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Baby’s Unlimited Fun – Part I

I am going to narrate a story and I had any one would have told me I would not have believed but myself became a active character of that story in fact any woman given such opportunity would have joined the party. I am Rinki presently of 43 years of age.
I got married after graduation at the age of 21 and I was born and brought up in a semi-urban place. I studied in girls school and then in a city girls college but still I had my share of pre marital masti and few of local boys fondle and kissed me and I could fondle and fist three cocks of strangers out of town and all such incident happened in Cinema hall.
All three males on separate occasion tried their best to take me to hotel but I did not agree. I just fisted them in cinema hall and allowed them to fondle breast and palm cunt but third person somehow persuaded me to blow him off in the back seat of auto. He has paid auto driver to leave us alone and beside fisting him.
I sucked first cock of my life in return I gave him opportunity to suck breast and caress hairy cunt when auto driver returned, he saw me seated on his lap. His cock was under my hip and cunt but I did not allow any penetration since I was wearing Punjabi dress, auto driver could not see my nudity. I was covered on front but salwar was pulled down below hip.
My cunt was rubbing his tight cock and he ejaculated. I assured my partner that during our next meeting he can have more while I was getting down from auto driver also expressed his desire for me and I told him that next time he can take me to movie. This happened when I was in last year of college about 8-9.
I enjoyed virginity broken by husband. He was very handsome, tall, strong and lively. He took vow that I am his first woman and he expressed his deep satisfaction for my being virgin. I recalled my slut on auto off course. I was virgin. My husband Prakash was an engineer in a large industry PSU. Till marriage.
He was living in a bachelor accommodation but immediately after marriage he was allotted a family quarter and a three bhk house with garden area. I joined him after two months of marriage. My mother-in-law stayed with us for about 15 days to set the house and we had a reception party mainly to get introduced with neighbours and husband’s seniors.
I observed that one Bengali lady Shikha became very friendly with me. She was staying few blocks away from our house in her early 40s. She was very fair with long hairs and though, she was not considered as beautiful with some extra flesh on her breast and hips and I liked her at first sight. We became regular visitor to each other’s house.
Shikha has two daughters and I was just half of her age and still I liked her. There was a maid at our house a young lady of about 20-22 and she became a regular headache. She was not regular, no fixed time, frequent absence but as her work was good I tolerated her as time passed her attitude was becoming more and more irritant.
After about three months and I warned her to improve her attitude but next day onward she stopped coming and then she sent a message that she would not come and I can hire another servant. My husband used to leave for office at 8.30 and coming back normally after 6.00 every evening. Factory was about 9-10 km away.
I requested him a lot but he never came for lunch. He said there are lot of formalities involved in leaving factory during office hours moreover, he was in production dept. I was all alone during day time. It was 2nd day without maid. I was taking rest after lunch and I read periodicals and tried to sleep. call bell rang first.
I thought of ignoring but good sense prevail opened door. I became happy to see visitor and she was Shikha. I took her hand and pulled her inside bedroom what’s the matter Rinku? You are looking very happy and she enquired yes didi and I don’t know why I liked her it is you, seeing you and I become very happy.
I replied and sat opposite her and I’m looking so funny? Shikha asked me. no darling you are so nice and you look so sexy. I told her what I wanted to tell her since I met her first three months ago. She just smiled. She tried to hold me back but I went to kitchen and soon I returned with two glass of juice. We sipped and talked then talk came to servants and she advocated for hiring male rather than maids.
She said that male servants are obedient, do good work and more over they give good company. I got surprised to know, when she told me that her present servant is working with them for over 7 years and he came when he was only 19 and now he is 26. She said that her servant got married two years back but visits his wife only twice a year during peak summer.
May- June and peak winter Dec-Jan for 15 days when Sikha is also out for visits to parents and in laws. I was more surprised when she said that before present servant and one of his uncle stayed with them for over 9 years. I had seen her servant.
He is manly and strong. I wondered whether I would be comfortable in staying alone with such strong looking man are you not afraid? You daughters are grown and you yourself is still a so good mall. I put my hand on thighs and pressed it. No one can ignore such a sexy figure .like you are mad.
She commented when so young and attractive ladies like you are around who will put eye on me, at least not young man like Mangesh. She added no Mangesh her servant is so good in fact I find my daughters safer in his company than their fathers and in last so many years, neither he nor his uncle did anything to annoy me.
We three mother and daughters are very comfortable with him. I was really surprised that a mother feels her grown up daughters safer in hands of servant rather than with father and but what you are doing? She asked me and she tried to push my hands away from her inner thighs. I kept my hand pressed and simultaneously.
I pressed my body on her and I kept pressing and she had to take support of both hand. She held bed firmly and I moved my hand between her thighs and palmed cunt over clothes. I kept looking in her eyes and palmed cunt tightly. I palmed it three four times and then released cunt. Rinki please let me go.
She said and I never had any lesbian experience before and not even for name sake but and I was very much attracted towards this lady who was double my age. She was voluptuous but not fat and her vital statistics would have been breast 38 waist 28 hips 38 upper arms were thick and her colour was most attractive and long hairs and black big eyes has taken my heart.
From the very first time I saw her and I felt my BP rising every time I see her I was fantasizing to have hard sexual interaction with her. I wanted to lick and chew each and every pore of her fleshy body from the very first cock sucking experience in auto I enjoyed oral sex with husband and I enjoyed cock sucking but in last 4 months after marriage I failed to make him addicted to cunt sucking.
After lot of persuasion he has started licking and chewing cunt but hardly for 2-3 minutes and I don’t know why I always get aroused just by seeing this lady. This is first time we are meeting alone otherwise whenever she visited my house and my maid used to be around or her servants and daughters at her house both my heart and body desired to enjoy her flesh and blood didi.
I am going to fuck you now and I told her that since I saw her first I am mad to undress and fuck her. She was unable to digest what I was telling. She never expected such indecent proposal from a lady of 20-21 years half her age. She was not able to speak and she began to resist me but with my slim figure I was much stronger than her.
It took me hardly 10-15 minutes to undress her fully. Simultaneously, I also became nude starting from her forehead I sucked and licked each and every mm of her body at that age also her skin was tight and smooth and I fulfilled my desire, I licked sucked chewed in and out of cunt to my satisfaction. I released her only when splash of thick liquid oozed out of her cunt and I sucked it fully.
I lay on beside her and then I saw, there was line of tears on her cheeks. I sucked those lines. She certainly was exhausted so was I and for about 5-6 minutes we remain quite lying side by side then I walked nude to kitchen and returned back with two cups of coffee. I offered one cup to her but she pushed it way and she got up and walked towards door.
You are very dirty don’t meet me again and she walked out of house but I was very happy and satisfied and I wanted another such experience soon that also with Shikha only though she went out angrily and I knew she certainly would have enjoyed sucking and chewing of cunt and breast. I thought that she would come soon.
I waited but she did not turn up for ten days. I was getting impatient in between, husband has hired another maid but this time I kept her part time only 2 hours in morning and 1 hour in evening. Like previous one she was also irregular and more over her work was not clean then I could not control on 11th day.
I visited her house her servant Mangesh opened door and smiled. I smiled back and entered inside. Sikha was seated on sofa with two daughters but seeing me she walked inside a room. I followed her please go away and I don’t want to see you she said in a low tone. By holding her shoulder I turned her to face me listen didi, I know you had liked that.
I liked and enjoyed and I want more and my husband is a good fucker and he fucks me nicely every night but enjoyment I got with you was just unimaginable please go away and I did not like that and I don’t want to be loved by any female. She tried to push me away whenever and I will be requiring sex, there are many males to satisfy me ok and whether you liked it or not.
I don’t bother but I want to fuck you daily and you will have to be my wife and I did not bother whether any one is watching us or not and I held her tightly and kissed her and I want you to come to me tomorrow at 3.00 pm. I said no and I will not come Sikha you have to come and if you don’t come tomorrow.
I threatened her and I will spoil your both daughters you might not have enjoyed what I did with your cunt but their virgin cunts would certainly enjoy my tongue and hands on it. I promise and I reiterated if you don’t come tomorrow, within a week your both daughters would be sharing bed with me and my husband first.
I will enjoy their virgin cunts and then I will make my husband fuck those lovely girls daily. She kept looking at me in disbelieve and I came out. I sat and talked with both girls and told servant to make good tea for me. Shikha came out and sat away from me. Rinki didi what is the matter? One girl said you and mom are not talking!
I don’t know, but she seems to be angry with me. I replied but don’t worry, from tomorrow we both would again be intimate friends, more than before Shikha saw my hand moving on upper thighs of younger daughter and daughter is not pushing my hands away seeing this and one by one I kissed both girls and appreciated
You both have become very lovely my husband’s always talks of you. I said looking at Sikha my hand moved deeper between her thighs but hearing servant’s footsteps I pulled my hands away. I had tea sitting close to girls. Mangesh also sat with us and we talked and all along I kept my hand on girl’s thighs. Sikha spoke very less but kept watching me and after sometime
I got up and came out telling Sikha didi and I can always do what I said don’t disappoint me. I was very much satisfied with the development today seeing my hand between thighs of her daughter. Shikha must have feared that I can make her daughter lesbian more so when she saw that her daughter did not made any move to push my hand away from thighs.
I anxiously waited for tomorrow and I was more than confident that Shikha would do whatever I will want from her but I did not know that she had a nastier plan for me and next afternoon I eagerly waited for Sikha. I wore only a thin silky front open gown and I had shaved pubic hairs in morning and I hoped to have Sikha’s mouth on my cunt.
Call bell rang exactly at 3.00 Pm and I opened door, it was she only. I hugged her tightly on the door itself. She pushed me in and I shut door and pulled her to bed room ohh Sikha didi you are very good and your skin is so tasty sweeter than Rasgull saucy than chilli chicken
She pushed me first promise that you will not spoil my daughters as long as you let me eat and chew your lovely skin and flesh and I promise and I will not look at them and I pushed her down on bed. She was wearing saari set and I did not mind one by one I unbuttoned, pulled blouse off her body. I caressed boobs over bra.
I pressed fondled and lifted her in my arms and she held me in order to support herself. I unhooked bra and pulled it off ohhhh didi had I been male and I would have kept fucking you day and night ohhhhh what a fantastic boobs you have. I caressed and simultaneously sucked boobs to my satisfaction and then I could feel movement in her.
Now she began caressing my back first softly and then with some pressure. I sucked and licked boobs for quite some time and then I moved downward on her body. I licked her belly button and she shivered while licking her smooth belly. I untied saari and petticoat and pushed clothes down ohhhh didi you are so sexy.
She had also shaved pubic hair like me and her cunt and pubic area was smooth like butter. I looked into her eyes unlike last time there was no sadness in her eyes or on face. I licked her legs starting from pubic area to thighs, inner thighs, knees, calves and feet and moved upward without removing my tongue from her thick and smooth legs.
I parted cunt lips and pushed tongue deeper. I moved tongue inside cunt and simultaneously pushed first one and then two fingers and I finger fucked her and she moaned and I got encouraged and I caressed her clit and sucked it simultaneously I kept finger fucking her to the deepest possible aahhhh good.
Now she was shaking her body and I could feel that she has started enjoying my lust and I did not lift mouth from her cunt but pushed hand ahead and began squeezing large size breast. It were fleshy, tight like water filled balloons and heavy slowly without changing position of mouth I moved over her in 69 position and thumped my cunt on her mouth ohh.
I can’t ohhhh remove this away and she wanted me to move cunt from her face but I kept thumping it over her mouth. She held my thighs very tightly I stopped thumping but continued my work. I tried to push nose inside cunt and I sucked it to my full satisfaction and she cooled down like last time I could see thick white fluid coming out and I licked each and every drop.
I felt satisfied and sat up thank you Shikha didi. I said my God Rinki. She said softly. I have read about lesbian relation but I never ever dreamed that I myself will be party to this and you can spoil any lady any girl. I don’t want my daughters near you and she caressed her own cunt but I am sure soon they will be allowing your tongue on their body and she slapped me softly and asked tell me honestly.
How many girls and woman you have spoiled so far didi apni kasam you are my first woman and as long as you will keep me satisfied neither I will touch your daughters nor any other girls. I kissed her cunt and said. I don’t know why I liked you at first instance and wanted sex with you and if your husband or any servant would have been at home I certainly would have fucked them.
She squeezed her own big boobs my God how much I was aroused that I could have taken any cock inside me and even that of my father and dog. She warned me please never do this with me or anyone else with any male around didi will you come again? I wanted a confirmation from her off course darling
She kissed me and palmed my cunt and that day also I enjoyed it very much but I thought that sex between two women is unnatural and secondly I was not prepared for this and but Rinki whatever you do and our cunts needs a cock to have full satisfaction maybe.
I don’t know but I am more satisfied with you rather than with my husband. I said how many males you tried so far? She asked and began to dress are you mad? I said angrily I am very happy and satisfied with my husband and now with you. I don’t want anyone else and well, it is your choice and she was tying saari but there is nothing wrong in trying with few males.
Then only you will come to know whether your husband is good or not you are sleeping with others and I did not ask but wanted confirmation why should I say? I find out yourself and she caressed my breast sucked both nipples and said smilingly and I am waiting for coffee and she added nothing wrong in allowing other cocks taste your cunts.
I remained nude and prepared coffee and we drank and I was seated nude facing her and I did not stop her when she pressed my cunt with her toe and she pressed cunt with toe and said Rinki, I again suggest you hire one male servant rather than a female and she continued pressing and I pulled cunt lips apart and her toe gone inside cunt.
Yesterday Mangesh was telling that his younger brother who is around 23-24 yrs of age has returned back from city and wants him to be your servant no didi. I can’t I replied I don’t know how you are staying with so manly and strong looking servant and I don’t believe that he is not having sex with you and your daughters.
I opened my mind to her and jerked my cunt on her toe Rinki, believe me and he is not having any sex with my daughters both are chaste and virgin at that time I did not give attention that she talked only of daughters and not about herself. I jerked cunt on her toe for few more minutes and then she pulled toe out.
My God, Rinki you are very hot and she advised me. I don’t be contended with only one cock your cunt needs one after another many cocks without waiting for my reply she dropped another question do you like cock sucking? Yes didi very much.
I replied shamelessly and I love and enjoy cock in my mouth. I suck my husband any time. I get opportunity today morning also before he left for office. I sucked him and drank cum while maid was in kitchen you drink cum very often? She again enquired not very often but most of the time and after marriage during last three months 2-3 times only.
I let him discharge in cunt or outside otherwise every other time I drink on an average I drink cum once daily no surprise you are so hot and she kissed me and left house telling should I tell Mangesh’s brother to start working for you no and I shouted loudly and I did not want any male and I wanted only Shikha.
It was Tuesday and till next Wednesday barring Sunday and I chewed Shikha every afternoon. She also cooperate me fully though she licked and sucked me but I saw that like my husband she is not comfortable in licking and sucking me but she finger fucked me thoroughly every time we met and she tried to convince me to hire brother of her servant but I refused her flatly on next Thursday and she came early at 1.30 pm.
She told me to get ready fast and I wanted another round of sex with her but she said that they have to reach at a particular place at two. I did not ask much. I got ready and I drove kinetic to the destination she directed it was a similar house like ours. We entered and saw many other women inside house.
Shikha introduced me that I am her new friend and that I am very hot and I blush no doubt she is beautiful and looks sexy as well someone commented and added and she will fit very well in our club. Shikha said that it is their Kitty group known as baby’s Club. I looked around and counted and all together there were 22 ladies of different age group.
I was certainly the youngest and few were having streaks of grey hairs but looking still attractive and wanting. Most of us were in Punjabi dress, few were wearing saari where as few others were in chania choli then one man in late 20s looking strong but of dark colour entered drawing room carrying trays and lady accompanying him served cold drinks to all.
Sikha introduced me to that man and lady. Man was wearing jeans and tight fitted top. Lady was Sonia host of the day and the man was her servant nick named as Charlie. Sonia was wearing a mini skirt and sleeveless top her bra straps was visible. I saw that barring few women, all caressed cheeks of the servant.
After drinks and I was served to all servants went out of drawing room and only we 23 ladies remained in the hall. We all seated in a circle and in between place were empty. Host, Sonia came between the empty space and announced today’s program. She said that till 3.15 and we will have jokes and chat and there after till 4.00
We will have cards game and thereafter till 5 we have our last regular item. I did not know what this regular item meant then first round started it was a round of jokes and extempore and it was the round of most vulgar and indecent chat I ever heard starting from an elderly lady of about 50 yrs of age other 9 ladies narrated dirtiest adult jokes.
I ever heard or read among those 23 ladies I was only getting embarrassed. For me sex was intimate bodily satisfaction but between four walls of room no one else should hear or even see that act but here, all so decent looking women were uttering all slang choot gaand lund chudai fuck etc freely suddenly host announced my name.
I looked around and all including Sikha encouraged me to say nasty jokes. I have heard others so I had to say a joke Rinki don’t feel shy. We all are sisters and whatever we say and do in our baby’s group’ here or outside remains within yourself no one else comes to know. I thought of jokes I heard and recalled few very few adult jokes.
I heard from my friends in college and narrated one and one man was passing through a village road in early morning on the way he saw a young girl on guava tree plucking guava and she was cloth less and he was able to see hairless choot and lemon size chuchi and he called girl down and he caressed chuchi and even choot.
He kissed her fingered her thoroughly and gave her 100 and advise her to tell to her mother to buy clothes and he warned that girl that if he sees her nude like this again next morning he will get very angry and push big and thick lawda in this choot girl ran to her mother and told everything mother thought that if that man seeing a young girl nude gave 100
And he will certainly give much more to her and next morning same man again passed through that same road and he was repenting that why he did not fuck that so young girl and decided to fuck her even if she is fully dressed today but instead of that girl he saw a young full bloomed woman on the same tree man became happier to see a young lady nude in the morning.
He looked around he could see that beside young girl peeping through the window there was no one around he called woman down like previous morning, what he did with girl, he caressed all over the body of the woman, squeezed chuchi, palmed choot so much that woman became hot and he pushed woman down on the road itself and fucked her to his satisfaction.
He dressed up and woman was looking at him in anticipation. Man took out a 10/- note and gave to her with advice while fumbling his fingers through dense long hairs all around choot first go to barber. I sat down but my embarrassment vanished with loud clapping, whistling and direct appreciation one of the best joke I ever heard.
I looked shyly at all and for next half an hour I heard jokes of others. I liked few and others were just vulgar and so. Joke session finished almost at 3.00 and immediately host and other two lady and Charlie served hot snacks followed by nice coffee and I enjoyed snacks but did not miss comments and remarks of few ladies.
I shivered to hear when few ladies charged Charlie, servant that he has not visited them for long and others commented that Charlie is not allowed to come out of clutch of thighs of Sonia, his mistress. My God this servant is fucking mistress and other ladies.
I again looked at him and he was little dark strong now I looked keenly he has feature of an athletic without any doubt any woman would like his company and if she is eager to have sex with others and I was not snacks got over by 3.20. Few ladies went to toilet and when all returned back to their seats, host Sonia came in between the circle and announced.
Now, we have card game and this time we have made it simpler Charlie will move with pack of cards to everyone and each one will have to pull one card and keep it face down till all have pulled it and the lady having lowest card will have to shed one of her clothes.
All of them except me cheered and she continued you all know, in case, some of you have card having same number then lowest card will be decided by its colour club is lowest, then diamond and then heart and black spade is highest. So be ready to play and she added we will have 12 such round Shikha didi and I will not play what Rinki be a sport
We all are lady nothing wrong undressing a bit inside closed walls and host added and don’t worry for Charlie even if you are nude he will not touch you unless you tell him to do so and I promise you whatever is happening in this room no one else will ever know and I got shocked
We are getting nude like this for last 8 years regularly twice a month it was none other but Shikha didi still I pleaded, requested but no one listened to me and finally I said ok but no one else should know and they all clapped and Charlie came with pack of new playing cards having pictures of man and woman in various sexual position and there are no going back now.
He came with card sprayed in a tray and stood in centre Charlie start with guest Rinki host said. He came smilingly to me. I did not look into his eyes and I pulled one card obviously one having a pictures of cock sucking. I did not see the face of card.
He moved to next and to next and in between with heart biting very fast I looked into my card it was ‘Q of Heart and I felt relaxed it cannot be lowest card after all pulled their cards Charlie said now show your cards.
All 23 ladies first saw their cards and then shown cards to others and I followed them and became happy to see that many others have cards of lower value than mine and one lady of around 30 yrs of age was having lowest card among all that is 3 of club.
Hi Saira all cheered her come on remove your clothes but which one you will open first? Let Charlie decide and the looser said come on Charlie come on, remove whatever you want Saira madam you know very well what I like best in your body. Charlie moved forward.
I looked keenly at lady and she was of whitish colour ordinary looking lady but having slim figure, boobs of normal size. Charlie reached to lady and she stood up and Charlie unbuttoned her trouser. Lady pushed it down and sat on chair again Charlie pulled trouser out and lady sat with both legs pushed wide apart.
She had a panty but undoubtedly lady had a well shaped thick thighs Charlie moved hands over her bare thighs and planted a kiss on panty and I was shocked to see it. Charlie shuffled cards and spread it on the tray and he moved back to Saira and the looser.
She picked up one card looked at it and said loudly bad. I thought that she again had a low card like this everyone had their cards and like first one Charlie only pulled blouse off the looser. She had boobs of 34″ size which was covered by latest design bra in third round host Sonia was the looser
And my eyes remained wide when Charlie unhooked mini skirt and she was panty less. She was nude down the waist and there was no shyness on her and she sat with both legs wide opened her cunt remained opened to all.
Like this game continued another five ladies lost and all removed their blouse and I lost in 9th round. I did not hesitate and instead of kurta top, I pulled off my pajama and I had panty ohhhh God what a lovely thighs it is best thighs among us.
This comment was from the lady who had removed trouser first and now after 9 rounds we two were in panty, host Sonia was nude down the waist and other six were in bra in 13th round host again lost and this time Charlie pulled of her top
Now she was only in bra and I was not able to remove my eyes from cunt of host it was only 2nd cunt I had seen. It was small cunt pressed down ward, cunt slits were small like her small lips and my friend Sikha lost in next round. She removed blouse and she intentionally had come bra less.
I felt like sucking those flesh balls in presence of other ladies. Sikha madam no one is having better boobs than you and I really cherish fondling these boobs Charle commented son, and then what for you are waiting. Shikha said come and suck mother’s milk
Charlie handed tray to me and squeezed Shikha’s both breast. I felt jealous I pushed him away first complete the game. I said and gave tray back to him. He looked at me shuffled card and as a rule Sikha pulled card and I pulled next and without seeing my card I held Shikha’s one breast tightly and began sucking other as long
Charlie distributed card to others I sucked boobs of Sikha surprisingly no one commented. My trance broke with Charlie’s voice Sikha and Rinki madam, please show your cards. We both shown our cards to them but we were not looser and the looser of 15th round pushed down her jeans and like host she was also panty less.
Another cunt got exposed and this lady was on fleshier side, thick thighs big cunt slit and swollen and it was also hairless and I saw Charlie sat on knee in front of that lady and kissed cunt few times and he got up shuffled cards again and that lady picked one card.
Now two cunts were exposed where as only boobs exposed was that of Sikha and one of the good looking lady in late 30s lost consecutively in next three rounds. Like Sikha she was also bra less and she Rajvi became first lady to become cloth less. She certainly had a very attractive figure Charlie kissed her and I saw his hand moving all along her frontal body.
Now that lady was out of game Charlie moved with card tray and all remaining picked up cards and before Charlie tells us to show card. Host Sonia who was only in bra and moving without any shame announced that including this round and we will have only four rounds so if any looser wants to shed off more than a piece she can do that.
She reiterated only losers to undress now others will get chance to undress after card game. This time loser was a lady wearing chania and choli’ and she pulled off both her dress. She has no undergarments and she was second lady nude in the group. Charlie again came to her also, he kissed her lips, caressed boobs and palmed cunt.
Now both nude ladies were out of game remaining 21 women and 3 games Charlie again distributed cards and when he came to me and I picked up one having pictures of horse penetrating a woman. Rinki Madam, I wish now you lose and undress fully and his wish got fulfilled and I lost with 2 of diamond Shikha had 4 of Clubs.
Rinki please undress fully you may not get another chance Shikha said and others also shouted yes Rinki be a sport please let us see your lovely young maals. I got up, below the waist I was having only panty and I pulled off my kurta and now I was in bra and panty ohhhh what a lovely figure please Rinki undress fully many of them shouted
I looked around, moved my hands backward unhooked bra and pulled it off boldly and now I was topless only in bra madam please remove panty also Charlie requested no you had already seen enough and I said and sat with legs parted apart next round host was loser and she was only in bra and
Charlie unhooked bra pulled it off and he sucked both nipples while fingering cunt ohh Charlie and Sonia moaned and one by one she pulled off his dress and Charlie was nude initially lund was in semi limped condition Sonia fisted it for a minute and it became hard erect and tight. I could see his cock which was longer as well thicker than of my husband it was about over 8 inch long.
Now the last round and he shuffled cards, moved from lady to lady and almost all fisted his cock and he came to Sikha and she pulled cock with both hands and rubbed it on her boobs and then she picked up card and finally he came to me. He stood very close, so close that cock knocked at my cheeks and in order to prevent it from touching my lips.
I held tight throbbing cock and pushed him away. I picked up card and it was ‘A’ of spade highest card Sikha also had high card and lady who has lowest and shed off her all clothes. Now 5 ladies were nude 3 were top less few were in panty with top covered and I was only one topless and in panty it is sad and we could not see cunt of our guest it was host Sonia.
She stood nude with parted legs and announced and now we have our regular last number and today’s our dancer is Rupa who unfortunately has not yet shed any cloth. She called Rupa in the middle and Charlie again came with glass of drinks. He was nude and his cock was throbbing after serving few ladies before me.
He came to me again he stood very close to me with one hand he gave me glass and with other hand he pressed cock between my boobs as a reflex action I pushed cock away by holding it my hand and in the process I squeezed it tightly lund was not only thick it was very tight and heavy it has to be after fucking all these ladies.
And Charlie kept distributing drinks to others and Rupa began undressing herself. She was in saari see and we saw that she began swaying hips seductively and bit by bit undressed fully Charlie had finished distributing drinks and he was enjoying two hands on his cock and he was squeezing their breast.
Rupa was certainly a beauty among all 5’5″ tall, very fair, very nice, round, rich looking 34 boobs, thin waist may be 22″ and nice swollen hips. She had long legs and well shaped not so thick thighs. She was swaying hips with tune of fast dance music now being played. Charlie had moved to other lady who was fully dressed so far.
Charlie pulled her up pulled her kurta top, unhooked bra and lady herself pushed pajama and panty down. She became nude and she sat back on chair with legs placed on chair arms. She crossed hands around his waist and Charlie pushed cock inside her mouth. She began to give blow job.
I also felt like sucking that cock but controlled and looked at Rupa who had parted her cunt lips and showing to all inside of cunt was of deep pink colour and I looked at her face and she looked like very young may be of 25 to 26 years old.
Rinki, it seems you want to suck Rupa’s cunt it was Sikha didi and don’t you think she has better cunt than mine didi no one can have better cunt than yours. I replied in fact I want to suck you now here in front of all? She wondered yes and I squeezed her boobs and said and I am hungry let me drink your juice.
Hey, what is cooking between you two Shikha someone commented and I looked around and saw that there were few more ladies undressed and now Charlie was sucking cunt of one lady with his hands on her both breast. I counted now and all together there were 14 nude women and others were top less like me and Sikha.
And lucky bastard Charlie was freely fondling all women undoubtedly all women present in that room, except me had been fucked by Charlie and Shikha confirmed this later on. Shikha got up from the seat and whispered to host Sonia. I could guess what Sikha would have told Sonia.
She came again in middle of hall, she held both breast of Rupa from behind and while squeezing announced and well friends do you want to see regular item and fucking of Rupa or want to enjoy hard core lesbian actions and well, we can watch Charlie sucking and fucking Rupa later and now we will see lesbians many others seconded.
Ok, Sikha come with your partner host invited us in middle Sikha got up and pulled me up. I moved with her Rupa came to my seat but soon Charlie came pulled Rupa up and sat back with Rupa in his lap and had we not interfered Charlie was to enjoy with Rupa in front of all of us but soon both got engaged in kissing and fondling.
It seemed that Charlie liked Rupa more than anyone else ohh Charlie, I was waiting for this day when you will fuck me in presence of all bitch and my holes are eagerly waiting for length and thickness of your lovely cock. It was Rupa
Rani, I am not allowing you to go without having my cocks in your juicy holes. Chjarlie said since morning when Sonia madam told me that it is your turn today and I have preserved my energy for you and I have not fucked Sonia today he continued let us see what Rinki and Sikha does and then we will fuck.
By that time I had started kissing Sikha in standing condition with our lips locked and I squeezed and caressed her boobs for few minutes, then without removing lips from her body I moved down and my lips moved over her upper chest, all around periphery of boobs and I sucked nipples and I kept squeezing boobs and moved lips down and with teeth I pulled her panty down
I sucked licked Shikha’s cunt and she was now standing with both legs wide apart. I sat on knee between her legs sucked and licked cunt slit from ass hole to clit. All ladies surrounded us and while I sucked other 8 ladies wearing panty, they also pushed it down and now inside room except me, all were nude.
I kept sucking her, Shikha began to moan loudly and I licked cunt ass and her inner thighs for about ten minutes and slowly I pulled her flat on floor and I turned over her in 69 and I pushed her legs apart and continued sucking each and every pore of cunt of Sikha
I pushed my nose inside cunt and banged my cunt on her face. She pulled my panty so hard that elastic gave way and someone else pulled panty off my body. I kept moving my tongue and fingers all over her body and explored cunt thoroughly that time for first time Sikha pushed her tongue inside my tongue and I shivered and moaned.
I pulled open cunt lips wide and let all see deep inside of Sikha’s cunt thereafter I sucked and finger fucked her for few minutes then I changed position. I turned her on stomach..I parted hips and began sucking ass hole simultaneously rubbed slit from ass to clit and she was moaning loudly.
I fully opened hips and began pressing tip of tongue in ass hole so far at home and I never tried this at home but now I liked the odour and taste of asshole also after lubricating with saliva and cunt juice and I could push tongue inside asshole and ass got opened up of its own persons saw my tongue going inside hot tight tunnel of ass it seems Shikha enjoys ass fucking also?
Someone commented Charlie you fuck Shikha in ass also? No madam I have not fucked any one in ass. I love to fuck only juicy and hot cunts and I enjoyed ass of Shika. I again turned her on back and now I began rubbing cunt over cunt and sucking and kneading of boobs and I was engrossed in fucking Shikha and sucking boobs.
I felt a tight hot rod on my cunt undoubtedly it was of only male in the room Charlie without stopping my action on Shikha and I moved hand backward and held his balls very tightly and began squeezing it mercilessly and he cried in pain holding his cock and I was rubbing my cunt over Shikha’s cunt and after about 8-9 minutes Shikha grunted ohhhh mai gaye.
I kissed her passionately but did not release his cock after another couple of minute I got up from body of Shikha holding Charlie’s cock and there was pain on his face but all ladies clapped over our show. I changed position of my hand on his cock and began fisting it very fast with one hand I was fisting it and with other hand now.
I began caressing balls softly and this I was doing regularly on my husband’s cock in less than ten minutes he began to ejaculate and I directed cock on my open mouth and spray went directly inside mouth and I squeezed cock dry and released it and all lady gasped when I chewed all cum and sucked inside throat without speaking a word I put on dress and came out and I drove back to my house.
Shikha came after about 15 minutes ohhhh Rinki and Shikha hugged me today was the best and I really enjoyed you all over my body Charlie had fucked you? I asked directly yes many time and she replied not only Charlie my servant Mangesh is fucking me regularly and he has also fucked all 22 members of baby’s club
And like that we all members have been fucked by each and every servant of baby club member’s not once but repeatedly Mangesh is fucking your daughter’s also? I again charged no they are still virgin and she replied that Mangesh has promised that he will never fuck my daughters. She added you will certainly love to suck Mangesh’s cock
It is around 9 inch plus and thicker than cock of Charlie. I had guessed all this and I made coffee and while leaving she said Rinki become member of our club, you will have many new cocks to suck and fuck. I hugged her kissed and said Rani and I need only you and if you permit and I will like to fuck your both daughter’s particularly younger ones her thought itself make my cunt wet and more in next part.

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