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Encounter With A Stranger In Hospital

he story i’m about to share is a true incident which happened a few weeks ago when my grandfather was admitted in the hospital, since he was asked to stay at the hospital for a few days we decided to admit him in a semi private ward. A semi private ward can accommodate two patients, it has two beds separated by a thin wall and towards one side was a small guest room which was common for the relatives of the two patients. It had a big sofa, a bed, a small cupboard and a bathroom. The other patient in the ward was a mid age man who had full body paralysis, now the actress of my story his wife was in her early 30′s and was very attractive.

She was not very hot or sexy but her face and body was very attractive and anyways i like mature Indian women. From the first time i saw her i started getting dirty thoughts about her in my mind, whenever i was at the hospital i used to sit and stare at her. We did not talk to each other just smiled or exchanged hello’s. Since my dad was busy with work i used to stay with my grandpa in the hospital at night, i was more than happy with that because i use to watch her sleeping and then go to the bathroom and masturbate, but then came the night which would change my life. That night it was around 11pm both my grandpa and her husband were fast asleep, i was in the guest room on the sofa, she had gone for a bath. When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing an sleeveless top and pajamas. Oh my god, she was looking hot, my dick became hard inside my pants and i could not stop staring at her. i was getting restless it was tough to control myself i was feeling like just getting up and taking her in my arms, but i controlled myself.
She finished putting her things in place and lay down on the bed opposite me. Oh man the scene was awesome, it was getting hot in there, i was staring at her like a hungry dog and i was making it very obvious that i was looking at her body, she kept looking at me but i did not care. After some time she got up and went to the bathroom, when she came out she shut the guest room door, i was scared and excited as well. She went and sat an the bed, i looked at her , she gave me a tender smile. By now my body was cold with fear and excitement. Now my body could not take anymore i gathered all the courage i had and quickly went and sat beside her on the bed, she did not react this gave me a little confidence, i thought to myself ‘maybe she also wants it maybe she is also horny, this is my chance i cannot waste it’. So slowly i took my shivering hands and put it on her back, there was no reaction, then i took my other hand and placed it on her lap, there was no objection again. Now i was fully confident that she is also craving for sex and i began to take full control.
I gently made her sleep on the bed and i slept over her and began to kiss her face, i slowly moved to her juicy lips and planted a gentle kiss, after a few exchange of gentle kisses she began to respond, she sent her tongue in my mouth and i licked it, the kissing began to get wild this tongue fucking and kissing went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Then i decided to shift my focus i began moving down planting several kisses on her neck region, i took off her sleeveless top, she was wearing a black bra. Now i have a crazy fetish for women’s armpits, so i quickly lifted her hand on top and stuck my head under her arms and began sucking, initially she objected by pushing my head away but i did not stop. How could i, it was perfect sweaty salty and smelly it was driving me mad, i sucked both her armpits like a mad dog. then i unhooked her bra, her boobs were superb they were round soft and had black tits just like cherries.
I began sucking one and playing with the other. I sucked, licked, bite, pressed, squeezed both her boobs for a long time after which i began moving down kissing her tummy region and sucking and licking her deep navel. i turned her around and kissed her whole back. then i gripped her pajama’s and removed her pajamas and panties in one pull, she was fully naked now, her bum was perfectly shaped, i just dug my face in her butt crack and started licking her bum hole. the taste was not very good but i kept on putting my tongue inside as she was enjoying it. after some time i turned her again and took my face near her vagina, before i could start doing anything she got up and caught my hand and took me to the bathroom where she lay down on the floor and asked me to sleep over her in 69 position. Now my full 7 inch cock was near her face and my face was near her vagina. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, even I pushed my face in between her legs and began sucking it, the smell of her vagina was driving me crazy and I sucked it nice and deep.
Soon we both were sucking and licking each others privates, I then inserted one finger into her vagina as I continued to lick her clit with my tongue. After some time I inserted two fingers and began licking faster. Her body started to move fast, I realized she was about to come so I began fingering faster, after some time she reached her climax I could feel her muscles contract and then with a slight moan she let out a warm gush of her juice from her vagina, I took a little of it in my mouth but spat it out. Watching her cum made me reach my climax also, I also released my sperms on her face.
After that we both remained in that position for 5 to 6 minutes we were breathing hard on top of each other. I did not want it to end here I was hungry for more. I decided to become a little aggressive and take control so I got up picked her up and pulled her out of the bathroom, took out two handkerchiefs from my bag and tied one to her mouth and with the other one I tied both her hands together. I pushed her towards the wall lifted her hands and started licking her sweaty armpits, after cleaning both her underarms I began to slapping her face(not very hard) pinching and slapping her boobs. All this time she had closed her eyes and was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her body.
After playing with her front side I turned her around pushing her face towards the wall I asked her to bend forward in doggy style I began licking her ass hole and pussy together and slapping her ass cheeks till it became red. Now I became fully hard again I wanted to enter her pussy but I was afraid as I did not have any protection, so I untied her mouth to ask her what to do, as soon as I untied her mouth she began saying “fuck me, fuck me now”, I told her that I am not wearing any protection, to which she said ” I don’t care, just fuck me”. Now I was turned on by this so without thinking much and wasting any time I made her sleep on the bed untied her both hands spread her legs and took my penis close to her vagina and started rubbing the outer side of her pussy with my dick.
Her pussy was already soaking wet and sticky with my spit and her juice. After a few moments of rubbing I slowly pushed my 7 inch cock inside her hole and finally I had lost my virginity to an unknown married women that to in an hospital. Her pussy was not very tight it was easy to penetrate but inside my dick felt warm and wet inside I could feel her muscles gripping my cock, it felt like heaven inside and so I remained motionless for sometime just kept my cock inside and enjoying the feel of a pussy. After some time I began moving slowly, moving in and out slowly. I was fucking her in missionary position, I began fucking her faster and harder I was also kissing her face and boobs at the same time. Then we changed positions she sat in doggy position and I entered her pussy from behind. With my left hand I gripped her shoulder and with my right I was massaging her breast. I was pounding her pussy hard from behind, I found this position much better as I was able to fuck her faster and harder.
After fucking her in this position for several minutes I was reaching my climax again and I told her that, she asked me to remove my dick from her pussy and cum on her face. I did as she told I went near her face and she took my dick in mouth and I released my entire load in her mouth and swallowed the full thing(I don’t think she liked it). She sucked my dick clean after which we both got up cleaned each other and the room. She wore her sleeveless top without the bra and she wore her panty and went and slept on the bed, I went and lay down besides her, I did not wear anything (of course I wanted more ). It was around 1am, we began talking to each other, that’s when she told me her name(withheld for privacy) she also told me that she has been married for 7 years and her husband was suffering from paralysis for the past 3 years and she had never had sex since then, so even she was desperate for bodily pleasure. She also said that she was turned on by the way that I was staring at her.
I also told her that I was a virgin and was desperate to fuck a lady like her, we also exchanged phone numbers. We spoke for sometime and my dick kept getting harder and harder. My cock was hungry for more so I put one hand inside her top and started pressing her boobs and the other hand I put inside her panty played with her pussy, she also responded by taking my dick in her hand and stroking it. I stripped her and made her nude and we began our foreplay of exploring, kissing and licking each others body. Suddenly she asked me “do u want to fuck me in my ass?”. I said if she was fine with it I don’t have any problem, she nodded her head got up and lay down sideways, she asked me to sleep In the same position behind her. I took control from there I rubbed a little spit on my cock and brought it close to her ass hole and began to push it inside. It was really tough as it was very tight. I was scared but she kept saying “keep pushing slowly”. So inch my inch I kept pushing my cock inside her bum till finally the full thing was inside. It must have been very painfull for her.
Then I gripped her shoulder with one hand and her neck with the other and started working my dick in and out slowly and then gradually picking up pace, she started moaning a little loudly so I took my hand from her neck and pushed it in her mouth. I fucked her ass nicely for about 15 to 20 minutes after which I released my cum inside her bum. We lay down on the bed lifeless for some time after that we got up cleaned each other again, put every thing back into place and put on our clothes. It was around 2am then, she said that she was tired and needed some sleep and slept on the bed. Even I decided that it was enough(for the day) and went to sleep on the sofa.

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