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Male Escort With Couple

There said we are also from Noida itself and want to try threesome. I’m ready to give service. Then our chat goes on for couple of days, they asked about my age, and physical measurements. I said I want to see you people before I come to your place. They asked my phone number and after that I got a call from them. Then after the call he sent her Girlfriend Pic. OMG, till now I have done sex with so many ladies. But believe me she is very cute and awesome. Even now I have no words to express. She is damn pretty. But one side of my mind says don’t be excite, ask one more pic to confirm the people. Then I asked to send both of their pics. There I got a reply with both of there pic’s. Actually there are no married couples. There are in relationship and excited to have some fun. Later we fixed the meeting on Saturday afternoon around 2. All of this happened on Wednesday.
After that there is no message, call, nothing. I thought they withdrawn because they are not even attending my calls, and not responding for my messages. So I kept silent. But on Saturday I called them around 10AM; still no response. But suddenly at 11:45AM my mobile started ringing and I attended the call, the other side the couple asked me to come to Cross republic, but I said it’s totally a new place for me and I can’t reach there. Then he asked where I’m now. I replied that I’m at Shipra mall. Then he said I’m going to pick up my girlfriend and come near Shipra mall in 15mins. I’m standing near the T-point outside Shipra mall. He called me and asked me to buy once packet condoms and a set of playing cards. I bought them and standing outside Shipra. He called me and said to stand near the T-Point and asked about my dress color, I replied that I’m wearing a Red polo t-shirt and with Black jeans. I saw a white Honda city is coming towards me. I saw the couple, whom I got matched with the pic they sent to me.
But to my strange the car didn’t stopped and ran away after them seeing me. I thought what the fuck! Then I called them 5-6times and no one answered. Then I prepared to go back and started to move forward. But again they called me and asked to hire a private auto and come to republic crossing. Then I booked an auto and started my journey. The journey took around >20 min due to a lot of traffic jam. But I reached to society and asked him to where to come. Then he gave directions to find his flat. I reached to their flat and rang the calling bell.
Suddenly the gorgeous lady whose height is around 5”4 opened the door and welcomed me. I went directly to their bedroom where the person is sitting there. Then I introduced to them. The person name is Ashish (changed) and Nitya (changed). They introduced to me. By the way the person is around 5”10 height with healthy body and the lady is around 5”4, assets are 34-30-34 and full milky white. Then we chit chatted for 10mins and started to play cards.
The lady was already drunk as she had a beer. They offered me but I smoothly rejected as I’m not in mood to have it. We started to play Teen pathi but the game rules are who every loose should remove one cloth from their body. Then he placed them. But to my bad luck I and lady lost the game. So I removed my t-shirt and that lady removed her bra directly without opening her top (she removed her panty before I reach to them.), in the next round the couple loose, then he removed his t-shirt and lady removed her mini’s. Then in the 3rd turn I and lady lost. So I removed my jeans as of I’m in my undies and she was totally nude. Wow what a feeling, a milky white lady with awesome shapes and melons is sitting before me. Then the person gave initial to start, and then I went around lady and caught her boobs. Ashish is playing with his cock. I’m crushing her boobs and I lean on bed and pulling her towards me. In beginning she is hesitating to come over me. But Ashish told to enjoy it. They to that word I pulled her towards me with little more power, and then she came over me and doing nothing. Then I started kissing her over her neck and chicks. I’m waiting to get comfortable, mean while my body is getting hotter. The she asked why u r getting so hot then I replied I’m very horny to fuck you, for that she blushed with a laugh. Then slowly I started to seduce her by sucking her boobs. I continuously sucking boob one after the other.
Then she gave a beautiful smooch to me for 5 min. Ashish told to suck his penis, she followed the same and I’m busy with her boobs. After that we both standing and she came and sucking our cocks one by one simultaneously. She is sucking like a bitch with our both cocks. Then I went down and started sucking her pussy. The pussy is full white with little pink lips with no pubic hair. First I touched it and placed a kissed on it; then slowly licking her pussy. She is busy with Ashish penis, and with my expertise licking she holds my head deep into her pussy and I sucked it like a dog. Ashish pumped in her mouth and she squirted on my face. Then she holds my penis and started licking it. I’m in my 9th heaven as a milky white baby is lick my pennies. She wore a condom to my pennies and Ashish penis and came over me and pulled my dick into her pussy as she is very hungry to get fuck. I’m just giving the opposite force and she is riding on me. She is shouting like hell, ahhh ahhhh hhhhhh. This went for another 10-15 min and I released my sperm.
She leans on me and gave smooch for another 2mins. Like this we had a nice threesome for another 3 sessions. Then they paid and said to me that they may call if they want my service again and said they were fully satisfied with my service

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