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Divorced Woman’s Group Session

I could feel the cool breeze hitting my thighs. When I looked down, to my shock, I wasn’t wearing my pants. I was in my panty. I covered the thighs with my hands. But all the guys at the party forcefully removed my hands and pulled down my panty. That is when I woke up and was in a state of shock. After a couple of minutes, I realized it was just a stupid dream. Just reminiscing the dream made me very embarrassing. I looked at the clock; it was almost 7:00 am. I slowly got out the bed and went into the bathroom. After about an hour, I was ready and went to the dining room. My parents were having breakfast. They said they wanted to talk to me. I just asked them not to say anything if it was about me getting married, again. That’s right; I was divorced a year ago. But I was in no mood for marriage again. After my divorce, to get out of depression, I started teaching painting in my friend Isha’s apartment. Painting was my hobby and was pretty good at it. With my friend’s advice, I started this painting school.
But I had the classes only the evening, so during the day time, I use to help Isha. She had a small designer boutique. She was the one who helped me to deal with my divorce. She was very modern, were as I was little conservative. I wore only saris and kurtis while Isha wore all kinds of dresses. Unlike me she wasn’t married. She was 29 years old and wanted to get married only after 30. Even I thought of the same thing and got married at 30 but unfortunately got divorced very soon. I am 32 now and don’t want get married anytime soon. Anyway Isha and I were very close. We shared a lot about everything related to our lives. Isha was easy going and had many affairs but I was quite opposite to her.
I just kissed a couple of guys before marriage and my ex-husband was the only person with whom I have been with. But Isha was very good at heart. Whenever anyone questions about her marriage, she just tells them that she would get married only after Sneha gets married. Of course that Sneha was me. Life was going pretty smooth and I completely came out of depression caused due to my divorce. I use to have lot of fun working at Isha’s boutique and teaching painting to others. All kinds of people, from a 5 year old kid to 20 years old boy, learned painting from me.
Though I was happy with the proceedings, the only thing I missed was sex. The only thing which helped me satisfy my needs was a glass dildo that Isha gifted me. But I missed a real penis a lot. I use to look at myself, naked, in the mirror and feel sad that not a single guy was able to have the pleasure of sucking my 36C, nice round, boobs. I wanted someone to kiss my shapely hips, dusky in complexion. I use to put a drop of water on my curves and it use to slide in an amazing manner. I know many people fantasize a woman like me. I might look like a south Indian but my figure stats of 36-26-36 were too hard to ignore.
If I was an inch taller it would be perfect, but never mind 5’4” inches was also a very good height for an average Indian woman. Few times, I couldn’t control myself and asked Isha if she could hook me up with someone. But at the last moment, I used to back out as I couldn’t dare to take the step. But, with Isha’s help, I used to watch her having sex, secretly, and feel a little satisfied. But I didn’t know it would increase my hunger for sex, more than ever, after watching it for few times.
I became so desperate that I started observing Isha. She was very pretty and fair in complexion. I was getting all kinds of weird thoughts. I wanted to suck her 34B sized boobs and lick her whole perfectly shaped body. I knew her body stats were 34-26-36.5 and at 5’6”, she also had the perfect height. I had some fat around my tummy and hips but she was perfect. She had a nice and almost flat tummy which I would love to bite. When I was about to make my first move to seduce her, she gave me an idea. She said if I was afraid to talk to people of our age then I should try to sleep with someone who is lot younger than me. She said she even selected a boy for me. I was very curious and wanted to know who it was. It was Teja, an 18 year old from my painting class. At first I was skeptical but after lots of convincing, I decided to give it a try. She wanted me to implement her plan the very same day. She sent a message to all my students, except Teja, that there wouldn’t be a class that day. I was nervous and felt he was too young to seduce him.
I started creating scenarios and thought how it would after we had sex. Isha knew me too well and tried to distract me by talking about how Teja looked. He was very tall at 6’1” and had a decent body. He was similar to my dusky complexion. From the looks of it he looked like a virgin but we never know. Finally it was 5:00 pm and Teja was standing in front of my door. I wore a white kurti and blue denims. As soon as he entered, he asked for others. I said that I messaged everyone, including him, that there was no class on that day. As expected he said he didn’t get the message. Saying so he asked if could leave. I acted as if I was doing him a favor and said that I would take a special class for him since he came all the way for the class. So far all are good. Everything was working according to the plan. But now starts the real plan. Isha hid in a room and was there to help me, if I need any.
As the first step of our plan, I asked Teja to get some water from the fridge. On his way towards the fridge, He has to cross the room where Isha is. She left the door slightly open and turned to the opposite side. The she removed her pant and was only in her shirt and panty. We made sure that, Teja would look towards the room. As soon as saw Isha in her panty he didn’t move for a couple of seconds. He looked towards me but I was sitting in the opposite direction and couldn’t see what he was doing. I secretly observed everything from a mirror opposite. He quietly took his phone and clicked few pics of Isha. This sign was more than enough for me. I knew it is going to be really easy to make him sleep with me.
I didn’t know what Isha was doing but Teja’s eyes were still stuck towards the room while handing over me the water. I sensed an opportunity there and improvised a little. I deliberately dropped the bottle and the water spilled all over me.
My Kurti became wet and my bra was clearly visible through it. The kurti tuck to my body and it formed an apple shape near my tummy area. As test to Teja I asked him to paint my portrait. I intentionally didn’t change my top and sat opposite to him. While he was sketching me, Isha came out the room and was casually doing her work in the house. But the thing is she wore a long shirt without any pants or shorts. I didn’t know that she would do this. But I gotta admit she looked very sexy. I myself wanted to kiss those thighs, I can understand poor Teja’s situation. Isha came and sat in the sofa beside us. A part of her panty was visible to us. I could see Teja getting uncomfortable with his tool growing in size.
Isha went to Teja and saw the painting. She bent in such a way that her boobs touched his shoulder and pointed towards something in the painting. While she was explaining him something, her boobs were brushing his shoulder. I couldn’t control myself, I said should check the painting once and went to him. I also bent over him and did what she did. Teja would love my boobs more since they were bigger than hers. Isha saw me asked me why I was wet and started touching my tummy area. I could see Teja’s dick completely erected but he was trying to cover it. Isha said I shouldn’t were wet clothes for long and she forcefully removed my kurti and there I was standing only in my bra and pants.
Teja was staring at my boobs with his mouth open. I asked Teja if he could paint me like Leonardo Dicaprio painted Kate Winslet in “Titanic”. His mouth was still open and he was not able speak a single word. But I removed my pants and Isha unhooked my bra. I then slowly removed my bra but covered my boobs with my left hand. Isha helped me remove my panty and with my right hand, I covered my pussy. Isha laughed and pulled my right hand. She showed Teja my pussy and said it was funny that I was the only girl, from this generation, to not to shave her pussy. I actually was very shy.
I quietly went and lay on the sofa. I removed both my hands and asked Teja to paint me. While teja was painting me, Isha stood behind him and undressed herself. Teja said he had to touch my boobs and feel them to paint them perfectly. Saying so he walked towards me and with both his hands he touched both my boobs. He rubbed my nipple lightly and pressed my boobs. He did this for a couple of minutes and said he had to touch my pussy hair to see what kind of texture it had. His left hand was still massaging my boobs but with his right hand, he ran it through my pussy hair. His fingers got tangled in it. He did this for another couple of minutes and got up to get back to his place. As soon as he turned around, Isha stood in front of him, completely naked. She took his hands and put them on her boobs and started kissing him.
I couldn’t take it anymore jump from the couch and on my knees, kissed his crotch from over his pants. He removed his shirt and I pulled his pants down. I slowly pulled his underwear a bit and looked into it. He definitely had a tool which is very huge for a 18 year old. At that very moment the doorbell rang. We didn’t care to see who it was. But Teja asked us to open it and we would be surprised. I was very confused but I was too excited and ran towards the door, with my boobs bouncing up and down. I was completely naked and opened the door. It was about 4 of my students. They were actually Teja’s friends and my students. As soon as he saw Isha in the room, he asked his friends to come, sensing they had an opportunity to fuck us, which was their dream. I was shocked to see them but I was so fucking horny that I pulled all the 4 boys inside and started kissing one after one. All of them undressed quickly and pushed me and Isha onto our knees.
They put 2 dicks in my mouth and 2 dicks into Isha’s mouth. Though I couldn’t take all of them at once, I cared a damn and continued sucking them. All the boys had their hands in my hair and Isha’s hair. Teja came and lay under us, between the boys and us. With his feet he rubbed Isha’s boobs and with his hands he groped and massaged my boobs. He sucked my nipples which sent a slight shiver in my body. In excitement he started biting me everywhere. Then I felt a hand rubbing my butt. To my surprise it was Isha. She had her mouthful but looked towards me and winked.
After 10 minutes, one of the little bastards ejaculated all over my face. They pushed me onto the floor and the same guys pissed on my face. Actually I hated it and pushed him away. He got angry and slapped me. I was furious but all the guys pushed me and spread my legs. They didn’t care about me and put 2 dicks, at once, into my pussy. My anger and excitement gave me more pleasure. They rocked my pussy for good 15 minutes. I had no idea how these kids had so much stamina in them. But the bastards instead of pulling their dicks out ejaculated in my pussy and now I had to take precautions to not get pregnant. When I looked towards Isha, she was having fun with Teja. He was fucking her like there was no tomorrow.
One of the other two guys lifted me and made me sit on his lap. He inserted his penis into my butt hole. Another guys inserted his penis into my pussy hole. I was butt fucked and pussy fucked at the same time. Another guy sucked my right nipple while another guy sucked my left nipple. It was nice that all fucking was moving my body at vigorous speed and two guys were trying to suck my nipples which were moving up and down more vigorously.
After all the group fuck session, all the boys were tired and slept naked in the hall but it was time for me to have one more session with my true love, Isha.
We looked at each other. Both of us were standing in front of each other but were feeling shy to make a move. We slowly moved closer and our boobs touched each other. Our nipples rubbed against one another and we were still shy to make another move. At the same time, both of us, pulled each other more closer, hugged and started kissing furiously.

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