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My Sexual Autobiography – Part XXVIII – Day Out With Neeta

My husband was out for two days on an urgent official work. He left in the morning and I was feeling loneliness at my home. Suddenly, I remembered Neeta, my one time lesbian partner to have some fun sex with her. I called her on her mobile. She told me that she is going to see a movie and she asked me to join her to have some fun at cinema hall. She told me that she would meet me in the parking of cinema complex.
I have dressed up as suggested by Neeta, a loose top with front buttons without bra inside and a skirt with front buttons without panty inside. I was very happy to feel that I will have some fun with Neeta.
After I parked the car, I saw Neeta coming towards me. It was end January, so I don’t have to tell you that it was cold outside. And with my dress of Neeta’s choice on, it was very cold. I could see the goose bumps on my arms and my nipples were very hard from the cold. Any one could clearly see the imprints of my nipples in the fabric of the dress.
I knew, I hitch up and I could be exposing my pussy to the public. And that the last button stopped mid-thigh didn’t help at all. So I needed to make sure When I got out of the car, I made sure that I didn’t flash anyone around us. I knew that I had to be careful with this dress. Sure, it went down to just above my knees, but if I would open my legs or slide over the seat, it would that I kept my legs closed.
I had also a problem with my dress top. I had to make sure that I didn’t bend forward too much, because else I would be exposing my breasts. The dress had no back strap, so it could fall open at the sides and show more then I would like others to see.
It’s really a mixed feeling I have when dressed this way. Sure I like to be looked at, but for me it was always easier when I was just completely naked or completely clothed. The idea of flashing someone is always a little exciting for me.
I got out of the car and have hugged tight Neeta. It gave me some warm feeling in cold weather. We started to walk towards stairs and entry of cinema complex.
We tried to tiptoe up the stairs as fast as we could. Looking back at Neeta, I could see some people around us were looking very happy when they saw us going up the stairs.
When we were finally inside, it was a little better, still cold, but the air was much warmer.
I started looking around me again and I could see all kind of reactions. Some just tried to ignore us; others were whispering and looking at me. And then there were the few who looked at me as if we were their prey. Especially those guys and girls that were taking me in from head to toe.And then we could finally stop tiptoeing around the place, we decided to go straight to the seats; because Neeta wanted to make sure we had good seats because our tickets were not having seat numbers, may be because of a limited numbers of viewers. At those seats we had a good view over the whole theatre and the screen wouldn’t be to close. I personally always try to sit as far away from the screen as I can. I find it much easier and less straining for the eyes to follow a movie this way. You see the whole screen and you don’t have to move your eyes to much.
To make sure I wouldn’t flash anyone, I crossed my legs. Sure, I showed them a little leg this way, but it was always better than to show then something more private of me. Neeta’s dress was long enough, so she hadn’t to bother with all of this.
Before the movie started, we were talking among each other. I saw that the other people didn’t give us any funny looks. I think that there had to be around 30 people in the theatre. All were sitting in front of us and they were a few rows away. So even when they would look behind them in our direction, they could only see my head and shoulders maybe.
The 2 people sitting in the row behind us, was a couple. They were about 7 or 8 seats to the right from us. Both were in their mid twenties and they seemed madly in love. Well, they couldn’t keep their eyes from each other and for the short time I had been looking at them, I had seen them kissing a few times already.
Then the lights went off and after the necessary advertisements and trailers, the movie started.
We were engulfed in darkness now. We all followed the movie in the beginning. And because nobody could see me in the dark, I could finally relax my legs. I uncrossed them and stretched them out in front of me. I placed a foot at both sides of the seat in front of me. Maybe not completely ladies like, but I didn’t mind, it was more than dark enough to know that nobody could look up and under my dress.
We were only a few minutes into the movie, when I noticed that Neeta was shifting to the side of her seat and closer to me. She had placed her left hand on the support between our seats.
Then she leaned over to me and whispered, “Julee, I’m going to test your limits during the movie. If you want it to stop, just push me away!”
“OK.” I said to her.
Although, it is natural doing such things in the relation in which I and Neeta are. But frankly speaking, I did not plan anything to do such things in theatre with Neeta. I decided to give free hand to Neeta. The role was very clear in my mind. Neeta was in giving end and I was in receiving end.
We kept on following the story of the movie, but I didn’t know what Neeta was planning for me, but I thought that I would be safe in the dark. Sure there was some light being reflected back from the screen, but we were sitting right under the projector, so the light coming from it would normally hide me for everyone sitting in front of us. Maybe the couple behind us could see us, but I hoped they were otherwise engaged by now. I checked them two out for a second and saw they had only eyes for each other. So whatever Neeta would do to me, it probably wouldn’t be noticed by anyone, but I felt excited. However you think about it, it still was a very public place we were in.
Suddenly I felt Neeta’s right hand on my shoulder, she had moved in her seat and was now facing me. Her hand went slowly over my naked skin above the dress. And then moved down to the middle of the top of my dress and slowly went further down. When she reached the first button, she undid it, and still going further down she also undid second button of my top.
She then started to pull the right side of my top away and was slowly exposing my right breast. While she was doing this, I could feel the nails of her fingers going over my naked skin and then she reached my right nipple. She started to play with it. I must say, she knew how to entice a girl. My nipples were getting very hard again and I could feel that my whole body was reacting on her touches. Then she just pulled her hand away and went sitting back normally in her seat. The fabric of the dress sprung back over my nipple and most of my breast.
I looked down for a moment, and I could see that I had a nice cleavage now. The third button was just under my breasts and I had an open V at the front of my dress.
I could also feel that I was breathing a little faster than normally. She had only touched me very softly and played a little with my nipple, but I was already feeling very aroused. Maybe it was because I was so close to other people who could catch me, but I’m sure it was also because I had totally no idea about what Neeta would do to me next.
For a while, she didn’t do anything else. She only had her left arm on the support between our seats and she very rarely touched me very softly with her pinkie against my right leg. Just those light touches kept me aroused. “What is this girl doing to me?” I thought.
We were almost in mid film when I saw her left hand move again. Her hand came over to me and she touched my right leg and went further to the middle of my dress. She opened the split a little, so she could get her fingers under the fabric of the dress. And then I could feel them directly on my skin. She started to move her fingers slowly up my leg until she reached the first button and undid it. Still with her fingers between the fabrics, she moved further up and went for the second button. Always making sure she was making skin contact with my leg. When she reached the second button, she also opened this one. She then went down a little with her hand, but decided to go on with what she was doing and went up my leg again.
By this time, I was already very excited. I didn’t know if that couple behind us could see what was happening or if they even were looking. But it made me very horny. When she reached my third button, she was almost at my hairless pussy. She also opened this button and then started to move up further. I could feel a tingle between my legs now and I was sure my clit must be out of hiding by now. And not only this, I was also sure I was getting wet. And then she reached my pussy with her fingers.
She touched my pussy lips, moved along my slit for a moment and then she moved back down. When she reached my third button again, she closed it. Then she gave my leg a little pat and she pulled her hand away and back to the support between our seats.
To tell you the truth, I had been afraid she would start to masturbate me there and then. And if she would have done that, I was also sure it wouldn’t have taking long to get me off. I was so aroused that my nipples felt uncomfortable. And I just needed to rub them for a second to relieve them.
And thanks to a little luck, my fingers had just released my nipples when the screen went black and the lights in the theatre went back on. A few seconds earlier and I would have been holding my nipples between my fingers for everyone to see. It was interval.
We wanted to have something to drink, so we decided to go out up to the refreshment counter.
I stood up and wanted to close my buttons, but Neeta stopped me and she said, “They are fine the way they are Julee!”
I looked down at me, smiled and said, “Well, if you want it this way, let’s hope my mountains don’t come out.”
We had gotten up from our seat now and we both walked to the counter. When we were walking, I could see myself in a mirror on a wall and I could see I was still covered enough to not expose me. My legs could be seen when I walked, but my precious pussy was still hidden from view. And on top I had just a nice cleavage, but that was all.
At the counter we asked for coke for both of us. The people around us were still looking at us, particularly at me. The guy behind the counter tried to look down my dress, but I think he didn’t see anything.
After we had paid for our drinks, we walked back to our seats. When I had walked up the stairs, I had seen that a few guys had given me a look and even the couple in the back had been looking at us both when we walked up to them.I saw Neeta giving me a smile. But I was sure that during the second part of the movie, she will try to get me over my limits and knowing myself, I would probably let her do it too!
When the movie started again, I anticipated a move from Neeta. Every time I saw her left hand move, I felt my arousal swell and then again simmer down when nothing happened.
After a good time, I was thinking that I must have misread her body language and I started to relax again. And not much later I was following the movie again. I was now so into the story, that I had forgotten Neeta completely.
And that was of course the moment that she made her move. I suddenly felt her hand on my stomach. She was slowly going up to the button on my navel. She opened the button and then pulled the top open so her fingers could slip in between the two flaps and onto my skin. With her middle finger she was circling around my navel, giving me a little tickle but not enough to make me laugh and to lose control of my body. Then she slowly moved up my tummy and when she reached the next button she undid this one also.
She moved her hand down again. All the time just barely touching my skin. All her gentle touches were giving me a very nice feeling and I could feel that not only my nipples were responding, but my pussy was getting juicy from my own secretions, a sign that it was getting very dangerous for me. Like a dangerous bomb, I could go off if she touched the wrong place on my body (or the right place, it’s just how you look at it of course).
Then her fingers reached the next closed button of top under my navel. She undid this one also and she started pulling on my dress again. She kept on stroking my skin and only very slowly went further down until she reached my mound and also the next button. At this point, I had only 3 buttons that weren’t undone by her. The one just under my breasts and the two buttons of my skirt just above my pussy.
Before she undid the button on my mound she was stroking me there for a while. Those gentle touches were so arousing that she was driving me mad. And then she undid the button and started going down very slowly. I was starting to breathe a little faster now, the anticipation of her fingers touching my pussy lips or maybe even my clit was getting me very excited and horny. She went very slowly over the last part of my mound and came closer and closer to my clit and then… she touched it very softly. I let out a little gasp. Now she was even moving slower and over my clit this time. Her soft rubbing made me starting to moan a little. Luckily she didn’t stay with my clit but went further down and over my pussy lips. She was moving over my slit and opened up my pussy a little. But before she reached for my last button of my dress, she moved back up with her fingers.
She again had reached my clit, and I could feel her stroking it with her thumb and then she took my naughty clit between her thumb and index finger and gave it a little pinch. I let out a sigh and I could feel something like an electric surge going through my body and I even trembled a little from the pleasure she was giving me. She was moving back down while tickling the lips of my pussy and then she undid my last button above my pussy and with one pull she opened up my dress. She left my body alone now and laid her left hand back on the support of the seat.
My breathing was a little out of control. I could feel a glow coming from the pit of my stomach. She almost had made me cum, but she had pulled her playful fingers away just in time.
I just sat there for a few minutes to cool down and I didn’t move an inch. Then I looked down on my body, and I could see it rather clearly in the light coming from the view screen. I saw that my legs, pussy, tummy and my boobs were completely exposed.
I couldn’t help it, but I had to know if those two people behind me were still looking at the screen or that they were checking me out. So for a second, I looked over my right shoulder, but I saw that they were still watching the movie while sitting shoulder to shoulder next to each other. Strangely enough, it seemed that they hadn’t noticed what was going on between me and Neeta. I must confess, I had mixed feelings about this. For a part I didn’t want them to catch me like this, but I also thought about how hot it would be if they saw what Neeta was doing to me.
Her hand was going for the last button of my top. It wouldn’t be long now or I would be totally exposed. And sure, she slowly undid the last button and then my dress just fell open. My breasts were now also exposed to the air and it felt just great.
She again pulled her hand away and let it rest on the support between our seats. And I couldn’t help it, but I had to look down again. I saw my breasts, with my fully erect nipples, moving up and down while I was breathing. It took all me resistance to not start rubbing my itching pussy by now. Neeta had made me so horny with all her gentle touches, I knew I would climax if she touched me now on my love button.
From this point on, it was impossible for me to follow the movie. I had become so aroused, that my mind could only concentrate on the pleasure I was feeling. Neeta was facing me again. She placed her right hand on my shoulder and made my body slide down slowly on my seat. And I just let her do it. She pushed me further down until my knees touched the seat in front of me.
I was now lying with my back on the seat. My shoulders and the back of my head pushed into the back of my seat. My legs were spread apart and I could feel that my buttocks were hanging over my seat and were totally exposed. Neeta decided my right breast needed a little more gentle care from her hand. She started with squeezing my breast in her right hand and she slowly moved closer to my nipple and before she pulled on it, she gave it a quick pinch first. I couldn’t help it, but I moaned again, but only very softly. I was afraid I would attract attention from the people sitting in front of me. Not that they could see anything I think, but better safe than sorry.
While Neeta was doing this, she had placed her hand on my tummy and was moving it up to my left breast. She also gave my breast a squeeze and then started to play with my nipple.I was feeling so horny now, and I couldn’t help it, but I was wondering if those people behind us were watching the movie or my body that was being played with by other girl. And because I couldn’t check if they were watching me, it made it only more exciting to me.
I could feel that my right nipple wasn’t stimulated anymore, but that the hand, which had been playing with it, was now moving down and over my body. And I just knew where it was going; it was going to my pussy that was open for her business. At this point, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings. I loved the stimulation that was going on, but I was a little afraid that I would start to moan to loud or even when they would make me cum, that I couldn’t suppress the urge to scream it out from pleasure. I’m not known as a very quiet girl when I have my orgasms.When Neeta reached my pussy.
She started to play with my pussy lips. And I could feel that my pussy was already standing open a little. But I also noticed that she kept away from my clit. She just played with my pussy lips and with her thumb and index finger between my lips, she started to open it wider and then let it go to let it close again. She repeated this for a while and I couldn’t help it, but I started to breath faster again and only thanks to the movie noise, other people couldn’t hear me. But I could feel a little of my juices running down and between my butt cheeks. Every time she opened my pussy it leaked a little more of my juices. But because she wasn’t touching my clit or my pussy too hard, I was kept away from my orgasm.
And then I let out a gasp from pleasure. I could feel Neeta was pushing two of her fingers between my pussy lips and then she penetrated in to my pussy. The fingers went straight in my pussy hole. Her fingers were sliding in and out very easily. And with every move out she pulled a little of my juices out. I was lucky that my buttocks were hanging over the seat, because else I would be dripping all over my dress. But I also knew that it wouldn’t take much more to let me cum, I could feel the muscles of my tummy already contracting and my vagina was trying to trap the fingers of Neeta inside of me. She kept on fucking me with her fingers and with every stroke she went a little deeper. At this point I just started moaning little louder. If the noise of the movie would suddenly stop, everybody would hear me I think.
And then she suddenly pulled out her two fingers out of my pussy, went up on my slit and then she touched my clit for a little moment. When she touched it, my body started to shake, but because there was suddenly no extra stimulation anymore, I didn’t have my climax. I could feel I was almost there, but it was just out of my grasp.
She had stopped playing with me. I was just lying there, wide open and totally exposed, but she did not give me the pleasure of reaching my orgasm. I felt a little frustrated but I didn’t dare to make myself cum.
I wanted to have a quick look of myself, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Neeta and her fingers were coming to my mouth. When they touched my lips, I opened my mouth and started to lick them. I could taste my own juices on her fingers.
And I thought I tasted very sweet.She pulled them out of my mouth and she came a little closer to me with her face and said, “You can sit up now, but keep your dress open. When the movie ends, you can close your dress and button up.
And then she was gone. I could see she was again sitting in her seat and she was watching the movie again innocently like she did not do anything to me .
I couldn’t help it but for a moment I was mad on her. “What a bitch!” I thought. “Almost giving me a climax but not finishing it.” I was feeling so aroused but I didn’t want to masturbate myself to a climax.
I slowly pulled my body up in my seat, making sure my dress stayed behind me. If somebody would see me, it would look like I was sitting completely naked on the seat. I could also feel that the lips of my pussy were also wet at the outside by now. I couldn’t resist it, but I looked over my right shoulder again to see if that couple was still looking at the movie or that they were finally looking at me now. But when I checked, I saw they were still following the movie. Is it really possible that nobody had seen what we had been doing here?
For the rest of the time, Neeta didn’t touch me anymore. .When the movie was over and the lights already started to go slowly on. I quickly, closed buttons of my dress. I could now button up my top and skirt, first, the button on top of my navel, and then the button above and beneath it. And then I fixed my dress so I was sure that my breasts and pussy were covered. We were still sitting when people in front of us started to get up and walk out of the theatre. Some of them looked at us, but nobody showed any sign that they had seen what had been going on in between us. But I’m sure I was giving them now a nice view with only 3 of the total 10 buttons closed of my top and skirt.
“Hi!” I heard a female voice saying from behind me.
I tilted my head so I could see above me, and there was the couple standing that had been sitting behind us.”Hello?” I replied a little surprised.
“We just wanted to thank you. If you were not here, it would have been a very boring movie!” She said with a smile.
I was stunned; they had seen what we had been doing. “Eh, you’re welcome.” Was the only response I could think of at that time and I blushed a little.
“May be until a next time.” She said and then they just walked away.
“Nice people.” Neeta said with a big grin on her face.
We stood up. I checked my dress quickly, and saw that I had to move very carefully now. My cleavage was going very low and the lowest button was closed above my mound. I was sure that when I walked, it would be possible that the front split would go open and expose my pussy to everyone in front of me.
We started to walk down the stairs and to the exit. Every step down would expose my legs, and maybe even something more.
As there was too cold, we decided to warm ourselves up. We walked towards cafe situated near exit of the complex. We were both sitting in the back of the cafe. I was sitting with my back to the front of the place and with all the people behind me. Neeta was sitting in front of me.
We have ordered for the coffee for both of us. The warm coffee did me some good, and the temperature inside the café was also helping. While we were sitting there, other people were coming inside now and after a while the place was filling up nicely.
“Julee, can you join me to the ladies room?” Neeta asked.
I thought it was a good idea. I wanted the clean myself a bit, so I nodded to her. And we stood up.
We both went into a separate stall and I relieved myself. First the cold outside and then the warm coffee had made it that I just had to pee. After I was done, I used the toilet paper not only to clean my pussy, but also to dry the inside of my pussy. While I was doing this, I could see that my pussy lips looked puffy and my clit was still in full attention. But I felt at least clean again. After we both felt better, we went back to our seats.
I have invited Neeta to my home for a night stay with me for which she agreed. She informed her mother about her not coming home in night. (It was very usual for her mother as she stays overnight very often with Tanu whenever her husband goes out for a business trip)
We paid our coffee bill and have walked towards parking. It was already evening and I wanted to reach home as early as possible because I wanted to complete the job as I did not have any orgasm and I wanted to have it on urgent basis. I was thinking about Neeta. What a wonderful girl she is. She is only 19 but she seems to be an expert girl in sex, particularly in lesbian sex. I was surprised and was very happy that Neeta had removed her bottom part of the dress and took her panty off too immediately on entering the car. Feeling Neeta’s warm body, we started smooching with each other and rubbing each other’s body warm. Needles to say that when we finally arrived in the underground parking garage, we both were very horny again and we both were playing with each other’s pussy.
We quickly pulled our fingers out each other’s pussy and got out of the car.
We get in quickly in to the lift hugging and kissing each others. I came out of the lift on reaching it to our floor. Neeta was still in the lift holding “stop button”. I was relieved to see that Tanu’s door was closed. I have unlocked the door of my apartment and looked at Neeta giving her green signal to come out of the lift.
We went into the living room and switched the lights on. We both laughed loudly when I saw Neeta holding her bottom part of the dress and her blue panty in her hand. We both inspected our semi nude bodies and we both saw that we were very aroused. Both our pussies were glistening from our own juices and our thighs were completely wet. It made us laugh again.
We both realized that we couldn’t go sit in the sofa like this; we would leave a nasty stain behind.
“I think it is time for us to take a shower before we make this place dirty and all smelly. Follow me.” I told to Neeta.
We have removed our cloths in living room itself and walked naked towards bathroom.
We both went under the warm water shower together. We started to lather each other’s body with the shampoo. But we were very carefully so we wouldn’t be aroused too much. I think she was thinking the same as me, we would hold back until we were in bed.
When we were clean, we dried each other’s body off. We just went out in the nude again. The lights in the living room was glowing our naked bodies in each other’s eyes.
We went directly to my bed room. There is a king size bed, a dresser, a closet and four sofa chairs against the wall.
I took Neeta’s hand in mine and pulled her over to the bed. I gently pushed her down on it. She was laying on it with her arms above her head. She was looking so sexy to me I could feel a warm feeling going through my body. I moved my body on top of hers and started kissing her on the mouth. While I was kissing her, I was moving my hands up and down the side of her body and breasts. I could hear her make little noises from pleasure. I moved down a little and started kissing her neck while I moved my hands under her body on her back.
I knew we both were still aroused from all the things that had happened today, so I decided to move a little faster then I normally would do.
When I had kissed her neck a few times, I went down to her shoulder and from there to her right breast. I moved slowly over her breast with my tongue until I reached her nipple. Her nipple was fully erect already, so I took it between my lips and I licked on the top with my tongue. I could feel her breathing going faster and she slightly curved her back. I then sucked on her nipple for a moment and let it go. It was now time to give her other breast the same treatment. While I was doing this to her other breast, I could hear her moan a little. I knew that she must already be very excited and that I had to be very gentle and careful to prolong her pleasure. I wanted to give her an orgasm that would relieve her from all the tension of the day.
I was slowly moving down on her now, all the way kissing her lovely tummy and playing with her belly button with my tongue when I reached it. But after a few seconds I went further down and started to kiss her naked mound until I reached the edge of her pussy. But I didn’t touch her clit; I just started to kiss the outside of her pussy. Her secretions on it. But I didn’t wanted to let her cum already, so I moved further down and started to kiss her thighs very gently. She started to shiver a little; I could see that her pussy was oozing a little.
And then I took her pussy lips in my mouth and sucked and licked on them. Her pussy was already wet again and I could taste the salty liquid of her juices out now and I could smell it also. It smelled so sweet that I had to control myself or I would have just dove in with my tongue and licked and sucked her pussy clean. I kept on kissing her thighs a little longer and then went up again. Very slowly and teasing her as long I could.
When I reached her pussy again, I started by licking it down below. Her juices tasted so sweet, I just had to take my time and enjoy her pussy as long as I could. I went slowly up her slit, pushing my tongue inside her pussy as far as I could and I could feel that she was almost ready to climax. Her moaning was getting very loud now. Her body even was shaking by times from the tension building up in it. And then she climaxed when my mouth was right on her pussy. My whole mouth and chin was now wet from her juices. And when I felt she was getting down again, I moved up and started sucking and licking on her clit and it didn’t take long before she had her second orgasm of the day. And while she came, she squealed it out from pleasure. I ran my tongue a last time between her pussy lips, I just love the taste of her lovely pussy and then I slowly moved up her body again. When she was calmed down a bit, she opened her eyes and I kissed her full on the mouth. Surely she would have tasted her own juices now; they were still clinging around my mouth and chin.
While we were kissing, she pushed me over and onto my back. It was going to be my time now. She stopped kissing me, and moved down between my breasts and gave me a kiss there. Then she slowly went to my left breast and circled my nipple with her tongue and then she sucked on my nipple and making sure my nipple was very wet. She then moved her face away and blew on my nipple. This always gave me goose bumps but at the same time aroused me and made my body shiver from pleasure. When she went over to my other breast and nipple, to repeat the process, she used her right hand to play with my left nipple. She gave my right breast and nipple the same treatment and when she blew on that nipple my body reacted in the same way as before. She knew how sensitive my nipples are and I loved it when she played with them in this way.
Now she started moving over my stomach, kissing and licking it. She still kept both hands on my breasts while playing with my nipples. The tingling in my pussy was intensifying and I could feel my pussy getting very wet again. I even think I was opening up again.
When she reached my mound, she gave it a sensitive kiss and then she went completely down. She was now sitting upright and between my legs. She took my right leg in her hand and started licking and sucking on my toes.
When she was done, she slowly went up my left leg. Kissing and licking it all the way up until she reached my thigh, I could feel I was getting closer to my climax. I was moaning and groaning from pleasure now. At this point she slowly went closer to my pussy while moving her head and kissing and licking both my thighs. And then she went between my legs, gently kissing and licking the lips of my pussy. She licked between my pussy lips and then used her hands to open my pussy. I could feel her tongue going deep into my vagina and then she slowly went up my slit and started licking and sucking my clit. I could feel my arousal rising to a boiling point. And then I just let it all out. I screamed it out when I started to have my orgasm. My body was shaking and I could feel a rush going through my whole body and ending deep inside my pussy. I could feel that she was still licking at my pussy, but even she couldn’t prevent my juices flowing out of my pussy and between my butt cheeks and over my little asshole star.
I was now over the height of my climax and could feel my arousal going down a little. But she seems wasn’t done with me yet, I could feel she was sticking two fingers into my pussy and she started licking my clit again. She was rubbing her middle finger over my asshole star. Her finger rubbing my asshole was very pleasurable; I could feel a second orgasm coming. And just before I climaxed for the second time, I could feel her finger penetrating my anus. It was as if my whole body was on fire now, I could feel it tingle all over and I gave a cry I can’t describe. It was almost a sound that an animal would make, my whole body started shaking again and I nearly squirted all over her face. She pulled her finger out of my ass and this friction gave me a third orgasm. She saw me shake on the bed and again squirting out some of my juices.
When I stopped shaking, she came lying against my body, with her left arm over my stomach. When I opened my eyes, I could see that almost her whole face was wet from my juices.
“Wow, you had a wonderful climax!” She said.
“Yeah, I could feel it and see it. I think we need a new visit to the bathroom, because our faces and breasts are totally wet from our juices now.” I said with a smile.
When we stood up, we looked at the bed. We both smiled when we saw that the bedspread had a huge wet spot on it. We both pulled it from the bed. Luckily it had been a thick bedspread, underneath was only a very little wet spot.
We quickly went back to the bathroom, used the shower and dried us off with the towels again. And then we went back to our room.
We were both very satisfied now, we cuddled up to each other and we then went to sleep.

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