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Breakup Therapy From Best Friends

Hi folks. Hand shake for boys and boobs shake for girls. I’m going to narrate a fiction of how I got lucky with my best friends. It was college time and we were 4 of us two guys and two girls, enjoyed a lot. We were couples in fact and we hanged out together and had so much fun in our sex life too. We were so close that we used to even share what happened last night with each other. We sometimes talked on phone while we fucked. It was like a competition then, for who’s enjoying more. Girls were screaming and moaning more to show they were enjoying more than the other. It was quite fun. We loved each other a lot. When things were going all well bad thing happened to us. My girlfriend was cheating on me with one more guy and I broke up with her. It was quite shocking since I loved her with all my heart.
All the fun, sex, hanging out stopped. My other friends Nikhil and Smitha too were depressed for me. I was very close with Nikhil and he shared my pain too. Such a good friend he was. Smitha was the latest friend in our group and it was kinda new although she enjoyed being with us and the sex part. She was one horny girl. While Nikhil was sad about his best friend’s situation, he stopped sex with Smitha. Although Smitha understood that for a few days she was growing hungry for sex day by day. She kept asking Nikhil for it but he couldn’t. One day Smitha came and met me and spoke about it and I had to phone him and ask him to attend her desires. Although he accepted, apparently he didn’t do it with her. Smitha was depressed.
Smitha got drunken one day and came up to my apartment. She was wearing a slutty dress and was all alone and drunk. I was worried to see her in such a situation. I asked her why she isn’t with Nikhil. She didn’t answer and took my hand and dragged me to her car. She drove to Nikhil’s apartment (it was one hell of a ride). She dragged me again to the apartment, shut the door and started smooching me. I was shocked and so was Nikhil. He lied on his bed watching us and Smitha wouldn’t let me go. She was putting herself on to me touching me everywhere. She was as hungry as she would get. If not for us, she would have got fucked with someone at the bar. She stopped after two minutes and looked at Nikhil. She cried “Nikhil, I can’t wait anymore. I want you. Please fuck me”. Nikhil held her up, “Baby don’t cry. We have all the time to fuck. But look at him. He doesn’t have anyone. How can I do you when my bro is like this”?
I was getting emotional for having such a nice friend, while next thing that came was a shocker. He said to Smitha, “if you could let him fuck you then I would fuck you too!”. I was shocked to hear that. And more shock was in line. Smitha said with shy, “That would be a consolation for not fucking me all these days” “Wait, what are you guys talking?” I uttered. Smitha came up to me and held my cock over the pants and said “Don’t worry darling. Nikhil and I had a plan to have an orgy before but wasn’t sure if that bitch would be interested. Now that she’s gone we could have fun together. I’m sure you would be interested in this”, saying that she let her outer dress slip down. She stood before me in a bra and panty. I looked at Nikhil and he said, “This is the best therapy I could offer you for a breakup bro”. And then Smitha started kissing me and removing my clothes.
I hesitantly hugged her and started responding. Within seconds she took off all my clothes and was on her knees to suck my cock. She teased Nikhil saying “Look at this cock, way bigger than yours. I’m gonna eat all of it like a filthy little bitch”. Nikhil responded while stroking his cock, “Screw you. Suck his fucking cock and swallow his cum. Let me see the fucking whore inside you”. She sucked my cock and balls like anything. It was all drenched with her saliva. She sucked the full length of it and gagged it. I came in her mouth in loads. She drank all of it, squeezed my balls and licked all of it until the last drop. Looking at Smitha being a slut, Nikhil came on the floor too. Smitha was quick enough to clean his cock too.
All of us were naked and Smitha served us wine. She sat in between us with another glass and we were kissing her from both sides, playing with her boobs and thighs. Nikhil wanted to see her fucked. It was his fantasy and he asked me to fuck her while Smitha kept looking at me smiling. He lifted Smitha and threw her on the bed. He tied her to the bed and blindfolded her. He sat on a chair and started smoking. I started licking her pussy while her legs were stretched and tied. She was moaning loud as she was not able to move and was finding hard to control. Nikhil poured some wine on her pussy for me to drink. I got her pussy dripping wet. “Look at the bitch enjoying. She never enjoyed me like that before”, said Nikhil and poured the remaining wine in her mouth. She gulped a little while most of it fell on the bed. He was harsh on her and she liked that.
I was smooth and slow which was new to her and she was enjoying it in a different way this time. I fucked her pussy slowly and she begged to go harder. I fucked harder and she was enjoying a lot. She came and squirted all over the bed while I was still fucking her. It was the first time that she squirted according to Nikhil and it turned him on like anything. He asked me to let him do her. I stepped out onto the side of the bed. He went sucking on her pussy and sucked it like crazy. She cried with pleasure. She knew it was Nikhil with all the rudeness. I was sucking her beautiful boobs and played with her nipples. She was getting crazy and was moaning louder and louder. I sat on her face and stuffed my balls to her mouth. She licked and sucked it all. She was moving down the balls as she wanted to lick my ass. I moved up and gave my ass hole to her. She tongued and licked my ass like a whore.
Nikhil fucked her pussy hard and hard. Her hands and legs were paining and she was trembling with pain and pleasure. I untied her and removed her blindfold. She kissed me with love as Nikhil drilled her hole like a machine. She rolled over with Nikhil and pointed me to her ass. I stuffed my thing in her ass. It wouldn’t go at first but she put enough saliva and her own pussy juices on it to lubricate. With some hard pushing my cock went inside her ass. She screamed at that loudly. Now both of us were fucking her both holes. Nikhil came in her pussy and stayed there. I was still fucking her ass slowly as it was her first time. I came inside her ass finally. We lay on bed next to each other. Smitha put her arms around us and held our head on her arms. We slept on her shoulders like babies kissing around her neck. “I love you” she said to me.
Quickly pointing to Nikhil she said, “I love you baby. But I love him as much as I love you. I want to be girlfriend of both of you. Please agree. I would do anything for this” Nikhil looked at me and said, “Problem solved bro. You got yourself a hot girlfriend” I smiled and Smitha kissed passionately again. We fucked again in the shower as we went to clean up. This time Smitha sucked our cocks together. She held our cocks in both hands and sucked both alternatively. She took them both in her mouth together sometimes. Nikhil lifted her on his shoulder and sucked her pussy. I licked her ass from behind as we stood under the hot shower. Smitha came again and squirted on his face. She switched off shower to show her juices flowing.
It was late in the night and we had one more round of drinks and fucked again till the morning. We ploughed all her holes in every possible manner. Next day she wasn’t able to get up from her bed. She rested the whole day on bed next day while we made her food and drinks. We enjoyed fucking our girlfriend Smitha. The horny bitch was having a time of her life. Whenever we travelled one was driving while Smitha and the other fucked in back seat. We fucked her in a theatre where we went to watch a B-grade movie. We fucked in pubs, deserted roads, and car garage. We fucked in every possible place and at every possible opportunity. Smitha never opposed to sex. Wake her up in the middle of night for a fuck and she would be ready. She was such a horny girl and we exploited that to the core.

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