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Milky Way To Heavenly Sex

Hi, this is Malathi from Hyderbad. I am married and my husband has business and travels a lot. Once my husbands friend is going to USA on some project and left his wife at our house for couple of weeks as his parents are out of town and they will take her back once they come back. She came here with 1 year baby.
After one day my husband has to go Delhi for 2 days and he left he also felt happy that I have some company at house. On that night I woke up in the night and her baby was in bed but she is not. I thought she might have gone to bathroom after 10 mins she didnt return and I went near bathroom and checked the door was open and she is standing near the wash basin and squeezing her boobs for milk.
I knocked the door and asked if she is ok. She said the baby couldn’t drink all the milk and her breast is paining a lot so she needs to squeeze the milk out so that it wont pain. I said ok and I returned to the bed and slept. Next day morning I asked her if everything is ok she said yeah we had breakfast and lunch I saw her feeding her baby and I saw her boobs they were very big and she got embarrassed and said those were big because of her feeding and milk I said its cool and continued to watch the tv.
After 10 mins she called me and showed that kid fell asleep and didnt drink all the milk and again her boobs were getting bigger. She went to bathroom and squeezed all the milk. In the evening my husband called and said that it is going to take 3 more days and said if he will stay there he can finish the work as i am not alone in the house. That night again I saw her going to bathroom and squeezing the milk.
Next day morning she said it will be comfortable to take the blouse completely and feed her milk as her blouse is getting wet all the time and she said she will do it if I am ok with that. I said I am completely ok and after removing her blouse and by looking at her boobs i found small sensation in my body and continued to look at her boobs for a while. She noticed that and said I will also have big boobs once i have baby.I said I am worried as I already have big boobs, she said my husband is very lucky. I blushed and sat quiet. But her breast is making me to look at them always. Again after a while the baby slept and she went to bathroom to squeeze out the milk, I asked her if i can help. She said she is ok with that.
In the night, same thing happened and I saw her going to her bathroom with out any blouse and only under garment. after a while I thought of looking at her breast and walked to bathroom and saw her standing there and I asked if everything is ok . She said she was not able to squeeze her boobs as here hands were paining a lot. I said I can help her to squeeze so that I thought I can touch her magnificent boobs.
First she hesitated and said ok with that. I started squeezing here boobs standing near the wash basin, I was using one hand to squeeze and I rested one of my hand on basin. after a while my hand slipped and I slipped and face went near her boobs with out any intention I started sucking her boobs as I am already little hot inside.She was surprised and also feeling relieved and she slowly started feeling happy. She said in this case we can go to bed and continue this. I felt very happy and we went to bed and she lied on the bed half nude and I started to suck her boobs. I finished and I felt very happy and we slept that night.
By this time we were feeling so close and started to discuss all the things and I was asking her about pregnancy and stuff like that.In the afternoon again she asked me to squeeze her boobs..I suggested we will do directly as we did yesterday and we went to bed room and I started to suck her boobs.I was feeling so hot inside and I thought she also felt same….while sucking her boobs she was looking at my boobs and told me that they are big and asked why dont I show her…Even i felt excited and I opened my nighty as I was not wearing any bra they came out and she said they are good and she wanted to touch them I happily said ok and she touched my boobs…then i returned to suck her boob and I touched other boob then in the same time she kept her hand on my boob..
I started to play with her nipple pressing it and rubbing it she also did same to me. Now we both were very hot and she pressed my head towards her boob. she said she wanted to cuk my boob and I immediately offered her…while she is sucking my boob I started playing with navel and smooth stomach.
Then we shifted the positions…she also was playing with my navel..she slowly went blow my navel…and suddenly i let my undergarment and saree go down a bit and she started touching my public hair…she said its hairy…I said yes I like it and asked if she like it she said yes and first time I saw her arm pit and even it is hairy..I touched that hair and rubbed it..she felt excited and I continued playing with that she asked me to take off my blouse and she also touched my arm pit and started playing with it…she said she likes the smell of arm pit and I said I too like it then she immediately smelled my arm pit and slowly touched my arm pit with her tongue…it made me so horny and i held her head and pressed toward my arm pit and returned back the favour with licking her arm pit and she licked mine…by this time we removed our sarees and we are with only our under garments…In telugu they are called langa and in the spot when we tie the know there will some space…she kept her hand in that space and touched my thighs I also did the same….
As it is the afternoon and we didnt yet take our bath…the arm pits were very sweaty and making us very horny that smell with sweat.we licked our arm pits for a while….then we both started kissing on cheeks and suddenly we were french kissing….our hands started to play with thighs we were doing simultaneously….then slowly we moved our hand towards our pussies ans started rubbing them as we both were missing sex for a while…we stated rubbing fast and suddenly we started cumming and reached our climax very fast …we kissed for a while and took rest for some time…In the evening I went out to get some groceries…
When I returned back she was doing something in the kitchen and I went from back and hugged her…we kissed for a while and came her kid started crying she felt of feeding her…I said I will prepare dinner…In between preparing dinner I came to hall to say some thing..and her baby was drinking milk from one boob..she is not wearing anything on top her blouse was not there and sarry is lying aside…she looked at me and smiled..I went near her and pressed other boob and she asked if I am hungry…
I smiled and started to drink milk from another boob…she felt excited and said..I am feeding two babies…as she was sitting on sofa I sat down before her and started sucking her boob..while doing this her baby fell asleep and we moved her to bed room and returned to same positions while returning I switched of the stove…now again I started to suck her boob …she slowly moved her undergarment till her knees.. i kissed her knee.she moved her undergarment a bit I could clearly see her pussy and smell the precums…I couldnt stop anymore and moved to her pussy and started to lick it ….she removed her undergarment and started enjoying my sucking by pressing my head towards her pussy…I licked her pussy very deeply she couldn’t control it and moaned a lot..she then reached climax….I drank all her cums for the first time in my life as I was horny….
Then we went to the bed room…i removed all my clothes and then she started kissing my legs , my thighs and she reached my pussy ..she sais the strong smell making her so horny and she started licking it ..oh my god…it is like going to heaven….she did it very fast…with in few mins I reached climax….after taking some rest..we finished our dinner watched tv fro some time…I called my husband and said I am very happy with Deepa…He was very happy that I am not at all feeling lonely…she spoke to her husband and said she is very happy… In the night..we came to bed room and we removed our clothes….but her baby was feeling hungry and she started feeding her…
I started to play with her other boob….my and her baby was sucking her milk in two of her boobs…also I was playing with her pussy..after a while her baby fell asleep and then we made her to sleep in her bed…we came and started kissing …I sucked all her remaining milk…i went down to her navel and played for a while….and then w moved our pussies together we were rubbing our pussies to each other….that really felt great…then suddenly she said…she wanted to pee…at the same time I also said I also need to pee then we decided to go together and pee together…we went to bathroom and instead of using commode…
We both started peeing in bathroom open area in standing position the scene made both of use very horny…we both touched our pussies while peeing….we rubbed our pussies while peeing then we washed our selves and came back to bed room…then we started to lick our pussies in 69 positions…still i can smell her urine I told her and she also said that she is smelling my urine….we spoke in telugu and we used words like ucha…it made us very horny and we licked our pussies very hard…and moaned like hell….we were doing like wild dogs…suddenly she moved to my ass and started licking my ass she inserted her tongue into my ass…It was awesome….I also moved to her ass and started licking her asshole…we both are licking our ass holes…we were so dirty and enjoying our sex like anything…..
After reaching climax we slept…in the middle of night she woke me up and said she wanted to go to pee .I followed her and I also felt like peeing ….we both started peeing and started rubbing our pussies…suddenly she bent down and kissed my pussy while peeing oh I poured my urine on her face then I also did the same ..then and there we lied down in bath room and went to 69 position and peeing…..then after peeing we started licking our pussies we cleaned our pussies with our tongues and we cummed and we licked all our cums and cleaned and returned to bed room and sleep nude….
Next day morning my husband came and in the night I was so horny thinking of all stuff happened with Deepa and I did see very rough with my husband and he said you were so hot….and next day morning Deepa got a call from her in laws and she left in the evening…in the after noon I sucked her boobs…we licked our pussies in 69 position…we gave good bye kisses before my husband came…my husband took her to inlaws house…

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