All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

A young orphange boy's experience with a lonely family

I am Gopu, 26, I have been working as an errand boy in one of the big families of the city. The eldest in the family was Parvathy Amma, who in short form was called Paru Amma. She was 52 and always had reumatic problem. She consulted an Ayurvedic vaidya and he prescribed medicines which included oil for massaging her legs. She engaged several ladies for this job.
But her experience was very bad. They all absconded with some valuable from the house. And that is why she wanted a boy preferably an orphaned boy to do her personal tasks. I cam there when I was just 16. She got me admitted in a local school and I had to attend to her in my spare time.

Paru Amma has two daughters, Sarada, 28 and Sumitra 24, husbands of both were working abroad. But they never liked to massage their mother and kept away from her. But they cooked food and managed the general household wi the help of another woman who worked as a cook. They all had independant bed rooms and no children. Both of them were very beautiful.

I slept on the floor in front of the room of Paru Amma. She liked me and bought for me new clothes for all festivals. Sarada and Sumitra also liked me and asked me to do some errands for them, like buying of medicines, etc. I did all outside work such as remittance of electricity charges, water charges etc. In the meantime I completed my SSc exam. All were happy.

Sarada amma said she will finance my education in the college, Sumitra amma said she will buy for me all my books and clothes etc. In the meantime the knee pain of Paru Amma increased and I was asked to apply medicine on her knees and do massage. Closing the door, Paru Amma lifted her saree upto the knee and I used to apply medicated oil on her knee and knead.

She used to say that my massaging gave her good relief. When she consulted the Vaidya he said the entire leg has to be massaged. A plastic sheet was brought, spread on her bed and she will ly down with her saree lifted upto her hip and I had to apply oil on her thighs and knee and down below.

She wore a panty which concealed her private part. I wil make her lie down face down and apply on the back of the thigh. My hand with oil reached up to the top of the leg and came down below. Paru Amma who got relief from my massage told me that she will remove her panty and I have to apply oil in all areas, but I should not say to anybody.

I agreed. In the night when everybody went to sleep, she just removed her panty and exposed her pussy to me asked me to apply oil on her pussy and ass. I had hesitation. When the pain is in the leg why oil the pussy. But Paru amma said my massage was good and I have to do it. There was lot of hair in the pussy and Paru Amma asked me to shave off the hair and then apply oil. Ok.

I went and bought a razor and shaved off her pussy. Without hair it looked beautiful. She went to the bathroom and washed it clean. Before I took oil to apply Paru amma said she had a request to make. I said what is it. She said just lick my pussy and inside the pussy. I had hesitation, but said ok, and bowed down and licked her pussy and put my tongue inside andl icked inside also.

Paru amma liked it very much and she wanted me to this licking operation for some more time before applying oil. I was 17 then and I too liked sucking of the pussy. My cock also erected. Paru Amma observed it and he used to hold my cock in her hand. One it so happened that I forgot to bolt the door,

Sarada suddenly barged in to take some cloth from the almirah and saw my licking the pussy of Paru Amma and she holding my cock. She stood shocked for a moment and quickly went out. After some time Paru amma slept and I came out of the room and went to sleep in my mat in the veranda.

Sarada who was watching my work with her mother was waiting for me to come back to my bed. She called me to her room. She asked me to bolt the door and asked me since how long this was going on. I told her no no, it is only since last one week because the Vaidya asked the oil to be applied... Sarada shouted dont tell me what Vaidya said, since how long you are licking.

I told her just one week thats all. Sarada the eldest of the daughters of Paru amma, was a robust lady, with full breasted chest, big ass and stout thighs. Her husband was abroad and he never came since last two years. She was just 28 and very much in the prime age. She called me to come closer and asked me to show her my cock. I showed her my 7"cock.

She took it in her hands and examined it and pulled back the skin and examined it carefully. She asked me suddenly "did amma used to suck it?" I said no, she just holds it in her hand. Who taught you to suck pussy, Did amma teach you? I said yes. "Come on suck mine, let me see how expert you are" she said and lifted her saree and removed her panty.

I had no escape and I have to do just as she asked me to do. But her pussy was hairless, youngish, beautiful. I pened her legs with both of my hands and opened her pussy widely. I told her to remove all clothes and let me see her boobs and suck them for a while. Sarada immediately removed all her clothes and stood nude.

Since she had no sex for a long time, she was horny and did what all I said. I sucked her nipples and she was moaning slowly. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it vigorously. I told her that I am coming and may discharge in her mouth. She said ok and nodded her head. I shot my cum into her mouth. It filled her mouth and overflowed. I then licked her pussy and clitoris.

My cock was again erect. My sucking the pussy and clitoris brought orgasm to Sarada. She was jumping with joy and wanted me to do it again for her. I fucked her thrice that night. Sarada was totally my slave since then. She asked to sleep in her bed always and not to sleep on the floor. She asked me to eat chicken and eggs everyday and gave me money.

Sumitra the younger sister who was just 24 was the most beautiful. Her husband went back just six months back and may come next year with a visa for her. She was complaining to her mother that she too had pain in her knee and asked her to do the massage on the knee. Mother recomended to me to do massage for Sumitra on her left knee.

I said ok and she had a different oil which has to be heated before applying. I told her to go and lie down in her room with a plastic sheet underneath.In the meantime I will bring the heated oil. Sumithra, changed into a nightie, and was lying in her bed. Sarada was nowhere to be seen. I entered the room and bolted the door from inside.

I lifted her nightie upto her waist and exposed her legs upto the panty. Sumithra tried to cover it but I pushed it and sat near her and took oil in my hand and started applying from the thigh below. Sumithra was staring at me and was enjoying my touch. I massaged her knee top and bottom and on the behind her thighs. I noticed that her panty was wet already.

I lifted one leg and put it on my shoulder and massaged it and then the other leg. Each time I made it point that my hand touched her pussy over the panty. Sumithra apparently was aroused. I just removed her panty and found it to be totally wet. She did not talk or resist. I applied oil on her pussy and with the palm of my hand rubbed on her pussy and on her clitoris.

Three or four powerful rubs on her cunt and clitoris caused her to reach orgasm. She wanted me to give my cock in her mouth. I just obliged her and she took my whole cock in her mouth and sucked it very powerfully. I can continue massaging and bring her to more and more orgasms. The gorgeous Sumithra was tame like a lamb and was keeping her legs wide open.

I inserted my cock and fucked her heartily. I squeezed her sumptuous breasts and had a feast of sex. Now all the three ladies of the house were my sex slaves. I can sleep with anyone I like in their bed. I caneat their pussy and fuck them as I like. I have fucked the daughters only not their mother. In case I want to fuck her she will not object, but be willingly agree.

But when two young hungry cunts are eager to take me in why should I cum inside a aged cunt. In the meantime the sisters came to know that I am fucking them. We all three sat together and came to an understanding and a timetable for fucking was finalised by mutual consent. They all had plenty of money. They lavished on me by way of gifts and clothes.

I did my graduation when I reached 20. In the meantime husbands came and went. They thanked me for all the help I do for the familly. Sumithra's husband did not bring the visa. But she was not bothered. Paru amma could move around and sense that I am doing too much of errands for her daughters.

She kept quiet. She told me to be careful. None of them should get pregnant. Years went by. It was my wish that I should do MBA. Paru ammaw was healthy now with her pain vanished. Sumithra also was ok. Her pain also vanished. All three of them gave me lot of money to enable me to pursue my MBA studies. In three years I passed my MBA with merit.

I took as my bride my classmate, Nandita a cute intelligent girl. My marriage was conducted in a grand scale. I got a good job on campus interview and we moved away. Bidding farewell to Paru amma and her daughters was a painful task. Because it was they who made me what I am.

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