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Bua aunty’s Boobs Hot Story

Let me Introduce my bua; she is 45 years of age now. But, her figure can stun anyone. I die on her 34 sized boobs which look like big melons. She usually stays without bra. I mean only blouse, petticoat and saree. Not even panties are there. Whenever I see her I get turned on and my dick starts to cry out for her hot body and sexy pussy. And there is a big cleavage between her heavy melons… They’ve never allowed my cock sleep in peace. Since I had dreams to have sex with this slut, I never got a chance to sleep with her. My numerous attempts went on vain.

All I could do was to touch her milky balloons pretending those to be accidental. And I used to masturbate in her clothes and inner clothes secretly. It gave me immense pleasure and my ejaculation was quiet a lot in her clothes compared to]o normal one. However, I’d managed to view her pussy a couple of times when she was sleeping. But, that could not satisfy me. After a long wait the bitch came to my house with her hubby. She was supposed to stay for three days at our place. I was so happy, but hopeless as my numerous attempts had been unsuccessful. But, this time it was different. I have a combined family with big house. That night bua and fufa slept in different rooms. I was left with two options – either to sleep with my fufa or my hot bua. I had no hesitation at all in sleeping with my sex goddess as I knew it was a rare chance. I slept with her waiting for when she would be in deep sleep and i’ll have chance to enjoy something. But, I never know when I myself slept…!

My eyes could not take more and more wait and I slept before I could execute my plans. Luckily I woke up soon. When I checked my cell phone it was just 2 am-the very perfect time. The time when people have the deepest sleep. It was as if my luck was saying “Go, it is all set for u. Just screw your whore. Ask her for pussy or just grab It.” Then I slowly slipped closer to her. She was facing towards me. Then, I touched her one boob and gently pressed it with my finger tip. It was my 1st step to heaven. I kept pressing it for around 2 mins; there was absolutely no reaction from her. I got some confidence and started moving my hand all over her boobs with gentle pushes in between. She was in a black blouse with no bra inside. I flashed my mobile phone light and found the middle button unhooked. My excitation got to its peak. I started pressing it harder. There was still no reaction.

It was surprising. But, she was shaking slightly in between. I was doubtful, whether she was actually sleeping or was enjoying the touches on her boobs and pretending as if she was sleeping. Whatever… Both the possibilities were in my favor. So, I continued squeezing her big breasts. Then, I slowly unbuttoned the upper hook of the blouse and dared to slide my right hand into it. Now I got her nipple and dragged that boob out. Still bua did not give any reaction to my hand’s touches. Now, I was pretty sure that she was not sleeping. Then, I played with her nipple for a couple of minutes. Perhaps she could not control anymore and finally moaned slightly and rolled her hand on my head. I finally got the green signal. Then I started biting and sucking her nipples. To my surprise she milked. So, it was clear that she got fucked very frequently and because of that she was lactating. I started to drink her creamy milk now she was moaning and started grabbing by hair and pressing my head hard against her meat.

Her Moans were sounding like mmmmmmmmm….. Haaaaaaahhh… She fed me with her milk for about 10 odd minutes and whispered in my ears; “Do it beta… I cannot control anymore.”  But I decided to tease her. I got down pulled her saree and petticoat up and started fingering her. She was getting so horny. She was moaning like hell. Mmmm…. Fuck meee. I’ll cum. Make me your slaaaavvve babyyyy… Fuccccckkkkkkkkk. Then I started licking her pussy.

Ohhhh… I was also having so much of heat inside me. Her cunt was red hot and I could taste the liquid which already started to come out from her pussy. It was salty and was really turning me on. She was playing with my dick. Then, I could not resist anymore, and held my tool which was already in pre-cum state. I rubbed it on her pussy and finally inserted it inside. Although she was no more a virgin, yet, she screamed as the big snake was making its way in its hole. I started stroking and increased my speed. I was just fucking that bitch like anything and was in the 7th sky.

She was screaming- ohhhhhh godddddd, fuck me harder plzzzzzzz. Yes yes yes. I am all yours today. Destroy me. Mmmmmmmmmmm…. Fffffffffuckkk. Damn I am cumming, I am cumming… Ohhhhhhhh and she cummed and then it was my turn. I sped up further and finally exploded and filled her cunt with a huge amount of my thick spunk. Then it fell on her. When I took out my penis our mixed cum was flowing out of her pussy. Oh shit… It was too much. Would be a glass-full I think. She sucked my dick and cleaned it up. Then we washed ourselves and that bed-sheet. And put a new bed-sheet. Then we slept under our blanket, sticking to each other. I fucked her next nights as well and now waiting for the next chance.

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