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Great SEX Feeling in Thailand

This is about my own story. How I fucked a beauty queen girl in Thailand .
First introduced my self, I am of 38 now with massive cock of 7.5 inch with good fucking stamina, height of 5”11 living in model town Lahore.Now come to

the story. While I visited Thailand in 2008, I sex with 5 girls during my 15 days visit in Thailand, but one is most memorable which I am going to share with you .Me and my friend gone to a bar and while drinking beer, I found a girl standing on the side of a snooker with a girl……….she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she was thai girl, but have a nice height of 5”4 with body figures of 38-28-36 with a sweet smile on her face and fair skin.I asked my friend about that how can I introduced with that girl……..he said no body will mind that if you go straight to her and ask for friendship……….. I gone there without any hesitation as I was little drunk of beer, I say hello hi and then some other talks…….. she was a bar girl’s friend, just to meet her I offer her some beer, which she later accepted, after 2 bottles, she also got drunk and I find the way to agree her to go with me in my hotel room, first she said no, but after few minutes she agreed, 
I told this to my friend that I am taking this girl in my hotel room, so this friend wish me good luck and gone to his home, after then I go to my hotel room with that girl, First I smooched her and within few minutes she got hot too, she grabed me thight and start lip kiising, after then she said I and you have to bath first (as it’s the culture in thai and both man and girl take bath before sex and after sex)… she said first I tak take bath but I insist that I want to tak bath together, she agree after little hesitation. We both naked in bath and I was so amazed to see his beautiness without cloths, as she have not only beautiful face but have a nice sexy body too without any single little mark on her skin… my cock getting erected after looking my cock she was feared to see my big cock, as thai men have small cock, she said its so big and it will hurt me, but I convince her that nothing will happened wrong…. after then we both rubbed soap to each other. After finishing bath withou waisiting any time I take her to bed room and start careesing her full body with hand and my lips…..she start moaning. After that she hold my full length cock in her hand and put in her mouth, I feel great of that, she did that for 5 minutes and I was just near to cum, then I remove my cock from her moth and lay her down and start pressing her boobs with one hand while other playing with her little tiny pussy. 
I put a flavored condoms on my cock and lubricate both my cock and her pussy with my saliva and slowing going to enter her…………while I just enter the head of my cock in pussy, she shouted, I stop there and start rubbing her boobs and kissing her lips, after few minutes I again try to enter her, this time she try to hide her pain by shutting her mouth tightly………after few light stroke I fully enter her………with the pain she cum over my cock…….i thinks its good for me as the pussy and cock well lubricated by her cum……….after then I start fucking her with big strokes and released my cum within 10 minutes. She was so happy as she cumed 3 times while on round of my fucking………….. later then I got some more beer from the from the hotel and we both again drunk and ready for the next shot………. I had a baby oil with me so I take it near me, I again put condom and start fucking her pussy with doggy style, while I stroking I take some baby oil and apply it on her ass and finger fucking her ass first with on finger……….she was virgin from that hole, she saw behind and say not touch my ass as she is getting pain, I said you will get more pleasure then your pussy fucking, I concinve her with long argument then she agreed…….after then I put my cock from her pussy and put it in her ass….she cry with pain first and try to move but I hold her tight and start stroking her ass ……. Belive me I fucked her around 1 hour and 10 minutes in my 2nd shot…….we both were tired, but as I was not complete yet, I continue fucking her with various fucking style…….after then I cum and I was so tired and exhausted and we both lay down and she said I was near to die as you made me so tired ……..i said but you got also pleasure o f my fucking, she said I have neverbeen fucked like that 

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