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A hot story happend with school teacher

My name is Raghu(obviously not my real name) from Coimbatore. This incident happened to me some 2 years ago when I was studying in my 12th STD. I never wanted to go for tutions to study but being in the 12th and again me being bad in my Chemistry, I was forced to take extra effort for the subject.So I was sent for tutions to my chemistry teacher from school who lives some 5 kms from my home. My parents are working and hence I had lot of freedom at home. I can sneak into my house whenever I bunk my school or tution classes. About my chemistry teacher, her name is Deepika 29 years old married.

She was a stunning beauty and every male from my school had an eye on her and they were trying their tricks to get her on the bed. Deepika mam wears saree to school all the time and her saree will be below her waist line and she would show ample skin to everyone. She was fair, silky hairs that comes to her lower back and she always used to leave her hair loose.
When she walks her round ass is an absolute treat to watch and again whenever she takes lessons and uses the board to write down the equations, all the guys' eyes will be fixed on her arse. She is little short 5'8" with a 34 28 38 body figure.

So the story started from here when I flunked in my first mid-term exams in Chemistry. The marks I got was very low which got my Deepika mam very frustrated and she had a strong disbelief in me. I was asked to bring my parents the next day to school. I brought my mom and Deepika mam was discussing with my mom inside her cabin for like 30 minutes during which I was made to stand outside.

I had no idea what they spoke. But at the end my mom told me that from that evening I should go to her house for tutions after the school. And again if and only if I showed remarkable improvement in the next exams, I can stop my tution classes. My mom gave me her house address and asked me to be there by 5.30pm.

That evening I went home and got dressed in a tee and jean and left for her house in my bike. I reached her house by 5.20 pm only and her house was a big one. I was asked to wait in the living room by her servent till she comes. Deepika mam came downstairs by 5.30 and asked me to come upstairs where they had the study room.

I was asked to sit in the chair there and she went inside her room and returned back immediately with the chemistry books and she started her lessons. She was still wearing the same red color saree which she had worn to school. She took class for the next one hour without a break and then asked me to solve some problems before I leave which took me some 15 minutes to solve them.

She then asked me to study whatever she took that evening and that I would be asked to write a test on the same the next evening. And this would be my schedule. 5.30 to 6pm test on the previous day's lessons and 6-7pm class. I then left her house totally exhausted. Once I came downstairs, she got me introduced me to her hubby and her kid.

Her husband was doing some export business and her kid was 4 years old. Most of the time her kid used to be at her mom's place which is in the next street and that she would bring him back here once she returns home from school and now since she had to take classes for me, her kid had to spend more time with the grand parents.

This was my routine and it went on as per the schedule for the next 2 months. Everyday I would go to her home and it would be just the 2 of us in her big house till 7pm until her husband and kid arrives. She was very particular about my academics and there was no point where we got out of the topic in our discussions.

After the first two month, there was the quarterly exams at school and as expected I did really well. I was asked by Deepika mam to visit her house during the exam holidays as well to prepare for the next exams. I was bit sad first but that kept me busy during my holidays. I had some 10 days of holidays and that was the time which was the most memorable moment of my life.

Her kid too had hols and so his grand parents took her kid on a vacation for 10 days and since she had no other work during daytime, she asked me to visit her house during the daytime as well and that she would train me with physics and maths as well during the hols. When my mom heard about the offer she was so happy and as a result I was made to stay back at Deepika mam's house from morning 9 am till 7 pm in the evening.

Deepika mam told my parents that she would take care of my lunch during the hols as well. So now the hols began and it was the first day and as said I reached her house by 8.55am. Her husband was getting ready to leave for work and so I was asked to wait upstairs in the study room. I did not see Deepika mam then and I went straight upstairs and was waiting for her.

Deepika mam came up in few minutes to assign work for me and that was the first time I saw her in a different dress. She was wearing a pink nighty that comes up to her knee and she had tied her hair in a bun. She still didn't have her bath and she was looking sexier without makeup in her face. She had an oval face and it was so clean without pimples and all.

My jaw dropped and for few seconds I was just looking at her from top to bottom. I could see her thighs as well and that was again fair and smooth without any hair. I quickly regained my senses when she started to dictate my study plan for the next one hour as she needs some time in her kitchen and then she would join me after a shower and she left.

I was thinking of her the whole time and didn't even touch my books. I started to imagine about her body shape her boobs and all that I had a hard on which was clearly seen in my pants. I had to do something to avoid it before Deepika mam sees it. After some 45 minutes or so, I heard her going into the bathroom for a shower.

Her bedroom was next to the study room and so I very carefully got up and went to her bedroom. I thought of peeping into her keyhole but to my dismay she had locked her bedroom door only and so I had return to the study room. I was still restless so went to the bathroom in the study room and jerked off thinking of Deepika mam.

I got back to my chair and very soon Deepika mam entered the study room. She was now wearing a blue cotton saree and a mathcing blouse. As always she had tied her saree below the waist line and I could see her hips and ample skin. Her hairs were wet and she had put it loose. I was now scared what if she asks me questions then am screwed for wasting an hour.

But luckily she started with Chemistry lessons and she took class for the next one hour. Everytime she turned around to write some equations on the board, I could see her blouse was wet due to her wet hairs. Then after that she invited me to have some tea and then we would continue with the classes after 15 minutes break.

I went out to the balcony and we sat opposite to each other in the table we started to sip on our tea. That was the first time in past few months, we spoke casually. She was asking me about my family and she was telling me about hers. I found her very friendly during that tea break and our conversation was so interesting that we did not realise the time.

It was 11:45am and she said we need to solve some 5 types of problems before lunch and we went to the study room. We sat there till 1:30 pm when we came down for lunch. Again we started on casual talks and this time she was more open than before. She asked about girlfriends and my crushes which I told her openly.

I wasn't committed at that time but had a couple of crushes with my classmates and she was my latest. I didn't tell her that though. Then I told her " mam u can dress as u wish at your home. u needn't be specific on your dresses". She then asked me "Rajeev, why did u tell me that? am always comfortable in saree".

to which I told her "ah well mam no I had a thought that you were comfortable with your nighty than the saree. again u did look good in your nighty too. "to ehich she said " are you hitting on me by any chance?". I was actually shocked to hear that but I again told her " oh mam, I wouldn't say u are not good looking but again looking at your background, I don't think its right to hit on you".

She again asked me " what way can I take your responce?" I told her " however you are comfortable and again as per your wish mam." I knew from her looks that she was impressed with my bold replies but again I wanted her to tell it out openly and so I asked her " mam do have a cruch on someone after your husband.?"

She was like "no" I knew that wasn't the end so again asked her " oh mam c'mon, you can trust me on this" She again said " well am not sure." That was the clue for me. The whole afternoon we sat down in the hall and were flirting and occasional touchings.

It was around 3pm when Deepika mam said let's get back to studies to which I told her " mam after all this I don't think both of us would be able to concentrate on studies. so lets spend the rest of the evening like this. ". She was fine with my decision and again I started to flirt with her and this time I was more intimate in my talks.

All my words were double meaninged words and every sentance I spoke had an inside meaning. Then after sometime Deepika mam asked me what indoor game are you well at. I told her " mam, when someone like u asks me about indoor game, I should say that am an amateur in indoor games." She laughed at that and said " I never knew u were so naughty minded".

Now again I asked her about her latest crush and with some pushings she accepted that she was impressed with me. I was on cloud9 hearing her but didn't show it out. She asked about mine but I told her some random name and saw from her face she was sad. I told her " mam look, I was playing and again I had crush on u from the first time I saw u in school and till date no one has impressed me than u."

She blushed to my statement and I knew I can now take the next step and I should be little careful so that I can get her on my bed. That evening time flew off while I was flirting with Deepika mam and it was almost 6.30pm and so I got up to leave home. Deepika mam walked up to me and said "thanks for the wonderful day. really enjoyed it."

saying so she hugged me tight( a friendly hug though) and I could feel her boobs against my body and she had her hands around my neck. I put my hands across her body and I was able to feel her bare skin which I really loved and didn't want to leave. We stood there hugging for some few minutes and she moved away biding bye to me.

I left home and that night as you all expected I eneded up jerking off thinking of my sexy mam like some 4-5 times. I was thinking the whole time on how I could win her on my bed and every idea I came across was the usual one and I wanted to do something new.

Next morning I again left home and went to her house by 9am and today her husband had already left and she was all ready for the class. Deepika mam was wearing her black sleeveless nighty which comes up to her knee only. She was looking gorgeous in that which I told her the moment I saw her. Deepika mam replied " Rajeev, don't get started off now only.

let's study for sometime". And she started to take organic chemistry classes. Being in the normal state only, it takes ages for a 12th grade student to understand that and imagine my condition. I was looking at her face the whole time and I couldn't control my lust for her. It was increasing exponentially with every passing second.

After some 15 minutes or so I couldn't hold any longer so I got up and told Deepika mam that I need to pee and left for the bathroom. I jerked off and came back to the room. Now Deepika mam's looks towards was changed and she was constantly looking into my eyes and I was very uncomfortable sitting there.

This went on for some 10 minutes and she walked up to my desk and asked me " whats happening.? what took u so long to pee? " I said " nothing mam, everything is fine." She didn't believe me and she kept on repeating the same questions and after a point I just got up and pulled her towards me and placed my lips on hers.

She pushed me back and asked me "what the hell are u doing?" I again pulled her to me and started to kiss her lips and she was so reluctant to open her mouth and her hands were pushing me away but my hold was bit stronger. Finally after some 5 minutes she started to respond to my kiss by opening her mouth and we had a lovely kiss for 5 minutes.

I then broke the kiss and told her " mam, as I told u yest from the first day I saw u, I had lust for u. and today morning after seeing u in this dress and yest's conversation I couldn't hold any longer. I badly want to have sex with. please don't get mad at me." She was starring at me for a while and I again pulled her to me and started to kiss her again and this time she took my right hand and put it on her right boob and made me caress it.

I then kissed her lips, sucked them, kissed all over face and was caressing her boobs. I borke the kiss and Deepika mam led me to her bedroom. Once inside I hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck. She pushed me away and said " wait my boy. am your master now. and u will do as I say."

With that she asked me come to her and she removed my shirt buttons and threw off my shirt. Then she unbuckled my belt and removed my jean and now I was standing in front with just my jockey and my cock was waiting to break free. Deepika ma then told me" hey boy, now come over and make me horny by touching me on the right spots.

Don't mess around. every wrong step u ll get one slap on your face" saying so she lay down on her bed with her dress still on. I went and sat next her and took her right hand in mine and started to massage her right hand slowly and then I moved to her left hand. Then I moved down to her legs and was massaging her legs from her toe to her thigh.

Deepika mam's moan started to get louder with my every move which I understood that she is enjoying. Now I went to her face and kissed her lips and for that she said not now and pushed me away. I then placed my hand on her right boob over her nighty and started to caress her boobs. Deepika mam kept moaning "ohhh.. yea... keep going.. "

I now took her left boob as well and was caressing both her boobs with my hands. After some 10 minutes, I moved down and lifted her nighty to expose her crotch area. She was wearing a pink panty and it was soaked with her juices. I moved her panty strips to the side to expose her pussy lips and boy!! that was so sexy, glittering in her juices with absolutely no hair in the area.

I opened her pussy lips with my forefinger and thumb and saw her pink vagina and inserted my middle finger which easily went inside due to lubrication. I then slowly inserted my 3 fingers and started to finger fuck her pussy with all my energy and within 10 minutes, Deepika mam came with a load moan.

She looked really satisfied and this time she pulled me over to kiss me and we kept sucking on each other's lips for a while and I then removed her nighty zip and took it off her body over her head. There she was in front of me in a pink panty and she wasn't wearing a bra. Her boobs were firm in position with medium sized pink nipples and light brown aerolas.

I couldn't keep my mouth off them that I took her right nipples in mouth immediately and was piching her left nipple. I kept sucking them changing positions. Then I moved down to her navel and she had a deep navel and I was licking her around that area and she was going crazy.

After some 20 minutes of my foreplay, Deepika mam was super horny and badly wanted a fuck and same was with me and my cock was paining inside my boxers and it was waiting to break free. Now she pushed me on my back and I fell on the bed, Deepika mam came on top of me and she started to kiss me from head to toe.

She then put her hand inside my boxer, pulling out my dick and she started to stroke it with her hand and was licking my tip every now and then. She licked my dick on the side to its full length making it completely wet with her saliva. Now Deepika mam pulled down my foreskin and she started to suck the mushroom shaped head of dick for sometime and I was felt it as eternity and just closed my eyes and was enjoying the action.

Soon Deepika mam started to lick my whole length and she was choking herself to suck my full 7" cock. After some 10 minutes of hard core sucking, I came in her mouth and she was happy to drink my cum and sucked me all dry. Deepika mam didn't let my dick go even after my climax and she was stroking it hard with her hand, kissing the tip of my dick and very soon, my dick started to gain size in her hand and soon it was at its full length.

Now Deepika mam told me " boy now its time for the final show. fuck my pussy as if there's no tomorrow and tear it apart." saying so she sat on me positioning her pussy in front of my dick and she sat down taking my entire length into hers. My dick went in without much difficulty and she started to jump up and down and her boobs were dangling in front of my eyes.

She then took my hands and placed it on her boobs and made me play with them. I was squeezing her boobs, pinching her nipples while she was riding my cock. After some 10 minutes, she stopped saying" take over and fuck me." I rolled over coming on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

She had kept her legs wide open and bent her legs as well giving me full access to her pussy. I kissed her lips and started to fuck her in slow rhythm and soon I increased my pace and with every thrust, Deepika mam's moans were getting louder and she was like " mmmmmm..... ooooooooffffff.... yeaaaaaa..... boyyy.y..... u r good..... fuck me..... fuuuucccckkkk meeee....fuuuucccckkkk meeee....fuuuucccckkkk meeee...."

I was shouting out " oh u bitch, u are so fucken sexy.. be my slut forever. I will show u what's sex.. " I kept calling her in bad words like " slut, bitch, whore, blah blah.. " and she was loving my talks as well.

After some 20 minutes of hard coree fucking, both of us reached the climax at the same time and I fell on her. Deepika mam hugged me and we slept like that for some 3 hours. We woke up had lunch and I fucked her again that evening in the hall with the TV volume high. We then had a shower and I left for home.

That was my first sex lesson and the remaining 10 days' of vacation, Deepika mam taught me some 10 different positions in sex and we used to have sex in the position for that day. I was fucking her twice a day. As expected I got good marks in chemistry but I continued my tution classes with her just to have sex.

I used to fuck her twice a week and remaining days, just tution classes and at the end, she would give me blowjob. I scored really well in all my exams and even in my boards. Whenever I get good marks, that evening would be a special fuck for me. She would make it sexier with her experience.

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