in pants. I liked the touch game of that man. I felt he was too lucky to have a touch like this. As my lust on her grew, I always wished to see her with some unknown men and watching her getting used by other men.
The second incidence I am going to tell happened after my lust begun. It was much after I started recording her videos. I always wished to see her enjoyed by unknown men. Kavin also liked the same idea even he used to say his fantasy of making her a slut and see her fucking with different men. One day Kavin gave me an idea about how this can be made possible. My town Aurangabad is surrounded by many tourists and religious places. Whenever we have some holy occasions the people go to all the nearby temples having a big history and which are popular throughout the world. Kavin’s idea was to take her in these crowded places at time of festival where there happen cases of groping. It was initially idea of Kavin and we executed it successfully.
Our plan was to take her to Ellora on a Monday when a lot of people move to worship lord Shiva’s temple situated in the ellora. On Mondays the public transport buses run by government go fully crowded and we will take her in such a bus so that we can have fun. As per plan and our luck we got to enjoy a lot that day.
As per plan, I and Kavin took Seema to a trip at ellora. I found a crowded bus while going but was unsuccessful to have any incidence but our luck we enjoyed a lot while returning. We boarded a bus already full of passengers. We three also entered in it. It was already packed. As the men inside saw a lady (Seema) they respectfully gave space and let her have space to stand near the 2nd and 3rd row of seats. There were 2 3 other ladies standing as well. I and Kavin got to stand on the steps in the door. We somehow adjust our self so that we were facing Seema just to get the view if some action happens. We were well planned for this but got disappointed as we saw 2 3 other ladies standing near her. Seema was standing near the handle bar of the sit with her ass pushed to the bar. It was looking really sexy as her soft and protruding was getting pressed by the bar. She was looking away with her back towards her.
Before telling you the happening, let me first describe how the sex doll looked that day. It’s always nice to know how the heroin looks in the romance. Seema that day was in her green silk Saree as we were to a temple. Her navel was a bit visible making her sexy. No matter what dress she wears her protruding ass is always ready to make people erect wherever they are. And most important were her boobs always poking out asking us to press them hard. She was looking damn hot that day with sweat coming out from under arms. This was an invitation to a real groper who knows the art of groping and having fun.
Now coming to the point she was not surrounded completely with men but soon as the bus started things went to change. As some 15 to 20 minutes have passed things started to change rapidly, and we found that now Seema was a bit away from her original position. A guy aged almost in his early thirties was behind her with one more guy standing by her side whose face was not visible to me. We were watching through corner of eyes as we had fear that if we look direct towards her people may not molest her.
The guy standing behind her looked at us as he knew we are with her. But he found we are not looking at him or Seema and this was the beginning of the show that day. He soon moved very close to Seema with his shirt touching Seema’s back. He once again checked if we are looking at him but we shown as we are lost in our own world.
He soon started his moves. He held the head bar with his left hand and kept right hand in his pocket. Keeping his right hand in pocket he touched his hand on Seema’s ass and checked how she responds. But Seema was unmoved to his checked. He did this check 2 more times but Seema instead refusing his touch moved her ass back which was a green signal for him. He started touching her ass by keeping his hands inside pocket. He was continuously rubbing his finger on her bum. Kavin looked at me and congratulate with her eyes. We both smiled at each other.
The show continued as he soon took out his hand put it on her ass softly. Seema was unmoved and was full co-operative to him. This was the first signal to me of her slutty nature. He soon kept his fingers on her ass and started rubbing softly. He gained more confidence and now keeping his full palm on her sweet bum started enjoying. He was pressing it hard, rubbing his full palm on her ass. He was enjoying it. Why not he should enjoy, he was having luck to touch a sexy beautiful angel like Seema. He was too lucky to touch the sweet and soft ass of Seema which every man in the world will like to fuck at least once. He was moving, rubbing, pressing his hands and feeling the softness in it.
He now had an erection in is pant. He soon moved to next step of his enjoyment. This we could not see clearly but I guess this is what has happened. He moved very close to her. His body was fully touching to seema’s back. I guess he was touching his erect cock on Seema’s ass. This the ultimate fantasy that every one of us have. He was throbbing his cock on her ass, I couldn’t see exactly what was happening there but was very happy to see Seema watch being slutty.
When I was busy enjoying the show Kavin silent said something in my ears after which I was surprised. As he said, I looked at the upper part of Seema where I found that a hand was moving near her boobs. This also wasn’t clearly visible as it was too much crowd near her. But I guess she was having a boob press as well. That hand seemed to be of a man standing aside her. He was continuously pressing her left boob.
She was now in a very hot position. She was having the guy behind her pressing and enjoying her bum, a guy at left who was enjoying massaging her boobs and she was actually facing and standing very close to a man in his forties. I guessed he too was enjoying her somehow from front. It was looking really arousing seeing the short Seema surrounded by three tall men and feeling their hunger. She looked really slutty in that position with the co-operation she did to them. The show went on for the next hour till we reached Aurangabad where the whole crowd left the bus.
As soon Aurangabad came near the men around her moved away leaving her. As we were to leave the bus and show was over, I saw, Seema looking up at the man in front and exchanging smiles. The bus stopped, the guy behind her said something in her ears and she smiled. As we were in the door we got down first and waited till Seema came. As she came down, we hired a private rickshaw and came home.

That night I kept imagining about the whole things I saw that day. I was really lucky to execute a plan and become successful in that. But this gave me many thoughts; this was probably the first signal about the secret of Seema, my mom, which we will get to know in the later parts of the story. I was complete lost in her. Next time when I talked to Kavin he pointed out about her slutty behavior which added to my thought.
Kavin was even saying confidently about one more thing he saw unclearly in that incidence. He was saying that Seema even gave a hand job to the man standing in her front. I guessed he was true. I was all confused by his saying that time but the truth was going to open soon after some time. The secrets are never hidden and the truth opens. I was going through a journey having lust on my own mom which was a secret of me and Kavin. Every night during this lusty journey I fell in bed with this secret in mind unknown to one more secret that was going to shock me soon.


Three full months have passed since I and Kavin were behind Seema searching for sex in her. But what all we had was a lot of pictures and videos of her and some handy experiences where she was groped. It was a Sunday, only after two weeks we had fun seeing her groped in the bus. As a lazy guy I woke up late at 8 that morning. Mom already declared that she is going out at 10. So I was all alone home that day. I started thinking why mom goes many times dressed nicely. I started getting doubts on her behavior. I had already said about my doubts to Kavin. He too agreed at my doubts and said we will try search about her this behavior. I many times asked her forcing to tell but she kept on giving different reasons which seemed to be real.
That day I asked Kavin meet me at my home, as per expected mom got ready and left the house. In just 5 minutes she left, it was Kavin ringing the door bell. I opened the door and took him inside.
Kavin: hey bro, hi, how’s you?
Me: what else than being hot because of Seema.
Kavin: ha ha. Same here, but dude, just saw her going out in a car, where did she went?
Me: don’t know man but she said about some friend’s club and all some friend of her sends car to pick her up.
Kavin: oh I see. It was a tourist car with a yellow number plate with a driver and a man sitting in front.
Me: don’t know bro where she goes and what she does these days. I don’t find any reason for this.
Kavin: yes, I too have a doubt about this behavior of her. Did you saw how she behaved like a slut that day in bus?
Me: yes bro, that was completely unexpected.
Kavin: yes man. She behaved like a whore with three men enjoying her.
Me: yap I guess she has something secret outside.
Kavin: I guess so. Let it be man, come let’s have some fun. We have the whole Sunday to spend.
Me: yeah sure!
We then sat on the sofa and started watching TV. Kavin then said,
Kavin: oh leave that TV bro; we will have some fun with Seema today.
Me: oh god what to make out with that slut?
Kavin: come on dude, let’s go to her room and we will surely find something.
We then went to her room. Sat on her bed thinking about what to do and I got an idea. I told Kavin to get nude before I return. I went to the bath from where I bought seema’s used panty and bra. It was a fun idea to cum in those bra and panties that Seema used.
I gave the bra to Kavin and I took the panty. We were nude sitting on the bed. We started thinking about Seema and imagining about her.
We soon loaded cum in her bra and panty. We kept the cloths aside. Washed ourselves and relaxed on the bed. We both were actually having a doubt about Seema. Yes of course about her behavior.
Soon I started telling this to Kavin.
Me: dude, what might be the reason behind seema’s this behavior?
Kavin: can’t say bro.
Me: I think she must be feeling lonely here.
Kavin: that might be the case. Shall we find out the reason behind this?
Me: means? What to do?
Kavin: look dude, we will try find out where she goes?
Me: how?
Kavin: look dude, next time she goes out, what we will do is to follow her and see where she goes.
Me: oh, but she says she goes to some club where her friends get together regularly. She has a group of housewives like her etc.
Kavin: that’s a good reason from her man. But why she goes with a high makeover.
Me: don’t know. We have to find it out.

Soon our discussion went in the same way with her thoughts. We finally decided that we will try following her. We went to my room and started watching porn on pc.
Just after three days, early morning when I was about to leave for college and mom was bathing, her mobile rang. I picked up the call but some unknown mail voice said “hello” I replied with a hello but soon the call was disconnected. I could not think what happened to him. But as I was putting the mobile on table, I saw her mobile shown range of two SIM cards. I knew she had a dual SIM mobile which her sister gifted her last year on her birthday. But she used only one SIM card in that. I was amazed to see two SIM cards in her mobile. I did not know when she got a new SIM. Lot of confusion in my mind, I checked one was the SIM that I knew and the other was of a new number of some different service provider. It even had an available balance of 540Rs. I was amazed to see even that. But soon thought Dad must have given her this amount of balance as he is away in foreign she needs a lot amount to talk to him on phone. But yet I was confused about why did not she tell me that she had another SIM activated.
I checked the call log of the mobile and saw all the calls were only from Indian numbers and not from dad. I was already in hurry for college, I kept the phone back on table and saw mom coming out of the bath.
I told her about the call; she asked “who was it?” I said “I don’t know mom, he cut the call as soon as I said hello” mom went in her room and I left for college.
The whole time I was driving to college I was thinking only about the call. I could not concentrate in the lectures and went home early that day.
I later called Kavin and told him about all this. He too listened and we left the conversation.

It all came in action on next Sunday. Mom already told that she is going for her regular meeting on Sunday. So I and Kavin had planned to follow her the same time.
As per plan Kavin had already came to my house. We were in my room when mom was leaving. As soon mom said a bye and left. We hurriedly got up and moved out silently. As expected the white colored Indica came. It had a yellow name plate which meant it was a tourist car with national permit. It had a dark film on its windows. We could not guess what is going inside and who is sitting. But I could only guess a driver, a person besides him were sitting. Seema went and sat on the back seat. It is actually not allowed to put a dark film on cars but in Aurangabad, the government itself never knows any rule.
As the car started Kavin took out his bike we started following. We maintained a very good distance following them. The car soon taking turns changing roads and direction went to sector N1 of CIDCO area. It soon went and stopped near a corner. This area of the city is one of the high-class societies with people leaving in big bungalows. In some minutes, as we hide ourselves, we saw another lady in her thirties dressed in a revealing Saree with a makeup came and sat with Seema. The car again started and directly took the Jalana Road; it now without any diversion started moving though the city. Crossing the heavy traffic of the city went directly to the MIDC i.e. the Industrial area famous for the Mechanical, Chemical and Drugs factories and vendors.
In half an hour it took a narrow street ahead of the industry which is quite rejected. Very few people used this area and were quite away and yet to be developed. It was difficult for us to hide behind the car, so we slowed down and kept a big distance. The car went inside a compound with high walls having wired fencing over them. The gate was opened by a private security guard and the car went inside. This was one of the very few bungalows located in that area, having nothing around but a godown of some mechanical vendor at some 200 meters which also seemed to be abandoned. As the car went in and the gate closed we came near the bungalow and could only read a name plate stating about some chemical company which ran in Aurangabad.
The bungalow was big having two storied structures. It seemed it had some lawn in front as well. Nothing else was visible behind those walls.
Kavin rapidly got of the bike and before I could ask him what is he doing, he ran near the gate and checked for anyone inside. The guard came and asked him
Guard: what sir?
Kavin: hello, please can you help me?
Guard: what?
Kavin: sir I forgot the road here and unable to find where I am?
Guard: where you wanted to go?
Kavin: just tell me where I am standing. So I can call my friend and ask him to come here.
Guard: this is Supreme Chemicals guest house.
Kavin: oh ok! Can you tell how to go to the main road?
The guard guided him about the direction. Kavin came back and we left.
We came and sat at a nearby tea stall. It wrote “Salim Tea stall” above.
Kavin was just telling me about the bungalow he saw through the gate, the man running the tea stall delivered the glasses of tea. He looked at us as if he knew everything we chatted. Kavin was a smart person, he shown smartness with the guard, I salute him for his help in all this.
His smartness worked again. There were no one else on the stall except me, Kavin and the stall owner. His name was Salim as he told later.
Kavin asked him
Kavin: Bhaiyya, yeh bangala kiska hai? (Bro, whose bungalow is it?)
Salim smiled and said,
Salim: ha ha ha, are aise puch rahe ho jaise pata hi nahi. (You are asking as if you don’t know anything).
Kavin: matlab? Kuch samajha nahi? (Means? I am not getting you?).
Salim: are bhai, tumhe pata nahi, sab do number ke kam ki jagah hai ye.
Kavin and I were shocked to listen to him.
Kavin: matlab? Kya hota hai yahan? (What? What happenes there?).
Salim: aap bhi sahib, samajha karo na. Are yeh to zenana hai. (Oh come on, cant you understand? This is a brothel).
Kavin and I were now amazed and shocked. This means Seema went into a brothel? Thousands of thoughts started running through my mind. How can this happen? Why she did go in a brothel? I was completely lost in my thoughts but broke my mind racing when Salim continued.
Salim: are sahib bade logon ka khel hai sab. Yeh koi choti moti jagah nahi hai. Paise walon ke khel chalate hai ander. High class randi khana hai ye.
Kavin: acha aisi baat hai?
Salim: sahib age ka batana hai toh…..
I got what he wanted, I opened my wallet, took out a hundread rupee note kept in his hand.
Salim: shukriya sahib, yahi baat hai, kisiko batana mat mere bare me.
Me: nahi, aur batao, kya hai ander?
Salim: sahib bade high class dikhne wali randiya ati hai yahan. Apane jaise to soch bhi nahi sakate. Rate bhi jyada hota hai. Lekin kam bada mast hai ander ka.
Me: toh under kaise jana?
Salim: sahib, agent log hote hai, manager bolte hai jinko, wohi mle ja sakte hai. Manager ke saath sauda karne ke baad hi aurat milati hai. Bada socha samajha khel hai sab.
Me: acha, toh manager kaha pe milega?
Salim: mai bata sakata hun, par …
I again gave him 100 rs more.
He went aside and took out a card and gave it to me, it wrote Mr. Raj,
Supreme Chemicals.
I said,
Me: yeh kya hai?
Salim: yeh manager ka naam hai, asali nahi hai, par yahi number lagao to baat ban sakati hai. Kam kam se kam 3000 lagate hai 2 ghanto ke. Pahele call karna, who bulayega, tab baat kar lena time bhi fix karna padata hai, bas paise jama karo aur maje karo.
I looked at Kavin. Kavin’s mouth was full open in surprise. He was also shocked like me. I gave another 50 Rs to Salim and left. Thousands of thoughts started in mind. They were so much that we could not even stop at one thought and think at it.
Almost all the secret of Seema’s life was revealed. She was nothing but a call girl. A whore who could remove her cloths for money. I was complete shocked to this. We did not know what to do.
We came back home and sat on couch in drawing hall. We sat without any words to say. It was a complete silence. The silence was seemed to be very small in front of the secret and surprise Seema gave.
But yes somewhere in mind, I have imagined Seema being a slut and being enjoyed by unknown men. Yes that imagination of me made me think of the situation differently. I was smiling inside.
Soon Kavin broke the silence,
Kavin: dude, what are you thinking of?
Me: nothing man.
Kavin: you know, we have an opportunity to have Seema.
Yes, Kavin was correct, though the secret that Seema hide from me was now open, but her son too had another secret that was the desire he had for fucking her. Yes, this was not less than a shock for a mom like Seema.
It was the same whether thing whether a son gets to know that his mom is whore or whether a mom knowing her own son wants to fuck her.
In spite being a call girl, a sexy whore, she was inside a true mom to her only son Ashu. She loved me lot as a mom, she cared for me.
But all this went aside as I started thinking of her as a sexy angel whom I wished to fuck.
It was the SECRET that Seema was something more than a housewife and a mother, but it was also a SECRET that her own son wanted her in his bed. The game of secrets of life was just now begun only after three months when I started the lust on Seema, and this game of secrets filled our lives with the colors of joy, fun and a bit sadness to make it more beautiful. THE LIFE IS NEVER BEAUTIFUL IF WE DON’T HAVE SECRETS….

It was very soon after we got to know that Seema belonged to an escort service. We were in confusion about what to do now. Firstly it was a big shock but secondly we were happy at the happenings.
Now what we have to do was take some action. Breaking her secret being a slut was very easy, but now we have to act smartly. If we directly go and catch her red handed was possible, but that might lead to trouble. Even if we catch her red handed, there was possibility that she won’t accept me and my dream of fucking her would end at the place. So I and Kavin decided to take some time, make some definite steps and make seema let me fuck her.
As per plan, Kavin and me have decided to get to know the whole system that seema has acquired. Get some information about her being an escort; get to know how it works and all; So that we can make a strong side asking seema to have sexual relations with me.
After 4-5 days, as we already have decided, Kavin and I contacted the manager of escorts on the number that Salim gave us. For an hour or two in the morning, the manager’s cell only said it was switched off. But yet we tried it in the afternoon, and luckily he received it after 5 rings
Kavin: hello, id this Mr. Raj?
He: who is it?
Kavin: I am Kavin.
He: what you want?
Kavin: I have some work with you.
He: what work?
Kavin: supreme chemicals?
He: where you got this number?
Kavin: from Salim.
He: ok.
Kavin: we want some fun.
He: sorry, not on phone, meet in person.
Kavin: where and when to meet?
He: anytime. You tell me the time; I will tell you where to meet.
Kavin: today in the evening.
He: ok, come near the bus station at 6. Call me from there.
Kavin: ok.
He: ok.
And he cut the call without any more conversation. We were happy; we just conversed with a person who was said to be the manager of escorts. We were now going to meet him and finalize about escort.
We soon reached at 6 near the Central Bus station in Aurangabad. Kavin again called him on the same number. He took more than 6 rings to receive.
Kavin: hello, I am Kavin.
He: I know, now just go towards Mill Corner, and at right hand I have Anand Food Corner, meet me there I am in white shirt.
He cut the call. He seemed more fast in disconnecting the call than receiving. We soon moved ahead on my bike and found a blue colored board stating, Anand Food Corner, it had a rusty tin sheltered food stall. The food corner more looked like a tea and biscuit corner with having very less food to be sold. We entered inside and started searching for a man in white shirt. The hotel had some 5 to 6 wooden tables and same number of benches to sit. On the corner table, I saw a black guy aged some 30 in a white shirt, sitting below the fan.
We rapidly reached near him and were looking at him. He soon asked,
He: who are you?
Kavin: I am Kavin, we just talked on phone.
He only signaled us to sit next to him. We both sat in front of him. He asked again.
He: what type you want?
Kavin: I don’t know exactly. I mean…
He: ok. Ok wait.
He put his hands below the table and picked up an office bag. He was looking as if he is in real a manager of some chemical company that you can find in the popular industrial zones of Aurangabad. He then putting his hands inside and picked up something. It was similar to a book, but when he opened it had several photos of girls and ladies stapled to the pages.
He gave it to us told to make a choice. We were amazed to the happenings. We both now were having photos of call girls that worked in our city. I was shocked to imagine that is it possible that this historical town also have these several people who can provide sex as service.
But we soon started searching for pictures, we saw till the last, but we did not find any photo of Seema in it. Kavin asked,
Kavin: don’t you have ladies more that 40?
He pulled back the book cum album, turned some pages and shown some pictures of ladies. But it did not have seema’s picture. We were disappointed at that but we had no other way to do. Soon, Kavin and I had a chat in ears and decided for something.
Kavin pointing to one of the girl’s picture in the album said,
Kavin: what about her?
He: 2000 for two hours.
The photo actually showed a girl in an exposing yellow Salwar Kameez, somewhat fair with her hair touching her shoulder. She looked like a 20 year old college girl. She had a makeup also the photograph was so edited that she looked more to an Bollywood actress than a normal girl. She had some naughty expressions on her face with the effects that Adobe Photoshop added to look her as if she is an angel.
We soon finalized with her.
Kavin: ok, fix this.
He: ok. You have to pay the half amount as advance and the half before your time. Where you want her?
Me: Some hotel.
He: ok. When?
Kavin: tomorrow afternoon.
He: ok. Pay 1000 now, rest tomorrow.
Kavin: yes.
He: reach to hotel kiran tomorrow near the railway Station. We have room there; they will take some 500 for the room.
I took out my wallet and gave him 1000 Rs.
He: call her nisha. She will reach there by 1 o clock. Just say my name at the reception counter and they will set you go.
Me: ok.
He rapidly took the album and went off. We sat on bike and came home. What we wanted with this was getting known to the system to reach seema. With booking a call girl, we were ready to get to know how the system works.
The next day, we got ready for the first fun time of our life. I and Kavin never did any such thing before. But today we were all set to have fun with a girl we saw the photo last day.
I got my bike and took some money with me and set off. We found the hotel kiran near railway station. We went inside. At the counter I saw a man and went to him. He greeted us. I said him, we are from Mr. Raj.
He smiled and took us on the third floor. The hotel was not a grand where tourists for the historical things in the city booked rooms for stay. It was a general lodge where you may find people for their government and clerical works lived for a night or two.
We soon reached to the third floor; it had only 5 rooms adjacent to each other. The receptionist took us in one of those rooms and asked us for the money. I gave him the rest 1000 rs. But he demanded more 500 as the rent of the room. I gave him the room rent. He then said to wait us there and called Raj. After a phone chat, he said to wait in the room and the girl will come in some time and left. We were happy but we did not have any intension of fucking the girl. We waited there for some 5 minutes till we heard a knock on the door.
A girl came in looking similar to that one in photo we saw last day. She said I am nisha, your girl. We smiled and asked her to sit.
I looked at her, she was wearing a pink t-shirt and a blue jeans. Though she resembled the girl in the picture, she looked a bit different that we saw last day. This is the thing that Adobe Photoshop can make and girls using Facbook may get good response for the fake beauty they don’t have. She wore a heavy makeup making her look fair more than that of the foreign tourists I saw in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. She had a dark red lipstick. She might have a figure with her 32 small boobs but a nicely shaped waist. Though we were having a nice girl sitting in front of us ready for a fuck session after being paid, we were no more interested in enjoying sex with her. What the aim of mine was to go a step near seema. Seema was the only love I had and I wanted only her to fulfill my sex fantasies.
Nisha soon got up and sat in between me and Kavin.
Me: what is your name?
Nisha: call me nisha. What you want to do sir?
I was pleased at her words. I put my hand over her shoulder and pulled her near to me. She smiled and looked in my eyes. She came close to my face taking her lips near me and just then I pushed her face back. She smilingly asked
Nisha: what sir? First time?
I smiled,
Me: I need a small help. If you can do me a favour?
Nisha: tell, I am here to serve you.
Me: ok. Can you tell me about something?
Nisha: what?
Me: a lady.
Nisha: which lady? What you want sir?
I quickly removed my hand from her shoulder and continued,
Me: look, actually we are here in search of a lady, we know she is a call girl too, can you help us? I want that lady for enjoyment. We can even pay if you agree to help us, also I promise no one will get to know about this.
Nisha: what sir, I am not understanding, what you want sir? My work is only to provide you sex and that’s why I am here.
Kavin then putting hand in his pocket took out a 500rs note and shown it to her.
Kavin: these are only advance, will pay more if you tell us how to reach the lady we wanted.
Me: look we are not really related to cops or some detectives. We are normal people. I just want a lady whom I dream to fuck. I know she is a call girl like you, but I don’t know how to reach her?
Nisha: but, how can i?
Kavin again took out one more note, and it was only moments when she agreed looking at the money.
I know the secret of Indian life, you can buy anything with money, and luckily, I was a guy whose dad provided a lot of unnecessary pocket money
We smiled,
I took out my mobile phone and shown her seema’s pictures.
Me: have you seen her?
Nisha: umm.. I think yes sir. I have seen her.
Me: how?
Nisha: sir, reaching her is difficult. She is a special whore, she can be reached only by high class people. Normal people wont reach her. She is a high class whore, she will take a lot of money also reaching her is quite difficult. I have seen her, I know her.
And when I presented some more money, she told everything she knew, she told us about the ways to reach seema. She also agreed to help us more ahead if we seek. Afterall as I said earlier,
“Money tells you everything, much faster than Google”
What all we got to know was, seema was a high class whore, better we may call her as an Escort as they say. The only way to reach her was through internet, where you have to pay the whole fee in advanced, that too through online payment. And the escort is given ti only trusted people, if the manager finds anyone doubtfull or untrustfull, you may be asked to go back.
It was a difficult task to reach seema, any common people could not reach her as a customer, what we heard the whole system had many such high class escorts who charged high and gave service to only trusted people.
We then left the place and moved to my home. Switched on my pc and started searching for escorts in aurangabad. As told by nisha, we reached to some website which was telling about some escort service in aurangabad. It had pictures of some girls and ladies.
it did not give any information about anyone but only had a registration form asking to give you name, contact number and yes of course, asking to pay the nominal registration fee.
I was ready to pay anything for getting seema, but this thing now wanted to pay it online, meant a hectic work, neither me nor kavin had any online account, which made the difference. Now we have to get my bank account to be operable for online money transfer.
This, in short needed time, we were finally somwhere looking close to reach seema.
I had a lot of pocket money saved in my bank account, I was a kid of a reach person. My dad every month sent a big money to mom and I too received a nice pocket money. I used to save it all in my bank account, I used only some 10 to 20 percent of that amount every month and the rest all would go in the bank cashier’s hand to be saved for future use. I used to dream I I will use this money someday in my life where I can purchase anything I wanted. And that day was coming nearer, I would now purchase what I wanted, yes, my mom Seema for my sexual desires.

As soon I started my mission I had to visit my bank and fill in some form and submit documents just to create an online account. I took almost a weak to start online banking.
As soon as I got the online banking account, I again visited the same website and filled in the registration form. I had to make an online payment as the registration fee. It gave me some problems as I was doing something like this the very first time, but somehow I succeeded. I now had the access of the reserved pages of that website. The website had many adult images flashing in the front. It had many sections done like pictures, videos, phone sex etc. but I was keen in finding the last one, it wrote, “private escorts”.
I quickly switched to it. It opened a new page telling something about their service. It wrote about how they have nice escorts and many ways they provide sex and all. In the below part it asked about the place where the customer wanted escorts. I selected “Aurangabad” from the drop down list and I was taken to a different page.
This page asked about some premium membership, meaning more money. I paid this demand too. Now I was having full access of the website of escorts. I was amazed to see the content. It was a web page full of different profiles and it even gave facility to search for profiles depending on our demand. I started searching for housewives section.
The web page had hundreds of profile listed one below another describing about the call girl. It had escorts from all range from college going girls to 50 year old housewives, they even had male escorts. I was amazed to see such a place where you can buy any person for your sexual pleasure.
And finally, I after searching the whole thing, I reached a profile which had a picture of Seema but the name wrote was different. It wrote Shilpa, 42, Aurangabad. It had a link, to her detailed profile, I switched to it.
I was completely mad at her. I was now watching a call girl’s profile, who was none other than my own mom, Seema. It was a very different scenario, months ago when I started lust on her, I imagined of seducing her, but instead after a lot of efforts, I was here, sitting in front of computer, watching her profile as an escorts. I was erect thinking about her as a call girl when the page having her full profile opened in front of me.
This page gave the every possible detail about Seema. It told about how she look, how she fuck and all in a very nasty language. Below were posted many pictures of her where she was posing in many different ways. She was a real slutty in those pictures. Some pictures were having her in Saree and many nudes. She was really looking hot in her high make up. The picture I liked the most was her in blue Saree. She looked a real whore in that. She wore it much below her navel. Her fair fleshy stomach with a nice deep navel looked amazing in that. She had her pallu down exposing her cleavage. Her expression would have made anyone pay money for her who saw her profile. She looked damn sexy. I got completely mad at those pictures. I bet I had the sexiest mom in the world, who was now posing to lure her customers.

I rapidly called Kavin and told everything about this. We decided to meet the next day and make a plan to work.
The very next day Kavin came and I shown him everything on the website. We started to make a good plan for her.
We were thinking to trap her and then ask her for sex. We were not having many options but to blackmail her. But my mind was not at all agreed to blackmail and enjoy sex with Seema. I actually wanted to make her mind ready for sex with me and then both of us can enjoy. There is no fun any kind of enjoyment that is forced. Forcing mom was easy, but I thought, it will not be enjoyable. As I wanted my self enjoy her, I also wanted she too must enjoy sex with me otherwise it was of no use.
But we did not have many options left. The only way my mind thought was to let her realize that I and Kavin know about her dirty secret that she is a whore.
We soon decided to do something, we though this as the last option that we can do.
What I and Kavin decide was Kavin will book her as an escort for some time and when she will come to serve him he will make her realize of the situation. We thought not to seduce her this way, but our dirty minds did not work much. After all if we make her realize about this, I have a chance to propose her too. If I would have proposed her some other time, chances were she will get angry at me and it would have become my mistake, but now this was a golden opportunity, because here she was also at fault being a whore. If I was doing a sin asking for sex to my mom, the mother has also done a sin. So this was something similar to tit for tat situation.
We finally decide with our plan. I did not know whether this was the best thing I and Kavin could do but we were completely mad to get her.
So our plan begun soon, we hurriedly opened her profile again and somehow managed to book her finally. The web site after paying the big amount of 5000 rs gave a mobile number to which we had to contact. The number was of another manager named Rajesh. Kavin from his phone contacted him. They both chatted and decided for the time of meeting. Kavin told him, he want Shilpa (Seema’s fake name as a call girl). He asked the manager to send Seema in the same blue Saree that her picture on website shown. Rajesh agreed. They decided the time for enjoyment on the next Sunday in the afternoon. The call finished soon. Kavin sent out a sigh of relief. My heart was beating fast. We were now finally making an approach to our dream girl.
Seema was in the next room when we fixed the meeting. She did not know that her own son and his friend had fixed her meeting as an escort. She was unaware relaxing just behind the wall and here her own son made her provide sex to his friend.
The secret of her was now going to be revealed. Yes, as already said, it’s difficult to keep secrets.

The time has come now. I was so much eager and waiting for Sunday. I was very desperate to see what will happen. This was a very critical time. If I had luck I would get Seema on my bed or if I did not then the whole life would become a hell with a wrong thought in relations.
Kavin was also desperate and much nervous on all this. After all he has to go and break the secret. He was an important role in all the game. He had a big dream with Seema. He was my best friend and even as my brother.
Soon the day came of which we were waiting for eagerly. It was the Sunday morning, today; I woke up early at 6 as if I had some important work. This was very nervous time that I and even Kavin could not sleep the whole night. As per everything decided Kavin had to visit Rajesh that day and then he would take him to the hotel where Kavin can meet seema. The time was decide was of afternoon almost after 1 pm. Early morning while having the breakfast with mom,
Seema: you woke up so early today.
Me. Yes mom, I have some work today.
Seema: what work beta?
Me: nothing, some study.
Seema: ok. I too have to go at my friend’s club in the afternoon.
Me: ok mom.
We soon finished our breakfast. I heart was racing very fast. Mom had already said she is going out that day. This was the signal she was going to her unknown customer that would change her life completely.
The hours seemed like years in the morning. But soon, I saw Seema going in her room as the afternoon came. I had already set up the spy camera at its place in her room. I actually wanted to see her getting ready for her life changing surprise. Now what I had to do was only wait and watch what happens next.
She after half an hour came out of her room as she got ready. I looked at her. She has wore the same blue Saree that I seen her on her website as Kavin has asked Rajesh about her.
She was looking damn beautiful. She was actually looking a step more than beautiful. She was in her semi transparent blue colored Saree. Her navel visible completely below her pallu; I could figure out the front neck line of her blouse being very low exposing a nice fleshy cleavage. Most of the back open and giving a nice view of her fairness inside; And the most importantly, the main aspect of her I like, her curvy ass now shaking as she walked making all the tools watching her stand and salute the beauty.
I was mad and a lot nervous. I received a text message on my cell, he wrote he has reached and mate Rajesh. I too texted him back that Seema too has just left. I saw the same Indica moving out of my colony. I was so eager to see what happens. I remembered I had placed the camera in her room, but I was so nervous and tensed that I just ignored and sat on the couch. I was biting my nails with my legs shaking in nervousness. I waited and waited
After an hour or two, my mobile rang. It broke all the silence in home and stopped my mind which was racing through a lot of thoughts. I saw it was Kavin; I hurriedly picked up the call,
Kavin: dude, I mate her.
Me: what? What all happened?
I was so eager and was so eager to know that I was fumbling on the call.
Kavin: cool down dude, I will tell everything.
Me: ok. Tell fast.
Kavin: I mate her, but we only got into quarrel when she saw me. She tried to yell on me but after all I also asked her about this.
Me: ohm.
Kavin: cool man, nothing, I told her about all things we did. I told her about our lust on her. She was only crying. I tried to convince her. But she was angry and crying badly that she left the place.
Me: so what to do now?
Kavin: wait dude, she will come home as she took a rickshaw I saw. I too will reach at your place in sometime.
He immediately cut the call.
I was too much worried. I was so tensed that I felt the drop of sweat on my forehead. It only increased the speed of me biting my nails.
After sometime when I was feeling like tensed as if I am in Engineering Mathematics exam, I heard the bell rang. I got, mom was back.
As I opened the door, mom entered the home in a rush. I saw her eyes wet. She sat on the sofa, threw her bag aside and yelled at me,
Mom: Ashu, what is all this nonsense?
Me: mom.
Mom: stop calling me mom. Don’t you feel any shame doing this to your mom? Do you know what are you doing?
Me: mom, just listen to me.
Mom: I don’t want to listen anything. Are you mad or what? How can you think about your own mom in such a bad way? Do you understand what it means? Do you know what pain are you giving to me?
Me: but mom.
Mom: shut up now and leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you.
Mom was so angry that she was not even ready to listen to me. But I wanted to sort everything out right then.
I took some courage and proceeded,
Me: but what about that you are doing?
She looked at me.
Me: I know what you do and where you go in name of your friends? Do you know how much I got hurt when I came to know all this?
Mom: look this is not the topic we should talk.
Me: why not mom. After all, do you know what might have happened to me when I saw my own mom as a call girl?
Mom: ok stop; so this means you want me to blackmail me.
Me: not blackmailing mom, I just want to show you the reality. Why should I blackmail my mom for nothing?
Mom: because you want to…
And she again went crying, I saw her face red, her eyes wet, she put her head down,
I too felt very low seeing her crying. I felt bad. I felt as if I had lost the back bone of my body and felt I will fall on the ground. In moments, I felt like I don’t have energy. I slowly sat on the floor. My eyes too started getting wait. I could not see mom crying like this. This is what happens with all the sons when they see their mom crying. The pain is more when the mother is crying just because of her son. I realized the biggest pain in the world is watching your mom cry just because of you. After all she was a mother inside; I could not see her cry and my eyes got wet.
I went near her, held her hands. I said,
Me: mom, I am sorry. I am really sorry for what I have done. I know it is wrong, but mom after all this is the truth of my life. I really love you. I don’t want to put in trouble or give you in pain. My attempt was only to tell you the truth, the truth that I cannot hide from my loving mom who cared for me so well. I don’t want anything else mom.
Mom: then what was the need of making all this?
Me: because this is also the truth mom. Isn’t this your truth, you kept on hiding this?
She held my hands tight. She looked at my eyes.
Mom: do you know, what this all going to affect our life?
Me: I remember the stories you told me when I was a small kid. You told me how the truth cannot be kept hidden for long time. And now you are not ready to accept what truth we have created. I accepted all the truth you have hidden in your secret life, then why not you accept my truth.
Mom: what you want Ashu? Why are you making these long statements?
Me: mom, I want you. I want you in my life. I love you mom. I bet, I won’t make you in trouble anymore. I know you may think this as sin, but mom being an escort is also a sin.
Mom: so what should I do Ashu?
Me: mom, I really love you mom.
And she stood and left the place. She went in her room. I heard the door shut.
I was sobbing. I was with no energy sitting on the floor weeping. I sat there itself with my mind having no thoughts. This is how the magic of mind is, sometime ago my mind was racing through a million thoughts and now It suddenly stopped working.
I again heard the door bell; it was Kavin who came in. Mom came out and saw him inside. It was a very difficult situation for all of us. The same course of crying and weeping continued in front of Kavin; Me and mom crying and Kavin convincing both of us. This went on for a long time but we could not find a final solution to this. Kavin left my house in the evening after telling us to be normal. Both I and mom went in our respective rooms to hide for the whole night.
It took two days for us to get normal to each other. Even it seemed to be normal; I and mom never looked at each other directly. Though it seemed as if nothing has happened, the talks were now reduced. We talked only if we had some work. The home became like a calm funeral where only sadness lived. The home was of now only a place where two bodies lived not the emotions.
Secrets are these powers that can change a normal person to only a dead body. It is only good until the secrets are hidden, once they open they can destruct lives, they can change home into a lonely jungle. Secrets change your life. Be aware of them.

My home was now full of tension and sadness. It had been since two weeks that all things happened. The home looked normal but without any emotions. I used to feel my home as if it was a place of funeral where only dead bodies left. The sadness was felt in every corner of my home. But this has to be end somewhere.
I saw mom never left home from that day. Whenever we talked it used to be only regarding the problem. We only discussed over what went wrong. But whenever I got chance, I tried to convince Seema. She used to neglect me but she later on started to tell how bad all this is. I never stopped trying and convincing her. That was the ultimate aim in my life. I wanted her badly. I wanted her anyhow. I had to try my best.
But soon the sadness ended after some weak. I never knew I will get what I wanted. It was a Sunday morning. I woke up. When I came out of my room, I saw my mom sitting in the drawing hall. She said,
Ashu: Ashu, get ready soon, I want to talk to you at breakfast.
Me: ok mom.
I never know what was going to happen. I thought that will be one more session of the same quarrel I am having since last couple of weeks. I thought how boring all this going to be. I got ready, not to say with a very slow speed. I wore my cloths and went in kitchen. Mom too came in. We sat on the dining table. Mom had make tea. We started sipping our cups.

Mom: what you saying? You love me?
I was amazed at first as how she started.
Me: yes mom.
Mom: what type of love?
Me: mom, understand. I like you from my heart. I want you?
Mom: you want me means?
Me: let me be straight. Mom, I want you in my bed, as like my wife.
The conversation again went on the very same as we were having from last few days. But this time, she was talking different, a bit different. She was looking positive at my side.
This all conversation, her asking me many questions and I trying convince her. But nothing happened much. We left. I went to bath and came inside my room. I was totally frustrated. I kept on surfing internet till she called me for the lunch in afternoon.
I went and sat at my place. She served the food and we started eating. Now was the ultimate change in her talks. The talks of how I was bad were now replaced with how lonely she feels without dad.
She was very emotional telling everything she felt. After all it was her sad life. Dad got in a job in United Kingdom some years ago when I was in school. He got this job with a very big payment every month. He left for money. But this was a very crucial time for mom and dad. Dad used to dome only once a year. He had a lot work to do. We used to talk on phone every day. The regularity of calls was never missed. He used to send a big money to mom every month and a big pocket money for me, which in turn all went to bank cashier’s hand to be added to my account. There was no problem of money at all. But what she did not have was a good partner; A good friend to share everything of her life. She was very lonely lady in her 40s. Loneliness had taken over her.
She was describing everything she missed in her life. She was emotional.
Her emotional talks went on for half an hour till we finished our lunch.
But as I was about to get up, She took her left hand put it over my hand.
She with her eyes wet with all the sadness her life gave, she in a very low voice, rather in a crying voice, asked me,
Mom: beta, will you be my partner, and end up the loneliness in my life. Will you make me happy? After all the happenings in the past weeks, I only get to know what is wrong in my life. I found, to all the questions arouse, the problem was the loneliness and sadness I got. I need a good partner, who can listen to me, share all the life, who can love me. I started to find the love outside, but you can never find the real love outside. I forgot you, son, will you please end up my loneliness? I know you love me a lot; you love me like your father does. I am sorry my son, not only you want me but also I need you. I thought on this for long time, and finally I got to know, you are the real person in my life. I love you my son, I love you. Please accept your mother, accept me. Give me the pleasure that your dad misses to.
And telling this, tears dropped from her eyes. She was crying looking at me. I did not understand what is happening. I was amazed. I was speechless to what I heard just now from her. I did not know what to react.
I went near her; my mind too was full of emotions. My eyes wet as well. I took my hand near her face, she was looking gorgeous. My hands shaking in nervousness; I took them near her eyes. I removed the tears from her chicks. I looked in her wet eyes. I saw the real love of life in those black pupils. My wet eyes met with her, I said,
Me: I love you too mom. I know what you do for me. I know you want me to be happy throughout my life. I too want my mom to be happy. Mom, I did not have any bad intensions about you, what I only wanted was to love you and make your life happy again. I know how you feel without dad. I know the loneliness you felt. I only wanted you to be happy. And this is the ultimate and the final thing that you can be happy. I love you too mom. I am sorry mom, forgive me.

Emotions felt all over the home, my eyes wet, tears dropped. I hugged me, she too held me tight. We both were crying inside. We hugged and hugged for a long time. This was the real love that a mother and a son have. We were both in emotions. We were now both happy. The tears were not for what wrong has happened in last few days, but they were for what a good result has came out.
Mom, removed herself from hug, she looked in my eyes. Her hands on y cheeks,
Mom: Ashu, why to cry for such a happy and nice movement.
I saw her smiling with her eyes not dried yet. She was happy. She was ready to accept. She smiled again, I too smiled at her and we both again went in a deep hug. I was now feeling her hands on my back. She was smiling. I could sense the aroma her skin has. I felt really nice in her. I felt the aroma. She was now mine. Yes, unbelievable but she was mine. I was happy that I could not describe of how I felt. I was mad. I had my dreams now in my arm. Seema, not only my mom, but also like my wife; I could not tell you how it felt.
I held her tight, so tight that to never leave her. Her hands holding my back; I closed my eyes. I felt like I was in heaven. The funeral home suddenly turned into a happy heaven. I was mad. I was happy. I was lost in her. I closed my eyes, holding my dream in my hands.
It was a heaven, heaven filled with the aroma of her. It was the Heaven with all your life’s ambitions complete; Heaven of the ultimate love. The love a mother can give to her son and the son making his mother happier than ever before.
This is the love which can turn everything into happiness. Fill your life with love and see how the life turns in minutes to making it a heaven.
Mom was now mine; the fulfillment of dream in my life.

The life was now heaven. It was the afternoon we were chatting. I and mom were both happy. We chatted and chatted for the whole afternoon. We did not sense of the whole world. We were on sofa, my head in her lap. She was moving her fingers in my hair. Her hands seemed like some machine which was relaxing my mind all way. I was feeling myself very calm and relaxed. We were discussing about all the things that happened. She was asking me about my relations if I had a lover. I did not have anyone and the only person I loved was my mom.
I was telling her about how beautiful she is. I told her about how young she looks. This was the romantic afternoon with mom. I was praising her beauty. She was really a piece of beauty god created.
Mom: Ashu, stop calling me mom, call me Seema.
Me: ohm mom, sorry, Seema. I will call you Seema only when we are in romance and rest you are my mom.
Mom: ok; as you wish baby.
The romance filled the house. You can see how tragic our house is. Firstly it was full of lust, lust of son on his mom. It then filled with the efforts, efforts that son did. It again filled with emotions, it took sadness. And now it was full of romance and happiness. It is really magic.
The afternoon went with the romance till the evening when she promised that we both can enjoy the night. Yes, the ultimate dream was now about to complete. She went to her room. I was now had to get ready for my dream night; Dream where I wished to fuck my mom, Seema. The night was not far away. My wish was now going to complete. After some hours I will have my dream lady in my arms.
As the evening past, I went to my room. I cleaned all the trash there. I made it nice making it beautiful again. I went out bought many things. I bought flowers, roses. I spread them on my bed. This was the first night and I wanted to make it memorable. I opened my cupboard and spread some room freshener all over the room. I prepared everything I could.
We had dinner. We chatted and chatted all the time. After dinner she said, get ready, this is your first night baby and left in her room. I too washed my hands; as usual I locked the main gate and front entrance and came. I got ready. I wore my new shirt and the pant. I looked at myself in the mirror and combed my hair. I was ready. I was eager for the night. I was waiting in my room. It was the first night of my life where I had a girl next to me.
After a lot of waiting, my door knocked. It was Seema knocking. I said, yes Seema come in the door is always open for you. Seema opened the door and came in.
Wow, she was looking gorgeous. She was ready like a newly wed bride. She was so hot. She wore the green Saree. She was looking awesome in that. Her smooth and fair skin made her look beautiful. Her face, with the rosy lips and black eyes, I got mad looking at her. She had a lot of bangles in her hand today that made the tickling noise. It so aroused me. I looked at her. She smiled. I went near the door and closed it. I stood behind her. She was smiling. I went close to her from behind. I held her tight in my arms. I rested my face on her shoulder.
Her soft cheek was near my face. I slowly blew air in her ear. She wiggled. I rested my lips on her cheeks feeling the aroma her skin had. I kissed her cheeks. She pushed me and moved away, but I held her hand. Her hand with the green bangles tickling silently; I pulled her back at me. She fell on my chest. We both looked at each other. We both smiled. I rested my forehead on hers. I touched my nose to her. Her lips were so close to mine. She closed her eyes.
I slowly pushed my lips over her. I felt the softness of her lips. They were soft like cotton. I started kissing her. She too responded with the kiss. We were kissing passionately. I could sense our saliva exchange in mouth. We were completely lost in each other. We lost the sense of the world. I kissed her for long. My hands were on her half open back. I could feel the softness of her back. She held me tight near my waist.
After a long time, we broke with the kiss. She looked at me, smiled and bent her head down. I moved my hands from her back to her open hair resting on her shoulder. She had her hands on my chest. I simply pushed my hands and her pallu dropped. I pushed her on the bed. I had decorated the bed with lot of roses. She fell on the bed on her back. I went over her. I again started kissing her. This time it was very rapid. After a long second session of kissing, I moved my lips a bit aside. I started kissing her cheeks. I put my hands on her boobs. I kissed all over her face, I kissed on her eyes, her forehead, her ears, and I kissed her chin and moved my lips blow kissing all over her neck. I moved a bit more down. Her cleavage, I gave soft kisses on the upper open part of her boobs. I kissed for long time. I enjoyed kissing in between her boobs.
Then moving further, I slowly untied the buttons of her boobs. I made it open. She was having her black bra inside. I kissed all over her boobs. She was holding the below with her hands. She was now giving slight moans as I kissed her. I now was in no hurry. I gave her pleasure for long time.
I then moved her bra aside and pushed it upwards. Her pink nipples fell out. I took them in my mouth. I kissed them sucked them. I heard Seema moaning in low voice. She was enjoying it all. I did this for a long time. I played with her boobs and nipples. I pressed them, sucked them kissed them. After a long time I moved aside and sat beside her on the bed.
I opened my shirt and the banyan and threw them aside. Seema to get up and sat beside me. She too opened her bra; she now sat with her boobs open. She looked gorgeous with the night lamp making her fair skin from face to boobs shine. She was looking sexy.
I was erect in my pants. My tool was poking out from the front. I have a nice 8” tool. She got up and asked me,
Seema: you want to fuck me Ashu, come on, why you stopped.
I smiled,
I stood and removed my pants and the jockey inside. I got complete nude. I pulled her made her stand. I pulled her Saree and with her help made her nude as well. We both nude fell in bed again. She had nice cleanly shaved pussey. I went near her pussy and started kissing there. I kissed softly. She moaned in low voice. I enjoyed the game.
I never had any experience of fucking. What I had was only watching porn. I moved ahead, held her legs and made them away. I made a place between her legs. I sat there. I felt her pussey wet. My throbbing cock was now ready to discover everything inside her. I moved closer to her. I kept the head of my tool near the opening of her pussey. I started moving my tool rubbing her on her cunt lips. Her cunt was wet. She had closed her eyes with her hands holding the pillow. I was teasing her. I did not enter my tool in her for long time and kept teasing her wet cunt.
She was desperate to have it in. I gave a small push, my tool moved slight inside. I felt pain for sometime as I was doing this the first time. I gave one more jerk and my tool was more inside. It was painful but I enjoyed. Seema was moaning after the jerk. I kept in giving jerks and finally inside her completely. It was paining me. I enjoyed it. I started moving my dick front and back slowly. It was paining but it was enjoyable too. Soon the pain went off and I could now give her nice jerks.
I started pushing my dick to and fro. Seema was enjoying it. She was moaning as I started fucking her. I first did slowly and then increased the speed. I saw the face of Seema with satisfaction. I saw her happy, she still had her eyes closed. I started moving a bit faster. I could sense the pleasure she was having with that. She was moaning in pain and pleasure. I enjoyed it a lot. I started doing it rapidly. The pain had now vanished. It was feeling easy to fuck. I started moving faster and her moans grew louder with my speed. I fucked her for a long time. I did not stop anywhere.
It was a long time I had this wish of having Seema in my bed. I wanted to fuck her. I left night’s thinking about her. My dream was fulfilling. Her eyes still closed, I felt I was going to cum. I kept on fucking her with her louder moans. Her noises made me fuck her a lot more. I loved her moaning at the pain of my tool.
I left my cum in her pussey. She felt the same. She opened her eyes. She looked at me. I relieved. I took my tool out and saw at her pussey. It was dripping with my hot fresh cum. I fell on her. We kissed again.
We hugged each other. I whispered in her ear, I love you Seema.
She smiled. I felt asleep. I was sleeping hugging my dream that night.
Success is when you get your dreams making you sleep. But the sleep of success can only be felt after throwing away all the sleep making your dreams alive.

It was six in the morning. We both woke up. We both slept nude last night after the fucking session. My tool was hanging after the session. It was a great night fucking my dream Seema for the first time. It was a bit painful as I was fucking the first time but I enjoyed it a lot. Seema and I both slept naked after the fucking session. I was too much tired. Seema had the dried stains of my cum that I left in her pussey. The pain was still there in my tool.
Someone has truly said, “Pain brings the pleasure”. Though filling the pain, it felt pleasurable. I liked that night very well. As I saw, Seema too was awake sleeping aside me. I put my hand over her stomach and hugged her sleeping. I took my face near her and started enjoying the aroma of her body. I took a deep breath and gave a small kiss on her neck.
Me: Seema, I love you. You are so nice.
Seema: I love you too Ashu.
The aroma of the roses that I spread could be felt. I was completely lost in my new life.
Seema: so how was the first night with your wife Ashu?
Me: ohm Seema, it was so fun. I enjoyed a lot.
Seema: and how did you felt entering me?
Me: Seema, it pained a bit, but I love the pain.
Seema: Ashu, it always pains when you do it the first time. Once you get to it, it won’t pain.
Me: so for that I need to fuck my wife many times.
Seema: he he. I am now your wife and you can enjoy me any time Ashu. But you seemed to be not perfect in fucking. I will teach you and give some lesson on fucking.
Me: teach me then.
Seema: not now Ashu, the next time. I will make you good at fucking and you can fuck me more nicely.
Saying this she got up from bed. As she was just to get out of the bed. I held her wrist and pulled her back at me. She fell on my chest. Her face came near to mine. She smiled. I said,
Me: why leaving so early. Wait for some time.
Seema: no dear, I have lot of work to do. I need to make your Tiffin. Aren’t you going to college?
Me: no Seema, its only first day in the life with you. I want to be with you today. I am going nowhere. Come now. Let’s enjoy some more.
I pulled her more and planted a kiss on her lips. We both got into kissing each other. I loved the way she kissed. My hands were on her back. Kissing her felt so erotic that my tool got started rising again. My hands went downwards. My hands touched her bare ass chicks. Her ass was very soft. I started pressing her ass. My tool was getting erect due to the kiss. I was enjoying it a lot. I forgot the pain I had in my tool.
Soon we broke with the kiss. Seema looked at me. She smiled. My hand was still on her ass.

Me: I love you Seema.
Seema: I love you too beta.
Me: Seema, I want to fuck your ass.
Seema: Ashu, it is very difficult to do. You first learn how to fuck my pussey. I will teach you everything soon. And then the whole mom is yours.
She moved away; and got out of the bed.
Me: look, my tool is erect again and your leavening it unsatisfied, this is not fair darling.
She looked at the tool and gave me a naughty smile.
Seema: oh, so my cock wants some more. But beta, I have some work now. The milkman will also come.
She continued,
Seema: ok I will give you a quick hand job. And then you can rest for some more time if you want.
I was happy; at last she got ready for a hand job.
She sat on the bed. She took her hand near my erect tool. I loved this movement. Her bangles were making the noise adding more sexiness to her beauty. I loved her wearing bangles. It arouses me.
She took my tool in her hand.
Seema: so my new hubby has a very nice long dick.
Me: yeah baby and it will fill all your holes with joy.
She took my tool in hand. It felt very erotic. I could not explain how it feels when someone else touches your cock. It’s really funny. Till today, only I and Kavin had enjoyed giving hand job to each other. But now, I had my dream lady, Seema, sitting beside me and my erect tool in her hand. She held my tool with her full hand. She turned her fingers across the thickness of it. It was a full young cock, 8” in length and approximately 3” thick. She pulled the skin over a bit. It pained but I enjoyed.
She had held it with her full hand. She started stroking it. I enjoyed looking at her. She looked like a real slut when she was stroking my tool. I loved the way she was. I remembered how I stroked my own tool some days ago imagining a lady in her forties. But now, the same lady was there on the bed stroking it for me.
Her motion of hand was making her bangles crackle. It made me feel sexy. She was stroking my tool in full motion. She looked at me and gave naughty smiles again.
Seema: baby loving it; your mom giving a hand job?
Me: yeah mom, my darling Seema.
Only in some minutes my tool started shaking and I left my sperms out. It covered the tool and some flew over Seema’s hand. My hot cum was all over my tool and her hand. She quickly moved. She took her bra falling below and cleaned her hand with the bra. She then cleaned my tool with the same bra. I remembered I and Kavin shagging in her innerwear watching her videos.
She then got up, wore her panty and quickly wearing her blouse without her bra, tug her Saree around her waist. While wearing Saree she said,
Seema: beta, rest for sometime if you want. I will wake you up before breakfast.
She wore her Saree and then left. I slept on the bed nude. My tool was again sleeping after the hand job session. I slept for some more time. I woke up back when I heard Seema calling me from the door of the room.
I was very happy. My life has taken a new turn. Now my own mom, Seema, sex goddesses was my fuck. She was now like my wife. I could use my dream lady anyhow. I got up from the bed. Wore my cloths and then moved towards the bath.
I saw Seema in the kitchen cooking. I went to washroom and pee. I then quickly brushed my teeth. Seema told me to get ready and then we can have the breakfast. I quickly took a bath and got ready again.
I went to kitchen and sat on the dining table. Seema served me tea and a special Maharashtrian snack. We started eating. We started chatting about all had happen. The topic soon moved about my lust on Seema,
Seema: so, how did you start liking me?
Me: simple mom, you are so sexy, anyone can fall for you.
Seema: I know that, I am sexy, that’s why I became a high class escort. But yours is different baby. How you started looking me this way?
Me: mom, I used to like matured women during my masturbation. I love aunties’ more than young girls. They are very sexy. Once I saw your pictures and felt something in me. I looked at your pictures and found you very sexy. I checked the pictures over and over again and finally got to conclusion, you are the best imagination I had. You were perfect for my dream and so all things started.
Seema: oh, so my son got lust on me.
Me: yeah mom, you are my dream girl.
The conversation went all this way. I told her about how I used to imagine her. I even told her about things I and Kavin did. I told her about how I and Kavin did lust on her. I even told her we both shagged in her bra and panty many times.
She was all shocked to listen all things happened behind her. But now, she was mine, though she was surprised, she loved it. I then asked her about one more,
Me: mom, I have a one thing,
Seema: yes baby,
Me: mom, you know Kavin too lusts on you.
Seema: yeah, I know, you just now told beta.
Me: mom, he too dreams to have fun with you.
I asked this question, but it was a difficult time. I was curious about what she will say. She might not like me asking her to fuck my friend. But I had to ask. I remembered every bit of help Kavin did in having Seema in my bed. He played a great role in what I enjoyed the last night. Actually he was the only who gave me this lust. He only showed me Seema’s pictures the first time. I was very thankful to him all the time. He was very happy to hear me fucking my mom. I did call him the last day. I was now waiting for Seema’s answer.
I looked at Seema very curiously. She was thinking in herself. Finally she said,
Seema: so my son wants me to fuck his friend as well.
Me: yes mom.
Seema: will my son like to see me with someone else.
Me: no problem mom, I won’t mind anyone else fucking you. Mom actually I like you being a call girl; that arouses me a lot. Please mom, don’t say no now.
Seema: so my son enjoys me being slut.
Me: yes mom.
Seema: look, I have had fun with many dicks and as a call girl I will have to. So if my new hubby likes this, then it is ok for me.
Me: mom?
Seema: yes beta, I can let him fuck me too.
I was so happy that moment. I jumped in happiness. I went towards mom and hugged her in happiness. I kissed her on her chicks.
I was so happy; I wanted to tell this to Kavin as soon as possible. I took my mobile, but Seema held my hand,
Seema: wait beta, why so hurry. Wait, we will make some good plan and then invite him. We all three can enjoy together.
I was really happy to see this. Seema was also smiling looking at my happiness.
Seema: beta can I see all the pictures you have.
Me: yes mom, why not. Let us go and see.
As soon we finished with breakfast, we moved to our bedroom. Yes, “OUR” bedroom. Now my room was also Seema’s bed room. So I started saying our bedroom.
I switched on my pc. The desktop background itself had a picture of her. I had set one of my favorite pictures of her as desktop background. This was a very nice picture. She was in her silk Saree. The picture was taken during a ceremony at one of our native’s house. In this picture, she was serving food where all the men are seating on the ground having the food. She is bent. The real fun is that while she is bending, she was looking like she in doggy position which I loved the most. Her curvy ass bent and most importantly, her hanging boob in her blouse was seen. It looked so pointed that I cannot forget it. I loved this picture most.
She saw it,
Seema: so my son loves me so much that he put me on the main screen.
I later on went on describing her about this special picture that I just now told you. It feels erotic telling how you loved your dream girl showing her own pictures.
Then I opened a folder where I had saved all her pictures. I started showing her pictures and telling her about how she looked in that. She was amazed to listen to all my things. She said she could not even imagine how a picture of her, looking very normal means a reason lust for her own son.
I started feeling the erection as we were moving through the pictures.
Many of her pictures were showing her back view. I loved them because they shown her protruding ass very well. Many of her pictures were caught in the “barat” of a marriage (a special ceremony where all the people dance). It too had videos showing her dance. I loved them. One of the videos was caught as such she was dancing with her back towards camera. As she danced her protruding ass danced. It looked very Horney. It makes anyone feel lust on that ass. I shown everything that made me lust on her. She was amazed at what all has happened behind her back. I told her how I and Kavin used to shag watching all this. She was a complete shocked. But what she could now do was enjoy all this. After all she was a slut and she used to enjoy all this type of actions always. The only difference was instead of customers she now had her son doing raunchy talks showing photos.
I now had a nice erection and was expecting some action with Seema but nothing happened.
The things went on for some more time. The sun was now on head. It was afternoon. It was our normal lunch time.
Seema: my dear son, we only kept on talking about your lust from last two hours. Aren’t you hungry? It’s lunch time. I haven’t made anything for lunch.
Me: mom, leave na. Teach me something in sex.
Seema: no ashu, I am your mother and have to take care of you.
Me: ok mom. Today you don’t cook. I will bring some parcel food.
Seema: hmm, ok.
Me: but promise me one thing. We will have fun after lunch.
Seema: ok beta. I will give some lessons in the afternoon, but lunch first. I don’t want my son to be without food because of me.
I agreed. I somehow controlled my erection changed my dress and went out to purchase some parcel food. I started my bike. We have a lot of restaurants and hotels all over the city as this being a home for tourists. I went to a nice restaurant and bought some lunch parcel.
I was so eager that I worked very fast. I hurried in everything. I came back. I hurried mom for the dinner. I was very eager for the next session of fun to come. Seema spotted me and was smiling when she said,
Seema: I think my son is very eager to learn new things.
Me: yes mom, I can’t wait now. I have waited for a long time for this.
She kept on smiling. The eagerness and hurry made the things work faster; and now I was in my bed room waiting for Seema. Seema too came in some time. I was very eager for the next session.
It is very normal with a person that he will be very eager to have sex when he has a wife.
Seema came and sat with me. She had worn her Punjabi dress she normally wears in home. I was in my shorts. She came near me,
Seema: so what my baby wants me to do?
Me: something erotic Seema.
Seema: erotic?
I simply pulled her near and held her boobs. Her boobs were one of the features she had as a slut. I held them over her dress and started pressing them. She had nice 36D shaped boobs. They were very tight as compared to her age. I held them both with my hands and started pressing them.
Me: Seema, you look so cute. I feel your face is made to give nice blowjobs. I want a blow job today.
She simply smiled and put her hand near my tool. My tool was getting its erection as she stated touching it. She found it over my pants and started playing with that. Her touches made me more arouse and my tool started getting bigger.
She took her face near to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I started sucking her lips with my hands pressing her boobs. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her simultaneously as her hand was playing with my tool. As she found I got a full erection she broke with the kiss. She moved downwards.
Seema: come on darling, get up, you need a blowjob eh?
I moved aside and got up from bed. As I moved aside the bed, she placed her hands on my shorts. I stood there and she pulled my shorts down. The tent made by my tool was now clearly visible through my under wear.
Seema: so, someone is waiting to be sucked.
I smiled and she pulled down my inner wear too. I helped her and got rid of my cloths.
Seema: baby, sit on the bed. I will relieve all the pain you have.
I sat on the corner of bed. My tool in the open air with its full swing was saluting the beauty seema had.
Me: seema. I want you to behave slutty. I like you as a slut. Suck me like slut dear.
Seema: yes baby, as you wish.
She sat on the floor. She came in between my face. I could now see her cleavage from top. Even her bra straps were visible through her dress.
She took her face close to my tool. She planted a kiss on the tip of the tool. It felt as if electricity passed through me.
She kissed my tool and started kissing all over its length. She slowly moved downwards and reached to my balls. She started kissing them. She licked it nicely. She was working so nice that it was a proof of her being escorts. She had to do things like this regularly. It felt very nice. It made feel a cool breeze. She looked sluty as she did it. She had placed her hands on my thighs. She did rub her hands over my thighs. She was sucking my balls. I was watching her with my hands on her shoulder.
It felt very erotic. I moved my hands over her neck and started rubbing and feeling the softness of her skin.
She moved ahead and took the head of my tool between her lips. Again a wave of electricity moved through my body. I was getting mad at it. She slowly took my tool in her mouth. She licked my tool. She started sucking my tool deeply and slowly. She had taken the whole length in her mouth. She was very slow and erotic doing all this. She started moving her mouth up and down around mo cock. I was feeling the wetness all over.
It was a feeling as if I am getting drenched in a heavy rain. I felt the wetness of rain all over my body. She was so nice doing that, I felt I will die if I don’t get this feeling back. I was feeling the rain shower everywhere making me wet.
She took the tool out of her mouth and now held it in her hand. My dick was shinning with all of her saliva on it. She slowly pulled the skin down. I noticed one thing the pain I had now was almost vanished. I felt the magic of her mouth; how she vanishes the pain. She pulled the skin a bit down making the inner pink colored tip out. She licked the tip with her tongue. It felt very irritate but I enjoyed the touch. She licked my tool tip with her tongue. She moved her tongue making circles all over my tool.
It was very enjoying experience. A slut only knows how to make thing enjoying; because sluts are made only for enjoyment. She did this for a while and again took my cock in her mouth. She started moving my tool in her mouth.
I was completely mad at her blow job. I bet she is the best slut for blow job. I was so aroused that I feel like moaning. She was making low noises while sucking me. She was so sexy that I could feel the hotness of her in anything she did for me. I felt her sexy voice making sounds.
She started moving my tool in out a bit faster this time. I could feel her saliva running all over my tool. I moved my hands from her neck to her hair. I started moving my hands in her hands. I started to press her head as she moved the tool out.
This went for some more time until when I felt like I was going to leave out my sperms. My tool gave a small jerk and started leaving my cum. She too felt this and took my tool out. Some cum was in her mouth and then as she took the tool out the, my erect cock threw some more cum on her face.
My thick load cum, some was in her mouth while the rest on her face. I loved this. She looked a real whore with all my cum on her face. She too did not move away and enjoyed the rain of thick and hot sperms of her son.
As I relieved all my cum. She looked at me smiling. She winked her eyes. I too loved this look of her with all my sperms on her face and her smiling at me. I wanted all this for a long time. We then both got up and cleaned ourselves.
We both came back to bed. I made her sit in my lap while I rested my back to the wall behind. I crossed my hands around her and taking her near.
Seema: so baby, liked the game.
Me: yeah darling. It was very nice.
Seema: I love sucking cocks.
Me: umm.
I made a kiss on her neck.
Seema: so baby what about Kavin? Did you forget your trustworthy friend?
Me: no mom, how can I forget him?
Seema: so, lets us make some plan and invite him. We can have more fun.
Me: you tell mom, how you want to enjoy both of us?
Seema: let us make a plan for tomorrow.
Me: ok. We will invite him home tomorrow. We can enjoy the whole afternoon.
Seema: ok. This is good.
I again planted a kiss on her neck, just to enjoy the heavenly odour she has. As I took my mobile in hand, she pulled it.
Seema: wait baby, I will call him.
She dialed kavin’s number. He picked the call,
Seema: hello Kavin.
Kavin: hello aunty.
Seema: I heard you love a lady.
Kavin was a bit confused but he replied,
Kavin: yes,
Seema: then don’t want you enjoy her?
Kavin: umm..
Seema: ok. Come tomorrow at 12.
She then handed over the phone to me and I explained him about our plan. He was happy.
The thing was that, it is just impossible to explain all the happiness and the feelings you get when you get good news.
I cut the call.
I was really at all the things happenings from the last night. My life suddenly took a u turn last day.
Life is actually a road; A long distance journey. You will meet many situations in this journey. There are a lot of twists and turns on this road. Sometimes this journey will take on road full of difficulties and sometimes on highways. It will give sudden turns. Many u turns, switch back turns. You will face the jungle of sadness. You will see the ocean of happiness too.
But if you make your way through all the twists, turns, jungles and oceans, the joy of reaching our destination is much different.
I too had such a life, and finally reached to a destination of happiness; the happiness of having your mom at your tooltip.
People paid a heavy amount to have Seema on their bed. But for me she was available free of cost anytime. The joy of having a blow job from your mom is much different.
Your mom, is the best teacher of your life. The schools teach us how to earn, but only a mom teaches how to live life. There are no schools in the world which teach a baby how to walk, but this is taught only one person, our mom.
And, how you feel, if you start getting lessons of sex from your mom, the best teacher?

As soon we ended with the call and planning for threesome with Kavin, an idea sparked in my mind. I always wanted my mom too behave like a slut. I wanted to see her get fucked for small amount of money. This was the reason that we have planned a trip to Ellora some days ago. I wanted to see her get fucked for money.
The plan was, why not make Seema as my and Kavin’s customer for the next day’s threesome. We would ask her to serve us as an escort doing whatever we wanted and then pay the money. This was a nice idea I thought. Certainly it was better than having sex normally. As soon as the idea sparked in my mind, I told it to Seema,
Seema: oh beta, I think you are really crazy about me.
Me: yeah mom, I like you as a slut.
Seema: the plan is not bad beta, if it is your wish I am ready. After all I have to sex with you both. Let us have in this way.
So the plan grew up. I hurriedly called Kavin and told him the plan. We discussed more with the plan and finally came with a result.
The exact plan was that, I will go and stay with Kavin and then call Seema to serve us. She will come to his place where me and Kavin will fuck her and then pay the money. And what my point was we will treat her like a cheap whore making her serve us, abuse her that too for a very small amount of money.
The plan was good and we decided to execute it. Though everything was already decided, it seemed more like a role play, but I wanted Seema this way. I wanted her to be a cheap whore.
Soon as per our plan, in the evening, I moved to Kavin’s place. Kavin was a son of a very successful businessman. He was not actually from Aurangabad. His father and family lived in a nearby district place of nanded. Kavin had arrived in Aurangabad for the purposes of education. Kavin owned a flat in my town, where he lived for education. As like me, he too was a son of a rich father who had no problem purchasing all the facilities he wanted. As his father was also a rich businessman, purchased a flat for his son in a distant town where the son lived for education.
I moved to kavin’s flat that evening. Kavin took me inside.
Kavin: congrats bro, we succeeded finally.
Me: yeah, cheers man.
Kavin: so tomorrow is my dream day.
Me: yeah. I know you are going to enjoy it. She is the best slut.
Kavin: yes, it will be fun being nude with her.
Me: yes.
Kavin: common let’s go inside, I have downloaded lot of threesome porn for us. Let’s go and watch.
Me: ya, so the porn is going to be real with us.
Kavin: yeap, come.
I and Kavin moved in his bedroom. He started his laptop. He has already downloaded a lot of porn. This was our favorite past time. I

Me: bro, have you any video showing mom and son in threesome.
Kavin: yes boss that is my favorite.
He soon started a video. It wrote “beautiful mom, raped by son and his friend”. He played the video. The video featured a lady at the beginning. She was looking very sexy in her skirt. No doubt these videos are always fake but they entertained people like us. The lady was working in kitchen, when two boys, one said to be her son and the other the son’s friend. They came in and she told her to wait on dining table till she cooks some food for them. They sat and soon they started getting attracted to her sexy figure. The video moved fast and they started touching her. She was refusing their touch but they continued and further rape her. The movie aroused both of us.
We kept on watching porn lying on his bed for almost an hour. Kavin then said,
Kavin: nice fun bro,
Me: yeah.
Kavin: ok, let us call a slut and book her for tomorrow.
Me: sure bro, call Seema, she is the best slut.
Kavin: yes bro. I too need her.
Everything was already decided. We have planned this role play will be conducted as if real. It was all fun and imagination of mind.
Then Kavin picked his mobile and dialed Seema’s number. She received
Kavin: hello,
Seema: hello sir,
Kavin: I am Kavin. It is Seema right?
Seema: yes sir,
Kavin: we wanted you tomorrow for sex. You are a slut.
Seema: yes sir, I am a slut.
Kavin: that’s nice. Come tomorrow afternoon.
Seema: ok sir. How many people are there?
Kavin: we are two actually.
Seema: ok sir, when and where you want sir.
Kavin: at my place. I will message you the address after the call.
Seema: ok sir.
Kavin: ok look, you have to come as we say ok?
Seema: ok sir, all as you wish.
Kavin: wear a transparent party wear Saree. You need to expose as much. And yes no inner wears. I hate them. And wear a blouse, a backless one with a nice cleavage.
Seema: yes sir. As you say sir.
Kavin: don’t make late. You will be given a necessary amount.
Seema: yes sir,
Kavin: love you, bye.
Seema: bye sir.
He cut the phone and texted her address of his flat. We were now ready for the threesome with Seema. We then moved out in a good hotel for our dinner.
We came back and slept in Kavin’s room planning a nice fuck for our whore Seema.
The morning came; we both woke up and got ready. We had our breakfast in a nearby restaurant. We were waiting for the whore to arrive at us.
Kavin’s mind sparked again. He hurriedly went in his room. Started his laptop and switched to its webcam. He was planning to record all the action. It wasn’t a bad idea, after all she was my slut and it would be useful in future.
As the clock showed 12, in some minutes, we heard the door bell ring. I went and opened the door. Seema was standing outside.
Me: Kavin, the whore has arrived.
Kavin: ok get her in.
I looked at Seema and said,
Me: get your ass in Seema.
She paraded inside. I closed the door. I and Kavin sat on the sofa.
Kavin: come slut, stand in there.
Seema smiled at both of us and stood in front of her. We smiled back. We gave a look at her whole body. We were checking for all the curves.
Seema was looking like a whore. She wore a transparent purple colored Saree. She wore much below her navel. Her fair skin all under the Saree was visible nicely. I checked for her upper part. She has worn a blouse that was much to a bra. It was a sleeveless blouse exposing much of her flesh on her boobs. She wore a high make up as she used to during her escort day outs. She was looking a real slut.
Kavin: ok whore, turn around.
She smiled and turned back. We checked her from behind. Her blouse was not only sleeveless but also a bare back. T had only a string to tug it behind. Rest of her back was fully exposed. I looked at her curvy ass, which was already asking us to play with it. She was looking a great whore in that.
Kavin: ok whore, we are ready for you. We can pay some amount for this.
Kavin then stood and went near her and hugged her from behind. He held her tight with making his hands around her waist.
I actually wanted to give him more chance as to where I have enjoyed Seema already and this was his first time. He was hugging her and rubbing his tool on her curvy ass. No one in the world can keep himself away from rubbing his tool against Seema’s ass as he sees her.
He broke with the kiss. He came and sat with me again. Seema turned and smiled at us.
Kavin: ok slut, come and suck us.
Seema: ok sir.
Seema came near and sat on the floor. She went to Kavin first and opened his zip of pant and took out his tool. Kavin had a nice tool with 7” of length. It poked out and stood as he was erect. Seema then turned to me and did the same.
Me: look slut, how the two cocks are standing. Come on, relieve them. You are sent on earth only to pleasure men’s tools.
Seema: yes sir,
She held both of the tools in each of her hand. She simply shakes them. I and Kavin both were completely erect as she did. She moved her face to Kavin’s tool. He had a nice jungle of hair around his tool. Her face looked nice as she started kissing his dark tool with her cute rose red lips. Her soft lips motioned on his tool. She nicely played herself with the young shaft. I could hear Kavin’s moans as she took his cock in her mouth. Kavin was making “aah aah” noises in a low voice.
Kavin: aah, slut, stop now; you are not her to suck all day long.
Seema moved and smiled at him. She then came to me, passed a naughty smile. Now it was my term to moan. The same thing happened with me until I pulled her hair and made her move.
After the sucking session was over both of our tools were standing and looking the ceiling.
Seema sat there itself on the floor.
Kavin: ok slut, get nude fast. Sluts are not meant to wear cloths all the time.
Seema: yes sir,
Seema stood and started removing her cloths. She did not have more to loosen. She dropped the pallu and removed her blouse. She only untied her back string and her blouse fell down. She had nothing inside to hide her fare flesh. She stood bare boobs as she started removing her Saree.
Her boobs with the pink nipples were already erect. I was wondering to grab them soon. In seconds she stood nude in front of us. She was an angel if she stands nude. Her fare body could even shine more than moon. Her curvy boobs, round ass everything was so nice that one may think he will lose his sight if he kept on looking at her. To add the fairness of her body, her pink nipples stood erect. Her pussey was also a heaven on the earth. I thought, I born from the same heaven, and now I would enjoy this heaven for my life.
She had shaved her pussey so well that the vertical lips were clear from a long distant. I knew two lips on her. First the horizontal that might take you in the deep rain making you wet all over and the second were these vertical lips, below her waste, that took us to heaven.
Kavin stood and went near her. He held her boobs and pressed them. He pulled her near and started kissing her he was pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples. Seema having a height of almost 5’ 7” was being kissed and pinched simultaneously by a guy of a well built 6’ of height. It looked really mind blowing as she pulled herself just to reach kavin’s lips. I too moved and went behind her. I stuck to her from behind. I started rubbing my tool against her ass. I put my hands on her pussey. I pushed my erect cock in her ass crack. I rubbed my thighs on her soft bare ass. My hands went over her clit and I could feel the wetness inside. I heard the voice of her and Kavin kissing. They made noises of sluuup sluup as they went through a deep kiss.
Mine height was also near to 6 feet. Seema looked a real whore sandwiched between two guys well built. One guy was her own son who was pushing his erect cock in her ass crack while his hands rubbed against her wet clit. The other guy was her son’s best friend with whom she was kissing as if he was her husband while her nipples get pinched. This was a real whore in her. She did not feel anything being slut for her son. Mothers in the whole world would feel all this as shameful, but Seema was different, she was a whore.
It all continued for a long time. Kavin then moved down, placing his face near Seema’s clit, he started kissing her pussey. I took the charge of her pinched boobs. I held them in my hands and started pinching them.
Seema moaned, aaah aaah as Kavin started licking her wet clit. I turned her face backside and kissed her lips. I did hear the voice suuup suuup as Kavin licked her and the small ummm ummmmmmm mmmm voices made by Seema during my kiss.
This got after a long time. Seema got relieved from our holds. She stood in front of us.
Kavin: ok bitch, it’s time for you to get fucked.
Seema smiled. She was smiling as if she was very happy getting banged from her own son and his friend.
Kavin: ok bitch, undress us. Be quick.
Seema quickly moved and removed the cloths of Kavin. Kavin stood nude as she pulled down his boxers. I too was nude soon as Seema’s hands pulled my inners. It all looked very erotic where three of us were nude completely. It smelt of sex everywhere.
Kavin: ok bitch Seema; parade your ass to the bed room inside. Go and wait there on the bed till we come.
Seema only smiled. She had nothing else to say that follow our demands. She moved towards the door behind. We looked at her dancing ass balls. They danced so well that I thought of holding them and fuck her ass at the same place.
As she went inside, Kavin and I exchanged the smile.
Kavin: look bro, our slut is here.
Me: yeah, let’s go fuck her.
We too went inside. I saw Seema resting on the bed. She looked happy there. Kavin had already started the web camera of his laptop which would record everything.
Seema was sleeping on the bed nude. We both sat on each side of her. Kavin and I had already a plan about how to enjoy her today. We started pinching her boobs. I held her left boob while Kavin doing with her right. We pinched her nipples hard. She moaned in pain, aaah was her first sound as I pinched her. But she did not have a time to even take breath when she had to moan out even louder as Kavin pinched her much harder. We kept on pinching her and smiling listening to her painful moans.
The next move was, Kavin came down between her legs. I moved over her and held both of her boobs. I pressed them. Kavin with a sudden stroke had entered his middle finger in her pussey. Aaaaiiii was her voice when she felt his finger. He started finger fucking her. She had to moan harder as Kavin kept on forcing his fingers in her clit. I started licking and sucking her nipples hard. In between I chewed them.
Seema was only making noises. Aaai, aaaiiihhhh, uhhh,,,mmmmm aaaaauuchhhhh were her loud moans.
As far Kavin was ready, he signaled me by tapping my back. I looked at him and we both smiled. I moved aside. He held her legs and moved them away and place in between her legs.
He was ready to fuck her. Seema felt some relief from the long pain. Kavin adjusted himself in between her legs. He held his erect tool in hand and placed it on her clit. He started rubbing his tool on her clit. Seema moaned again, mmmm
As Seema was unaware, Kavin gave a nice jerk and he was half inside Seema’s pussey. Seema shouted oooouuucchhh. Kavin gave some more jerks to enter in her.
Ooooccuuuhh, aah, ouch were the only words Seema could respond.
He kept on giving her nice jerks as her moans increased.
Kavin’s 7” was now complete inside her sweet pussey. Kavin gave long jerks and fucked her hard. Her sweet pussey was being fucked by a thick black cock.
Seema only said aaaah aaaahhh hhhh
Kavin was thumping her fast. He gave nice jerks. Seema was crying in pain. She was calling, fuke me, fuck me harder, aah aaaahhhhh…
I was watching and enjoying my whore mom being fucked hard by my friend. I liked her more as a slut than a simple housewife. This was my ultimate dream watching her getting fucked hard.
Kavin kept on fucking her. She was only moaning, crying in pain and asking him to fuck her hard. This went on for a long time of half an hour. Kavin was fucking her very fast until he left his sperms out.
He with a long jerk left his cum inside her pussey. I could see his face relaxed. He was feeling the satisfaction of fucking a whore mom of his friend. He moved away as I saw Seema’s pussey dripping white thick cum.
Seema felt relief and now was breathing deep. But for her the pain was not over yet. In seconds as Kavin moved, I was waiting for my term. I took the position and got myself ready to fuck the whore mom.
I placed my dick on her cunt and in a jerk went inside. She was again aaaiiii as I entered. In some time I too was in full motion making her cry. She was only crying in pain. The pain was given by her own son.
Aaaah aaaaah uuhhhhh ummmm were the only words that echoed the room.
I fucked her deep, fucking her fast. I saw Kavin came and sat on her face.
He gave a hard slap on her face.
Kavin: enough of moaning bitch now lick and clean me.
Seema started licking his tool and feeling the pain that I was giving. As she licked clean, I too left my cum in deep inside her pussey. Kavin gave her one more slap as I moved myself to get cleaned.
She licked me too. She looked like a real whore when she was licking her own son’s tool.
What would you a call a mom who does not feel any shame cleaning her own son’s tool after he and his friend has fucked her hard. Yes, she was a whore, and I liked her to be a whore.
She fell their on the bed being motionless. But this was not the end of the pain that she has to bear that day. Her son was planning some more for her….

The whore Seema still lay on the bed after the painful banging. I and Kavin both sat on the chair aside. Both of us were tired of the fucking. Our tools were hanging after a lot of work. We thought of taking some rest before fucking her again. The clock showed 3 in the afternoon and the game was not over yet. We had planned to try different positions for Seema and we needed more time for that.
We rested for some more time till we could get erection. We kept on watching porn. It passed more than half an hour till we thought of fucking her again.
As soon as we thought we are ready we got up. Seema was still lying on the bed. What the next plan was to fuck her while she is sucking one of us.
Kavin: ok Seema, it’s time for some more service from you; Common get out of the bed.
Seema moved. Kavin and I sat on the bed.
Me: come on whore. Make our tools ready to fuck you. Make them so stiff that will bang your hole.
Seema: yes sir,
Seema sat on the floor in front of Kavin. She once more kissed Kavin’s half erect tool. She then rose a bit and held Kavin’s tool in between her boobs. She started stroking his tool. His tool was rubbing in between her boobs. She looked a whore doing such an act. I loved the way she was doing. In some minutes Kavin again got erect. He signaled me.
Kavin: ok slut. You nicely made me ready to fuck you again.
I soon got up and sat on the bed. I rested my back to the wall and spread legs over the length of the bed. My tool was only half erect now.
Kavin: come on slut; get on the bed and start sucking your son.
Me: oh whore, come over my legs put your round ass in air.
Seema did as Kavin directed. She came over my legs. She sat around my legs and facing on my tool.
She took the position and started playing with my tool. She started licking my balls again. I loved her sucking me. She was best at it. Later on when we exchanged many things she said sucking was her specialty.
She was playing my tool when Kavin moved behind her. He too got on the bed and went near Seema’s ass. We have actually planned to fuck Seema while she was sucking me. Kavin started playing his tool on Seema’s legs. Seema was still playing with my balls. I was feeling Horney.
Kavin placed made Seema’s pussey visible by pulling her ass a bit upwards. Seema was ready to be fucked again. He placed his tool on her cunt. The slut’s cunt was already fucked twice. Her pussey was already having our juices inside. Fucking her the third time was much easier as she was having our juices.
Kavin placed his tool on her cunt and gave a quick nice jerk throbbing his 7” direct in her pussey. He was almost gone inside while Seema made a noise of uuuuuuuiiiiiiii.
He started fucking her without giving her a chance. He slapped her fair ass as Seema seemed to be stop sucking me. The sound of phaattt on her ass made her cry aaah.
Me: you bitch Seema, don’t stop sucking me. If you stop unless I say you, you will get slaps.
Seema took her head up and looked at me,
Seema: sure sir, as you say sir.
But as she said this, I pulled my hand over her face and place a hard slap.
Me: did I tell you to stop?
Seema put her face down and again took my tool in her mouth. Kavin was giving her longer and harder jerks. She was moaning while she was sucking me.
She made noises of ummmm mmm uuu as she sucked me. She has taken my tool deep inside her mouth. I was feeling the pleasure all around my dick. I was in heaven again as she sucked me giving a deep throat. It was a very pleasure full ride.
At the other side Seema was being banged by Kavin. He was giving her more hard jerks this time. She was actually sandwiched between the moves with sucking and Kavin’s jerks. Kavin was so hard this time that I could literally feel Seema in pain. He was a real pain giving machine for her. Kavin was enjoying it all the way.
Kavin was not ready to stop even for a second during his to and fro motion. His balls were dashing on Seema’s ass cheeks. He would slap Seema’s ass in between. The room was now filled with the joy and pleasure of being sucked. It everywhere spread a smell of fucking. While the pain for Seema was still there.
We kept in the same position for more than twenty minutes until when Kavin left out his cum in Seema again. His hot and fresh thick cum filled the heaven.
I could hear Seema breathing high as Kavin moved out of her. Seema was having a breath of relief. Kavin again gave two hard slaps on Seema soft ass. I was also complete erect and was feeling to cum. I held Seema’s hair and pulled her face away from tool.
Me: stop bitch. Stop the dirty suck.
Seema moved her face away. She was looking as if she was just coming back from a painful journey. She put her hands around her cunt and felt the sticky cum of Kavin. Her cunt was paining hard. Kavin had banged her so hard that for a minute or two she was even unable to walk.
I got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom and came to the drawing hall. I sat on the couch. My tool was still erect and it was ready to spread cum anytime. I was so aroused with the sucking that I was just unable to control myself. I saw Kavin too came out and sat on the couch.
Kavin: ok Seema, come out now.
Seema came with the pain in her pussey and stood in front of us. I looked at her. Her hairs were dizzy with pain all over her sweet face. I could see the marks of pinching on her boobs we did. Her pussey dripping the precious cum. A line of water was made going down all over her left leg. Her pussey was oozing white liquid. I could smell the sex all over looking at her.
I wanted some more before I could leave my sperms out. I signaled Kavin for something.
Me: ok Seema, come and give me a hand job. My milk wants to spread all over your face.
Seema slowly came near me and sat on the floor. She held my tool and started stroking it while the tip of tool pointed on her face.
She started giving me strokes.
Kavin: so bitch, how it feels being fucked by your son?
Seema: nice sir, I enjoyed it.
It was not even two minutes as my erect tool forced out a big load of cum. The flow direct went on her face. I threw all my cum on Seema’s face. Isn’t it more than a whore to get your son’s cum all over your face? Definitely Seema was more than a whore.
The clock was showing its way to 5.
Kavin and I smiled at each other.
Kavin: ok bitch Seema. It’s over for you today. Get ready now. I will pay you your money.
Seema: yes sir.
Seema was moving to washroom when I stopped her.
Me: wait bitch. No need to go to washroom. I want you to go home without cleaning anything. Just wear your cloths and leave.
Kavin: bring your blouse here first, so that I will make it ready for you.
Seema stood and got her blouse from where it was thrown before starting the session. She came her only in her Saree and blouse with only the petticoat to hold her Saree. Her customers have warned her not to wear any innerwear. She bought the blouse which was open back without sleeves.
Kavin held it in his hands and started stroking his tool. I got what he wanted to do. He stroked and stroked until he was erect. He masturbated and left all his cum in Seema’s blouse. He intentionally made her blouse wet with his cum.
We both smiled looking at Seema. We were smiling like devils. Seema saw this.
Seema: sir what is it sir.
Kavin: look darling, you have to wear your blouse with all my cum. We masturbated in your inner wears a many times before. So here it is for you.
He threw the wet blouse at seema. We laughed again. Kavin moved inside to bring the money for slut.
Seema wore her blouse and saree. Kavin came back and sat with me on the couch. Seema got ready. She was having a blouse with only a string to hold it at the back and no sleeves. This blouse was made wet by Kavin spreading all his cum over it. She was having more sperms in her pussey dripping through it.
She looked at both of us and smiled. Kavin made his hand ahead and shown her a note of 50 Rs.
Kavin: this is your prize for today’s fun whore. Take, you deserve this.
Seema took the money and left.
Seema took an auto to home as she left. She was having her son and his friend’s sperm all over her body. She felt the coldness as sir passed making her wet blouse to breeze in air. She was having cum dripping through her pussey as her son and his friend had made her a whore to fuck only for a 50 Rs. She was an escort where she charged a high amount for her hours, but her son made her a cheap whore when she was fucked all the way thrice in very dirty way only for 50 rs.

As soon Seema left she had to move home by a rickshaw. She managed to catch a rickshaw and go home. She was feeling very dirty and cheap. Her son and his friend had made her a cheap whore. She was moving in a rickshaw with her pussey and legs having dried cum of both of us. The wet feeling in her blouse made her nipples erect as the sir moved over it. She was looking a real slut much cheaper than the road side whores. Aurangabad does not have any red light areas. There were pick up spots and Seema deserved to be there.
She moved home and rested herself on the sofa. She was too tired to even change her whore cloths. I at Kavin’s place got ready and took off with my bike. A waved my hand at Kavin and left to my home. I reached my home after some half an hour as Seema reached. Seema opened the door and took me inside. She was very tired after the long fucking session. I too was feeling tired and needed a good rest.
Seema: so liked the day?
Me: yes mom, when you are there, it’s always fun.
Seema: did you like your mom this way?
Me: of course mom, that’s why I asked you to become a slut for us. I liked you as a whore, as a call girl. I wanted you to serve people for money. And that’s what I want you to do.
Seema: oh beta, your nasty fantasies.
Me: yes mom, whore Seema.
I smiled at her. She too replied back.
Seema: ok beta, come let’s go and sleep now. I am too much tired.
Me: yeah mom, I too need rest. You are really a fuck machine. You made us tired.
We then moved to my room and fell on the bed. We did not even remove our cloths. We were so tired that we felt fast asleep. I hugged Seema and went into deep sleep. My tool hanging in pants, I could feel the warmness of Seema. She was fucked the whole day by two young cocks and still her nipples were erect. This was a sign that how hungry she was.
We woke up in the morning as Seema’s mobile started ringing in her bag. We broke with hug. She hurriedly got up and picked up the call. She went outside the room as she started with conversation. I was still in sleep. I just opened my one eye to check the clock moving its hand past 7. I was too much lazy to wake up that time. I again closed my eyes and felt back into sleep.
I woke up back at 9 as Seema was calling me. I got up and moved to washroom. After my bath, as per always I sat on the dining table waiting for the breakfast to arrive at me. Seema was already ready with her pink salwar. She served me some food and sat beside me.
Me: mom you are hot.
Seema: thank you beta. I hope you liked yesterday’s session?
Me: yes mom. It was best.
Seema: so are my customer’s satisfied?
Me: yes mom.
We were eating the food. A question was still in mind from last many days. As I like my mom being slut, I was curious to know about how she got into this.
Me: mom, I have a question.
Seema: what baby?
Me: mom I liked you as a call girl. But I actually want to know about how my darling got into this.
Seema: ohh beta, it’s a long story.
Me: Moms tell na, I want to know. Come on tell now.
Seema: yes beta, finish your breakfast. I will tell you as I finished cooking. We will discuss it in the afternoon. I have to work now.
Me: hmm, ok.
Seema: yeah, and tomorrow I have a call. So I will be going out!
Me: wow mom, you will be serving someone tomorrow.
Seema: yeah, I got the call from manager in the morning. He said to come tomorrow for someone.
Me: that’s nice mom. I like you. Love you mom.
Seema: love you too baby.
I was very eager to know about how Seema got into prostitution. It was definite as her partner was away some thousand miles. She was lonely person as she had said already. But only being lonely does not make you into escort service. It needs some spice to become a prostitute. People suffering from loneliness do use various paths. Many try finding friends, many try to get involved in a busy schedule, some even attempt suicides. But what was special with Seema that she went to become a prostitute? I was curious to know all this. After all it was a story of a slut. I have read of much news about how teenage girls are forced into red lights. Many a where I heard how people blackmail and through girls and ladies into prostitution. I knew of the stories of how women take up red lights for earning money and filling their stomach. But Seema was a different thing. I was curious, was she forced to do this? Was she blackmailed and thrown into prostitution? There was no chance she did go to sleep with unknown men for money as we were already among rich upper middle class. But it was all about her loneliness and the needs of her hot body.
I was resting on my bed texting and chatting with my friend in college. I was curious to listen to the story of the slut in her own words.


I rested on the sofa as Seema came finally to tell me her story. I saw Seema came after completing her kitchen work. She came, threw her Duppata away on the arm rest and sat in the sofa chair.
She looked at me and winked her eyes.
Me: mom, don’t make me wait more. Tell the thing.
Seema: yes beta.
Me: mom how did it happen? Who made your way into escorts?
Seema: wait beta, I will tell you everything. You know Smita aunty? The one who runs a beauty parlor?
Me: yes mom. I know. She comes home regularly. What with her mom?
Seema: she only made it beta. She is the one who shown me this way.
Me: what mom? Tell in detail.
I was curious all the time. Smita aunty was a good friend of Seema for a long time. She was a divorced lady with no children. She ran a beauty parlor just two lanes away on the main road in my area. She earned good money and was very happy all the time. Her smiling face was her identity. Seema knew her for a long time. They both went to each other many times for chit chat and pass time. I did not know how they met but I knew Smita aunty since my childhood. Seema used to go to her for beauty treatment.
Seema soon began telling everything about her life. She told “THE SECRET” in her own words:

I was busy housewife till my husband left out to UK for earning more money. He would come to meet us once a year. It was actually difficult time I was left alone with you, Ashu. I firstly found it difficult but then got habitual to it as time passed.
But soon in some years I became feeling loneliness in life without a partner. I felt too much lonely many times.
To kill the loneliness, I had a good friend of mine. I used to go to her regularly. We used to chat and share everything. We had a similarity; we both were not having a partner. She was a divorced lady while I was alone as my hubby lived some thousand kilometers away in UK. One day while I went to her just for time pass
Seema: so Smita how is everything?
Smita: everything is fine with me, how about you?
Seema: nothing much, just feeling more lonely these days.
Smita: why? What happened? Ashu is with you every time.
Seema: yes, but I think I miss a good partner.
Smita: oh yes. You must be alone without him.
Seema: hmm.
Smita: you must be alone in the bed as well. Kind of really sad thing!
Seema: ya never had any fun since long time. I wish he was here.
Smita: ya, it is difficult. I know it.
Seema: yes, some times the hunger of body is uncontrolled. Don’t know what to do.
Smita: hmm. You are so beautiful lady; your beauty not being used by your partner the correct way.
Seema: hmm. I try satisfying myself most of the times but sometimes the hunger kills me. My body needs some fun.
Smita: yes, that’s natural.
The conversation went on this way but soon ended as I had to get back to home. I was a beautiful lady in my late thirties. I and Smita were good friends and we never mind for this kind of sharing. After all we both were alone at our house.
I was desperate lady. I can’t say I was the perfect conservative Indian woman. I never had any affair outside nor even thought of doing it. But I was used to molestation like things in my life. Many boys tried seducing me in my college life but I never wanted anything non-social. I never looked at any man but I was habitual men looking at my beauty.
The time passed. My hunger was still there in my body. I felt very desperate many times. I used to have self pleasure but soon I found it not sufficient. I used to get too desperate at nights.
Almost after a month as my hunger was too much; Smita came in the afternoon at our house to meet me.
The conversation began as we sipped the orange juice in our glasses.
Smita: so, what is going on these days?
Seema: nothing much.
Smita: and what about the desperation? Did you find any way out?
Seema: nothing. It is still there and growing day by day.
Smita: actually I came here to tell you something. If you don’t mind with it I can tell you.
Seema: what? What so special?
Smita: look, don’t misunderstand, it’s only a suggestion.
Seema: oh tell na. I won’t mind.
Smita: why don’t you go out and make use of your beauty.
Seema: means? I am not getting you.
Smita: look Seema. Don’t take me wrong. But why not you get sex outside?
Seema: what? How is it possible? How can I go out for sex?
Smita: look Seema, don’t be angry on me. I used the same way since last two years. It makes good money too.
Seema: what? I am really shocked. I can’t imagine.
Smita: yes dear. I give escort service. I thought to tell you this. I thought it will help you too.
Seema: but, how can I?
Smita: look, don’t misunderstand me. This is only a suggestion. I am not telling you to do this. But trust me. I used this way and it is absolutely fine. I don’t find any problem in this.
Seema: but don’t you think it will be a sin for me?
Smita: come on Seema, why to think of sin and good when we have a hunger. Does a thief think of sin while doing thefts, he thinks of his stomach. And don’t worry of what people say, I did it and nobody even doubts.
Seema: but, how can it be possible?
Smita: look Seema, this is only a suggestion. I am not forcing you. If you find this comfortable, tell me I can help you in this otherwise forget about all this.
The conversation went on for more but I was only thinking of Smita. I was shocked to know she was sex provider and made money through it.
She soon left and I again lost in my world. I was only thinking of her. She was my friend and a prostitute. My conservative mind thought this as very bad but I know how good natured she is. She was a slut for the world but a good friend for me. I was shocked at one end but I did not felt bad for her.
The time started passing but my mind now was ruled by the thought of Smita. I kept on thinking of her proposal. I was not in favor of it but could not forget about it too.
My housewife mind said me to leave that far away but the desperation was forcing to make it. I was frustrated of my hunger. Every night and in day whenever Ashu went out and I was alone in the home I would try self fuck. I would get nude and sleep in bed and then finger fuck myself till I leave the liquid out. Many a times I tried using different ways of having satisfaction but they all were temporary. I would remember of sexual moments with my husband.
One day when I was travelling in a local bus alone. I felt something different as I stood near vertical bar. It was a bit crowded bus with me standing in the path way. I felt something on my ass. I actually understood what is happening. I could guess a hand was trying to touch me on my ass. I knew I had a curvy ass that attracted many men since last many years. I felt the pressure increasing. This was not the first time I was going through this situation. I did experience it before as well. Almost all the times before I did try to refuse it and get a secure place; But now I did not do anything. I don’t know why but my body did not move aside and get rid of the touches. I did not do anything and myself in the same position. This I think gave the person some courage to move ahead.
I did not think of the time but I felt my body enjoying it. I felt soon the pressure on my ass chicks increasing slowly. I could guess his palm was fully on my ass. I was enjoying it. It was my desperation that grew up making me enjoy the touches too.
I checked to the sides if anyone is looking at me. I saw no one was looking at me. I thought of having some more fun. I slightly moved backwards where the man was standing. My idea was to do some more. I did not really know what more he could do but I only wanted something more that would satisfy my hunger for some time. I only moved my eyes to the corner just to check of the situation. I found the man had a laptop bag hanging through his shoulder which rested near my ass hiding the actions happening behind from the rest people. I felt this as secure to have further moves. The man too seemed to be careful as he was taking care that nobody sees his acts.
As I moved a bit backwards, he got the signal that was enjoying and co-operative. I soon felt a full palm on my curvy ass. The hardness of his hands was very erotic. I could feel how hard he was pressing. He even caressed my soft ass with his full palm. I don’t know why but started enjoying this. Might was it a desperation in me or was it the loss of my character. But I did not refuse it as well. I was enjoying it. I went through these situations many times before but never shown co-operation to anyone. But this time I was enjoying it fully.
I soon felt something touching my ass. This was not his hand but something else. I guess he was touching his tool. I felt his erect cock on my ass. He tried rubbing it on my soft crack and even pushed it in my crack. I was completely mad at it. After a long time I felt an erect cock on my body. Though it was of an unknown man, wrapped inside his cloths and was touching all over my Saree, the heat was enough for a desperate lady like me to make Horney. I enjoyed the erect pleasure on my ass. He was rubbing, pushing it hard on my ass. His hand was still enjoying my softness in between the pushes. I never did this before but now I was enjoying. It was enough for my pussey to get wet.
But all the fun is to be ended somewhere. Though the man and I were both enjoying this act, but it was after all a crowded bus. The place had limits. I soon felt he moved back and everything just stopped all of a sudden. My body wanted the fun but it had limits. I did not look back at him but only saw a hand holding the head bar. He was a black skin guy with his full sleeves white shirt. I did not even look at who was it but only could see his hand. I was wet inside and burning with a lot heat.
The fun ended and I got back to home. As I came inside, I threw my purse away and ran into my bedroom. I removed my cloths and slept on my bed nude. I remembered all the fun. I felt the pressure on my ass over and over again. I inserted my finger in pussey. I imagined that Black Hand is enjoying my softness, the erect tool trying to get into my crack. I stroked myself on the bed imagining all the fun and finally masturbated. I was mad that day. I imagined someone whose face I did not see, I did not know who was it but my body liked it. I was mad completely. The cum I left after masturbating was a serious proof of the heat inside me that I can even get slutty with only touches in the crowd. This was the beginning of my slut life. I masturbated that night as well imagining of the touches.
My body now became a ready to burst volcano which may burst out all its hot saliva at any moment. I was completely mad after that incidence.
Just two days after that when Ashu left for college I again masturbated remembering the same touch. But this time I was more heated. The desperation was now on its verge. I stroked my pussey with one of the bananas I bought. This was much better than using fingers. It gave a nice feel of a man’s erect organ. I did it like a mad dog that time. The thing that Smita told me was also in my mind. Though my conservative mind was refusing the her suggestion but the banana in my pussey, the hand that touched me on my ass, the tool that tried entering in my crack over my Saree, my fingers that masturbated every day, my pussey that would get wet even with imagining an unknown hand, my nude body laying on the bed alone were all saying to go for Smita’s way. And yes, as the cum came out after the long strokes of banana were my decision to accept Smita’s slut way.
As I started leaving my milk out, I decided to try the way Smita told. I did not know how and why I decided, but as the cum once left out cannot be put back inside the body, I did not look behind nor I thought of anything else and called Smita to tell my decision.
Seema: hello, Smita?
Smita: hi Seema, how are you?
Seema: I am really mad dear, and called you to tell something important. Are you free now?
Smita: yes of course dear, always free for you.
Seema: look dear, I thought a lot on the proposal you gave. And finally have a decision.
Smita: oh, so what is the decision?
Seema: I am ready dear. I want sex any way may it be with unknown men.
Smita: oh that’s nice.
Seema: ya, but I want to clear some doubts before we proceed. Can you clear them from my mind?
Smita: yes of course baby. Why not you come to me, so that we can have a free time and I will explain you everything.
Seema: yes of course. I will see you soon today.
We cut the conversation. This was the beginning of my second life. My body that was dying without having sex would now reborn with a second life that had a secret. This was ultimately the beginning of the secret that Ashu revealed later. I was not thinking of anything else but wanted sex. I did not think of the society that would throw me out of it if I found doing this. I did not think of my husband. I did not think what Ashu will do having a slut mother. I did not think what I may face being slut. I did not think of the “mangalsuthra and the sindoor” I wore every day. I did not listen to my conservative religious mind that would ask me to go to temple every day. I did not think what my soft lovely body will become. I only thought of the need my body had. I thought of the feel the banana still lying in my pussey gave to me. I thought about the heat in me. And yes finally I had decided to sleep with men. This would give a lot of money to me as well, but money was not my need, the sex was a need.
I still laid on the bed with the banana half inside my pussey with my cum spread all over. I did not move any more. I laid there like a slut, because from now I had to lay like this, shameless in front of men for sex. There was no turning back from here. I was clear on my way ahead.
The mangalsuthra and sindoor that made me homely would now be replaced with dirty make over. The cloths I once used to hide my body would now be used to reveal my hot figure. The unknown men who kept away from me will now use me in nude. The shame has to end.
A man takes positions of a servant just to fill stomach of his children. The father does anything he can, he becomes a rickshaw driver, he becomes a peon, and he becomes anything, only for a need. The drunken man beats his wife asking money just for his need of drinks. The beggars go to the lowest possible status only for a need. Mine too was a need. Losing a good social image was the reason of a need, the need of sex.
I heard how prostitutes do sex for the reason of money; I too was in need, not of money but of sex. And this was the beginning of “the secret”

I was resting my head on the back of sofa as Seema stopped telling her story. I could see her eyes num as she told about all this. She rested head on the arm of sofa. I still was eager to hear further. I was amazed to listen how a homely housewife can turn into slut in some short time.


Seema continued her story. She had told how her mind changed to have fun outside. It was obvious that she wanted sex and if she found a way she would use it. She told about her mind that turned to prostitution. But the way ahead was not that easy as it seems to be. She had to compromise a lot of things.
I was now fully erect in my pants. Actually stories like this arose me all the time. I loved listening the molestation story in her own words. I many times heard these stories from men, but listening from a woman was a different thing.
One more thing we are always eager is to know the secrets of people. Can’t say why, but it is a human tendency that he is always eager to listen to secrets. Have you ever done this? Yes every one of us has done this. Everyone tried to break secrets of someone somewhere in life. Have you ever tried to look into your friend’s Tiffin to check what he has bought for the lunch in your school days? Have you ever gossiped about the hottest girl of your class having an affair with a boy in some other college? Have you ever tried to know the password of your sister’s facebook account by spying on her key strokes? Yes, every one of us done this, and me too was not an exception. We all have secrets and we all try to know the secrets of others.
I just broke a secret of my mom. And it is off course I wanted to know more about it. I was curious to know the real reason behind the secret

I got ready as I had to meet Smita in the sometime. I wore my blue Saree and got ready. I was very nervous; I knew my life has to be changed. I had only my husband and my son in my life, but now there will be many hungry men who will use my body for their pleasure. I can’t explain how I was feeling after I took the decision. There was curiosity, there was nervousness, there was eagerness, there was confusion, there was desperation, and there was everything that we have something when we do something new and strange in our life. I was happy and confused at both the times.
I left out for Smita’s house. I was feeling the world differently now. I took the same road I always used to go to Smita. But today it felt very different to walk on the same road. Today I was not walking to go to my friend and chit chat her but I was walking to a Smita, who was a prostitute and I was going to become her colleague. I did not know whether I walked fast or slow that day, I only knew I felt something different happening in my body. With my mind full of various thoughts I reached the door of Smita. The door of her beauty shop was closed so I headed towards her home behind the shop. I ranged the bell and waited with my confused mind thinking all about what’s going to happen.
Smita opened the door and happily got me in a hug. I did not know what was happening. She was very happy that she held mi tight in a hug and kissed on my chick as she left me. She keeping her hands on my shoulder,
Smita: oh baby, so nice of you, come inside, have a sit.
I did not know what was happening with her. She never welcomed me this way. Though we were good, but we never hugged like this. I went inside and sat in the chair.
Smita: oh baby, I knew you will agree. And believe me; you are doing the right thing.
Seema: yes dear, but I have lot of question to ask before.
Smita: yes baby, I know what your mind is thinking. You are so confused on what will happen. And I have answers to them all.
Seema: don’t you think this may damage our image in the society.
Smita: oh dear, your image will be damaged when the people will get to know your secret, look at me, I am doing this, does anyone knows? I still have the same image as I had since my birth.
Seema: oh, that’s ok. But, how all this works?
Smita: look dear, don’t worry about anything. I too had same questions when I started. But everything is fine. Look, you are not going to be a normal slut, you will be an escort. You will be sent to only those people who are trusted customers. And for your image, you are an escort for those who are having a good image; so no chance that your customer will damage you. Don’t worry dear, smile please.
I smiled.
Smita continued on telling how the things work with her and kept on making my mind ready. What my only confusion was regarding the image and security. Smita cleared all my confusion with her talks. She answered so well that I had no chance but to accept. In actual I was not thinking for what troubles it will make, I only wanted sex and I agreed.
Smita: so finally, I hope I cleared all your answers. So what is final decision? Are you ready now?
Seema: yes dear. I am ready.
Smita: oh nice, I am really happy at you, smile dear, why make your face so sad and nervous, you are now going to get the thing you needed from long time. And I know my dear friend will be happy now.
I smiled. I was a bit nervous but now, with the help of Smita, I could find some way to get satisfied. Money was not my target, but sex was a need. And finally I have agreed to Smita. I was now going to be call girl, a prostitute, a slut or an escort as these people call me.
Smita: look dear, be ready, in a day or two, I will introduce you to someone. He helped me and he will help you too.
Seema: yes, ok. What all I need to do further?
Smita: don’t worry baby, you think too much sometimes. Just be relaxed you need not do anything. You have a hot beautiful body and that’s all. Come I will show you something.
She held my hand and took me to her beauty shop. She had an entrance for her shop from her home too. We went in her shop; the front door of the shop was closed. She made me stand in front of a large mirror she had. She came behind me and with her hands on my shoulder. We both looked in the mirror.
Smita: look Seema, this is you; A normal housewife Seema, who is so much desperate for fun and lives alone as a conservative housewife.
Seema: yes, so?
Smita: ok, now look at your body, don’t you think you have something in you?
Seema: means?
Smita: ok wait, I will show you.
She rapidly moved her hands and took them below my pallu. She held my boobs with both hands and made them a bit upwards.
Smita: look now. This is like an escort Seema.
I looked in the mirror. My boobs held by Smita. Now they looked different as she held them. I always wore my dress as in such I hide my mounds. But I looked more erotic as my boobs were a bit upwards.
Smita: wait, let us some more free. I will now show you the difference between housewife Seema and call girl Seema.
She rapidly moved her hands. She dropped my pallu down. I felt a bit shy as what was going.
Smita: don’t worry dear, no one here and yes, leave the shy now, you have to be nude in front of men.
She simply opened the upper two- three buttons of my blouse and exposed my cleavage. She simply folded the upper part of my blouse making it look like a deep cleavage.
Smita: look, this is now call girl Seema.
I looked at myself again. I stood there with the upper part of my blouse open exposing my breast. I looked hot in that dress. I was looking like a slut who exposes her private parts just to lure her customer.
Smita: dear, you have to be like this when you are a call girl. And for rest time you can be a religious conservative housewife. Tell me, if you don’t mind, I will make you like as you will have to be while you are with customer. That will give you an idea, I think.
I thought for a while,
Seema: yes, why not.
Smita: ok, wait here, I will bring my special cloths and make you ready.
She went back in her home as I stood there in front of the mirror. I again checked myself. Me standing with my pallu down, the buttons of my blouse unhooked, my bare cleavage being exposed, I looked like a red light lady.
Smita came back with a lot of cloths in her hand. She bought a bunch of inner wears and a couple of dresses. I was confused at first but I was to get ready as a slut.
Smita: oh come on baby, remove these housewife cloths. You need to wear different.
Seema: oh yes. Shall I remove my cloths here?
Smita: oh baby, yes of course. You have to. You will have to be nude sometimes in front of men. Come one leave the shy now. And get nude fast.
I started removing my cloths. I removed my Saree, pulled down my petticoat. Smita helped me removing my blouse. I was in my black colored Indian bra and panty.
Smita: look baby; stop using these normal full bra and panty. Try some fancy dear.
Seema: hmm yes.
Smita: you will learn everything slowly, don’t worry.
I was feeling it a bit awkward as I started to remove my bra. But I had to leave all my fear and awkwardness now on wards. I removed all my cloths and now stood strake naked in front of the mirror.
Smita: oh gosh, you are really hot dear. No man can resist you in bed. But why there is this big jungle of hair?
She pointed to my vagina. I had a lot of hairs around my cunt. I never shaved myself there.
Seema: oh sorry, but…
Smita: he he he, ok dear, this only your first time. I will teach you everything. Everything you will learn.
I was so confused with her. But yet I was finding a ray of happiness with Smita.
She gave a pair of bra and panty and asked me to wear. I looked at it, it was transparent blue colored. Everything can be seen through it. I wore them. I felt them being a bit uncomfortable, must the difference in sizes of me and Smita. But as I looked at myself; I could see it merely hide my private parts. Almost everything was visible through the transparent cloths. The panty was so tight that it pushed in my cunt, and my cunt lips were stuck to it.
Smita: dear, get to wear these types of cloths. Start using fancy inner wears.
I could find my erect nipples trying to poke out through the bra.
Smita now forwarded a blouse. It was blue colored too and I cold guess it was backless and low neck. I wore it. It too was not comfortable. But when I pushed my udders inside it, I was amazed to look at myself. My boobs were exposed from top and one can guess of my cleavage line. The blouse was backless with most of my back being open.
Smita told me to wear my petticoat but she said she will dress me up with my Saree.
I pulled my petticoat over my leg, Smita held my hand. She took the string of petticoat and made a knot much below my navel, almost near the end of my stomach. She started with my Saree. She made me ready. I wore my Saree with her help and she guided.
I looked in the mirror again; I was in the same blue Saree that I wore while coming to Smita. But the way of wearing it was different. It was much below my navel exposing the deep belly button on my fair sweet stomach. The pallu which I used to hide my globes now was a bit down exposing my right pointed boob. The blouse below too could hide very less of my flesh. It exposed the upper part of my boobs which would make a man erect in his pants.
I stood there, in front of the mirror, ready, not as a housewife Seema who would go to a temple every day, but as a slut Seema who will now go to a harem asking for sex.


I felt the erection in my pants as Seema was describing herself of the first time she became ready as a slut. I was enjoying that afternoon. I found it more fun in listening to a slut than to fucking her. My mom, Seema was a slut; I was a son of slut. I opened the zip of my pants so as to give my erect tool a bit of space for its further increase. I was ready to stroke it as Seema continued her story.

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