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My First Nude Dare In Public Place

Hi friends; I work in an MNC and I stay in hostel here. It’s a 3 member sharing room, spacious and good. Our hostel is an apartment. So, there is another room just opposite to ours. My roommates often go home during holidays and weekends. So I will get plenty of time to stay nude as no one will be there in our room. But I have never tried to be nude in the morning times as I was scared if any one walks into our room or if any one looks in through the window. The thoughts of people seeing me naked makes me aroused and I am easily able to finger my pussy. I found myself to be a lesbian only; from the day I started to realize these things. I always wanted my cunt being sucked by some girl’s hot tongue and then she fingers me deep down my leaking vagina. I wish she could drink the liquids which ooze out of the vagina. And later on I can make her same aroused too; I like it when my boobs are accidently touched by other females. Though I hate it; when I am deliberately or un-deliberately touched by males. This normally happens when you travel by bus or train. There is a special gang of guy who like to touch and feel good with the ladies…! Anyways let them alone; let us concentrate on my story. The story happened in my hostel only…..!
This happened on a Sunday when I was alone in my room. All my roommates went to their home towns and my opposite room was also locked that day as they also left to their homes. As usual I removed all my clothes and was just lying on my bed nude. Then I thought of doing something adventurous. It was around 1 in the night. Our hostel room contains a hall, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I was lying on my bed in bedroom.
I decided to go out of my room completely naked without even wearing a towel, but I was very scared about it. I never did this before. I only had thoughts of doing such things but never did it in real life. I had a great fight with my inner voice whether to do it or not. One side I was feeling like this is the best opportunity and I will not get one more chance if I miss this but the other side I was scared of getting caught. I stay in second floor. There are 5 floors in our hostel. If any one comes through steps, when I am naked outside, I will be caught red-handed and cannot imagine a worse situation than that. Finally my thrust to do public nude adventures won over my fear. I decided to go for it and I was really very tensed and excited at the same time.
I wrapped up a towel around me and came out of my room, into hall. I slightly opened the door of our flat. Lights were switched on the steps. I got really scared and closed the door immediately. I calmed down and opened the door slowly almost after 5 minutes. I slowly stepped out of the door and I was there outside in full light standing with nothing on my body, just a towel. That feeling was awesome. Then I slowly gathered courage and removed the towel completely and as I decided to go out without any piece of cloth with me, I threw the towel into my room. So there is no chance of covering myself if anybody sees me. I could feel the touch of air on every part of my body. Feeling of being nude in complete public place was extraordinary. I walked through few steps. Then I switched off all the lights and sat on the steps and masturbated there. My hands ran across my body without my knowledge. The pleasure and satisfaction I felt was never felt before. It was extremely satisfactory. I could not believe, I was doing all these. I then walked on few more steps. After spending a time of almost half an hour completely nude with out a piece of cloth with me outside, I finally came in. I saw few more photos of “girls nude in public” in internet and masturbated again. I was very much satisfied with all of my experience and wish I could do a little more in my next try and my main important wish is that I should be caught and seen by someone else in that position. I am really crazy about it.
I thought of going to terrace like that but could not gather courage to do it. I will definitely do it the next time. May be after some days my roommates will leave to their homes. I have decided to spend 2 days completely naked, not even wearing a single piece of cloth and do all my work. I will also make sure that at least our hostel servant lady should see me naked this time. I will post the story of that too, once I complete it. I always had wish of having a lesbian roommate but never had one. I love the thought of seeing other girls naked and they seeing me naked and doing interesting things like nude dares etc. I have many ideas in my mind and just waiting for a correct companion to make them true. 

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