All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Grandaddy’s Huge Dick Took My Virginity

I look alike a bimbo Barbie doll. Thin waist, toned legs with thigh gaps, almond eyes, plump lips but my boobs are large. Well!  My GD (67) is really fit; he works out every day, dusky complexion, tall and in my words sexy old man. He was working as a chef in CA for ages so since my birth I didn’t meet him. Suddenly he came to my home for a long holiday, first he was like a stranger. Later on I was interested with him because I loved listening to his American Life. Then he grew closer with me, shared his personal, and said me that his part time job was to massage some ladies and couples.
So as it’s he was asking me whether I wanted an oil massage. I didn’t like it at first; later on I need oil massage so I wanted him to do it. But I couldn’t express it to him. I was shy. Between I watch huge cock porn movies a lot so I wanted to lose my virginity to a huge cock. One day morning, I found my GD masturbating at the behind yard. Omg!  His dick was like a zucchini. My pants were wet. I was thinking about his dick. So the following day, there was no body at home except my grandad and myself. I decided to watch a porn movie, and then I found GD going out. I ran, stopped him and said I want a massage. He was smiling and took me to his bedroom. Intentionally I was wearing a transparent strapless bra, and I didn’t wanna cover my pussy. He took me down on a mat, asked me to remove my tank top and shorts. I said that I can’t remove my shorts as I didn’t wear nothing inside. He was okay and he started to go through my body with the oil. He was massaging my hip, pressed them sexily. I moaned a bit. He said that my boobs are hot like babes and he wanted to touch it. I suddenly stood near him and said,
GD you’re smart and sexy, I wanted your weapon inside my pinky. He was pretending like shocked but honestly he needed to fuck me hard. He pressed my hip and held my boobs, put me away on the bed, then he worn a condom that he had for me I suppose, lol.
Came on me, undressed my bra and shorts. He loved my pussy it seems, he was sucking my pussy, I felt I was in heaven. He finger fucked me for a while; my tight pussy was paining and sucked my tongue. My god!  I loved it. Then he spit on my boobs, sucked my right one and squeezed the left one. I was holding his shoulders, it hurt me bad, and I shouted and moaned. my boobs were pink. Then he asked me to suck his zucchini. I sucked it. Aaaaah. Mmmmm. Yeah. Yeah. Was shaking; I bite it a bit. He moaned hard. I took it deep inside mouth but it was hard as it was large. Then he asked me to lie on bed, widened my legs. He spit on my pinky, he was inserting it inside. Oh god. Fuck! I was about to die. It was freaking pain. I was crying. He licked my tears. He was fucking me. Aaaaaaaaah aaaaah. Fuck me hard. It was bleeding. So he sucked my pussy lips and again screwed me for fifteen min. I enjoyed it a lot. Then he wanted to cum inside mouth. I opened and swallowed it. It was yummy. We stayed naked in bed for some time. But I was holding his cock because it wasn’t enough for me. He asked me whether I need more. I said him to anal fuck next day that I love his cock and I want it every night. He laughed and said me anytime my babe and squeezed my boobs and sucked my tongue. Oh yeah.
And next day it was something more than I expected, GD asked me to go with him to meet his best friend Anas. So I just went with him. There he introduced me to his best friend who was living alone because his children were living abroad. So he brought us cup of a coffee. I was enjoying talking to him. GD was beside me and whispered his wife died 5 years ago and he is looking for a young girl to cum. Why don’t you enjoy threesome?
Oh god! I have watched threesome and I loved two guys and a girl. It was a chance and I ain’t gonna miss this. I pressed GD’s palms and winked. He was smiling and asked me to go to the bedroom. Anwar was just looking in a strange manner when I was leaving to his bedroom. Then GD went near him and said something.
I went inside and got ready for three some. Washed my face, undressed myself but I was semi nude with sexy lace bra and panty.
I was laying on the bed rubbing my pussy, sexy old men came inside, Anas was saying “wonderful boobs, I can see your erected nip”, GD said she’s my goddess of sex. Anas came near me, kissed my lips and GD undressed me and he made me sit on his erected cock. Ooooooh. I loved the zucchini. GD was pressing my boobs and was fucking me slowly. Anas dried tongue tasted my tongue. Between he was fingering my zucchini fucking pussy. I was moaning badly. Tears started to glisten but I was enjoying. Anas unzipped his pants and I touched his wet crotch and his cock, my god, fucking fat than my baby zucchini. I’m gonna enjoy more. So I gave a blow job to his dick. Sexy old enjoyed it and moaned. Wow. I was fucked hard this side by GD, he makes me a slut.
Then Anas wanted to thrust in. So as GD was fucking me, he laid my body over and Anas was sucking my nip along and inserted his fat cock inside my pinky. I was shouting, Anas shut my mouth by biting my lips. Both were strong and fucked me like a bitch. I cried a aaaaaaaaah aah uuuunnnnngggg. Yeah. Oooh ooooohhh aaaaaaaaah. Stop babe. Anas gave a break and his started working on my clit but my GD was fucking me and squeezed my boobs. Anyway the pain was an enjoyment. Aaaaaaaaaah. yeaaaaahhhhh aaaaah. Anas again fucked me and both have decided to cum inside me. And I know that’s safe because they are releasing blanks as they’ve taken pills. I enjoyed fucking hard. I was damn happy and v all together had a nude bath. Even at that time, they wanted to thrust inside but I was weak of the session so they went on foreplay.
I loved the old horny lions and still waiting for Anas to fuck me again badly. GD fucked my anal that night.

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