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Geeta a incident happend with young maid

I am Krishna, 30, working in a bank and have little time for anything other than my official work. My wife, Geetha, 25 was carrying and in the sixth month. As per her suggestion, I searched for a woman servant who will do the house keep and cooking. We got a woman, Lakshmi, 24, who was willing to do the work.But the problem was that she worked in two or three houses and would be free only by evening and wanted to stay overnight and do the rest of the work early in the morning. Her wage demand also was high. But my wife Geetha was impressed by her and appointed her. Lakshmi came in the evening and did the cleaning of the house, clothes, utensis and did the cooking of the supper.

Geetha gave her a mattress and asked her to sleep in the guest room and to use the toilet there. I was busy with my office work and rarely met the servant. Geetha took care of my requirements. But as the pregnancy advanced she felt unsecure and wanted to go to her house to seek the help of her mother. Her mother cannot come and stay with us.

One day when I returned from office I found Geetha having packed her suitcase and bags ready to leave. We waited for Lakshmi to come and Geetha gave her instructions about my food habits, and other work that is required to be done in the house. Lakshmi gave her all assurances. I took Geetha in my car and her house was about 100 kms away.

My MIL requested me to stay back for the night but I had to attend office on the following day and hence I left for my house. When I reached it was late and I found Lakshmi was awake and was waiting for me. I just looked at her and found her to be beautiful in a rustic way. She was not fair, but with a tanned complexion, big boobs, and big ass and big fatty thighs, narrow waist.

Time was 10 pm. I told her to leave the food on the table and to go to sleep. But she said she will wait for me. I undressed and went to take bath. I did not know that Lakshmi was inside my bedroom, taking away my soiled clothes for washing. The door to the bathroom was ajar and I was taking bath naked. and She was watching me.

Instinctively when I turned my head I found her watching me open mouthed, I suddenly concealed my nudity with a towel and asked her what she wanted. She just ran away without answering. I closed the door and wiped my body and then wore a lungi and came to the dining room for dinner. Lakshmi had prepared my favourite dosas with chutney and stood at a distance and watched me.

I asked her whether she had taken her food. She said no. I called and asked her to sit and eat along with me. At first she hesitated, but later she came and sat near me and started to take dosas and eat. I had a closer look at her. Her cleavage showed that she did not wear any bra and her boobs were firm and stood erect. She noticed that I was observing her.

She just eat fast so that she may finish early. I finished my eating and washed my hands and sat in the sofa and put on the TV. She cleared the table and took away all the plates and came back and was standing at a distance and watching the TV. I called her to come and sit with me and watch. She came but did not sit in the sofa, but sat on the floor and watched.

I asked her whether she takes bath in the evening. She said yes. But later when she is about to go to sleep. I asked her why dont you change into a nightie. Seeing her at such short distance, I had an erection which was visible by the tent formation in the lungi. She noticed my erection between my legs when she sat on the floor. She was looking at my erection and the TV alternatively.

Time was nearing 11 pm. I told her I am going to sleep and went to my bedroom. She went to the nearby bedroom and without closing the door,she undressed.I could see her removing her clothes. She wrapped a towel around her, with her boobs jumping, she went to the kitchen and dropped her dirty clothes in the washing machine.I too was nude and watching in amazement.

Lakshmy went cooly to her bathroom and took bath. I could hear her pouring w ater from the bucket on her head. She wiped the body and hair and cme out in search of new clothes to wear. I was standing all along and she noticed that I am watching. She put on a torn nightie and then removed the wet towel and dropped in for rincing in the bucket. She turned back and saw me watching her.

My cock was in full erection. She came near me and sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and gave me a blow job. I asked her where did you learnt this trick. She said it wa a neighbourhood boy who taught her and her uncle also taught her. I asked her did they fuck you. She looked up into my face and said yes,too much. So you have tasted sex and you are not an innocent girl.

I told her that I will not fuck you. Because when my wife comes back she will ask me whether I fucked you. I cannot tell her a lie. Ok Ok please allow me to taste your cock. That will do I did not reply her. I went to bed and she went to her room. In the early morning when she cme to sweep my room, I felt somebody sucking my limp cock. I discharged my cum into her mouth and she did not mind.

After three days in the early morning she after sucking my cock, got on me and inserted my erect cock into her cunt and fucked me from top. She knew the trick and she did it with good expertise. But I pulled out so that my fluids will not enter her.She made it a practice, to fuck either in the night or in the early morning.

I bought her a fresh set of bras, panties, salwars etc. so that when she goes away she should not be poorer. Lakshmi went to the market to buy vegetable, provisions, and fruits etc. She will buy about six packets of condoms also. and Pills for her.

My wife delivered a male child and there was alround celebrations. In the meantime Lakshmi told me that somebody is interested to marrying her. I asked the boy to come. He is owning an autorikshaw and is doing brisk business. I gave her enough money for buying a mangala sutra and rich clothes for the marriage. Marriage was conducted in a grand scale and a feast was organised to all the friends. Thus a relationship culminated fruitfully.

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