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I am Munish, living in Yamunanagar, Haryana. I am 28, 6’1″ height and fairly smart formerly athlete. Today I will narrate you a real & the best experience of my life which occurred 4 years back when I started my business. When I was 24 I had a friend Mohit who was in relation with a girl Deepti from 2 years. They visit my office a lot & use to fuck in a room there as they always wanted a place. I would never mind but the girl was somewhat flirty. This continued for about 3-4 months then Deepti suddenly stopped sleeping with Mohit rather they would always fight. They once called me in a restaurant where we 3 had a word and then I came to know that now Deepti wants a firm commitment from Mohit in form of engagement. I supported Deepti in this matter as Mohit has used her as he wanted, promised her & now he should be with her only. I told Mohit not try to escape this as Deepti didn’t had parents she lived with her elder sister at her aunt’s (Bua) & her aunt was a mean lady.
I somehow managed to convince Mohit to be with her. Mohit told his parents about Deepti & he was straightway said no by them. Then Deepti told Mohit to runway with her. I told them that I would support them financially but they have to marry the very day they run. They agreed & said I have to come with them as a witness, we booked four 1st class train tickets so we could have they whole compartment. I wanted Deepti to relish this moment so I gave her some money & also took her shopping where she bought lehnga n stuff. I told Mohit to return me money later. Then came the night when we had to leave as decided we were to reach a common point at 4 as train was at 5pm.
I came with a small bag & Deepti’s bag which she gave me 2 days before. We started waiting for Mohit but this jerk didn’t showed up, so I called & his phone was off. I called on land line & he said u 2 leave & he will follow on the train which at 7pm. We left & then when I called he stopped answering, Fuck that was like hell & time now was around 12 in night what could be done now we were 400kms way. Deepti cried n cried. I was confused & where to drop Deepti now. I didn’t know what to do. I told Deepti not to worry I will take her back; she totally refused & said she would rather die instead of going at her aunt’s.
She was crying I kept my hand on her shoulder & she hugged me instantly. I promised her I will make everything OK. She was hugging from last 10 min minutes and started rubbing her hands on my back. I don’t know what came to my mind I pulled her closed & kissed her on her lips. We were lip locked for about 15 min. I could smell her body’s aroma & as I was in my lower she could easily feel my penis getting hard. Then we broke the kiss & she asked me will I be with her. I told her that I am in a relation already. She said only for tonight, she was a beauty in white suite with perfect figure & all great curves. I stood up hold her close & kissed her. Kept on kissing her for about 15-20 min, I lifted her & took her on train bed (berth). I opened her hairs, & then removed my shirt & laid over her kissed her passionately & told her that we will fuck like there’s no tomorrow.
While kissing I started working on her body with hand pressing her breasts, rubbing her pussy, this went on. Now I pulled her nada knot & lowered her salwar. She sat & raised her hands indicating me to remove her kurta I pulled her kurta & saw a lovely bridal red bra & panty made of see thru net. I removed all my clothes & now I was only in my underwear. I sat & pulled her & make her sat on my thigh kissed her from forehead to cheeks to neck to shoulders to her breasts I unhooked her bra threw it. Damn so perfectly round breast & firm with small brown nipples. I took her breast with my hand & sucked her nipple vigorously for very long time then the other breast I repeated it for about half an hour I could feel her panty getting wet on my thigh. She was continuously moaning she was almost gone crazy but I sucked those nipple like anything she started rubbing her pussy on my thigh, her hand on my balls & as I sucked more hard & hard she cum.
She went on berth & lay on berth with her back up. I stood removed my underwear & started kissing & licking her legs from feet to thighs then I opened her legs A little & started licking her thighs near her pussy. She again started moaning & said I love u to me & told me to promise her to be with her always. I pulled her panties down & gave a small bite on her ass. I press her ass & then kissed them. She told me to turn off light now. I did and now I went behind her & started climbing her by rubbing my chest on her thighs then ass meanwhile licking her entire back till neck then rubbing my chest to her back. Now she was fully naked under me with my penis between her ass & my chest pressing against her bare back. I took her long hairs to a side & licked her neck & ears. This went on for long. Then her hand came to my penis & she started stroking it. I turned her up and again kissed & pressed her breast rubbed my chest on entire front of her body. She said she can’t resist now.
I came down to her pussy opened her legs & saw a completely shaved pussy with very tender & soft skin. I opened it & inserted my finger in it, it was so wet. I started licking it, my tongue was hitting every part of her pussy she grabbed my head pressed it against her pussy she was continuously moving her ass in circular motion but her taste & feel was out of this world she dung her nails inside my shoulders & came loudly & become unconscious for 2 min. I told her to remain little quite as people would hear us. She said kill me but I want u. Now I told her to suck me then she tells me that she has never sucked a cock but she would love to do it for me. I stood up & told her to get on her knees she was new to it & her tooth hit my penis. I told her to open her mouth a little wider & stroke my penis with her lips. Now she was doing it fine. I grabbed her hairs & stroked her head with her sucking my penis. I lifted her with her hands around my neck & legs around my back & inserted my penis in her wet vagina. I started pumping her then we fell on floor & I kept fucking her I could feel her pussy heat on my penis & her nails on my back. She was kissing me on my head lips & chest I was enjoying her body. Then her pussy started feeling light tight & again she came & now I felt like my penis has been pulled inside & I also came inside her.
For next 5 min we were stoned on floor then we got up it was around 3am we laid on same berth & slept naked. Our compartment was locked. Around 6 in morning she got up & started sucking my penis I woke up & was feeling great as such a cute face girl is so lusty for me we got in 69 position & sucked each other. She drank cum. Then we dressed as we were about to reach. She again said I love u. We got on the station & took a hotel & had breakfast. Then for next three days we were almost naked every day & night in same bed. We did everything that a couple can do. She told me to fuck her as a bride. She dressed up in lehnga with all her makeup; I took her to bed & started making love to her. I took her breasts out from blouse & rubbed my penis over them, she told me to stand in front of bed & then she sucked my penis while lying on bed. I grabbed her tight & started lifting her lehnga & to my surprise she wasn’t wearing anything below it & had applied some type of sparkles near her vagina.
In no time I lifted her legs & inserted my cock inside her pussy, now I was fucking her in her lehnga. She later told me that it was her fantasy. I was stroking & loving her gently & we both came. I laid over her & starting kissing her face. After some time I again got hard & my penis was already inside her so I again started stroking her but this time it was little hard. We again came & she said let’s stop for a while. We had rest for some time & then she stood & started changing & when she was naked I could she her ass & pussy area where red as I was banging & grabbing her hardly. I got an idea I had bought some ice cream, & I told her to lie on bed, I spread ice cream on her pussy & licked it. She enjoyed it. I further took an ice cube in my mouth & licked her breasts with it.
We were having a really great time. She said I will always be there for you & have a child from you. I smiled & kissed her forehead. After 3 days we searched for a P.G & shifted her there.. I gave her my ATM next I arranged a job for her through my friend. I called my classmate living in same city & introduced her as my cousin & help in her as she is new in the city. Soon I was leaving & Deepti cried a lot. I told her I would come if she needs me she said she needs me every night. I kissed her good buy & came back. She called everyday & was always feeling low & sad. After 2 weeks she came back & called me. Now again she didn’t had any place to go. I took her to nearby city where she lived for 4 months without any job. I visited her once or twice a week & we use to have sex every time I visited her.
Soon her sister came to know about everything. She became good friend to me & she also left her aunt’s house & started living with her sister they both rented an apartment. One day she asked me if I would make love to her as I do with her sister. I smiled & told her to visit hill station with me. We went to Shimla complete story I will tell u in another story.
Now after 4 years we all are married & settled in our lives but we meet often & have great time 2 to 3 times a month. Her husband stays out as he is on touring job. I have not fucked Deepti’s sister as much as I have fucked Deepti she met me only 3 times after her marriage. Last time when she came; we all had threesome at Deepti’s house. We have promised to meet like this always. Sex with Deepti remains same fire as it was the first time in the train.

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