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First Night With Sister-In-Law

Since the moment Kanchana has seen her little Sister-in-Law, Lalitha, the bride of her newly married younger brother, Kanchana has been longing to bed with her, by any means. Kanchana has slept with many hired escort girls in US, Europe and Africa during her business tours. Kanchana is a seasoned lesbian. She could seduce and deflower some virgin staright girls also, but has never slept with any traditional Indian virgin. Kanchana usually liked her women younger. Lalitha had a youthful charisma, innocence in her appearance and body language. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and so smooth true to her name. Her arms were muscled, but not overly so. Her hips were moderately plumpy to take load. Her blouse is stuffed with breasts and is pushing against the pallu which is enveloped around the shoulders like any orthodox Indian woman to cover their sumptuousness. But what caught and held Kanchana’s attention more was her face.
The girl was breathtaking with kohl blackened eyes and pink lips. Kanchana, a well seasoned, over aged butch, hailing from Kerala, is working in US in a famous multinational bank. Kanchana is a green card holder. Dark in complexion with a strong body, often mistaken to be an African, Kanchana stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Even though Kanchana can not be considered as beautiful by any means, she got an attractive and muscular physique owing to her regular work out. Obviously due to her gender preferences, Kanchana remained as a bachelor against the wishes of her family members. However, family members in India never new her preferences. Her only younger brother, aged 28 working as a highly paid executive in an Indian firm, is residing alongwith the widowed old mother at Palghat, Kerala in their old mansion. He got married recently.
Due to short notice, Kanchana could not reach for the marriage ceremony in time, but has arrived at Palghat on the Tenth day of the marriage on a one month long trip to bless the new couple as well as to visit India. Her brother is visibly happy because Kanchana has come all the way from US to see him after 10 years. Now, the bride groom is preparing to go back to join his duty at New Delhi after the expiry of the leave on that day. Since already ten days have passed after marriage, all the relatives have left and the house became almost empty. During discussion, to the much of the delight of Kanchana, she came to know from her brother that, his first night ceremony is postponed to next month due to unexpected periods problem of the Bride on the scheduled day. There are no more auspicious days available till the next month. Hence, he is planning his ‘honeymoon cum first night’ on the next month at Simla and take his bride to Delhi for making a home. He requested Kanchana to stay for a few more days and give company to his new bride till she is accustomed with the new surroundings and help his old mother. Kanchana has jumped with joy inwardly and has readily accepted for this proposal. Things have moved very fast in favour of Kanchana.
Kanchana and the new bride have gone to air port to see off her brother. Lalitha is in fully traditional Hindu wear of shining white Pattu saree with embroidery and matching blouse while seeing of her husband at the air port. Kanchana is in her tight Jeans tucked in with white shirt, loose and comfortable. Underneath the pant, Kanchana was wearing her favorite skin colored strap on. Apparently Lalitha is feeling nervous since her husband will be away for almost one month from now on and her eyes are filled with tears. On their ride back home in Taxi, Kanchana could not keep her eyes away from the beauty sitting beside her at an arm’s length. Consoling her, Kanchana repeatedly tried to hug her sister in law. As they chatted, Kanchana’s eyes returned again and again to the fullness of Lalitha’s breasts covered by her traditional Indian blouse and the neckline. What would the nipples be like? How soft would they be? Kanchana loved the idea of pressing those alluring breasts. The animal within her has now fully awakened. Kanchana constantly kept on praising the beauty of Lalitha to cajole her. Lalitha felt shy by those complements and by the constant gaze of Kanchana towards her. Her shyness has further enraged the desire in Kanchana.
They have reached home by 9 PM. In the name of taking a few snaps of photo shoot of the new bride, Kanchana managed to keep Lalitha in the same costume for some more time. Kanchana requested the bride not change her dress saying that Lalitha is looking elegant in that dress. The actual reason behind is that she came to a decision to fuck the bride tonight by any means in that pattu dress, even if Lalitha doesn’t agree. Now, the big house remained with the mother, daughter and the sister in law. They had their dinner joyfully amidst jokes. After dinner, the old mother remained down stairs at her room, while Kanchana took Lalitha upstairs to their lavish home theater room on the pretext of watching their marriage video. While watching the tape, she decorated Lalitha with a costly diamond necklace which she had brought from US for the Sister-in-Law. Lalitha is flattened by this gift. By the time, the video is over, it was 11.00 PM and Lalitha started feeling sleepy.
Kanchana asked Lalitha to wait for a while. Kanchana, went to kitchen, brought a glass of milk for Lalitha. She secretly mixed a blue pill in that milk which instantly creates sexual desires in women. She coddled Lalitha to drink it. Lalitha is not interested to have any milk at that time. However Kanchana pressurized her by pulling her into her lap and brought the glass to her lips. Finally lalitha slowly drank half of it unwillingly while unrelenting Kanchana is holding the glass. Kanchana cheerfully emptied the reamining half glass, while Lalitha was watching shockingly. Within minutes, the medicine started showing its reaction in both of them. Holding the drowsy Lalitha still in her lap, Kanchana quickly bent over Lalitha and sucked the milk stained lips of Lalitha into her mouth and chewed her lips. Kanchana continued her forcible kiss while Lalitha is struggling to get free from her embrace. Kanchana advanced further and started sucking saliva of Lalitha completely till it went dry while squeezing her in her tight hug. The struggle continued for five minutes and the pattu saree of lalitha got completely wrinkled. Finally Kanchana has released Lalitha from her seize.
Lalitha baffled and got little bit scared by this act of Kanchana. She got separated from Kanchana hurriedly. Laughingly Kanchana told “Don’t mind Bahu Rani. You are my brother’s wife. That means I am your half husband. Don’t you know? My brother kept you in my custody for one month. It is my duty to satisfy you in the absence of my brother. I too have got rights on your ripened body.” Lalitha could only a little understand what Kanchana has uttered. Kanchana pulled out a lesbian DCD from the rack which she aready kept there before hand, placed it in the player and switched it on. Lalitha’s eyes inadvertently fixed on the screen. It is the harem of an ancient African kingdom of lesbian women. One white princess in her handsome attire is brought there by the black soldiers as war booty. After some time the well muscled Black queen disrobed the princess and started fucking that skinny white princess with her strap on in a mesmerizing back ground live drums played by young female musicians. Lalitha is looking aghast at the mating of two females. Now Lalitha could fuly understand what Kanchana has uttered a while ago. Preparing to further arouse Lalitha, Kanchana stood and took Lalitha into her embrace and started to dance slowly to the drum beat. In a semi unconscious state, Lalitha too started gyrating her hips alongwith Kanchana’s. Kanchana’s legs were long and so heavily muscled; Lalitha could see the individual muscles moving under the tight pants Kanchana wore. Her waist was slim, leading to her rock hard breasts and heavily muscled arms. Kanchana was elementally powerful, but even in that power Kanchana was all woman. As the slow dance goes,
Kanchana asked, “Little one, I wish to ask a favor,” “Yes?’ “Can you tell me that you don’t find me ugly? I would like to hear it when you aren’t sexed up,” Kanchana said as she leaned close and looked intently into Lalitha’s eyes. Lalitha looked at her closely. Now she came fully under the influence of the blue pill. Kanchana’s face was not pretty, nor was Kanchana exotic, but Lalitha could see the strength in her, the power that rippled just beneath her dark mallu skin. Lalitha found herself wondering what it would be like to be wrapped in her arms once again, held against those hard boobs and protected from the world by that strength. Beautiful? “I think you look fine. If I were into women like in that movie, I would have no problems being with you,” Lalitha said slowly. “Thank you,”. “Your welcome,” Lalitha said. “Are you sure you aren’t into girls?” Kanchana asked finally. “Yes,” Lalitha said, almost too quickly. “Pity,” the tall Kanchana said. “Why do you ask?” Lalitha asked. Kanchana leaned forward, until her face was only inches from Lalitha’s.Lalitha could smell her breath; see the intensity in her eyes and her raw lips as Kanchana spoke. “Well, I was hoping to pick you up with my hands, carry you to my brother master bed room which was decorated for my brother’s first night, deflower you on that first night bed and fuck you whole night until you can’t walk,” Kanchana said. The words were spoken slowly and each word carefully enunciated. Lalitha felt a knife of desire twist in her tummy with each word.
Kanchana continued in a seductive voice. “I have a nice strap-on underneath. You must be feeling a bulge in my pants while I am hugging you during our dance. I can make you scream with pleasure. How can you wait for one longer month till my brother reducing you to a quivering mass of jelly? I am sure that my brother can never do you like I will. Once you have had me between your legs you won’t even think about men again. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to try it? I would love to be your first,” Kanchana’s words are hypnotizing “You know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. It’s written all over your pretty face. Won’t you come to sleep with me, Lalitha?” Over taken fully by now with the effect of the Blue pill, Lalitha could only half nod her head very shyly. Kanchana’s eyes glimmered with passion as she moved closer to Lalitha. Slowly her arms encircled Lalitha. Kanchana’s lips moved towards Lalitha, as their bodies got closer, their breasts pressed each other. Kanchana’s legs started intertwining with Lalitha’s. Lalitha’s heart pounded like a bass drum, anticipating the moment of that first contact. As their lips met, a charge of incredible sensual force surged through her making every part of her body tingle. Lalitha’s lips were so unbelievably soft and wet. They were like none Kanchana had ever kissed before. She slid her hand to the back of Lalitha’s head and pulled it into her as their kiss grew more intense. Her hands slid up and down Lalitha’s back and into her long hair, loosening it. Kanchana could feel her breasts rubbing against Lalitha’s through the many layers of fabric as she began moving against her.
The kiss seemed to go on and on. The strong, masculine Kanchana lifted Lalitha into air and took into her arms. Kanchana made her feel so safe in her big strong arms! Kanchana had a smirk on her face and a devilish look in her eyes. Kanchana said. “I want to make love to you on my brother’s bed. This will be your first night. I am sure you are a virgin Hindu girl. I will take your virginity. I want mate you on that bed prepared for your First night with my brother.” Kanchana carried Lalitha to her brother’s bed room. Bolted it with one hand. Lalitha couldn’t help but see the symbolism. She was Kanchana’s young “bride”. And Kanchana, her “husband”, carried her through the bridal chamber. Lalitha realized that the last vestiges of her virgin life were over. The virginity she protected for so many years is going to be broken by this mallu woman. Kanchana was going to make me her lesbian lover, her “wife”, as it were. Kanchana has seen a nervous look on Lalitha when Kanchana is carrying her bride to the decorated bed while planting kisses all over her body. Kanchana placed Lalitha on her brother’s bed. Staring down at Laliha’s body in now spoiled saree, Kanchana said. “You are so amazing baby. I can’t get enough of you! I love you baby! I am going to fuck an original Indian virgin bride. I will deflower you.” She slowly descended over the bride. Encircling her fully with her hands and legs, she started kissing the girl on her juicy lips with full animalistic intensity. Lalitha opened her legs instinctively and feeling Kanchana slipping between them. The gentle thrusting motion of Kanchana’s hips created friction against Lalitha’s’s saree and petticoat, which rubbed against her mound, causing her to flush with warmth and moisture. Lalitha ran her hands inadvertently up and down her lover’s back, while enjoying the weight of that heavy mallu lady. Kanchana has slided the pallu of Lalitha and hugged her hard.
She slowly brought her arms up and slowly slipped her fingers under Lalitha’s blouse. Her mouth broke their long kiss. Lalitha’s blouse was a tight fit so kanchana trailed her finger up to the hooks. She looked at Lalitha for her approval. Lalitha smiled in shyness. In one forcible gesture, the blouse is torn into pieces and came off. Kanchana started driving her bulge harder between the legs of Lalitha and the slippery saree is slowly getting dislocated on its own. Kanchana slowly removed the wrinkled saree from Lalitha. Kanchana looked at her bride’s bra covered breasts. Lalitha’s breasts looked extremely erotic. Ignoring the reluctance of the shy bride, Kanchana unhooked the bra and freed the breasts from their confines. Kanchana could see the raised mounds of the breasts. She reached up and gently squeezed them. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. The nipples were hard, surprisingly dark.Lalitha gasped as Kanchana started squashing them with full force. Kanchana quickly opened her own shirt buttons and thrown it across the room. Lalitha looked longingly at Kanchana’ss bare strong breasts. Feeling shy to remain with naked breasts even for a while, she pulled Kanchana hurriedly toward herself in order to cover her bare chest. Kanchana’s iron breasts have pushed against the creamy globes of Lalitha’s. Kanchana’s mouth invaded Lalitha’s. Her hands grasping Lalitha’s as they caressed their way around her body.
Topless Lalitha in her underskirt is looking very cute. “Ooohh, Lalitha, my little mallu” she groaned, “I love that.” Kanchana, still in her jeans, started fucking Lalitha in missionery style using her bulge under the pant, over her petticoat itself for few minutes, Kanchana finally separated the last remaining petti coat from Lalitha in one go. Naked Lalitha curled herself into a heap on the bed like a child, feeling extremely shy. Kanchana stood and removed her pants. It was time to take her virginity by breaking her hymen. “Lalitha, do you wish to suck my big cock?” Kanchana asked her. Kanchana sat on her knees near Lalitha. She took her own cock into her hand and slowly persuaded Lalitha to take it into her mouth and suck it. As Kanchana pushed more and more inside her mouth until she can’t breathe, but every once in a while she was allowed to take breath. She is inexperienced, but she sucked the cock gently. Holding the knees of Lalitha, Kanchana opened Lalitha’s legs widely and took place between her legs, then applied some oil on her pussy and into the tight hole and around her hymen. Then Kanchana put a lot of oil on her strap-on cock that is 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. She knew if Lalitha gets all that inside her tight virgin pussy, she’ll be in pained agony. So she decided to do softly and with love. She gripped one hand on the strap-on and other on Lalitha’s mouth so if she cries out she can keep her quiet. Kanchana pushed her cock at Lalitha’s tight, wet, oily pussy but it did not go in. Even a little force didn’t help. So she rubbed and fingered Lalitha’s pussy for a while until she was ready once again.
Lalitha’s eyes were closed and she didn’t know how much pain it would be for her. She was biting her red lips in tension. Kanchana pushed her cock at her pussy hole, but it still did not go inside of the young girl. Again she tried to force it up her channel, but the small hole and its hymen at the entrance kept Kanchana out. This was Kanchana’s first time with an Indian mallu virgin, so she didn’t exactly know how to get inside. But on third try she used all her strength to get the head of the huge cock inside Lalitha’s clasping pussy. Lalitha closed her eyes and whimpered as she felt the dildo push into her pussy coming to a stop after penetrating as the tip came into contact with her hymen. After it pulled back, Lalitha felt a sharp pain as the dildo was thrust forward, ripping through her maidenhead and taking her virginity. “OOHHHH, my god, it hurrrrrrrtss, take it out,” and she was just about to start screaming, and Kanchana worried that the mother downstairs would hear and come running over. She managed to cover the lips of Lalitha with hers just in time to control her screams and shoved her tongue inside. The scream of Lalitha transformed like a moan into the mouth of Kanchana. Lalitha was weeping and giving gestures with wide eyes to Kanchana to stop. Kanchana didn’t stop and she pushed her cock deeper inside her, pinning the helpless bride to the bed. She pushed about four inches. Lalitha is still begging Kanchana to get it out, but Kanchana didn’t. She did stop for a moment to let her tight stretched cunt hole to get used to the monster she was shoving into her. She noticed her hole was tightly pulled around the thick shaft of the strap-on cock. Kanchana started kissing her face and lips, slipping her tongue into mouth so that Lalitha wouldn’t cry.
The kisses made Lalitha feel better. So Kanchana started moving her cock up and down, but Lalitha used her muscles to grip the shaft tightly and stop it from moving deeper into her cunt. “It won’t hurt any more,” Kanchana whisperedr. Kanchana penetrated deeper and deeper into Lalitha’s untouched body, the tightness of her vaginal cavity impeding Kanchana’s progress as she started to rhythmically fuck her. The sharp pain Lalitha had felt as her hymen was breached is now quickly dissipated as the most intense pleasure she ever felt replaced it. Each thrust of the dildo sent shock waves throughout her body and her cry of pain turned to that of pleasure as her pussy began to squeeze and milk the wonderful entity that had entered her body and was gifting her with so much pleasure. Lalitha gripped tightly to her mallu husband’s shoulders and wrapped her legs around the strong lady’s hips. She lifted herself off the bed with the most intense feelings of euphoria enveloping her. Her entire body is shaking from the orgasm. Collapsing back, Lalitha simply laid there, limp, as her body continued to shudder, mewing incoherently as Kanchana gently pulled the dildo out against the tight grip of Lalitha’s vaginal cavity. A feeling of emptiness replacing the erotic fullness she had just felt. Lalitha let out a cry as she felt the dildo push back into her empty void once again. Her hands clenching into fists and she arched her back forcing the dildo deeper within her.
Lalitha could think of nothing else as she felt the swell of pleasure building up yet again as her rock hard clit sent a shock wave of pleasure up to her nipples and back down again as the clit stimulator made contact with every stroke of the dildo. After a bit, Kanchana started fucking her pussy faster and faster. Even though Lalitha is feeling some pain, Kanchana did not stop this time. She was fucking her hard now, her cock now freely sliding into her pussy. The cock deep inside her tunnel now is giving Lalitha pleasure, but also still a bit of pain. Lalitha could only gasp shallowly as Kanchana continued to drive the dildo deeper into her pussy. Her head rested deep in the pillow, drops of sweat beading and running down her face, her hair now wild and matted to her forehead, her body covered with perspiration. Releasing one final moan Lalitha collapsed back onto her bed, unconscious. Catching her breath Kanchana looked down at the sweat-covered girl sleeping beneath her. Kanchana smiled and brushed some of the hair now clinging to Lalitha’s face aside. The bindi on the fore head of Lalitha got melted and slid to the side ways, giving the most usual look of a well fucked Hindu bride.
This was the first time she had ever seen someone collapse from exhaustion due to sex. “Poor Indian bride”. She was proud of the fact that she had accomplished a task which otherwise reserved for her brother. She has plundered the treasure of her brother. Kanchana saw Lalitha as the perfect sexual mate. She was beautiful yet innocent, naïve yet bursting to push the boundaries. After half an hour, preparing for a second fuck, unable to wait any more, Kanchana woke Lalitha up with a fanatical kiss by shoving her long tongue into the little mouth of the sleeping beauty. When Lalitha opened her eyes she saw her pussy blood on the cock of Kanchana and all over the sheet. She could not move her hips without pain, so Kanchana took a towel and cleaned her pussy and the strap-on. Kanchana kissed her on the lips and caressed the naked body. Kanchana softly uttered, “You are so beautiful my little Bhabi. You’re my wife! I want to have you again!” Lalitha smiled and drowsily replied, “Again?” With her boyish grin, Kanchana said, “Honey, I want to take you over and over and over again!” Still half alseep Lalitha said, “I just want to get some sleep right now.” “C’mon bhabi. I want you again. Did you like it when I came inside your body babe?” “What?” Lalitha said. Smiling, Kanchana said, “Remember when I came in your pussy? Did you like that?” Remembering how Kanchana took her, how Kanchana drove her body into hers, turning their bodies into one and how it aroused her, she said, “Yes. It was amazing!” The butche rolled on top of naked Lalitha once again Lalitha spread her legs apart willingly this time. Lalitha felt the heat and weight of Kanchana’s body over her.
She was starting to get aroused again. Kanchana looked into Lalitha’s eyes and kissed her. With a massive grin on her face, Kanchana slid the head of her strapon inside Lalitha once more. Then Kanchana lowered herself on top of the deflowered bride. She spread the legs of Lalitha more apart to accommodate her body. A shot of electricity ran through Lalitha as she felt Kanchana’s hot skin against hers. Kanchana’s breasts rested on top of the bride. The sweat coverd body of Kanchana is giving intoxicating smell to Lalitha. Kanchana kissed Lalitha’s lips as she slowly slide her cock inside. She could feel the full length of her strapon inside Lalitha now. Her pussy wrapped around it tightly, fitting it like a glove. Lalitha was her little concubine, her baby doll and Kanchana was taking Lalitha once more. Kanchana wrapped her arms around Lalitha as she kissed passionately. Her hips slowly started to thrust into the young and willing body. Her tempo was slow and gentle. Kanchana wanted her wife to feel every movement of her body. It felt so natural making love to her Sister in Law on the bed prepared for her first night. Lalitha loved the feeling of Kanchana’s lips against hers.
Feeling her bride groom’s tongue penetrate her mouth as her husband’s cock penetrated her body. As Kanchana drove herself into her wife, the bride raised her hips to meet her husband’s. They kissed each other deeply like a newly married couple. Their bodies were in perfect sync with each other. Their rhythm quickened. They drove their bodies harder and faster into each other. Lalitha wrapped her legs around Kanchana’s waist, keeping her inside her. This drove Kanchana wild. Kanchana redoubled her efforts, thrusting into the tight little body even harder and faster. Lalitha felt her body started to climax. Kanchana drove her cock as deep inside her as she could. She continued to kiss her bride as they both began to cum. Lalitha felt Kanchana’s juices drip underneath her strapon and onto her sex. Kanchana stayed on top of Lalitha until both their bodies were spent. Kanchana took off her strapon and they fell asleep in her brother’s bed, with Kanchana’s arms wrapped around Lalitha’s naked body. The next one month turned out to be a honey moon for the new bride before her husband arrived back from Delhi. Kanchana took her to new palces during her Indian tour. Fucked Lalitha well in all possible angles at various hill resorts. Kanchana left for US with a promise to her wife to take her soon to US and marry her by any means. Yes she is capable. End

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