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Sis.inlaw Ki Chudai

Shortly after my wife and I married, her sister came to stay with us for a few weeks before she started college. I went alone to the airport to pick her up because my wife worked days and I worked nights. Shock registered on my face when she got off the plane because I hadn't seen her for two years. She had changed from a lanky girl into an incredibly attractive young woman, a younger version of my wife. It was a unnerving but definitely fascinating to see a younger Priya as Pooja bounded off the plane. I had met Priya when she was twenty-two, and now here was Pooja, eighteen and almost a carbon copy of Priya. She was wearing a short red miniskirt and a thin white blouse that showed off a lacy bra underneath. Pooja ran up to me and threw her arms around me more like a lover than a relative. "A guy's been hitting on me for the entire plane ride-pretend you're my boyfriend," I gladly followed her directions. Taking her in my arms I gave her a long kiss and held her tightly against me. I was alarmed when my cock immediately started getting hard, so I pulled away. "Don't move away, he's still here." she whispered. I was tempted to slide my hand down to her ass and let it rest there, but I didn't dare. Not only were we in a very public place, but she was my sister- in-law.

"I don't blame anyone for trying to pick you up- you're beautiful"; I said as I pulled away from her. "Let's go get your luggage so I can take you home." She still had short brown hair like she did two years earlier, but I didn't remember her bright green eyes - or her knockout figure. We got her bags with very delay and started the drive home. Pooja slid over until she was sitting almost next to me on the seat. "I could feel your cock, you know. I could feel it get hard against me when we hugged. I guess Priya was right" "Right about what?" I asked about the fine art of cock-sucking, she had me so hot that I came in a matter of minutes. She couldn't swallow all of my cum, but she made a valiant effort. The truck driver blew his horn and his buddy waved as they pulled away. I decided to tease her. "Your sister can suck the entire rod with no trouble and she never lets any cum out of her mouth."

"Maybe so, but you weren't the first guy she sucked. She had a lot of practice before you came along, but i've never sucked a cock before. You've just had a fresh mouth." I was shocked at this. It had never occurred to me that she was so inexperienced. We were almost home so I had to get my pants back together and take her luggage inside, but I was very interested in what she had to say. I was also wondering if she were a fresh elsewhere. We had over three hours before Priya got home from work. It looked like a promising afternoon. "Why did you pick me to be the first in your mouth?" I asked - as we carried in her luggage. "You must have had lots of offers." "I don't like young guys. They act like such jerks most of the time. I decided I wanted an older man to be my first lover." "Your first lover. Are you saying that you're still a fresh?" "Just because my sisters started screwing when they were young doesn't mean that I did. I've been saving myself for you for a long time!" "For me? What do you mean, saving yourself for me?"

"I liked you the first time I saw you. I may have acted like a jerk, but that was only because I didn't know what I was feeling. A couple of years later, I knew I wanted you but you were so far away. Now I have My chance!" She unbuttoned the thin blouse and tossed it aside. My eyes were riveted to her bra. She has to be a 36C, just slightly smaller than Priya. "You unhook the bra" she said. "Right here in the front!" My hands were actually trembling when they touched the flesh in her cleavage, but I managed to unsnap it. My eyes were again riveted to her chest. She was beautiful. The nipples on her high, firm tits were pointing directly at me. The cock in my pants was desperately trying to point directly at her. I stood staring at her for a minute until the phone rang. It was Priya. "Oh, you're home already. I was afraid you would have an accident when Pooja was sucking your cock in the car!" "What?" I said. "We planned this all out. She's been hot for you for years but I told her she couldn't have you until she was of age. Well, she's twenty-one now. Don't make a liar out of me. Plow that bitch like you do me. Make her whimper. I already told your boss you won't be in to work tonight!" "You know what Pooja's doing?" I know this wasn't very intelligent. She had just told me she knew, but my brain had an excuse for not working. Pooja had dropped to her knee and was fishing my cock out of my pants. "Tell Priya you're every bit as big as she said!" Pooja said, "Tell her what I'm doing!"

"I heard that," Priya said. "What's she doing? Stripping in front of you?" "She already started when you called. Now she's taking my cock out and sucking it again!" "Don't let her tire you out too much because when I get home, I'm going to join you both. Oh, I almost forgot. Don't fuck her ass. You're much too big to be the first one there. I'll bringing my boss home for that. That is, I will if he ever gets his nose out of my cunt!" She hung up. It looked like the night was going to be very interesting. I reached down and guided Pooja to her feet. My cock needed no more attention to be hard enough for her fresh cunt. "Take off your skirt," I told her. She reached behind he and unzipped it, letting it fall to her feet. She was wearing white garter belt to hold up her pale stockings. Her lace panties were more than a G-string, but not much more. She turned around so I could admire the view. It was a view worth admiration. The panties covered a perfect ass and her legs looked like they led to heaven. I kicked my pants and briefs aside, picked her up and set her on the dining room table. It was her turn for some pleasure.

I knelt in front of her and slid the tiny panties down her legs. They were soaked with anticipation. Pulling her to the edge of the table, I placed her legs over my shoulders and attacked her slit with my tongue. The taste of her pussy was delicious. It wasn't better than Priya, only different. My tongue licked all over the outside, teasing her before it entered her beautiful lips searching for her clit. Like Priya, it was easy to find the center of her pleasure. A quick flick from my tongue brought a quick gasp from her. "That's so good" she moaned. "No wonder Priya married you!" Her legs opened wider, so wide they fell off my shoulders. I kept licking and she continued moaning. I realized she was close to orgasm, so I used my tongue like her sister had taught me. In her cunt it went and then back to the clit to suck it and then back into her slot. Over and over I switched until I felt her begin to shake. It was time to make her cum. I took her clit between my lips and flicked the end with my tongue as fast as I could. When her legs suddenly tightened around my head, trapping it, I knew she was there. I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling it tight against her cunt.
A totally uninhibited shriek was proof that I had accomplished my mission. Her orgasm was so much like Priya's that it was unnerving. Her pussy actually quivered from my touch when I kissed it. It was far too sensitive to fuck right then, continue if u have any comments plz mail to me

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