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Live In Caretaker

I like to be known as Ektimee (means – I am alone) the story is experiential and recent bit about myself. I am an educated girl 32 years of age. I work in a private bank as analyst. I was married 4 years back and my son is now 3+. My hubby works in IT and we were happily married. Recently, since last year I observed changes in the behaviour of my husband. He had started neglecting me and picking up fights every now and then for few months.
I ignored expecting that this could just be a passing phase eventually it was clear that his intentions were not quite honourable. The problems became intense and eventually 8 months we separated. Luckily the flat was in my name and I continued to live there. He has started his affair with the daughter of Company owner. She was around 40, a widow having lost her husband in a car accident. They were looking at my husband to ditch me, marry her and become their heir.
I started living alone with my son shuttling between office and crèches eventually I was advised to hire a full time caretaker to look after my child. In 8-10 weeks I could hire one and her name is Rani. Rani is just 19 or 20 years of age and has passed her SSC. I promised to help her out to complete her graduation in due course of time.
Rani is efficient and clean in her habits. She could take care of my son all day long. She would go at around 7.00 pm in the evening. We got along well and soon realised that if she stays in my flat 24 hours then my boredom will also get reduced and I will have somebody to talk to after my work in the bank. She readily agreed and brought her stuff to my place.
Slowly we were sort of friends and started talking bit intimately. She was curious and excited. I took her for shopping and bought some nice clothes for her including some decent bras and panty. She was so excited with this. She would wear and come along to show me dressed only in inners. I could appreciate her slim but flexible figure. I am sort of plump at 5’3″ and 36 32 40 but I have nice long hair. Rani likes long hair and she frequently like to bathe me and dry my hair.
By now in a short span of 2-3 months we had become very friendly, frank and intimate. Once she came to me wearing a bra only. It was ill fitted. I drew her close and adjusted the straps for better fitting. It was inevitable that my hands cupped and caressed her boobs 32 sized boobs also. Rani felt excited. I could see it in her eyes. I kept on playing with her boobs and squeezing them mildly every now and then suddenly in an emotional outburst Rani clung to me hugged me hard and started kissing me.
Starting with cheeks our lips got stuck lip to lip. By now I was also excited and my hands went around her neck and I kissed her back french style. This further aggravated her passion and we went on for at least 30-40 minutes before she realized that she had crossed the lakshman Rekha. She became silent with a sense of guilt. It was my time for payback. I made her sit on the sofa and wrapped my hands around her and softening her shock and bewilderment.
I explained that what she did was perfectly natural and that even I enjoyed her actions and reactions. No need to say that the fire with both of us was ignited. I allowed 2-3 days to pass through then on Xmas day I had holiday. I asked Rani if she will give me a nice hot bath and in turn I was willing to give her a similar one. She readily agreed as we were getting prepared for the event, I suggested that why not combine our baths and do it together but Mam.
I feel so shy before you without any clothes Rani asked. I replied saying ‘ now we have seen each other’s bodies so often already eventually I could pursued her and we went ahead with our bathing program and my God it was so erotic and enjoyable. We both stripped each other naked. Rani started playing with my big boobs and while applying soap went Beserk with joy and pleasure in the process making me hot also.
I started applying soap on her pussy area and my fingers could easily get inside. She was swirling in joy I was shivering in pleasure. We had this erotic bath for about an hour and then came out into bedroom and dried each other with only one hair drier with me, while I dried her hair Rani was constantly sucking my boobs and nipples. I reciprocated while she was drying my hair. She was in delirium when I started drying her pussy hair.
Rani keeps thick tufts on her pussy in the meantime my son got up and I took him in my lap and lay on the bed. Rani wanted to feed him even though she is not lactating the scene became very exciting for me and while they were engaged I bent down and started to lick her pussy. I dug my tongue inside her and swirling in the cave very soon I found her getting wet and made the entire area slippery. This was sheer bliss.
My hand went around her bums to back and my forefinger tore inside her asshole. She was literally jumping in joy in next 15 min sit was my turn. I started mock feeding my son while Rani got engaged with her tongue digging deep inside my pussy. My pelvic thrusts began and very soon I was oozing and a willing Rani lapping it all up with her tongue. Needless to say, we all three share the same bed every night now. I have given up any thoughts of men coming in my life now.

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