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My Cousin’s Wife

My name is Anita Brian And I 27 years old and I live in Toronto. My father was from India and mother from Canada and I have a sister Amelia who is 25 years old. We both live together and are lesbians and today I would like to share my story which occurred only three days back when I went tii visit my cousin and his wife. Sorry for the long intro I will come to the story right away.
Its was a snowy day here in Toronto and with very cool temperature. Me and my sister decided to visit them as it was long that we met. On our way we picked up some chocolates and once we reached there we came to know that my cousin is away for work in another city. So we removed our jackets and settle down.
After sometime she came with hot chocolate for all three of us. Oh by the way her name is Salina. While we were gossiping I observed that Salina was constantly looking at my legs as I was wearing a white color legging and since all of were women I did not put my legs crossed and was sitting freely. And she too was wearing a light color top and a short skirt but without any leggings. Since she was constantly looking at my Legs I asked her if there is anything wrong that you are constantly looking at my legs. She got flabbergasted on my question and said no no I was just admiring your leggings. Amelia too was not at ease too.
After we had our hot chocolate drink she then asked what will you eat so that she could prepare it well in advance for us to eat at appropriate time.
After dinner she insisted that we should stay back as she was feeling lonely and moreover her husband was not in the city and it was snowing heavily. So we agreed as the next day was Saturday and her husband was not coming till Monday.
Suddenly she got up and went to the bedroom and called me and just caught hold of me and hugged me tightly And started crying as she did not want Amelia to know. On inquiring she narrated her story that she does not want to live with my cousin as he becomes a savage when he fucks me in my pussy and ass hole and it pains me and I start bleeding and at times I can’t walk for days when he inserts his nine inch cock and around two and half inch in dia.
I consoled her and while we were still hugging each other something was happening to her and she started kissing me first slowly and later passionately.
I was not at all shocked being a lesbian but she was skeptical to touch me further and said Sorry Sorry Anita . I just got carried away.
I told her to relax and said don’t worry we will help you. Upon hearing this she got a 440 volt current when I returned the kiss and got hold of her tightly and pressed my breast against hers. Oh she has a big boobs of 42D and slim with flat belly and 36 ass. Why kissing and hugging I got hold of her ass and lifted her skirt up and was squeezing her ass and in the meantime she grabbed my ass and pressing hard against her.
Suddenly she went to close the door of the bedroom as she was fearing Amelia would come inside. I told her to relax and called Amelia in and explained the whole situation to her and she started laughing and before we could further say she sat down and pulled the panty down of Salina and started rubbing her very hairy pussy as she later told us why she didn’t shave as her husband doesn’t like hairy pussy so in other words he wouldn’t fuck her.
We then took her to the bed and made her completely naked and started rubbing her pussy which was already wet and we could see the shine of wetness on the hair and while doing so we too took our clothes and were stark naked .
I then started started massaging her beautiful boobs and was sucking the erect nipples and she was moaning while Amelia was sucking her pussy and the clot by removing the hair with both hands while our pussy was well shaved and clean she said she would like to suck my pussy which has a big clit as my sister sucks my clit every night before she goes to sleep. As Amelia was sucking here pussy she was moaning and twisting and tossing her head and suddenly she squirted on Amelia’s face by wetting her and the bed and was screaming aloud and I had to kiss her to keep her voice low and while doing so I too came with a gush by wetting her face and pillow and I collapsed and Amelia was still finger fucking her and sucking her hairy pussy. We later sucked and finger fucked Amelia for her to cum who was already wet in her pussy.
Later at night she got up and was sucking my pussy and had her one finger in Amelia’s pussy which woke us up and that’s the time I decided that probably she wants more so I took out a rabbit vibrator which was six inch long and inserted in her pussy and after twenty minutes of fucking her she again squirted and this time it was like she was pissing and it reached my boobs and later she collapsed on the wet bed.
We had lot of sex in two days and she was totally exhausted when we left on Sunday Afternoon

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