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Fucked By Aunty And Her Friend In An Open Place

Hello guys. I am Sriram 18yrs boy from Chennai, India. Now I am currently in 12th. This threesome fucking session happened recently 4months ago with mom’s sister and her friend. In my summer vacation I went to my hometown and stayed in my mom’s house. My mom’s sister lived with her three kids 2 daughter and one son. Her hubby is in Singapore. I went to hometown at Sunday night and my aunty Shanthi (mom’s sister) warmly welcomed us. I used to call her as chithi. On Monday morning I woke up and went to take bath in a pond as my village is a remote village there was no bathroom but separate ponds for males and females. Ladies used to take a long covered by big bushes and trees so that no one could see them. I removed my dress and since no one was there I removed my underwear and took bath nude swimming across the river.
After I took bath I returned to home and saw no one was there in the house. I went to my hall and took my mobile and watched some porn videos. I got so horny that I made myself nude and started to masturbate. I cummed within 2minutes and my hand was full of cum I cleaned with a towel and without locking the door and my phone; I went to sleep naked. I got up by 3pm and saw my aunty looking angrily at me at the door. I covered myself with bed sheet and asked her if there was any problem. She scolded me hey Sriram how dare you watch such movies in your phone. I acted if I didn’t know anything. She came towards me and gave a slap on my face and removed my bed sheet and asked me what is this. I m unable to answer felt shy and said sorry. She asked me to come to the backyard without any dress. I told I won’t come nude there. She gave another slap and dragged me to the backyard and pushed me down. I fell on the ground and asked why did she do that. She told it’s a punishment for you and told not to worry you will enjoy it. She came towards me took my shrunk cock in my mouth. I shouted to stop this but she didn’t hear my words. I forgot to describe about her. She is not a like a angel but looks black and fat.
Her boobs look small when compared to her body size. Her body figure is 34b-40-42 with huge ass bouncing when she walks. She gave birth to a 1year back so her boobs contain milk. Initially I hate her sucking my cock but after sometime I began enjoying I told her aunty I am about to cum she suddenly removed her mouth and started to rub my balls hardly. My cumming sensation stopped. Wow aunty I said it was nice. She asked will you do whatever I say. I told yes.
She then called her friend Sumathi. She introduced her. Her name was Sumathi good looking with huge boobs. Her figure is 38c-38-40. She told me that Sumathi is married for 15years and her age is now 43. She doesn’t have a child. Shanthi aunty told that she saw her sucking your cock vigorously and shouted at her while you were asleep and she begged me to help her fucking you so that she could become pregnant. She told Sumathi don’t worry I will make arrangement. I understood and replied I can’t and will not fuck her. Shanthi told then I don’t have choice my dear sorry. I could not understand and kept on thinking. Then suddenly Shanthi aunty lifted her saree sat on head with my mouth touching her pussy and my whole head covered with her saree. Her pussy was too hairy and bad smelling and cried her to get up. But she pushed her pussy into my mouth and told if u lick I will leave you. Then I sucked her pussy it was salty but I liked it. She told Sumathi this is the chance come on fuck him. I can’t see what was happening but sudden feeling of my cock tip touching some skin then within seconds my cock got half stuck in her pussy.
Then my aunty got up and told son it’s all over feel happy to fuck her. In half heart I said OK. Then Sumathi became happy started I m going to get pregnant. My hip movement got faster and I got a feeling and told my aunt that I was about to came. She stopped moving and sat fully on my cock with full cock into her pussy and kissed me on lips. I came heavily into her pussy and part of it was overflowing. Seeing this aunty told Sumathi at last you’re going to be pregnant. Sumathi smiled and stood up and said thank you my chellam. I got exhausted and my cock shrunk. My aunty said that it was her turn. I told no way I am tired but she didn’t hear and came near my cock sucked it like a ice cream.
She suddenly bites it and I shouted in pain Sumathi standing nearby removed her dress and pushed her huge breast into my mouth. I was licking it like a new born baby. Her nipples were so dark and large. My cock again grew big and I thought now I am going to punish Shanthi aunty. I put aside Sumathi boob and got up. Shanthi too got up and I kissed her on her lips. I transferred my saliva into hers. Suddenly I tore her blouse and her boobs came out. I squeezed her boobs heavily that she moaned in pain. I bit her nipple and she shouted you naughty boy stop biting just enjoy it. I am out of control pushed her down and inserted my cock into her pussy. It was tight. She asked not to do fast as she could feel pain. I told don’t worry dear I want you to feel pain. I stroked her once with full force that my cock went into her pussy fully.
I stroked it very fast and she started crying ahhh its paining slow down. I didn’t hear it. After 5mins I came into her but not much load. I think it will be enough to make her pregnant. Then I got up and went to my room. Sumathi dressed up but Shanthi covered herself with saree as I tore her blouse. This is my 1st true story.

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