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Nisha Ki Bachelor Party

Hi all this is the 4th time I am writing a story and this story is of a real girl who is a sex addict and she wanted me to write a story on one of the lifetime incident happened in her life a few days back. Her name is Nisha and her stats are 34d 26 38 fair complexion. We both met online and discuss pretty much everything on sex and related topics and one day she tells me that her marriage is fixed and I thought of giving her one in a lifetime experience and somehow managed to agree her for a bachelor party for her where she can fulfill all her sex demands and let me tell you guys that she is one of her kind and when it comes to sex she can suck a dozen men dry and still be ready to fuck another dozen. So as she agreed and she told me to do all the arrangements, so I arranged 5 guys for her and told her that it’ll be her fuck of a lifetime. So without wasting any time let me start the story.
So on the fixed day the guys picked her up from a address and took her out of city to one of a guy’s guest house. It was a big house and it too had a pool and all the amenities of a penthouse. And as the guys reached there they all went inside and as they went inside sat down and she was sitting in the middle and all the guys were sitting beside her and talking to her about sex and dirty they way she likes it. One of the guys came closer and started rubbing her thighs, so she said to wait and she needs to change and she went inside and when she returned she just had a push up bra and a pair of nylons and high heels on her body. And trust me guys she was looking drop dead gorgeous in that outfit. And now she came and sat between them and said, “Now I am all yours, Use me as the way you guys want.”
Hearing this guys started taking their clothes off and slowly started to feel her body caressing her boobs and when all the guys were naked they picked her up and took her to bedroom and threw her on the bed and they all took out bottles of massage oil and gathered around the bed and started to pour the oil on her body like shower and the guys were continuously stroking their dicks with one hand and pouring oil from another. Now one of the guys got on the bed and stood near her and was pouring oil on her and Nisha grabbed his dick and started sucking it and now guys came closer and started rubbing her pussy for a while and now she turned and said “Is that all you guys got?” and turned to another guy standing on the other side of the bed and she bent and started sucking the other guy and one more guy came in front of her and she started sucking them both. Now the guy from back started rubbing her pussy. She started moaning in pleasure ummmmmmm and he was pouring the oil on her back and unhooked her bra and started pressing her boobs from behind and bent his knees and placed his dick on her pussy and as her pussy was well lubricated started to fuck her now another guy came from front and started caressing her boobs pinching her nipples and she was letting out huge moans of pleasure.
He fucked her for a while and she was sucking all the guys dicks one by one deep throat them and moaning in pleasure now the guys grabbed her and pulled her down from the bed and made her kneel down and stood surrounding her and she immediately grabbed their dicks and started sucking them and moaning in pleasure ummmmmmmmmm and guys were continuously pouring the oil on her and guys were gagging her and caressing her boobs from time to time and she was sucking the dicks like it’s the last day of the world she continued sucking them for like 15 min. And now one of the guy sat down and to surprise her inserted his hand in her pussy she let out a huge moan and guys started laughing and she started sucking the other guys more wildly and her moans grew louder as he was fingering her and she was shaking her ass up and down and she was moaning laughing and sucking the dicks all at the same time and she grew more violent and started scolding them “you motherfuckers come fuck me “ fuck this bitch, tear my pussy make me your whore you motherfuckers”
Let me tell you something all the dicks were huge the smallest one was 6’ long and 2’ thick. Hearing this the guy fingering Nisha laid on the bed and guys took Nisha up on the bed and lowered her on his dick, she let out a huge moan and two guys stood in front of Nisha and she started to suck them and she letting out huge moans as he was fucking her faster she was crying “fuck me you motherfuckers, fuck me harder”, guys were continuously biting her nipples and slapping them, and continuously pouring oil on her body and now the guys changed position they made her lie on the edge of the bed and another guy held her one leg and started to fuck her standing and another came on top and started to mouth fuck her and one guy was eating her nipples and biting them and slapping her, and as the guy increased his speed of fucking she moaned louder and louder with every thrust “oh godddddd fuck meeeeeee harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh godddddddd uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”
She was totally enjoying the fucking. And now guys changed position they made her doggy and a guy started fucking her in doggy style and slapping her ass and a guy laid down and was sucking her nipples other two stood in front of her and she was sucking them both and they were continuously slapping her boobs rubbing her clit pulling her hair she was continuously moaning and now he took out his dick another guy came over and started to fuck her tight ass and as he inserted his dick in her ass she cried in pain because its so tiny and his dick was huge and it went straight in because she was well lubricated and then he was fucking her ass and slapping it and she was moaning in pleasure and crying and guys were slapping her licking her boobs biting her nipples and he fucked her ass for a while and then changed position.
A guy laid on the bed and he lowered her and started fucking her ass now 2 guys stood along the side and Nisha started sucking them and she was moaning in pleasure. The whole room was filled with her moans and the flap sound coming from her fucking and another guy came from front and slowly inserted his dick in her pussy oh god she was so fucking tight, guys were enjoying each and every bit of her and she was just sucking and enjoying the fucking and now guys stood up and took her up and positioned their dicks and lowered her on their dicks both at the same time She let out a huge moan as the dicks were going deeper and deeper in her body, she was shouting “ fuck me you bastards, fuck me harder you motherfuckers , is that all you got”. Now to drill her guys decided to tear her pussy and ass apart, so they took her again to the bed a guy lied down and lowered her in pussy and another guy came from front and bit her nipples and with a hard push pressed his dick too inside her pussy.
She let out a huge cry in pain and the guys started to fuck her with their full speed and with every push she was crying “ ye kya kr diya kutton tumne chut ko faad k bhosda bna diya salo kutton, or chodo mujhe, chodo is randi ko chod chod k highway bna do” and hearing this guys decided to do the same thing with her ass to teach her a lesson, now they switched position turned her upside down and kept on fucking her tiny pussy she was continuously moaning and enjoying her pussy been torn and she was sucking their dicks like crazy woman and the guys too were enjoying fucking Nisha and again they changed position they made her stand lifted her one leg and a guy inserted his dick from front and another guy came from back and started to fuck her ass and another guy came from side and started trying to fuck her pussy too and all 3 of them were fucking Nisha slowly and she too was enjoying it.
And now guys decided to tear up her ass so they took her to the couch a guy sat down and slowly lowered her and pulled her back to lie down on him and signaled another guy, he came over and started to insert his dick too in her ass but he couldn’t because it was so tight. Nisha started shouting “ Kutton chut toh faad hi chuke ho ab kya ise bhi nhi bakchoge, kutton shadi h meri agle mahine kuch toh chod do mere hone wale pati k liye”. One of the guy said Sali tujh jaisi raand ka pati h use kuch bhi tight nhi milega or ab dikhate h hum logon mei kitna dum h”
And now instead of dick he started inserting his hand in her ass along with the dick already buried in her ass and all the guys held her tight as she was crying and trying to shout and now he slowly inserted 2 fingers in her ass and he was continuously spitting and slowly making more space for another finger and slowly2 he was able to get all his 4 fingers inside and now he started to push his hand deeper and then he gave a hard push and his entire fist was in her ass along with the dick and now guys let out her, She cried loudly “ kutton faad di tumne gaand bhi madharchdon bhut dard ho raha h mujhe” and now guys stood up took out their dicks and now one guy started to fist fuck her as she was not even able to stand and was just lying on the couch and he inserted both his hands one in her pussy and other one in her ass and he kept on fucking her like this and then guys came to double penetrate her ass and now the guys took her up and lowered her on their dicks and both the dicks went easily in her ass and guys were making her jump on their dicks.
With every jump their dicks were going deeper in her ass and they kept on fucking her like this for like hours and now I am skipping to the triple penetration because it was a long day and she was fucked in different positions and different angels. So now the guys were back in the room two were already pounding her ass and pussy and another guy came and he too started to penetrate her and he placed his dick and gave a hard push and his dick went easily in her pussy and then he started fucking her slowly. He took out his dick and inserted in her ass and so he was fucking both her holes one by one and now the most important part which I specially told guys to do was the golden shower and after all day of fucking all the guys took out their dicks gathered around her and masturbated on her face and boobs and her hair too and then gave her a large mug and started pissing on her, she was totally enjoying pissing in her mouth and on her face and body and then she took the mug and started to drink the piss and their cum and she had enjoyed her bachelor party.

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