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Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss Kusum

I am lata,35 years lesbian.i am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a tour.
This is a incident which happened two years back when I joined a new firm.the story is about my boss mrs kusum chaddha.after and before this incident I had lesbian sex with many women who were younger than college I did lesbian sex with girls but this was the best and most memorable was with mrs kusum chaddha who is older than me.By her experience and perfection she gave me lovely orgasm.she was the best.I was new in firm I was not much familiar to her as she was from different department.she was in her mid-forties,busty lady,5,10 tall,fair,good looking figure 40-32-38.she was a mother of two but still at this age her she looks 35,her body was very well maintained and sexy.At that time i did not know that a lady like her could be a lesbian.
She was a extrovert and strict lady especially to the males.many times I heard her scolding her male coworkers.she has nice physique and beautiful face with nice lifted bust line,curvy waistline and well rounded ass with nice sexy toned legs.she wears dark business suits that shows her well shaped figure.sometime kusum dresses in short skirts that shows off her milky white legs, with thin cotton tight blouses that reveal black bra underneath.kusum loves to show off her body.almost every men stare at kusum’s swaying hips pretending to be coming out so can’t resist them to watch her private doubt she looked very tempting in tight outfits.
So here starts the main part of my incident.when I was on a business tour to goa with my boss kusum chaddha.first day went doing our official work and dinner with the other delegates and in night we were so tired that we didn’t get any chance and went to sleep.on second day we got free time we went to beach and spend good quality time.later we took massage in hotel and relaxed.after doing dinner in night we came to our rooms but after sometime kusum knocked my door and said she’s feeling alone in her big room and asked me to sleep in my room.i allowed her as my room was big enough for one person and the bed was also double.i allowed her and she took all her luggage and got shifted to mine.
After that she took her nighty and start changing at the bedside.i was not surprised that she was not ashamed of changing in front of me.she was in a beautiful maroon bra and panty set.she was blessed with nice bust,right amount of little fat on her belly and deep navel.she took off her bra and was completely naked from breasts.they were very big and well shaped.she caressed her breasts for few seconds as they were in tight bra.she took a cream and applied it on breasts and hands.while rubbing cream on her breasts she smiled to me and I returned a short smile.she said,I am tired and these(boobs) are very heavy.pointing the cream to me,she said could u give me short neck massage.i said sure and she came and sat at my bed side.she was wearing nothing except panty.
I started doing her neck massage.still at this age her skin was very soft.she must have taken good care of her as her skin and body was very nice.i was loving moving my hands on her soft skin and she was showing a relaxed feel on her face.she was sitting and I was focused on the front wall mirror at her big busty breasts and even a little movement of her body was making her bouncy boobs sway.they were looking very juicy and soft.i always adored curvaceous women.she was very lucky to have such well-shaped round breasts.
She said,you did great.if you don’t mind can you do a little to my breasts.i was surprised to hear such unexpected from her.i said ok and took some cream in my hands and moved my hands on her breasts from top to down putting whole cream on her tits.first I did the upper part of her breast making round massage with my fingers,that was very smooth and I was enjoying it,then I came just at the bottom of her tits at her areola.i put them in my hands and I pressed them lightly uplifting them upwards.i was very lucky to have them.i moved my hands and after few strokes she said are doing good…It was like fun to me like a naughty fantasy.
Now,her nipples became very hard and erected.they were very thick and long,made to suck hard.i started thinking of sucking them and started pressing and rubbing her nipples with my two fingers on each breast.i moved my fingers round on her areola.she was saying wow,huh…keep doing lesbian side was coming out and I was enjoying it.
After some time I stopped it.she said wow,u did it so well.i am impressed and she put on her nighty and wore was a sheer baby-doll laced nighty.she was looking very hot and sexy.her breasts can be seen easily with nipples pointing out.i wished to suck these hard thick nipples she dropped her worn panty on floor and wore a thong lace satin panty(thong).she was looking very sultry.she went to washroom.As she was walking to washroom i can saw her round bulky white hips in her as nighty was hardly upto her hips.her thick milky white thighs were soft and toned and her walk was making her chubby hips sway.that was really a sensual view.her body was full I was in my full mood to taste her but I have no other option just to watch.
After returning from washroom she started putting her clothes from her bag to the closet so I helped her as I was putting some clothes from the bag to the almira my hand touched something in her bag and I pulled it out and was shocked to see what was in my was a penis shaped vibrator with a long wire attached to the power supply switch.on penis side a long clip was there for clit sideways and at the end some buttons and a knob was there fir vibration levels.i was feeling shy and put that back in bag.she saw my expression and said don’t feel shy,u want to try ??.i said no,no…she gave it to me to try but I was shy in front of her.i said I can’t mam,I….She said first u stop saying me mam,call me kusum and look I am doing in front of u.after me you’ll try.ok.she lifted her nighty and slided her panty down to her legs.she was very calm,then she opened her legs and pressed on button of vibrator and moved it to her pussy.i can saw her hairless clean pussy.her clit lines were clearly visible to me with small was beautiful and nice view.
She put the vibrator on her clit and started rubbing it there.i saw her expressions changing and soon she lay on the bed with her hand moving vibrator in between her thighs.she was like …mmm…ummm.then she pressed dildo in her heartbeat was increasing and I started enjoying the view.the clit part of vibrator was on her clit and vibrator penis part was completely inside her pussy.both parts were giving her sensation.she started rubbing her hands at inner thighs near pussy side.then after sometime she rotated the knob to increase vibration.her clit muscles were shaking and she was rubbing and moving her legs on she left the vibrator and started rubbing her love-handles.after sometimes her hands were on her breasts and started pressing and squeezing her she feel more she put her nipples between her fingers and started pressing them.she was really horny and so do my pussy was also wet.after few seconds kusum started going tight and sooner she released her juice and moaned high.uummmm….aahhhh….i knew that she got her orgasm
She was now lying loose and her juices were flowing out of pussy as she pulled vibrator out.Then after some time she got up and said now lie down I’ll give you some.i was hesitating but her talks made me to go ahead.she lifted my gown to my waist and slided her hands between my thighs.she slowly opened my legs and ran her hand through my inner thighs and rubbed my thighs.later she touched my clit.As she touched a current ran in my body and she moved her fingers on my clit.she moved her fingers slowly on my clit for few seconds.i was feeling horny with that rubbing.She slowly parted my legs and she opened my clit and inserted her middle finger in my pussy and at was little wet.she felt the wet fluid and said oh u r horny,as it was wet.She started fingering in my pussy and I started getting pleasure.while she was fingering in my pussy she started rubbing my upper clit by her other hand.i was moaning uuummm…oohhh..ufff.she was doing very well.
Soon in few minutes I was in deep was feeling great.she kept on doing it for few more minutes and I was still moaning ummm…mm and moving my legs on bed sheet.Now she took the vibrator and slowly it in my pussy and pressed the clit vibrator on my clit.She put her hand in my gown and started rubbing and pressing my boobs gently.She removed her nighty and came close to me.her hands were still pressing my boobs.I groped her in my arms were on her back and side-boobs she came close to me and put her juicy lips on my lips.she started kissing me passionately.our kiss deepens and we started licking and sucking each others tongue.i pressed my hands on her back.we were kissing desperately like two mad horny sex deprived women.
My thigh was between her legs and her wet clit was feeling there.she was rubbing her clit on my thigh and sooner I started moving my thigh on her pussy.she was moaning umm..mmm… She kissed my neck and slipped lower and put tongue on my nipples and licked my areola.ummm.. it felt very good.she started sucking my nipples and kissing them.she was giving great pleasure to hands were pressing her big boobs.they were very big in size but were very desire to get them was fulfilling,they were so big that they were not coming full in my hands.After sucking my nipples she left my boob and I put my lips on her big breast and start licking them.i was dying to suck her nipples and to lick them.i kissed between her breasts and started licking her areola.i was very desperate to kiss them.i put her nipples in my mouth and sucked them tightly.she said ohhh…hhh..then I pressed her nipples by lips she moaned aahhh..ouuch…hhhhh….uummm…hmmm….she was moaning deep with close eyes.
Then as I left her breasts and she put her finger on my clit and along with vibrator she started rubbing it.i kissed her navel and her soft belly.after kissing it I put my hands was on her clit and I rubbed my finger on it and later after sometime I inserted my finger in was very wet with her juices that she cummed before so it was very finger glided in her pussy.i moved my finger in her wet pussy.meanwhile she pulled out vibrator from my pussy and got her face down there and lie next to me with her pussy near my face.she started fingering my pussy deep and rubbing vibrator penis top on clit.i was also fingering her pussy deep.we were in a 69 side-2-side position.she was fingering my pussy and I was fingering her.our bodies were very hot and we were tightly embraced to each other in 69.i pulled out my wet finger and tasted her cum.
Now she started licking my clit and her tongue gave me deep pleasure and it got even more as she entered her tongue in it.uuff..hhmmm..i was in heaven.she inserted her full tongue in it and in between this she said do it same to me.i returned to her and as she was licking and fingering.i also started licking her pussy with my tongue and with my increased masti,I increased my pace with deep tongue licking.she was eating my pussy with her open lips at side and tongue in it.she was sucking with sound coming out from pussy….pucchh..aaaahhhaahh,so hard she was sucking my pussy creating a vaccum in it.she was like a kamasutra teacher to me.i was doing same what she does new,sucking hard,rolling my tongue deep inside her pussy.we were desperately licking each other sweet pussies and in between we were eating them and moaning high she sometimes even lick my asshole and that pleasure I can’t define.
In between this highly intense position we were giving tight jerks as sensations were very high.don’t know how long she has been sex hungry but it was sure more than me.she was really horny and after sometime my hard licking led her to cum and she held my hips tightly and paused for few seconds and moaned aaaahhh….ummmmmm..mmmm and she cummed and I felt the juices flowing out of her pussy.i licked her whole cum each drop and just after the pause of few seconds she continued with my pussy and within few seconds I got my pussy released fluid giving me a strong heavenly feeling.i was aaahh… ..oohhh….mmmm.kusum was licking my wet pussy juices and I was lying there relaxed and loosened body.
Kusum came close to me and kissed on my cheek.we both were relaxed and she groped me and her big breasts pressed my breasts.i held her in my arms and we slept holding each other in our arms.i can’t forget that night experience.she gave me very good pleasure and a wonderful orgasm.we had a great time.after that we and kusum made love to each other many times.we did every type of sex with dildo,role-plays in which a woman behaves as a men etc.she gave me wonderful pleasures that I can’t explain in my words.we still do sometimes when meet but rarely as she got transferred to another firm.that was my experience.hope u you like it.

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