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Being Slaved By Master And Mistress At Delhi

this incident happened in the month of November 2014 while I took flight from CCU to Delhi. To my bad luck after getting the tickets I was cursing as I had got the middle seat that too in the last beside the toilet, but again I can do anything because the flight was already full, so I cursed my luck and checked in and got seated on my seat. I was feeling happy and thanking to god as it was about to close the door of the flight and the two person who were suppose to come have not arrived yet and so I was happy.
But my happiness was all just for few minutes when I saw a lady around 29 and a guy around 31 were coming towards me, I just said on my mind that all finished.
So the journey begins; they both were sitting side by side and I was in the middle. They were working in it sector and both were married to each other (which I came to know later), so the journey started and we introduced ourselves, and then they introduced them as husband and wife so with regards I asked then that should I shift aside as I was in middle seat to which they reply that’s okay they have any problem and you can sit in the middle. Then we started our talks and as I was not very much younger we became good friends and shared our numbers.
We reached our destination and I went my way to my hotel and they went their flat. After getting fresh I started my work and forgot all the things which happened and was busy with my works. After getting my work done for the day I returned back hotel around 7 pm and got fresh. I took bath and when I came out after shower I saw a missed call on my cell and they were non else the guy whom I met in morning flight. Then I called up and said sorry I could not pick up as I was taking shower to that they said hey it’s okay be casual.
Then he inquired with me that what I was doing to which I said nothing as today work is completed so he told if you don’t mind then would u like to join for dinner at their place. To which I agreed and accepted their proposal and asked their address and said gud bye I will be there by 9.
At sharp 9 I knocked their door and their comes a beautiful lady in black silk dress opens the door and I was stunned to see her that she is the same hot lady sitting next to me today morning. She was wearing a black silk body tight dress with cut from her thigh and backless till her waist. She was looking absolute stunning and I immediately got hard which she has already eyed and I tried to hide.
I went inside as she greeted me inn and like a perfect man I sat on sofa and her husband came and we started a chit chat and then he asked if I wish to have some drinks to which I said I don’t mind having few pegs and they the lady named Vanshika prepared 3 pegs and sat behind me and we started enjoying our drinks and chatting about each other life. His husband named Viraj told they liked us due to my behavior and respect and so they did friendship and called me for dinner and with this talks we have already done 4 pegs and I was little bit low. Then seeing this Vanshika came near me and asked if she would make another glass to which I said no dear I am already low then she came near me and moved her leg up and kept about sofa seat and I was seeing her bare legs as the dress was cut style from her thighs. Viraj was observing the whole seen and blinked to Vanshika to move ahead so which she sat beside me and kept her leg above my thigh and squeezed my dick with her toes and feet and I just moaned ahh.
As I moaned Viraj came from other side and inserted his erected dick on inside my mouth and I protested but due to wine my protest was not high. To which Vanshika said take it baby. Suck it well else you will be in trouble and squeezed my dick with her warm hand tightly and Viraj started mouth fucking me. And I was just a toy boy for them being used.
After that Vanshika brought a dog collar and opened my all clothes and collared me on neck and sat beside me and ordered me to lick her feet and I started licking her feet. While licking her feet Viraj came from back and started licking my ass hole and finger fuck it slowly. I was in pain as I have never been fucked before. . He said don’t feel pain Rajveer. Picture toh abhi baki hai to which I was astonished that what are they up to and Vanshika kissed me on my cheek.
I was licking her feet and Viraj was fingering fucking my asshole then Vinshika lifted my face and told me to suck her soft pink nipples and suck her beautiful 2 pairs of boobs and I felt happy and also relaxed and started sucking her boobs then suddenly Viraj brought his dick near my asshole and pushed in my ass and I cried with pain; in one go his half dick was in. And when I cried Vanshika slapped me on my face n ordered stop crying u slave and lick my pussy. And I started licking her pussy and Viraj started stroking on my ass. I was used by both of them and then I also started enjoying and he fucked me for more than 45 min and I was very exhausted.
After his fucking he lifted me and took me to bathroom and Vanshika followed us. After reaching washroom he told Vanshika you want Rajveer completely as in return of his anal pleasure and Vanshika opened my collared and stand me under shower and started showering me and rubbed me with soap all over and showered me and hugged my under shower. She also cleaned my ass while cleaning my ass she sucked my dick and inserted her middle finger inside my ass. And then cleaned me and we had dinner. I was fully tired with so long session so they suggested me to sleep there only. 

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