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Friendship Forever

Hi I am Madura from Chennai and this is my story which is happened when we are at 10th slandered. I am from orthodox family. We are too much poor’s. We are living in a small rented house. My mother was and teacher and by earning our families are running. I attained puberty at 9th slandered and there is lot of differences were come out of my body. I am having 5 close friends in that 2 are so much closed that we always spent night in etch other house.
They are Vanitha and Laxmi and they are also under poverty line and neighbour too. Normally in village schools there was no toilet facility. So only for girls there is some arrangements in the same way in our school also there is toilet facility. It will like this and there is 2 basins for one cabin. So two girls we do their necessary together. Normally we sit backing each other after ninth we came to know that we will go to separate.
So we three start to be together more than early time. We discuss all matter without any hesitation when the 10th classes started we are use to sit for discussion after school we will sit in auditorium and completing our home works together and going to home in the month of July normally there will be heavy rain but also we will stay at collage and going home.
One Friday evening accidently our talks turned to sex. We discussed regarding fucking and sucking other thing. Normally we all are wet. Laxmi told, shell we go for pissing? So we kept our books and went there laxmi first gone inside and called me. So I went and we closed the door. I said shell we piss together in a signal basin. She seen me and agree and opened the door. We called Vanitha and she asked what. We did not tell anything but called inside.
She come inside and there was heavy raining going on inside. So she come in. we transfer our thoughts to her. She smiled and agreed. Normally we drop our panties till our knees and sit. We sit in you shape on basin. First time we see each other pussy and commented on each other. Vanitha has huge hairs on it and after we piss we come to stadium and promise that not to tell it to anyone. We completed our home work and we sit till rain stop at that time we again talked about pussy.
I asked Vanitha, you have lots of hairs. What’s your boobs size. She told 30. Laxmi asked mine. So I asked shell we see each other boobs one side there was huge raining and another side hot chat. We agreed there is a store room near auditorium. So we gone and sit inside. I sit in last bench and they are at front bench. I opened my shirt buttons and shown mine. Laxmi asked me to remove all buttons.
So I opened all buttons. Vanitha asked me to show nipples. So I drag my little boobs from petticoat and shown after that I close my dress and dress remains out shirt. Now it was laxmi turn and she come to me and shown her boobs. It was too firm like me. Nipples are little brown. Vanitha from there only shown and she is having big and shaped boobs. I touched it and it was little hot and smooth.
She told she get strange feeling when I touched it. She touché mine on dress and also touched laxmi’s and we want more but due to school place we sit quite. After that we gone to home. Tonight I did not get sleep because of immature sleep from that day we start to play with boobs when we are alone in any places and like chatting in corner pressing nipple or pinching in class indirectly touching it.
Like this way and there was and midterm leave. Vanitha went to her grandmother home. So I am laxmi will decided come to school for home work. Next day we come to school and asked head mistress to permit us to sit for homework. She gave permission and Laxmi told shell we sit inside his room that we can play while doing home work. So we sit inside on that day we pressed each other boobs for little time while returning to home we gone for pissing.
There normally we gone inside and sit in different basin. I asked laxmi, can you become nude now? She seen me and told I am ready but if someone come it will difficult. So, lasxmi replied shell we come in nightie by tomorrow and have whatever fun and so we agreed and went and my pussy was little wet with thick juice. I find it first time in life. Near to home I informed Laxmi about this. She told she is facing the same and we returned to home.
Next day evening we went to school in nightie. I did not wear anything and there is fear that if some will observe, I will be caught. I gone near to laxmi home and called. Her mom told that she is still bathing and asked me to wait at her room. It was dark room. I gone to bath room and called her and told not to wear anything.
She said yes and she come to room in nightie and comb her hair. She seen me from mirror and asked is I did? I said yes from there we come out side unfortunate that there is chance of heavy raining. So her mom informed not to go. Laxmi told lie that her head mistress insisted us to come. So we gone. In mean while small rain is started and we reached quickly.
First we finished our home work and while doing she pressed my boobs. Without petticoat I feel strange pressing and want more. I pressed her and hers was too smooth and nipple becomes little heard. Rain was going on heavily. So we confirmed that non of will come to us if we do something here but also we put an small desk at main entrance and come first we gone to toilet and there we sit to piss.
I asked laxmi can I see you now and she seen me and removed her nightie. She was totally nude for me. I did the same and we come near together and I hold her boobs and she hold mine and pressed at that movement how we don’t know we decided to have sex. He hugged nude our small boobs were grinding each other. Our bodies become hot. She asked me to turn back did. She touched her ass to mine back to back then we wore dress and gone to room.
We are wet by juice. I told it to her and she is also feeling the same and we come to room and sit on bench. I asked her to be nude. So she seen me removed her dress. I did the same to her and now there is little light so we seen each other clear. Now also hugged and pressed boobs each other. I sucked her. She hold her head and told she want more, She did the same to me then only I got the feeling of new heaven and I and she did for a long time.
After long suck I bent down and her pussy is wet. I touched it and she told me to rub. I agreed and we wore dress and sit on bench. Till knee we up the dress and start to rub each other pussies. Wow! What a feeling that I can’t explain but I got strange feeling that some piss is coming out of my pussy. I told her she also felt the same. We once gone to bathroom and did piss but actually it was not the piss. So from there we come to our home and next day is Sunday.
So I stayed at room and she come to me and informed me to come to her home. She told she will be alone today so I gone afternoon. She closed the door and hugged me from back and pressed my boobs. Today also there is raining. So we come to bedroom. She removed her nightie and slept on carpet which is already arranged for us. So removed all dress and sit on carpet. We hugged and she sucked my boobs.
I slept and she slept behind me by putting hand to pussy at that time I was wet and want it. Laxmi told normally we have to suck dick. Now we are girls why we can’t taste pussy? It was strange to us but I spread my leg. She come near to pussy and put her tongue to clit. Wow I felt me as at heaven. She licked I can’t control this and I start to moan like anything. She asked me to suck hers. I did. It was salty but by friendship.
I lost my hesitation and licked.
She holds my head forcibly to pussy and we did 69 at that time a flow come from pussy and explode on laxmi face. I tightly grabbed and fell down on her thigh after my recovery I licked her and she did lot of juice in my mouth. We both tired by our first orgasm and we slept there till 5 am in nude and later we gone to bathroom I bathed first and she joined me. Later I come to home from that day onwards we start to do this whenever the time will get.

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