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First Lesbian Experience With Hostel Warden

Hi to all friends this is my first hot lesbian story which I had experienced in my real life. I hope you will like it and ignore if any mistakes you have found. So let’s don’t waste time and coming to the story.
I am Deepthi 42 years old and this incident happened when I was 18 years old. My parents joined me in a hostel and left to Saudi that was the first time me staying without my mom and dad in the hostel as all the rooms were filled them have given me a room upon my parent’s request.
I like the room very much as it was the warden’ room it is heavily furnished which has a TV freeze ac also. I placed my luggage to a corner and starting unpacking it. I heard a sweet voice from back then I turned around. I saw a Beautiful Lady of 35, she has large breasts, fair complexion, wide hips and big round ass.
She was like angel in the red color sleeveless saree with a red color strapless bra. She said hi my name is Sindhu. I am the warden of that hostel and asked my name. I said my name is Deepthi then she left saying she will be talking to me at the evening at 5:00 she came to the room
Wow! She was a stunning beauty she was totally dripped in the rain her bra and petticoat were clearly visible through the saree and she immediately grabbed a towel for wiping herself she removed the saree and went into bathroom for a shower she asked me Deepthi can you give your towel when was all wet already.
I gave it while coming out of bathroom she slipped oouch! I helped her and made her to rest on bed as it hurt her and I started applying Vicks on waist and her ass before calling the doctor she asked Deepthi can you help me in wearing my dress ya sure said I and went near her.
It was the first time me seeing another lady totally nude while wearing her bra and panty I accidently touched her boobs and pussy which gave shivering in my body. I called the cleaner and informed that warden has fallen down later doc came and said that she should not bend forward for few days.
Next day morning while Sindu was bathing she called me in and asked Deepthi please help me in cleaning my thighs and legs as she should not bend I said ok and I took the soap and starting washing her legs then thighs as I reaching near to her pussy.
She started getting aroused due to my rubbing when I was finish she asked to wash her pussy and ass too when I touched she started moaning muhh muhhh ahhh and I stopped and asked what happened madam?
She said nothing Deepu you continue and I resumed my washing and finished and came out while cleaning her with the towel she caught my hand and pulled towards her and hold me tightly, the hug was warm and sweet as her tits crushed against my body.
And was planting kisses which made shivers of excitement in me as I was wet already, unfortunately I responded to her kiss and after few minutes I had broken the kiss and said it’s wrong! And left the room later when I entered the room she was sleeping.
I locked the door and went to bed and slept beside her as there is only one double coat bed after me sleeping at midnight I sense that something was on me when I opened my eyes I saw Sindhu was on panty and she was playing with my boobs my nipples got erect by her licking.
I tried to push her way but she dominated me and forcefully started kissing me and she was pressing my boobs so hardly that it was paining. I was nothing to do except shouting for the pain as my mouth was opened for shouting Sindhu took chance and rolled her tongue into my mouth and this happened for 30 minutes.
Later I got aroused and started responding her after 5 minutes of continues kissing she has broken it and said so let’s start the real game baby and I asked what that is? No more questions do what I said she and ordered me to become nude. I did it and pushed me and I have fallen on bed.
She took a quick glance of my body and he started to lick my pussy and she rolled her tongue in and out. She said your cunt tastes too good. I said I have never done this before, so doesn’t know the juices taste then she got up then laid with her legs wide spread on bed I went near and started licking her cunt.
She caught my pony tail and press my head into her pussy and shouted that do you faster and faster lick my pussy slut aaahhh lick like a dog you fucking animal and I Licked as fast as I can lick later She caught hold of me and said you bloody bitch fuck my pussy.
I inserted my fingers and started moving them in and out. She moaned ooh aahh and she said slut make it faster faster and after some time and she shouted that I am about to cum and I licked all her juice from her sweet tight pussy.
Next she took some oil from the stand and a long brinjal from bag and she poured some oil on the brinjal and also applied some on my pussy and she inserted the brinjal first it was a little bit painful. I shouted out of pain stop it bitch stop it’s hurting please stop and she stopped and poured some more oil and started to move faster.
This time and I was enjoying it and I was moaning aaahhhhhh and started shouting aaah keep fucking me Sindhu fuck me and I was enjoying it and me cum at last. She also licked it and enjoyed my honey from my tight pussy after that we two laid naked after a while.
I said thank a lot for showing me Heaven and she kissed and said it’s my pleasure and slept hugging each other for the whole night.

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