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Black Mailing My Friends Daughter

Blackmailing a friend’s daughter and the events took place not long after my friend’s marriage split up. Like me, Jaya was in her early 40s and had a child. I’d only known Jaya for about 5 years, and I’d grown to care for her very much in that time. I found her very attractive and longed to bed her, but had got the feeling she was 100% straight and not a lesbian like me! 
One morning I was woken by a phone call from Jaya, she had a huge favour to ask of me. The favour was, could I take some time and look after Parimala who was ill and unable to go to school. Jaya explained she’d taken so many leaves after her break up she feared she’d get a warning letter from her boss if she continues taking more and more leaves. I told her to calm down, get herself off to work and I’d sort something out. 
Jaya dropped a set of keys into my apartment on her way to work; I reassured her I’d get around to her house as soon as possible. It was nearly 11 am by the time I got out of my house and travelled back homewards on my Kinetic Honda as I approached Jaya’s house I smiled to see Parimala’s curtains in the balcony closed. I thought poor girl, she must really be ill if she is still in bed and I did not even ring the bell.
I just let myself in by opening the door with the keys so as not to disturb her and I crept around the house for a few minutes, wishing Jaya was there with me. I picked up photos of Jaya and her children and smiled back at the happy faces. Parimala was so like her mother, a white skinned, chubby, appears to be over her age and I sighed to myself wondering what might have been if I’d met Jaya when she was teenager.
The age her daughter was now. I looked at Parimala looking plumpy in the photo, it must have been taken when she first moved to the area and her age must be 11 at that time. I heard a noise from upstairs, the sound of footsteps going from one room to another. I went to the bottom of the stairs and waited for Parimala to appear. My happy, welcoming face soon dropped when I saw it was not Parimala. 
Hello Raghu, Jaya never said you were coming as well and I said referring to looking after Parimala it was only then that I felt I’d been hit by a stone. Raghu’s shirt was unbuttoned and he is in his underwear and as I rushed up the stairs he ran into Parimala’s room. He hopped from one foot to another pulling his jeans on and glancing across to Parimala. 
I did not know what my next question should be Parimala, are you ok? I called Raghu a bastard and told him to get out of the house. Parimala looked frightened when I turned to her as the cowardly Raghu left the girl to explain you won’t tell mummy will you? She asked nervously as she gripped the bed sheet to her face. I shouted at her, demanding to know if Raghu had hurt her and I was still so concerned for her. 
No, of course he did not hurt me, Raghu loves me. We’re not stupid you know, we use a condom always. This amply clarifies me that this is a mutually consensual relation. I began to tell her about what she and Raghu’s action had done to her mum, again as Parimala answered I yelled at her and just, get dress up and come out of your bed.” I left Parimala to dress and went downstairs. 
I was still shaking when Parimala came downstairs. She is in her beautiful half saree and not in her usual middy and blouse combination oooh! What a chick to fuck? I had a tingling in between my legs. Her blouse corners are soaked with sweat at her arm pits. Her blurred bindi on her fore head and the fresh shine in her face (which a fellow woman only can understand sufficiently indicated that she is thoroughly fucked by Raghu for a long time. 
How lucky the guy is? I felt jealous of him and I shot her a look but said nothing other than pointing towards a glass filled with flavored milk with floating ice cubes, I’d just poured for her. I started talking more calmly while she is savoring the drink. I told her she must stop seeing Raghu right now else Jaya may find out. I said I wouldn’t say anything to her mother if she agreed to this.Parimala refused to agree; she said she was old enough to decide who she saw for herself. 
She started on about how great Raghu was. I told her to shut up, that I did not want to hear anymore, I reminded her how stupid I am to take time to come around to look after her. Parimala’s cell phone rang in the kitchen and she hurried to get it. It was clear it was Raghu. I walked through, snatched the phone from her and tossed it across the room. Parimala stood in disbelief and then slapped me in a split second I’d hit her back, twice as hard. 
She ran upstairs clutching her face. I followed her up. She tried to slam her bedroom door on me, but I pushed it back into her and don’t you ever beat me again? I shouted at her as she sat on her bed. Your mummy deserves a better daughter than you and she doesn’t deserve to have you and Raghu fucking around behind her back. I lost my temperament. I shook Parimala holding her round shoulders and turned back to leave for my home and if you care so much about my mum why don’t you go fuck her? 
Parimala shouted back, shooting me an angry look. I got stunned and turned back. I am sure that, she did not really mean it. She uttered these words in desperation. But this single slip from her tongue had changed the entire course of the scene there and not only the scene but the future course of events what? If I keep fucking your mother, you will have a reason to carry on screwing with Raghu? No I’ve got a much better idea. I will fuck you right now and I bolted the bedroom door and looked at the puzzled girl. 
I jumped across to Parimala in a single leap, grabbed her before she could react, knocked her back onto the bed, I landed myself over her, bent my head and began to kiss those juicy lips strained with the milk shake she just drank Parimala struggled, she tried to push me off, but I held her by her wrists, pinning them to the bed either side of her face, I bent over her, trapping her legs with mine. 
My mouth closed around hers, my tongue forced its way into her mouth, she flared her nostrils and snorted, her eyes bulged. I was so aroused already and the vanilla flavour of milk shake she just had is mesmerizing me. Letting go of one of her wrists allowed Parimala to strike me, but it only heightened my pleasure as I fumbled on the skinny kid with my free hand. 
I caressed her milky waist appearing between the gap of her petticoat and blouse, and squeezed on one of her boobs over her choli and forced my hand into the valley of her choli while sucking the vanilla soaked nectar from her mouth. Parimala tried to scratch me and I pulled away from her mouth shook my head, and slapped her, telling her no you don’t!
She looked fearfully at me and much of the fight appeared to drain out of Parimala as the tears now ran down her face. She begged me to leave her as I let go of her other wrist, pulled away her pallu and started to unbutton her blouse. I controlled my urge to rip her blouse open as it will give a clue to Jaya later. She tried to grab my wrists and tried to push my hands away, but I was too strong for her. 
I grabbed a paper weight nearby on the side-stand located at my arms length and on threatening to hit her with it; she stopped trying to fight me and tried to keep her blouse tight. I easily cast it open and gazed down on her semi-clad figure. I cupped one of her bra-covered tits in a hand and gently fondled her. She tossed her head from side to side as I tried again to lock her mouth with mine. 
She asked me repeatedly to leave her. She sobbed as I unfastened her bra and pulled it off to expose her little tits. I again started sucking her vanilla mouth while licking her salty tears flowing over her cheeks in between for a change I lay across Parimala, my face buried on her chest, tonguing, sucking, licking her small tits, squeezing her as I did so. I teased her nipples with my teeth and bit her softly. 
She could hardly move as I did so but as I moved a hand to the bottom of her petticoat to pull it up, she panicked. She tried to push me off, she clasped her knees tight together, Parimala tried in vain to throw me off. My hand slipped up her petticoat and onto her panty. Mmm, the soft satin feel, sent a wave of excitement to my damp pussy. 
A present from Raghu no doubt and I smiled at my prey as I massaged Parimala’s pussy through her panty sliding down her body a little, I started biting her panty covered pussy softly. It is like a bun wrapped with a cloth. I bitten it with my teeth softly so as not to hurt her. She turned her head to the wall, and gave a mild plea for me to stop. I again came up and covered her mouth with mine. 
She struggled to break the forced kiss and I struggled to keep her lips between mine while I squeezed her pussy with one hand. Parimala moaned in discomfort, and I slipped my fingers inside her panty onto her little snatch. I felt a warm tingle in my own pussy as I began to finger the teenage beauty’s pussy lips. I rubbed on her clit, I forced fingers up her tight cunt, I squeezed her pussy lips mercilessly. 
Parimala’s body jolted and shuddered as I pressed myself into her for my own pleasure. The tears continued to stream down her red, pained face due to my slap. She continued to plead for me to leave her. I did, for a few seconds but only to pull off my own sari and petticoat and I lay on top of Parimala with only in my blouse and Panty. 
My pussy feels her little panty covered mound. I rubbed myself against her, feeling her against my pussy as I lay upon Parimala I grabbed her face and once again forced her to kiss me. I continued to kiss her and started fucking her with my mound for the next few minutes, feeling wave after wave of pleasure rushing through me. I could feel that she was wet and I know I certainly was! 
I started grinding my pussy into hers. I had tried to wrap her legs around my waist and clutch me tight. I slipped my both palms under her both bums and pulled her hips as close to mine as I could. This is one of my favourite positions. I had never been with a plump teenage girl as large as Parimala. I loved the feeling of that chubby chick getting crushed under me. 
I started fucking her fast and hard there was really no other way to describe it. I could feel my juices running over her panty and I loved it. I ran my finger along the crack of her ass, and down. I could feel the heat from her pussy, and her juices too were running out and I could feel we were making a large wet spot on the sheets after three rounds of orgasms, standing up on my shuddering legs.
I stripped from my blouse and bra too, fingered my hard nipples and looked down upon the despoiled girl her semi-clad, violated body lay curled up on the bed, but I hadn’t finished with her yet. I knelt on the bed beside the crying Parimala and began to take her petticoat off. She protested again, tried to push me off, but with no luck. Only her crumpled panties remained. I soon had those down around her ankles. Now both of us are in naked condition and I took my position to cover her body again. 
I began to molest Parimala’s limp body, feeling her pussy, her tits, her tiny ass, devouring her body with my hands, my mouth and my eyes. I pushed her further up the bed; Parimala did not glance in my direction once but continued to sob. I took hold of one of her ankles, pushed her legs apart and positioned myself in between her legs once again. The protest moans and complaints began again, I swore in pleasure as I spread her legs and pressed my pussy into the girl’s. 
There was one final act of humiliation I wanted to subject Parimala to. I pulled a pillow and kept it under her buttocks. I climbed in between her open legs and started to rub her wet cunt with mine ooooh, my darling ahh it feels so good ahhhhhh and I moaned. I started banging her cunt on mine moving up and down, up and down like a man fucking, but it was my cunt that was slamming down on hers and it felt fantastic. 
I was on fire and I rode her hard and fast, harder, harder, faster. The bed was creaking, while I fucked her crazy and her eyes were closed and her face was distorted while my whole body was on fire. Once more I felt myself tense, shiver and come. I rubbed my dripping pussy against Parimala’s skinny pussy. I lifted my mouth from her as I brought myself to climax upon her after and I consumed myself completely and I remained naked on top of her naked body for a few minutes. 
I squeezed her pussy as I stood up picked up her panties from the floor, smelled them and cleaned my pussy with them. I dressed myself slowly, watching Parimala curl up, pulling a pillow to her body and silently cry. I slid myself into my petticoat, fastened my blouse hooks and wore my sari and I leaned over the girl and I can see why Raghu likes his little slut.
I think I’ll keep coming for more too, and don’t worry my sweet concubine. I won’t tell your mum. Get up, dress up yourself and change the bed. I looked at the wall clock. It is 4.30 pm and Jaya will be home in an hour. I went down stairs to wait for Jaya since I fucked the daughter now thoroughly, I am sure; one day I will bed her mother too even against her consent if required.

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