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New Start

“I will join you in a minute”, Shweta said, getting into the bathroom. “No problem”, I said, sitting on my bed. I had got admission into a college out of town. My mom had tagged along for the admission procedures. It was a girls only college. I had informed her before that I did not want to stay in a hostel. So after the admission procedures were done, she got me into a girls pg within walkable distance from the college. She had returned back on the same day.
The pg was not so bad. They served food, so I did not have the trouble of going out for food. Each room had two girls each. There were two beds, two study tables, two cupboards and a single wall mount TV. There was an attached bathroom in every room. Shweta was my room mate. She was working in a call center. As it was a Saturday, she was off duty and I had no class on weekends too. Most of the girls in the pg were working. Only a very few were students like me. There was only one girl who went to the same college as mine, but was in a different stream.
As soon as Shweta came out of the bathroom her phone began to ring. She picked it up, “Hello? Oh hi, How are you?…Good good…No problem. See you in ten”, she cut the call. She began to collect her stuff in haste. “My friends are coming over to pick me up. We are just going out”, she informed me, as she tried to wiggle into her shoes. “Have a nice day”, I called out as she ran out of the room.
I switched on my laptop and was browsing through the internet when there was a knock on the door. I was lying stretched on the bed with on my elbows facing away from the door. I turned my head towards the door to see our cleaning maid at the door. She smiled at me and I returned the favor. She came in and started cleaning the floor while I turned my attention back to the laptop.
While I was browsing the internet I had a feeling that the maid was staring at me. Without turning my head, I peeked through the corner of eyes. I saw that the maid was eying me. I smiled to myself and returned to the laptop. I was wearing a light blue sleeveless top and an elastic light colored loose shorts. I was wearing my usual gold jewelery one me, a pair of small ear rings, a thin belly chain and a pair of sleek anklets. The shorts I was wearing were thin and the shape of my ass must have been very obvious even though I was wearing panties underneath it. I saw that her eyes were lingering from my back to my bare feet as she took in each detail that was visible and guessed the rest.
She loitered around the room for a while and then went out of the room without saying another word, gently closing the door behind her. I was speechless. I knew that she was on to me. But I did not know why she did not make a move. ‘Probably she was scared’, I thought to myself. I sadly closed the laptop thinking that I had missed a chance to have some fun. But then I remembered that she still had to clean some more rooms, probably the corridors and the hall too. ‘I could just take a chance and try my luck with her’, I thought as I got up. I slipped on my pink slippers and walked to the door. I opened the door slightly and peeped out. She was there alright, cleaning the corridor with her broom.
The maid was a slightly over sized lady and had very dark complexion. She was tall and had short hair. She was clad in a faded red sari and matching blouse. She was barefooted. She must have been in her forties. I quickly got ready. I unbuttoned the top and bottom buttons of my top, exposing my cleavage and my navel. I was pretty confident that she would not able to resist the view of my navel and the belly chain hanging loosely around it. I pulled my shorts a little down so that it was just at the edges of my panties. As it was Saturday, I knew that most of the girls would have either gone home or were out enjoying with their friends. So pretty confident that nobody would be around to see other than my target, I stepped out into the corridor carrying a water bottle, looking as hot as possible.
I walked to the drinking area without noticing the maid even thought she was pretty close to the purifier. I was now standing between the purifier and the maid. I was pretty sure that her eyes were on me as I approached the big purifier. I fiddled with the water bottle for some time and then purposefully dropped the cap of the bottle on the floor. It hit the ground and then rolled out under the purifier out of eye sight. I let out a sigh of disappointment and I knelt down on the floor and extended my one hand under the purifier, trying hard to get the cap back. I must have been so convincing that the maid moved closer to me and stood just behind me. She was about to open her mouth to extend her help when I noticed at the corner of my eyes, that her mouth was wide open and she was staring right at my back.
I was kneeling on the floor with my back to her with my face almost on the ground extending my hand under the purifier. With my current pose, my shorts had stretched down a little bit, exposing the start of my ass and the split of my ass cheeks along with my panties. I was not sure about how much of my butt was exposed to her, but I was happy with the results. She was standing there like she was struck by a lightening. Even though I caught the cap in my hand, I maintained the same pose for a while, teasing the maid and letting her have a good look at what a prize I was.
Finally I got up and turned around. She was standing very close to me. I smiled at her as if nothing had happened. She recovered quickly and smiled back at me. Again the cap fumbled out of hands and fell on the floor at my feet. I laughed softly at her and then bent forward retrieving the cap from the floor. The top buttons of my top were open and I was not wearing any bra inside. I gave a quick view of my assets and sprang back up. She was staring at my cleavage even after I stood straight.
‘Jackpot’, I smiled to myself as I saw the look in her eyes. Now she was eying me from top to bottom. I felt her eyes roam around my body, sizing me up. Her eyes stayed a while on my belly, where I was guessing that she had a nice view of my exposed belly button. After standing in front of her for a while, I gave her sweet smile and turned away from her, slowly walking towards my room, leaving her frozen in the corridors.
No sooner than I had taken a few steps, I felt a pair of powerful hands pushing me towards the wall near the purifier. I shrieked in horror before I realized that it was the maid. I was standing against the wall with back to it with her hands holding my shoulders, almost crushing them. I stood there without moving, terrified as hell. Still holding me, her eyes began to roam around my body from top to bottom, taking in every part of my body. Finally she released me, but I stood there, too scared to budge.
She slowly placed her hand on my exposed belly. I felt her rough palm on my smooth skin as she rubbed my belly. She was so close to me that I could even smell her sweat. She was breathing hard and had a weird look on her face as she sized me up. She toyed with my belly button and the belly chain around it as I held my breath. I was a little scared. Her finger pushed into my navel and I gave out a small shriek. She was pretty rough and dominating. Now I was worried that whether she would hurt me as her finger toyed around my belly button under my top.
“You are too beautiful”, she said, still enjoying my smooth belly. “Somebody might see”, was all that came out of my lips. “Let them see. A thing of beauty like you, should not be covered and hidden”, she said, laughing at her own joke. She began to unbutton my top so roughly that I feared that she would tear off the buttons from it. When it was finally open, she used her hands and opened it and held it wide apart. I was not wearing any bra underneath. “Wow!”, she exclaimed at the sight of my exposed breasts. “You are too beautiful. Look at those ripe little ones”, she smacked her lips staring at my breasts, “I have never seen anything as beautiful as this before in my life”, she said, smiling to herself. “Pink nipples. So small and cute. I just love you my sweetheart”, she said.
The maid took the bottle out of my hands and placed it on top of the purifier, which I had not realized was holding it, until now. Then she straight away dug her face into my breasts. She was not the foreplay type. She pinned me to the wall with her strong hands, as she began to suck my breasts one by one. She was moaning slightly. She was playing it roughly as I squealed in pain as her teeth dug into my breasts every now and then. She began to concentrate on my nipples. She held it by teeth and began to pull them. I was howling in pain as she continued the torture on my nipples. Even thought the pain was too much I realized that my nipples were getting erect and my breasts hardening with every bite.
I was afraid that any moment someone might see us. So I was actually trying to muffle up my screams, but it was hard to control the way she was going on. It was exciting and wild to think that I was standing in the corridor with my breasts exposed and another lady sucking on to my naked breasts on by one. The thought that it was happening quite openly and in public was kind of making me turned on. As she continued on with her biting and sucking, her hand began to move down from my shoulder to my stomach and stopped at the start of my shorts. I held my breath in anticipation and waited for her to move.
Slowly and steadily her hand slid inside my shorts, under my panties and moved to the most intimate parts of my body. I felt my body shudder and gave out a loud moan as her hard, rough fingers brushed the most sensitive part of my body. Her fingers roamed on the top of my pussy for a while exploring and sizing it up. Then suddenly she stopped. She raised her head from my breasts with a look of amazement in her face. Her hand was still inside my shorts. “You are a virgin”, she said happily, as if she made a Nobel prize worth of discovery. She immediately pulled out her hand from the inside of my shorts. I was wondering whether she had lost interest . But her face was all lit up and beaming.
She immediately bent down and caught hold of my shorts and panties together. With one swift motion, she pulled them both down to my thighs exposing my pussy for her. Then she squatted on the floor, facing me, trying hard to get a good look at my pussy. She tried to spread my pussy lips to have good look. But she could not spread my legs as the clothes around my thighs were restricting my legs. Desperate to get a closer look, she pulled my panties and shorts till my feet. Then she removed my slippers and threw it aside. After that she removed my shorts and panties together freeing them around my feet, one after the other and threw it aside with the slippers. Now I was standing bare footed in front of her with just my top on my body, that too completely opened up and exposing everything it was made to hide.
She made me lean on the wall with my feet separated and with my knees pushing to either sides, away from each other, so that she can examine my vagina properly. She ran her fingers slowly over my tightly shut pussy lips and a low moan escaped through my lips. Using her both hands she tried to separate my pussy lips to get a good look inside. She was not satisfied. “Its so tight that I cannot see anything properly”, she exclaimed sadly. Not satisfied with the outcome she decided to change my position.
She made me sit on the marbled floor. I felt the coldness of the marble on my bare ass cheeks as I sat down. Thinking that the top was not necessary in the examination, she removed them off me and put it aside with the other clothes. Then she made me lie down on the floor on my back with my knees bent and my feet closer to my ass, dangling in the air. Then she separated my knees so that she had a good look at my genitals. Now I was lying stark naked on the floor, without even a thread of cloth on my body, with my most private parts completely exposed for the whole world to see. I was really worried and excited at the thought of someone seeing me here like this.
I was thinking what would someone think if they suddenly come across us like this. A completely nude girl lying on the floor and the maid examining her exposed pussy. I thought that the thought itself was wild and exciting. She sat on the floor and leaned closer to my pussy. With both her elbows pushing my thighs away, she began to open up my pussy. I moaned again as her fingers touched my vagina once again. She had managed to pull apart my pussy lips a bit and was trying hard to a good look inside. She was all beaming and happy, “What a beautiful little pussy you have”. “Its all pink inside. I can even see your seal inside it”, she smiled from ear to ear. “Its so tight and small. Really cute”, she said.
She then turned me around, and made me go down on my knees and elbows with back facing her. I guessed that she wanted to examine my ass next. My knees were a bit separated and as I stood there she forcefully separated my ass cheeks. I screamed in pain as I felt her strong grip on the soft skin of my ass, pulling them apart. “Not so loudly baby,. Someone might hear”, she said. After having a good look, she certified, “Very nice. Really good”. “What a real piece of beauty you are, my baby. Each part of you is just perfect and oozes beauty from it”. Even though in pain, I accepted the praises with a sweet smile.
Suddenly there was a laughter in the hall and we heard voices coming towards us. “Get dressed quickly”, the maid said helping me onto my feet. I quickly got back into my dress, wore my slippers and reached just in time at the purifier as four girls climbed up the stairs. The maid was cleaning the floor while I looked like I was filling up the bottle. The girls chatted for a while, split up and got into their respective rooms, closing the door behind them. As soon as their doors closed, the maid dropped her broom and rushed towards me.
“Shall we go inside my room”, I asked her as she inserted her hand inside my shorts again. “No. This is much more fun”, she said. I smiled sheepishly. Even I thought that this was more exciting and wild. I was still near the purifier, ready to pose as filling the water bottle if anybody comes. The maid was having the broom on the other hand ready to move away in time, while her other hand was busy roaming between my legs inside my shorts. She was having trouble with her work, as her hand was getting caught inside my panties every now then and had not yet reached my sensitive spot. Then she decided to take a chance.
She slipped my shorts and panties to my thighs so that she had unrestricted access to my pussy. But there was a problem that if someone looks, they could clearly make out my bare ass from behind. I was still standing, facing the purifier and she, facing the other side. Her fingers began to rub my pussy. I moaned softly with pleasure as the rough skin of the inside of her fingers stimulated my clitoris. I closed my eyes and held on to the purifier for support as she went on massaging my pussy mount.
Her finger was rubbing my pussy from start to end and that too furiously. I was getting turned on. And the fact that it was all happening in the open corridor made me hornier. My inner thighs were getting sweaty. I was panting slightly now as the sensations began to build up inside my body. My pussy was lubricating itself, discharging some of my juices outside. Her hand was already wet with my droplets. I was moaning slightly trying hard to muffle up the sounds, but unsuccessful sometimes. I was not worried at the moment about someone hearing my lustful moans. And she too was in the grove, pretty much excited to see me getting excited in her hands.
I was shifting my weight from one foot to another. I was completely sweating and was moaning non stop. She had increased her pace. I just stood there as she went on rubbing my vagina. I felt my pussy wetting itself furiously readying up for the final show. I was unintentionally massaging my breasts with one hand while the other was still on the purifier for support. I urged her go on as I sensed the familiar pressure building up inside my stomach. I knew that it was not long before I climaxed.
Suddenly without warning I let out a loud scream that I was sure echoed through the entire pg. I did not care about anything at that moment, when my pussy was furiously gushing out thick white fluid everywhere. My juices were everywhere, my pussy, my pubis, my thighs, my pulled down panties and shorts, and even a little puddle on the floor. Her fingers were still in place and was drenched in my discharges. “Wow! That was one hell of a show”, she said, looking at the aftermath of my explosions. “Lets get out of here, before anyone comes to check out your screams”, she said, licking on to my juices on her fingers.
I pulled up my dress still drenched in my own fluids and tip toed into my room to clean myself. The maid too made her disappearance from the corridor. I cleaned myself in the bathroom and slipped on a fresh pair of clothes. The maid was permanent here and she said that we would meet often, which I was surely looking forward to. But before leaving, she had also said to watch out, as there were lot of lesbians in this pg. I collapsed into my bed thinking how much of that was true.

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