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My Goa Trip

Hi Ayesha hey Richa come in Richa was bringing in my breakfast. I was at a cottage in Goa, where I had come with my mom. Mom had some conference here for a week and I wanted to see Goa but the trouble was, mom went early and came back late from the conference that I did not get a chance to see the place yet for two days I was sitting in the cottage with nothing to do.
Richa was the usual girl who did the room service for our cottage. She was around 25, very tall and dark. She was slim and looked very athletic. She was wearing the hotel uniform, white pleated shirt and black pants with black formal high heeled shoes. She was not wearing any jewellery what’s the plan for today? She asked oooh! Nothing and I don’t think mom is going to make it early even today.
I said, lazily stretching myself on the bed. I was dressed in a loose fitting white sleeveless top buttoned up at the back and a khaki colored thin trousers tied up at my waist. I was planning for a walk on the beach and so was not wearing any jewellery except for my ear rings and my thread thin silver anklets. She set the table for the breakfast and let herself out. I finished my breakfast, slipped on my slippers and walked out of the cottage on to the beach.
The beach was deserted my mom had forbidden me to go far away from the cottage. So I sat there on the sand enjoying the view. It was very early and the sun had just risen over the horizon. I could still see the wonderful colors on the sky indicating the sunrise. The water looked so refreshing that I wanted to jump right in. It was too much of a temptation to resist. I slipped off my slippers making sure that the beach was deserted and I untied my trousers and placed them near the slippers on the sand.
I was wearing sky blue colored panties with dark blue edges on it and there were some dark blue petals printed on it too. I did not want to remove the top as I was not wearing any bra inside. Leaving the trousers and my slippers on the beach, I ran into the oncoming waves. I was playing with the waves. I did not know swimming, so I was afraid to go too deep. I was near the shallow area, kneeling on the floor so that the waves rose up to my shoulders.
I removed my hair band and threw it to the beach near my stuff. I let my hair out, enjoying the feel, when my long black hair got wet with sea water. I moved back to the end of the beach where the sea waves came in to meet the sand and went back. I lay there enjoying when the weaves rushed on me, making me salty wet, when it came in and went back. The beach sand was sticking to my body and my wet clothes, as I rolled on the beach, playing with the waves.
Finally, I got up and went back to where I had placed my stuff. It was not there. My trousers and my slippers were gone suddenly I noticed Richa coming towards me. Richa, my stuff relax Ayesha. I placed that in your cottage nobody stole it and she said smiling. I exclaimed, certainly relieved and happy. I stood there laughing, forgetting that I was in my wet top and panties, barefooted with sand sticking to most of my body.
I just finished my shift. I was going home, when I thought you were alone and bored. I thought I will just give you company for sometime before I go Richa said thanks. So when I came in, I saw you in the water. So I saw the chance, stole your stuff and put it back at your cottage”, she laughed. I too laughed with her. She was still in her old uniform dress, but she had pulled up her shirt sleeves and the collar button was opened up.
Her short hair was still neatly tied in a pony tail. Oh! You have sand all over you”, she said, brushing the sand off my hands. Looking down I noticed that my wet white top was sticking to my skin. My small nipples were clearly visible protruding through the top and the small bulges of my breasts were vaguely obvious. The panties were also sticking to my body. You could make out the curves and bulges of my ass, from behind.
The top fell just short of the start of my panties. She was brushing the sand of my body. Her hands were moving around my body. I could feel her hands on my skin through the wet clothes. She was taking an awful lot of time rubbing sand off me. She was standing behind me, rubbing sand of my panties. Her hands were feeling the curves of my hips and the bulges of my ass. Her fingers were running through the edges of my panties over my ass cheeks.
Her palms were slowly cupping my ass. I was getting really turned on with all this. Her hands were like magic. I slowly closed my eyes enjoying the feel of her hands on me. Suddenly I remembered the incident with my maid. I smiled to myself thinking about that day immediately I realized that today could be another adventure too. Richa was much softer than my maid Seema but I doubted that her intentions were same. I stood there on the beach letting her hands roam around my body.
Finally I decided to give her a hint. I pulled my hair from my back and over my shoulder I placed them at the front, exposing the back of my neck. She did not take the hint and went on with the show of dusting sand off me. I stood there thinking what to do and I think there is a little bit of sand inside my panties and I said, frustrated that Richa was not moving ahead with her rubbing the sand off me plan excuse me and she said, quite surprised.
Oh! I am sorry I felt the sand inside my panties at the back its ok. It will go off when I take a bath no. It’s ok and I will take it off from you now she said, trying hard to hide the excitement in her voice by the way it’s under my top too, I chipped in no problem”, she said. She decided to go on to my top first. She pushed her hand inside my top from the bottom. She was still standing behind me, working off at my back. I sighed heavily with excitement as I felt her hand on the soft skin on my back.
Her hand was moving around my bare back. I was disappointed that she was still keeping to the sand trick. You can unbutton and check I informed her. I heard her let out a sigh as she unbuttoned my top. She opened up my top at the back it was still holding its place in the front. Her hands roamed around my bare back from the back of my neck to the top of my panties. She was thoroughly enjoying this. I too was savouring every bit of this.
Shall I check your panties now? She asked me innocently sure go ahead I said, smiling to myself. The beach was still deserted but I did not know how much longer it was going to stay that way. Somebody just needs to get out of one of their cottages or peep through their windows to see us. I crossed my hands over my chest so that my top did not slip down through my hands. It was fluttering dangerously in the wind. I could feel her breath on the bare back of my skin as she stood close to take the sand of my panties.
Her hand moved unsteadily under my panties from the top. I held my breath, as her hands brushed against my naked butt. She was putting her palm over the top of my bare ass, trying to measure it up. She cupped them up one by one. Slowly she was gaining in confidence, as she probed between my ass cheeks. Her fingers rubbed through my ass slit. My breasts were getting tighter under the top. My nipples were also getting erect.
I was trying my best not to moan aloud. I could feel my heart beating faster with excitement. Unable to hold any longer, I asked her, you can pull down my panties if you want oooh! Ok, she was taken aback. Shall we move to a different place? She asked cottage? No. There is a beautiful place nearby. It’s always deserted is it nearby? I can’t go far from this cottage it’s very close. We will be back soon can you button up my top?
Oh! Sorry”, she apologized and buttoned up my blouse should I get my trouser and slippers? Oh! No, don’t worry it’s very close by and very safe. She was leading me far from the cottage side. We were still walking on the beach. I was still in my top and my panties. Both had dried because of the cool breeze blowing on the beach. I was still bare footed. We began to walk away from the beach now. There was a greener part of land a little far opposite the beach. It was ill kept and messy.
The grass was over grown and there were some crap stuff lying here and there. I wished I had worn my slippers as I followed her into the green. This is still hotel property but nobody comes here and she said. We were going through the grass and there was not even a trail or a path anywhere ahead. I sure hoped that she knew her way around here and here were lot of coconut trees around us. How do you know this place?
I asked her out of curiosity I am a local. I know most of the places here and she said, proudly. I knew about this place even before the hotel was built here and she informed me. She led me into a clearing inside the tall grasses. This looked like a safe place. Nobody would know that we were there if even they were a stone’s throw away from us. This is it and she said, stopping at the center of the clearing and smiling at me.
I turned around with my back to her and pushed my hair to the front and stood like before, only this time expecting something more from her. She was acting confidently now. Probably this is where she brought girls to have fun. I thought, as she unbuttoned my top. She opened up my top from behind. I let it slip it off my hands, as she finished unbuttoning and it hit the ground softly and now I was just in my panties.
She ran her hands over my bare back of my neck to down below. Her hands rested on the edges of my panties shall I? She asked for permission, with her fingers inside the elastic band of my panties. I closed my eyes as my heart beat raced up with anticipation ok and I replied softly. She caught hold of my panties and pulled them slowly, revealing the treasures it was hiding. She pulled my panties off my feet and threw it aside on the ground.
Now, I was standing completely nude, with my back to her and except for my ear rings and my anklets, I was as naked as a newly born baby. Richa came close to me from behind and wrapped her arms around my waist holding me close to her. She started kissing the back of my neck. Her lips felt warm against my bare skin. I could feel her clothes brushing against my exposed body. I felt my legs go weak as her kisses ran around the back of my neck.
Her strong hands held me in place as she went on with her kissing. She turned me around and held my chin. I closed my eyes as she brought her lips closer to mine. She started kissing my lips. Her fingers were massaging my ears as it held my face in position for her kisses. She had started sucking my lips one by one. I could hear her breathing getting hard and a little moaning as she tried to suck out the air out of me. I could also feel the anticipation building inside me.
I still had my eyes closed when her tongue probed into my mouth. I opened my mouth a little, so that it can roam around freely. Her tongue brushed against mine and went back inside. I instinctively pushed my tongue inside her open mouth. She started sucking my tongue. She was a great kisser. I could feel myself getting turned on again. She was a little taller than me.
I had to stand on my toes and she had to bend forward to french me. I was losing my footing as she continued on with her mouth. She held me close to her with her arms around me. Finally, she stopped. I opened my eyes and she was looking directly at me, with a smile in her face. It was not passion or hunger for sex in her eyes, but there was genuine love, a fondness for me. I knew that she liked me very much.
She bent lower to kiss my breasts. Instinctively, I covered my breasts with my hands. She looked up at me and smiled don’t worry honey. I won’t hurt you and she slowly removed my hands and looked at my small tight breasts. I gave out a low moaning sound as she kissed my erect little pink nipples. She began to suck my breasts. I closed my eyes and put my head backwards and I held her head with my hands.
She was sucking and pulling my nipples with her mouth. She was really sucking them dry. She held my boobs cupped up in her hands as she sucked on and on. I could feel the excitement building inside me. I was moaning now while the sensation ran through my body. I shifted from my one foot to another and again, trying to control myself ooouch. I heard Richa cried out unable to control myself and I had pulled at her hair with my hands and sorry.
I apologize it’s ok sweetheart and she smiled at me and turned me around. She bent down and kissed my ass cheeks. She spread them wide open with her hands and licked my ass slit. I held my breath as I felt her warm tongue between my butt and I spread my feet a little and bent forward so that she had unobstructed access to my ass. She took the clue and started licking my ass hole. I was moaning slightly and panting hard. I was trying to catch my breath through the mouth now.
She was raining kisses all over my ass and the back of my thighs. My ass slit was wet with her saliva as she licked and sucked it. She turned me around so that I was facing. She was squatting on the ground and her face was in line with my pussy. She spread my legs a little apart and touched my pussy. I cried out and nearly fell over as she touched the most sensitive part of my body ok baby and lie down on the ground before you fall down and she said, pushing me on to the ground.
Richa climbed on top of me I began to unbutton her shirt. She stopped, looked at me and smiled can’t wait, eh? I covered my face shyly. She laughed and removed my hands off my face go ahead and she said. I unbuttoned her shirt, while she removed her pants. She had white undergarments under her clothes. She slipped off her shoes and her undergarments too.
Now she was completely nude and her skin tone was dark but she seemed to be in perfect shape with well shaped boobs and ass. She had nice long and slim legs. She had marks on her skin in many places. She climbed on top off me again and hugged me. I also hugged her back. We rolled on the ground and laughed out aloud. I could feel her naked skin rubbing against my exposed body. The warmth of her naked body was driving me crazy.
I was lying on the ground on my back with my legs wide open for Richa. She was lying on the ground with her head just at the right place, examining my pussy. She touched my pubis near my pussy and my body jolted up with the sensation relax and she said, pushing me back to the ground. She slowly placed her fingers on my pussy lips, as I closed my eyes tightly and jerked my head backwards. She was trying to open up my pussy lips.
It’s too tight and she said how old are you? Sixteen that explains the small traces of hair around your pussy and armpits and you are still too young she said, smiling at me. You are a very beautiful girl, she said. I smiled at her and long black hair, cute black eyes, round face, perfect body, smooth skin, very fair. Nobody can take eyes off you and she said, kissing me on my navel.
I wonder how many heads you will turn by the time you are 21 and she said, smiling at me. She was lying on the ground with her knees bent and her feet in the air. Her knees were wide apart so that her pussy was exposed to me. She was void of any body hair, even at her pubis and her pussy was dark and clean. It was the first time, any girl was lying like that with her private parts opened up and exposed for me. I could get used to this.
I thought as her exposed pussy began to stir up my passion and hunger. Now lick your middle finger well and she instructed. I did as I was told now insert it slowly into my pussy. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy. I saw her body tense up as I pushed my finger completely inside her. Now moves your finger back and forth in and out of my pussy and she said. I began to move my finger back and forth. She was moaning slightly as I moved my finger in and out insert one more of your finger and she said, moaning loudly.
I inserted my two fingers right into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. She moaned passionately and loudly faster, faster and she cried. I moved my fingers vigorously. Suddenly, she jerked her head backwards and with a loud cry collapsed on the ground. I understood that she had climaxed. I removed my fingers and there were a little of her juices sticking on to them. I was back on the ground with Richa on top of me. My knees were bent and my feet were on the ground close to my thighs but wide apart.
She was licking my pussy lips. My whole body tensed up as I felt her wet and warm saliva on my pussy. I felt my muscles tighten up between the legs. I closed my eyes and arched my breasts forwards unable to control myself. I was crying passionately now, moaning whenever her tongue flicked on my pussy. I felt the building up of my sensations at the bottom of my stomach. I was sweating profusely now and there were drops of sweat at the inside of my thighs.
I was getting really horny and I cried out aloud as the pressure inside my stomach began to mount up. Suddenly I felt my pussy tighten up and my whole body began to jerk fluids began to gush out of my pussy as my body relaxed and loosened up. I lay back on the ground panting hard, covered in my own sweat and I have never seen anything like this before and I heard her exclaim.
I looked down and saw that my juices had flown out of my pussy and on to the ground. It was sticking to my thighs too and they were on her face and her mouth too. I lay back on the ground trying hard to catch my breath. We hurried back to the cottage. My panties were wet with my own juices and it was sticking all over my thighs. The beach was not so deserted this time and people were beginning to stroll out and some were swimming out in the sea.
Nobody looked as we walked through them and got into our cottage. We got ourselves clean and I got into another dress. That was really good, she said. She kissed me on the forehead and said, see you soon. Love you and she bid me farewell and went out. I relaxed back on the bed, with the recent incidents going through my mind. I felt very tired as if all the water in my body had gone out. I smiled to myself and slowly drifted off to sleep .

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