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Sex seduction with brother's tuition Teacher faculty

now a days i am residing in Delhi as I am doing Job here,, I m surfing this site from last one and half year and its awesome. I'm going to share my 1st story with u friends so please forgive me for grammar errors. Before starting the story let me tell u about my physicals,, I m 5'9" average body, wheatish color, my dick size is 6"+, but not 7 and thick enough.This incident happened 6 years ago when I was in my 12th std a teen with hot feelings. At that time we were a joint family with my chacha ji’s(uncel’s) family. A madam named Reenu come in our home as a home-tutor to teach my younger cousin(son of my chachu) he was in 7th std at that time.Let me tell u about Reenu mam, she was married lady of near about 34 or 35 years old, quite tall with wheatish skin and good assets. Near about 34-30-38.

She was in touch with our family from last 5 years and teaching my cousin from 2nd std and she was very open to our family as she was coming from last 5 years.she looked damn hot when she wear saree coz her height was good. She was from an average family and had no child so to spend her time she came as a tutor and with this she earn also coz 2 other students of our street came to our home ant study their.

My interaction with her was not, we interacted whenever she had some problms in maths only coz she done her graduation in art and she stuk in algebric problms and called me to help as I had non-medical in 12th. She was very polite and talk in a decent manner and I had not any bad intentions for her.

But one day a thing happened and my thinking about her start changing. Actually I was sitting in front of her and discussing the problm and her pen fell down and she bent from chair to pick the pen I had a great show of her NICE boobs.On that night I masturbated twice just thinking about her, from that very day I start fantasising about her and looking for chances to spend time with her.

Whenever I got chance I peep in her suit or blouse to had glimpse of her nice boobs. Days passes and we were bit more comfortable with each other, touch her hand her waist her arms knowingly. With time my actions were become more bold and she noticed that and sometimes she ignore sometimes she look towards me and either I smile or ignore,

time passes with these small plays and one day I got a great chance I still remember that was the month of October my family was out of town due to diwali vacations. But I was at home with my chacha ji's family due to my studies. Reenu mam came in evening and sit in balcony where she used to sit regularly and called my cousin upstairs,

I noticed that its more than 15 minutes but no other student came, their was only my cousin, I went near her said Hi and asked where are the other students, she said they are out of town as diwali vacations are going on and she offer me to sit, I just grab the chair and sit next to her and start talking.

She gave work to my cousin, who was sitting in front of us with a gap of table and he was busy in work, Reena mam and me start talking casually and we had a laugh sometimes and I start rubbing her arm and she notice that but didn’t react don’t know what was in her mind but her face turns red. She was wearing saree that day and as it was the month of October she wrap her arms in a shawl.

With my act she stop talking with me and looking the books of my cousin and start turning the pages of book, somehow I gain my guts n touch her waist and positioned myself as my cousin cant see my actions. There was no reaction from her side, I decided to move further and I move my hand on her full waist I was enjoying her soft skin it was like moving my hand on silk no hair atoll. I move my hand upwards and enter in her blouse and reach till bra.

I move my fingrs and rub her back behind the strips of her bra. My dick was rock hard as it was my 1st time when I touch a body of opposite sex like that. But I was amazed that their was no reation from her side, After a minute or two my cousin asked her a question and I was scared that what if he noticed,

that but thnx to her shawl and my position he cant see that nd I slowly remove my hand but I was scared, as soon as I remove my hand from her waist she said to my cousin, Ok Naman thats all for today I have to go and she leave the place. I was scared my heartbeat was so high I was walking behind her and when she reached ground floor my chachi was their,

I was more scared they just exchange some words as formal good bye and said atlast that Rahul is naughty, and look at me and smile and my chachi also smile in a funny manner. It was like a positive signal for me from her side, at that night I masturbate near about 4 times and whole night fantasising about her.

The next day same happened I tried alot to reach till her boobs but I cant as I enter my hand from behind. This act continued for 4 days and after that my family came, I cant continuo that coz members at home increase so anyone can come anytime. As the days passes my urge for her increased and increased but cant do nothing.

Then somehow I get her number but she had not personal mobile coz at that time mobiles were not normal but I just got nokia 1100 on my birthday, I ask her that at what time u are at home, she told me the time but talk very less as her mother-in-law also in home. I told her that call me or miss call me whenever u have time this continuo for more than 2 months but we didnt do sex talks, only did our like and dislike and past life at all.

One day she didnt came for tuitions I asked my chachi ji that y Naman have no tutions today she told me that his tutoin teacher have some work thats y, after sometime I called her and come to know that she is alone at home her husband and her mother-in-law going out of town as their is some miss happening in their relatives.

Then I ask her y didnt u call me or told me about that,, after some talk I ask her, can I come to her home if she dont have any problm, she didnt say anything and cut the call. I again called her and she pick the call but again no answer from her side. I decided to go to her home next day, I called one of my friend and arrange porn films to get some knowledge that how to do as before that I just watched 4-5 times some small clips.

He arrange cds for me and in night I watch porn movies in my room on cd-player. I still remember it was difficult for me to sleep that night. Next day I took off from school saying that next week I have test I have to prepare and off's were normal in my 12th std. Some how I arrange a packet of condom with help of my friend as I heard that always do safe sex.

I collect my courage and start walking towards her home it was just a 10-15 minute walking distance. Finally I reached her home and knock at the door, she asked from inside "kaun hai"(whos their). I replied in a shivering voice "Mam, mai hun Rahul"(mam, I m Rahul). she opened the door and I wish her Goodafternoon, and ask "kaise ho mam?"(how r u mam?).

She replied "Mai theek hun, ander aa jao"(i m fine, come in). after entering her home she again bolted the door and start walking towards living room nd I followed her, then she offerd me to sit nd also sit next to me and said "kya loge, chaye ya cold drink"(what would u like to have?, tea or cold drink), I replied "kuch nai"(nothing).

She smiled and went to kitchen and back after sometime with 2 glass of cold drink and some snacks and offer me, I took that glass and start drinking she also sit next to me and she also start drinking and we start talking normally. Then I slowly touch her hand she look in my eyes and smile it gave me more courage I hold her hand tightly and she closed her eyes nd I kiss on her forehead,

she put her hand on my shoulder and then I took her face in my hands nd kiss on her lips but no response from her side. then I kiss ok her cheeks then I move to her ear lobs I start sucking her earlobe and heard her 1st moan that time but with in a second she pushed me away nd ran to kitchen, I followed her and she was standing with her back towards me,

she was saying "please Rahul yahan se chale jao, mujse control nai hoga". but I was hot at that time I just hold her from her waist nd start kissing on her neck and clutch my fingr into hers I continuously kissing her neck nd on her shoulder. then I turn her towards me her eyes were closed nd face red I start kissing on her lips and after a minute she open her lips nd my toung enter in her mouth,

I pull her towards me my left hand was on her ass and right on her neck. Her hair were tied in a bunn with a stick, I just remove the stick nd throw it aside within a second her long black hair are loose. She put her hands on my waist nd her toung start playing with my toung with in 2 minutes we were in tight hug then I again start sucking her earlobes and moving my fingrs in her hair and meanwhile pressing her ass with my left hand,

I can hear her heavy breaths. while sucking her ears I enter my hand in her suit nd reached on her back and start rubbing. She was also hot that time and she was also rubbing my back. then I kiss on her neck, after a minute I apart her from me to remove her suit, and she strech her arms up for my ease I remove her suit and saw her bra, it was a decent bra of pink color with nice shape.

i again pull her towards me and start kissing and licking her shoulders she hug me so tight that her nails were hurting me but I keep on licking her bare part of shoulder, neck and above boobs.
And while kissing I unhook her bra, then I remove her bra and she unbutton my shirt and she remove my shirt and now me and Reenu mam were naked from above half. I was stunned to saw her boobs well shaped nd tight with light brown nipples.

I just hold her one boob with my hand and start sucking other one, within seconds her nipples got hard, her both hands were on my head and she pressing it towards her and I was sucking and twisting the nipple of other boob and she start moaning a bit loudly.

aaaaaaaahhhhhh.... hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm............then I change to other boob it was like 10 minute play and I went down on her stomach and kissed and stop at her round deep navel I kissed the navel and lick it and meanwhile untie the knot of her salwar I was on my knees at that time she was standing with the support of kitchen’s shelf.

As I stand her salwar fell down and she was in black panty only without wasting any time I remove my jean and she start kissing on my cheast and go down she remove my undy and hold my dick and start stroking softly and kiss on the dick head only I remove her panty their were small hair only I think she removed them just 8-9 days ago. Shape of her pussy was perfect as compare to porn gals I watch.

I insert my middle fingr nd start stroking her, she was completely wet then I insert 2 fingrs in her "chut" she was moaning at that time I quickly took out the condom from my jeans pocket and fit that on my hard dick and start rubbing on her "chut"(pussy) she was moaning and hold my dick and guiding it towards her love hole and I give a thrust nd half of my dick was inside her pussy,

she cried "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... dheere" aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...... hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhh.. aaaahhhh... soft moans then I start kissing on her lips and stroking her gently, he was giving me full response at that time and after 3 or 4 minutes I was near to cum I increase my speed nd rubbing her nippls and cummed in my condom.

With the same time she took a deep breath and she was also over.... she hugged me tight, our eyes were closed and remain like that for 10 minutes... but this was not the end it was just starting, we had whole day and we did many new things.

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