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My Introduction To Lesbian Acts

Hi all! I am Varsha, 26 married, fair, good looking, tall and slim for those who want my vital stats, it is 34-28-32. I used to live in an apartment with my hubby before I moved out as my hubby had to leave for the Middle East as he was transferred to that branch as the branch manager. This incident occurred when I was still in those apartments. I still get really horny thinking about how it actually happened.
Almost all my neighbors were elder than me; everyone except one family had kids, so all the ladies there were in their mid thirties or more. Though I used to talk freely with all my neighbors, I was more close to Uma, who used to help me in a lot of things, since I was quite new to that locality. Uma, I suppose she was something around 35-36 years old, was married and had a son who was in 6th standard. She is fair, skinny but not too pretty.
Always used to wear sarees and occasionally chudidhars and so wasn’t too modern. Her hubby though, looked too old for her, while she was 35, he must have already been 50 years or so but it was she who helped me in settling down in that locality, showing me the essential shops there n all that stuff. Uma introduced me to a friend of hers who lived in the apartments next to ours and knew tailoring. Her name was Shanti.
She used to stitch blouses, underskirts, chudidhars, etc. for ladies. Shanti looked very beautiful but her skin was little bit on the darker side. She was really curvy and had plumps at right places. She too was married and her only son was now studying in some college and was living in a hostel. So then on I gave all my dresses for stitching to Shanti only when she was taking my measurements, she used to ask me to remove my pallu.
I used to rub me on my breasts, over my hip, ass and other places while taking measurements but I never took it in a wrong way as she was a tailor and that too she was a lady. Also I had often noticed that Shanti used to visit Uma quite often, but never pondered much about it. One day Shanti and Uma knocked at my door. I welcomed them in. My hubby had left for Dubai one week ago and I was going to vacate my flat in two days, and he had informed about this to Uma.
So they both told me to drop in to their houses whenever I felt like so that I don’t feel bored. I thanked them for their offer. Shanti then told me that the dresses I had given her for stitching were ready n asked to collect it tomorrow. Uma then told me that she too was going to Shanti’s home to pick up some of her clothes and so we could go together. I agreed and after some chitchat they left.
The next day I was joined by Uma and we went to Shanti’s house. We both were in sarees. I was in a blue saree and a normal blouse, the saree tied well below my navel as always, since I am quite tall but there was something different about Uma. She was in a thin red saree. The saree was seriously see through that her blouse and everything under her saree was clearly visible. This was probably the first time I had seen her wear such a saree of thin material.
Also the blouse was quite low cut in the front as well as in the back. Hmm, this was surely different. We then reached Shanti’s house and rang the doorbell. There was no response. We rang it again. Then we could hear hurried footsteps from inside the house. Someone peeped through the lens on the door and then opened the door. It was Shanti and she was in a very small bath towel. She must’ve been bathing. We then entered the house and sat down on the sofa in the hall.
I thought Shanti would go in and change her clothes and come back but to my surprise, she came and sat down opposite to us. I then told Shanti to go change her dress and come back and that she might catch a cold if she stayed wet. She told me that she had already wiped herself and that she doesn’t mind changing into clothes as we were ladies only. She had caught the towel with her hands around her breasts and the towel had risen up when she sat on the sofa that her bare thighs.
A bit of her ass were clearly visible even if the towel had moved up by an inch, her vagina would have been uncovered and then we three started talking about general issues and so on for some time. Then shanti told me to have a look at my clothes and see if any alterations were required. She stretched out to a table near the sofa to pick up a bag in which my dresses were kept in the process of stretching, the towel knot came off and it fell down, leaving her stark naked in front of us; her round breasts.
Clean shaved pussy was on exhibition right in front of us! This was the first time I was seeing an adult person nude other than myself and my hubby. I was awestruck! I looked at Uma but she did not seem to care. Shanti casually took the bag and handed it over to me. I did not know what to do. This lady was shamelessly sitting nude in front of two other ladies. Seeing my discomfort Shanti asked me what happened and why I looked so uncomfortable.
She told me that after all we were all ladies, and what is the need to be shy amongst us? Just when I was trying to digest the incident, Uma pointed to Shanti’s lower abdomen and pubic region and told her that she hadn’t wiped herself properly there and that area was still wet. Uma then took the towel and started wiping shanti right over her pussy. Shanti had by then closed her eyes and started to enjoy herself. The whole atmosphere was getting hot.
I was sitting there, caught in a very awkward position. Uma then stood up, walked around and closed all the windows, and bolted the doors. She then stood in front of us and all of a sudden, pulled her pallu down. She started rubbing her breasts over the blouse and was shaking her hips in a sexy way. I looked around and saw Shanti also rubbing her bare breasts with her hands. Uma the removed the blouse and petticoat and was standing there in just here blouse and bra by this time.
Shanti had made her way near me and was cupping my breasts over my saree. I was dumbstruck and couldn’t speak anything. She then pulled me for a kiss and kissed me wildly. Her tongue was playing with my tongue inside my mouth and her one hand was rubbing over my right breast, and other hand was over my ass then Uma joined us and after the kiss was over her hands went for my pallu and she removed it. She made me stand up and removed my saree.
Then Uma pulled me into a kiss while I was standing. Her kiss was much more intense. I could feel Uma’s hands reaching for my blouse hooks which were on the front side, in between us. The next moment Shanti unknotted my petticoat and along with my panty she pulled it down. Shanti then started to cup my ass with her hands and was kissing it after we broke our kiss and Shanti removed my bra and started eating my boobs. She pushed me onto the sofa, made me lie down and licked and sucked my nipples.
Uma, who by then had undressed herself completely, went down on my pussy and was rubbing it with her hand. I was getting very excited because of the double delight of having my boobs sucked and pussy fingered at the same time! Then I could feel two of Uma’s fingers entering my pussy and reaching deep. I was twitching and turning as I was going to have an orgasm within few minutes I cum all over Uma’s fingers.
She then licked her fingers and Shanti too pulled her fingers to taste my cum. I was feeling very horny after having that orgasm. I pulled Shanti towards me and started kissing her wildly. I squeezed and massaged her pretty 36-c cup breasts. I was kissing Shanti on her neck, then made my way down to her bosoms and sucked her nipples dry. Now Shanti was sitting in the sofa and I was kneeling down on the floor and licking her breasts.
Uma lied down in between my legs and started licking my pussy. She started pinching and squeezing my clit and my cunt lips. I was so ecstatic. I then made my way down to Shanti’s navel and was licking her deep navel for a long time. Then I moved down to Shanti’s pussy and started kissing her thick black cunt lips. I was licking her pussy which was now flowing with her juices by now I was about to orgasm for the second time and started licking Shanti’s cunt more ferociously and we both orgasmed at the same time.
I blasted all my juices on Uma’s face and Shanti’s juices were on my face. Shanti then pulled up Uma and licked her face dry to get a taste of my juices. Uma then licked my face and swallowed Shanti’s juices. Next Uma came towards me and pushed me on the sofa as I lied down she started licking my breasts. Shanti got in between us and was sucking Uma’s small breasts. Shanti then told me to have a 69 with Uma. Uma turned around and placed her pussy near my face and her face was near my pussy.
Both of us started licking each other’s pussy while Shanti was masturbating herself looking at us as this was my first experience I was licking more vigorously than Uma and made her cum on my face before I did within short while, Uma made me have my third orgasm of the day. Then we both got up and were masturbating ourselves with our fingers by looking at Shanti masturbate. We all felt tired immediately after this intense session of lesbo sex and started kissing each other all over.
We then sat on the sofa completely nude, thinking of the experience we just had. Uma and Shanti started complementing me for my pretty features, my cute brown nipples, etc. Uma told me that Shanti and herself were lesbo partners for a long time and were keen to have sex with me when they first saw me. Since I was leaving the locality the next day, they felt that they needed to give me a taste of lesbo pleasure.
That night, after I was done with my packing and all, all three of us gathered in my house and had sex all through the night. Uma also brought a dildo that she had with her and we even had sex with it. It was a night of orgasms and I even peed once in the process. That was my first and only lesbian experience till date. Though I am no longer in touch with them, I am still longing for another lesbian sex experience.

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