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Hi friends, I am a cool fan of Sexy stories and I have read almost all the stories of this site. Later on I also decided to share my sex experience with you people. It was my first lesbian experience. It’s also a true story. Oops!! I haven’t told you about me… I am a 23 years old girl, with fair complexion, beautiful eyes, lovely breasts and an awesome ass. In all, I am a sexy package as people say with all the curves in the right places. My name is Natasha (not real name) and I live in Hyderabad. I have a beautiful figure 34C 24 36. I always wear tight dresses, short skirts, minis and frocks to show my beautiful figure and lovely legs.
I was studying at a famous girl’s college. Here I have a friend named Saloni (fake name). She is a very beautiful and intelligent girl (36 28 36). Also she is one of the most popular girls of this college. Sometimes I feel proud that I have such a friend. She is too sexy like Kareena Kapoor. We would go to Discs, pubs, movies etc together. I realized what a sexy she is when we went to one of the most famous pub’s in Hyderabad. I was wearing a shiny leather mini skirt and a short tight top on it which did not meet the skirt and my beautiful navel was visible. I was wearing silver colour high heel sandals. I hurried my car inside the parking and as I gave my car to the valet parking, I saw She was already there waiting for me along-with her brother, Rajeev.
Gosh what a beauty she was looking. She was wearing a silver coloured dress which was tube type and almost half of her boobs were visible and it just covered at the bottom till her panty line and most of her ass was naked. On that she was wearing very high heels with tie-ups till her knees. She was just looking a hot sexy stuff. Everyone was staring at her with lust. She came there with her brother who is also a hunk. I had some experiences with him as well which I will share in later stories with you all.
From then onwards, I become very attracted to her. That night we drink and dance so much that everyone was having their eyes on 3 of us (Saloni, her brother and me)
The actual story begins now… Saloni and I were sitting in computer lab. It was Saturday and I told my mom that I would come back late. As the lectures were over so there was no one in the college accept some employees and us. Saloni was working at computer and I was getting bore. Only both of us were in the lab. I said,” Saloni what are you doing? Im getting bore.” She smiled and said;” just a few minutes more”. I said.” You are repeating this line from last two hours. And it’s too boring.” Saloni said,” So you want to enjoy… right???” I said, “YES” She gave me a mysterious smile and said,” come here. But lock the door first.” I locked the door and went near her. I said,” Now tell me what is here to enjoy.” She, “JUST SEE” She took out a CD from her purse and inserted into CD drive. It started after a few seconds. I was just shocked. IT WAS A BLUE MOVIE. On the screen, there were three girls and two boys. All were completely nude. Girls were sex bombs and the boys were very tall with huge dicks. I think they were longer than 10″ inches.
One girl was sucking the boobs of another girl very hungrily. She was biting and chewing that girl’s nipples and the latter was moaning. Another girl was with boys. One boy pushed his huge and giant sized dick into her pussy and gave her very hard and brutal jerks. The another guy sucked her tits very hard and after a few seconds he pushed his elephant sized cock into her ass. It seemed that his dick would tear her ass. But she was enjoying those painful jerks. The first boy took his cock out of her pussy and came on her belly and tits. Now the two other girls were in 69 position. They were licking each other’s pussy like anything. I got too horny by watching those nude bodies playing with each other. Even I felt my pussy wet.
Suddenly I felt Saloni’s hand on my thighs. She started massaging my thighs. I shivered at her touch but I was enjoying it a lot. After that, her hand was on my pussy, rubbing very softly. I saw at her, she looked into my eyes and said,” I want to love you. Let me…..please.” I was really very confused. But I could not refuse. At once I said ” OK”. She took the CD out and turned off the computer. She came near me. Watching deeply into my eyes, said,” Relax Natasha, you will enjoy.” At once she placed her lips on mine. She started kissing and sucking my lips. UMMMMMMMMM her lips were too soft like cream. I caught her from waist and massaged her back. I felt her hands on my belly, slipping slightly into my t-shirt. Just after a second, her fingers were playing with my erecting and aching nipples. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmm I was moaning with pleasure.
We started taking off each other’s clothes. Saloni was looking like a Sex Goddess without clothes. She kissed me again on lips and pressed my boobs. At this time my hands were on her soft, white ass. Wowwwwww it was just like sponge. I inserted my finger into her asshole but it was too tight. Now she was doing magic with my tits. She was sucking and licking my right boob and her fingers were teasing my left nipple. I inserted my fingers in her virgin pussy and moved very fast inside. After a few seconds she cummed on my hand. I started licking my wet hand and her pussy. It was too tasty and hot. After that she inserted her tongue into my pussy and sucked very fast. At this moment I cummed on her face. I licked her face too.
Now she used her fingers on my pussy. She tried to open my pussy lips with both of her hands. She was using force and giving me pain too. She slid three of her fingers inside my tight pussy. I was shivering when she moved her fingers in my cunt. I cummed again. I was flying in heaven. Now I placed my tongue on her pussy and licked. I tried to insert my tongue in her love valley and sucked like anything. At this time she cummed and I drank her whole juice. It was the tastiest thing I have ever tasted. But I was afraid too because it was not a right place to play sex game. I suggested her to stop because it was risky place. She was not in mood to leave, but agreed after a second and said,” listen Natasha, tomorrow my parents and bro are going out of station because I will be Sunday and you have to come at my place. I want you to satisfy me.” I said, “Sure, I’ll come.
But it’ll be between you and me.” She promised me not to tell this to anyone. We wore our clothes and went to our homes. I was so excited. I couldn’t sleep whole the night. Next day I told my mom that I am going to Saloni’s place for study and will come back in evening. She agreed. It was difficult to wait more. I drove the car very fast and reached Saloni’s house just in few minutes. I was in black mini and red sleeveless t-shirt. She was alone at home, waiting for me and looked more excited than me. She was wearing white jeans and tight black shirt. We had some wine and moved to her bedroom. She said, “you know Natasha, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was thinking about you and your sexy body.” I said “even I didn’t sleep last night.” She “hey why we are not starting” and gave me a very sexy and naughty smile. I, “but play that CD first that you showed yesterday.” She “Ok”. She pushed that CD into VCD player and that movie started. I became horny by watching those sluts. She took off my shirt and kissed me right over the bra.
After a moment she unhooked my bra and rubbed my babe boobs. Then she took off my mini and panty. Now I was completely naked in front of her. She admired my body and gave me a sweet kiss. After a second I unbuttoned her shirt. She was not wearing bra. Her bare tits were looking terribly sexy. I pressed them hard and she moaned. Then I took off her jeans. I kissed on her creamy lips. As our tongues met, our sweet juices exchanged. She was pressing my ass and I was fondling her 36 size boobs. She got crazier as she felt my hands on her tits. She was sucking my lips like a hungry kid. After about ten minutes, she moved to my breasts. She mouthed my tits, sucking and pinching with great speed.
She was biting my nipples too hard that it pained a lot. It turned red with her teeth-marks. Again she kissed on my lips, cheeks, chin and neck. I felt, as I was a flying. Meanwhile we both cummed several times. Then her tongue reached my love hole. She rubbed my cunt with her tongue and pushed magical fingers inside. It was giving me hot sensations. She bit my cunt. It sent electric sensation through my whole body. I cummed in a minute and she drank that hot juice. By now we were totally tired. Our bodies were full of sweat although the AC was running at full speed. After about ten minutes we again got up. Now she went to the cupboard and brought a big dildo. It was just like a giant sized cock. I was almost afraid to see such a big dildo. She said “fuck me with a dick”. I obeyed and pushed that dildo inside her virgin pussy. It was too big for her small pussy. As I pushed harder she shouted in pain. I was pushing it very slowly then I gave a big jerk. Within a second her dick(dildo) was inside her pussy. It was bleeding.
Again I pushed and pulled the dick in her pussy with great speed. She cummed several times and now her pussy was glistened and dildo was slipping easily inside. She was moaning in pleasure. She rubbed the dildo on my pussy. It was sending high current into my body. I cummed again and she licked my pussy. Now she placed the dildo on my pussy and pushed very slowly. It was painful because of small virgin whole. I cummed again and now it was somewhat easy to push. Saloni gave me such horrible jerks that dildo was covered with my pussy blood. Even my jerks were nothing in front of her. She fucked my pussy for about twenty minutes. Now she said “give me your ass baby”. I obeyed and turned my ass to her. She licked my ass hole for some minutes and placed the head of dildo on my virgin ass. She started pushing it inside very slowly, inch by inch.
As it was going deeper it gave me a lot of pain. My eyes were full of tears. She was pushing the dick with more speed and it was paining like hell. After some minutes I was enjoying ass fucking. Now we were totally exhausted. We together had a bath. After that Saloni kissed me again on cheeks and said “ohhhh jaan, I love you a lot.” I replied “I love you too dear”. After an hour I came back to home. That was an awesome experience. Later I came to know that she was also having an affair with her brother Rajeev. I convinced her to tell me everything and she did. Later I told her that Rajeev was already fucking me once in a while. So we decided that we will have a threesome with him. I will write in my next story what followed next.

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