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Birthday gift

Hi my birthday was last week. I had a very eventful birthday. Here is how it went I was getting ready to leave my house when i heard the bell ring, I opened the door thinking it was the watchman or the sweeping lady asking for the waste. I had a present surprise . There standing in front was my GF in a lovely Maroon salwar. Oh. For a minute i was wondering . Then i asked her in and closed the door and latched it .Turned around hugged her and kissed her lips. While doign so i also happened to damage her lovely earring.( bought one for her later) Well the kiss lasted a nice long time with each of us probing each other. We had not had such a time for more than a month even though we used to meet nearly every alternate day and go for a small drive. Well after that she had asked me for some water. While I got her the water she removed her duppatta. Then i took her to my bed room and we kept kissing each other. I now rubbed my hands all over her body especially her lovely butt.. My hands rubbed her breasts and i kissed them My hand was now under her dress and feeling her smooth firm stomach. I love this area and keep rubbing them . Next my hands reach her bra and feel her size 34 breasts. I pull off her top.

She was wearing a white lace bra.. And her black nipples were hard and pushing to come out of her bra. I kissed them and began sucking them through the bra. She was now moaning and rubbing her hand on my thighs I moved to remove her pyjama while still kissing her allover her body > she was in a white flower design panty and it was wet.I kissed the wetness before getting to remove the panty. Oh!. Her wet soft skin was so good. She had cleanly shaven it knowing pretty well how much I like to suck her. I got to rubbing her clit and slowly inserted a finger in her and was moving it in and out while i got to kiss her navel and moved to her breasts. She was moaning in pleasure. Her hand was holding mine into her pussy. I moved her up and removed her bra and the soft melons came out. I love to kiss the nipples till they become hard as a stone before sucking them. My finger moving fast and me kissing her was too much for her to hold. She had a lovely orgasm. And he juices were now starting to flow. I moved her upwards and landed my face straight into a very WET pussy. She was awesome. WET, Slimy and a little saltish with her juices. Her clit was twitching from her orgasm when i started to suck her. I soon moved on top of her to a 69 position and started sucking her.She too started to suck me. MY full face was in her love hole.

While licking her i moved my face from left to right of her pussy fast and she asked me to do this again. It was a great experience. She started cumming again and was begging me to lick faster. I did so to a whitish cum from her pussy squirting out.She asked to move my face in her pussy faster and she was moaning .. I could feel her suck me harder and knew she was having a good orgasm. When I stopped she begged me to just lie on her body. She licked my face. She wanted to go to the loo and i followed her while she went in. We moved back to the bed. I put on a condom and slowly inserted my hard rod into her.Eyes closed She was enjoying every moment. I could hear slow moaning.AH!! Oh!! HM!! She held my head to her breasts and i sucked it while i was pushing my rod in her. She was enjoying this and her hand was on the other breast rubbing it and making it hard. Could not resist Rubbing my chin on her nipples and biting them. She screamed in pain. But held my head hard to her breasts.
My storking increased in speed. I suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes As if asking what happened I need more. The look prompted me to push it real hard into her. We continued like this for some time. Rolling over each other at some time to make her on top of me. And her breasts were now dangling in front of me. She was reaching multiple orgasms today.WE had a good real fun for a long time. It was the best birthday gift i got. We Finshed then had a ncie bath together and then left my p.

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