All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Lesbian Dream

Hi to all, I’m “Cross Dresser and Lesbian from Bangalore and I served so many lesbian in my life time. Most of them are my friends and they telling their story in these stories I am sending you the following stories and this is one of my real story which took place at Shimogga Koppa.
I and Ashu are the two close friends from our collage days. We are in different class. But we meet daily and chat till to end of the school. She is at hostel and I am coming from home day by day our friendship become too close and it becomes difficult to leave each other at the end of collage life and about our bodies, we are too slim and we are normally wore traditional dresses after our collage days we decided to settle at Bangalore and we discuss the same to my friend family.
Their parents agreed too and once my friend called to her home at Koppa it was inside the thick forest, there are only some homes. So I asked my parents and went there. I left my palace at 10 am and reached there at I straight went near to her home and ring the bell and her mother welcomed me and we talked for a while. She discussed about her family life and all on. Due to the long travel I was tired so I asked the place to take rest.
She shown Ashus bed room and I went inside and it was too dark and I gone inside and her mom came and told Ashu will come by 7 am so I taken rest. I got sleep there. It was my surprise that I got and dream that was the lesbian dream that Ashu was kissing my forehead and pressing my boobs by putting her hands inside my chudidar. I suddenly woken up and I t was 7 pm and once I saw outside and too dark. That was power cut but that dream disturbed my whole life.
There was too cold weather and I continued my sleep till Ashu came. She come inside and sits beside me. I was in blanket and she holds my hand. We smiled and talked regarding travel but that dream was converted me to a lesbian fully unconsciously I told and there was too cold is you are and boy I would like to sleep by hugging you. She smiled and just slept on me as friendly and my boobs were pressing her heads from the blanket and her mom called her and she told.
She will coming within few minute at that time I was too hot and my mind is turned to and girl who is close friend of me. Unconsciously my hand ran towards my pussy under blanket and I felt it was little wet. She come to room and locked the room. It becomes too dark and only light and dim moon light is passing through the curtain. In that light I find she was changing her dress. She removed her choodidar and late she removed her pants. She was in panty and bra only and her structure is seeing me clearly.
She is having small boobs and she wore night and come taken her fallen dress and come to be and she, told that her mother is going to next home for to sleep. I asked why. She told and she is regularly sleeping there. It was her sister house. So I come outside and sit before TV. There was no power in the room. We sit in candle light there we shared our oldies memories with her mom at around 9 pm her mother prepared dinner for us. We came to room and sit in candle light. There we start our talks of college and hostel.
We once again comment on our own friend and all others. She told some time at hostel she used to sleep without inner garments. In the meanwhile I informed him about my dream. She laughed and asked whether she is look like and male? We both laughed but my mind is still in dream and till we chatted about our classmates broken love stories at that time it was 11:15 pm and her mom left home. So she closes the door and come to me at kitchen.
We sit in dining hall in L shape on eating I take little courage and told her that she is have nice figure. I don’t know who how it comes to my mouth. She saw my eyes and told I am having too. She asked where I saw it and I told it was at that room while changing the dress and her face become red and her eyes start to dance by shyness. She seen my boobs and asked its size. I told it was 32 c and hers she replied the same. I asked Ashu as we are close friend and why can’t we see each other nude.
First of all we are close friends and we know all and she seen my eyes and said are you hot lesbian. I told frankly that without unknowing because of that dream I was little mad. Lets we try. She seen me and smiled and told later. I asked her to stand and to turn. She did her ass part us too good and she asked for the same. I did too and we kept the plate and gone to bathroom to wash the hands. There I asked her shell we see each other here. She seen me and called me inside and we lock the door.
I put my vale in hook and asked her to open my buttons from back .She did and she removed her nights without any hesitation and I stand in the bra and panties. This was my surprise that we both accepted the same then I removed my bra and asked her to show hers and then she was little shied and but removed and we become too nude each other first time. I touched her boobs and she hold mine and we pressed it smoothly for a while and later we hugged and said each other love you 9 actually.
We become lovers and we seen each other and she told there is nothing remains to hide in me. We once hugged there was small rain started between my leg and also outside. She wore nights and I asked her shell we celebrate our day as much we know. She seen my eyes and kept the dress there and taken my dress in my hand and hold my hand in other hand and we come to room. There I told I am yours you can do anything. She come and sits beside me and slept put her on leg on my leg and kissed my cheek.
I asked her to claim on me and she did and we covered blanket and there is too cold weather but we our bodies become too wet. She start to kiss me as made in retuned I did the same to her. I claimed on her come down and softly bite her nipples and she moaned and I continued to suck for a while. It becomes hard and I licked her belly buttons and come down. She is having pubic hairs and I kissed it and once came on her and now, I put my lip on her lip and slowly.
We kissed like foreigner at first it becomes little difficult and later we felt it was good. I hugged her and slept on her and asked Ahsu do you do orgasm and she replied ya rarely. I asked how. She told use to figure her pussy while she was sleeping. I asked Ashu can I do for you and she spread her leg and allow me to do I put my hand on her pussy it was already wet and I interested my figure and it was little her but due to wetness it becomes easy. I taster her juice it was little salty. I dream of sucking dick and put my mouth.
She shivered and holds my head forcing to it asking more and I need the same from her so I did 69 and she licked mine and I licked her and after a long lick she through her juice forcibly from her pussy and moaned like anything. I asked her the same. So she told she was feeling tired and also on my request she licked my clit in mean while I rubbed my clit and force come inside me and I flowed one her face. I was feeling too tired and want rest. She came to me and slept in my arm.
We don’t know when we got sleep around 3 am I woke up and called her and we went to bathroom. There I sit to piss and she on the light at that time power was came and now we seen each other nude bodies and she also set before me. We see each other pussies and washed each other. We came to bedroom and slept in nighty.

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