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My Wife With Me & My Friend

Hello, I am Babloo, happily married for last 10 years, to my wife. We are happily married couple excepting for the fact that my will not be able conceive. Both of us are very open minded and love to have sex almost every day. My wife Ruchi is extremely beautiful. Best part of her body I like is her globes – milky, round and firm. Many times I have breast fucked her.
It has been my fantasy to see my wife with other men. We have a group of couples, who are also open minded and many times discuss sex when we meet. Everyone shares their experience and we put such novel experiences in practice. Once during a closed party, discussion on wives having fun with other men was discussed. General opinion was that within a closed group, it can be experimented. But no one could dare to openly suggest.
Once after a satisfying sex, I reminded Ruchi of the discussion regarding permitting wife to have sex with other men and asked her opinion. She was open to say that this could be fun. So I suggested that we could take a lead and start off. She hesitated first, but then agreed. Immediately, I called two of my friends of our closed group and informed that Ruchi would be willing to enjoy with them. They also agreed.
We decided to meet on the following weekend. It was decided that these friends (Sanjay and Niraj) would spend Saturday night with us. I returned home, that Saturday and prepared for the event. I fetched liquor and Ruchi arranged for snacks and food. Sanjay and Niraj arrived at our apartment in the night. The arrangement for drinks was ready in the drawing room. I asked them to change into some comfortable attire. They had come with overnighter. They went inside out bedroom and changed into shorts and T shirts.
I filled up four glasses and called for Ruchi. She wheeled in the tray of snacks, laid them on table. She had put on a flimsy short shirt and track pant. We sat in a relaxed mood. Everyone was now anxious to start the action. I insisted that we should first have two rounds of drinks and then begin. Ruchi sat in between me and Sanjay, while Niraj sat in front of us. After having two rounds of drinks, I made a start. I kissed Ruchi deeply on her lips and slowly opened a couple of buttons of her shirts so as to give a good exposure to her globes. Sanjay and Niraj were watching. I signaled Sanjay, who immediately started caressing Ruchi. His hand freely moved around Ruchi’s beautiful body. Sanjay removed his T shirt.
Then he unbuttoned Ruchi’s shirt and took charge of her great boobs. Since it was a new experience to Ruchi, her nipples were erect. Sanjay kneaded her nipples, delicately kissing them. Niraj was watching. I signaled him. He came forward and removed Ruchi’s track pants. Now Ruchi was naked in front of my friends. Niraj asked me to get rid of my clothes, which I did. Niraj sat in front of Ruchi and parted her legs. He kissed her cleanly shaved pussy. Sanjay was fondling with Ruchi’s one globe, while I took charge of the other. Both of us, as the same time, took Ruchi’s nipples in mouth and sucked them hard. I gave a delicate bit on her nipple. By this time, Niraj shed his clothes. All four of us were naked now.
Since three of us were playing with Ruchi at the same time, her excitement was increasing every moment. She asked Niraj to suck her pussy. Niraj pushed her pussy lips apart and inserted his tongue in the crack. His tongue was freely moving from top to bottom of her pussy. Ruchi had already started dripping. She asked Niraj to stand up. She pulled him near and took his dick in her mouth. It was great that my fantasy was coming true. While her mouth was busy in sucking Niraj, her hands were busy playing with dicks of Sanjay and me. I was feeling great.
After some time, she asked all of us to stand in front of her. She took each one of us in her sweet mouth, one by one. While she sucked us, she played with our balls. All of us were now ready for the grand finale. I suggested that we take her one by one, keeping me in the last. But to my surprise, Ruchi resisted. She suggested that we all should enjoy her at the same time. But the question was how. She suggested that two of us can engage her pussy and asshole and one can engage her mouth. Being my wife, I knew that Ruchi was a great sucker and more so, I liked blow jobs more than fucking. I suggested that since Sanjay and Niraj were first time participating, they should engage her down while I will engage her mouth. I left the choice to Sanjay and Niraj as to who takes what. I remembered that Sanjay loved ass fucking more.
My thought was correct. He selected Ruchi’s asshole. Now Sanjay took seat on the sofa and spread his legs. His dick was fully erect and hard. Ruchi went inside the bedroom and brought jelly with her. She applied the jelly on and inside her asshole as lubricant. She also applied jelly on Sanjay’s dick. When they were sufficiently lubricated, she took position over Sanjay’s dick, with her back to Sanjay. Very slowly she lowered herself and in a short while, Sanjay’s dick disappeared in her asshole. After they were stable, Ruchi arched her back and bend backwards, slowly opening her legs. Her pussy was open now, already wet. Niraj then bent down and slowly go inside Ruchi. I was watching all this action. Ruchi asked me join the action. I sat on the back rest of the sofa, with my dick pointing straight. Ruchi turned her mouth towards my dick and started kissing head of my dick. Very delicately, she took me in her mouth.
Niraj and Sanjay were fucking Ruchi hard and I was mouth fucking Ruchi. After some time, I declared that I was on the finishing line. I shot heavy load of my semen in Ruchi’s mouth, which she took in her mouth then spread it across her breasts. Even after shooting, I was crushing Ruchi’s round boobs, to keep her in action. After a while, Niraj informed that he was about to come. Ruchi asked him to get up. His dick was pulsating like a wild animal. Ruchi motioned him near her and took his dick in her mouth. Within a second, Niraj loaded her mouth with his cum. Now it was only Sanjay going strong and ass fucking Ruchi. Ruchi told Sanjay to shoot inside her ass only, which Niraj highly appreciated.
After ten odd hard stokes, Sanjay shot his cum inside Ruchi’s asshole. The game was over. I suggested that we should have another round of drinks and then have dinner. Ruchi suggested that this should be done naked. Once again we sat together and finished our drinks. Ruchi had prepared delicious dinner and we ate at all. We decided to sleep in the drawing room only. However, Sanjay’s wife called and he had to leave.
We then slept on the floor with Ruchi between me and Sanjay. But it was the idea of Ruchi that our heads should be in one direction and her direction would be opposite. She explained that his way, she could watch our dicks and also suck them. Some one hour past, Ruchi got up and first took Niraj in her mouth. Within a minute, Niraj started growing in her mouth. Then Ruchi took me in her mouth and sucked me, while she plaued with dick of Niraj. Ruchi lay on her stomach and started giving blow jobs to both of us, one by one.
We were now ready for action. Niraj requested Ruchi’a mouth. It was agreed. I asked Niraj stand on his knees and that I would enter Ruchi from the rear. Both of them took their positions. Ruchi spread her legs wide apart and her velvet pussy was opened for me. Niraj was already in her mouth. I entered Ruchi from behind. It was wonderful watching Ruchi giving blow job to Niraj. I was so excited that my speed increased automatically. My thrust to Ruchi made her move back and forth wildly. I was squeezing Ruchi’s buttocks while Niraj was literally crushing her globes. At last, both of us came together and emptied our loads in her.
This experience was excellent. Ruchi requested that we should now meet on the next week end, but at the house of Niraj. That time, wife of Niraj would be the attraction while she would watch us in action. After having decided this, we enjoyed the whole night trying various positions.

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