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Outing In Safari Park

My 38 years wife is 5’4″ tall, measuring 36-32-38 and has dark black hair and gorgeous. She literally stops traffic wherever we go. I am 5’6’’ tall, keep myself in shape and very similar my slight build, have a 5.5″ moderate cock with a mushroom head.
We love each other deeply, but sex life was fading away. If you ask me the root cause, it’s basically the monotonous sex life with the only partner. As a solution, I wanted badly to get introduced with threesome, swapping, and orgy sort of fun to spice up our faded sex life. This idea grew into my mind showing similar activities in Facebook or other social media.And that’s where I begin my devilish plan. The thought of watching my wife being fucked by another man took over my every thought.
But how was I going to convince her to think in the same direction, that was really a challenge. In weekends I used to buy adult magazines that had advertisements for partners, married couples or group to meet others for sex. Wow! This was very interesting I thought. I took out my cock and jerked off whilst reading the ads and I introduced the magazine to Priya at bedtime. Then my erect cock was resting at the opening of her pussy, with just one push I would have buried it deep into her juicy cunt in missionary position. This was the monotonous routine fuck, nothing spicy. The real wildness was missing which I was looking for.
Now I want to share with you one incident happened with us last month. Our children then were with my in-laws as school declared holidays. We planned to visit a nearby safari park to see the wild animal roaming around. It’s a different taste about wild animals, not like zoo. Two other couples were to accompany us. Our program was planned by the ladies mainly; Viji with her hubby and Soma with her hubby. We are all from same age group. They also sent their children to the relatives in vacation. Soma’s hubby couldn’t turn up at the eleventh hour due to job pressure, but encouraged Soma to proceed with us. We are proud of the understanding we have among ourselves.
I took my car and drove around 100 km. Vinod, Viji’s hubby was seating just beside me and three ladies in the backseat. We had T-shirts and Jeans. Priya and Viji were in Jeans-Top and Soma had Salwar-Kamiz. We reached there in the noon time.
After reaching there, we were surprised to know from the security person that only one big room is there in the guest house for total six persons. We debated with the security department, ultimately gave up as no other option was open. We all agreed to stay in the same room and that decency we have among us. Even ladies didn’t object to it. That’s the level of friendship we have! The room was well furnished and we kept the foods we carried in the refrigerator. We visited the park taking special vehicle from the authority, because the animals are all free to roam around. We enjoyed the tour; ladies were bit scary to see wild animals coming close to us. Vinod and I were enjoying the situation created there. We cracked jokes like animals also crazy about young ladies, just to remove fear from their minds.
We came back and had dinner as all of us were hungry. The first problem we faced when ladies were to change dresses. We both males were sent outside the room in the dark balcony. We talked about the ongoing IPL cricket matches to pass time while the ladies inside were changing clothes. Suddenly I found Vinod peeking through the gap of window; I could read out some excitement also in his activities. Naturally I went to him and found out the proper reason.
All three ladies were changing cloths and that nice scene was visible through the gap. By that time three ladies just started to remove their dresses. We first found their upper structure in bra only. My stomach suddenly was doing flip-flops. I got a hard on instantly. Vinod would not be an exception, I believed. My friend and I stared through the gap mesmerized as they slowly revealed their magnificent flesh. Next they removed their jeans/ Salwar.
The ladies were removing clothes together, top portion at a time then bottom portion at a time. They were laughing a lot as if displaying their sexy bodies equally, no cheating sort of culture. We both the males were rubbing our crotch through our pants, naturally we felt horny. We leered at their beautiful figure in the underwear through the gap of window.
“Vinod, come, here goes,” I whispered being excited.
The ladies together moved their hands behind the back to unhook bra. I saw my wife to strip many times, but seeing together with two more sexy ladies while another man also seeing was quite arousing for me. Just as I saw my wife’s breasts, I was about to see my friend wives’ breasts too. That was the proper platform to do the benchmarking on their assets. It’s hard to believe that one of the friends was with me equally excited.
We could imagine that the wives were just about to remove their bra or to strip naked. First Viji and Soma removed their bra with each other unfasten the hooks and waved over the head. We couldn’t see their headlights because they were showing their back to us. Then they stepped towards my wife and offered to undo her bra for her. Priya nodded her thanks, and while we two stared at them from darkness, Viji-Soma slowly unfastened Priya’s bra and removed it, letting her breasts fall under their own weight. I thought she looked magnificent.
Now I understood why Viji-Soma removed bra first and then offered to unfasten Priya’s bra. It’s just to show respect to bigger size “the boss”. Priya’s bra size is 36 and both of them are 34. I admired their culture!
I knew the sizes of them from my wife earlier in casual talk.
As they turned towards us, all the nice melons tumbled into view; blue veins running here and there just under the milky skin. Priya was having biggest nipples already erect and puckered. There they were my wife’s tits. I was proud of her size, the best among them. My friend Vinod asked hesitantly, “What is Priya’s size?”
I proudly answered,”It’s 36.”
My friend smiled, “Big melons! Exactly how I imagined them to be.”
I asked in return though I knew Viji’s tit size, and he confirmed it’s 34.
I also assured him that Soma must be having 34 size bras too.
We two friends shared our opinions and did the review work correctly like Viji’s nipples were pink, Soma’s light brown. Vinod was very impressed about Priya’s tits,”She is having big boobs. Her tits hung most erotically from her chest.”
We couldn’t believe the ladies were standing there topless then.
I couldn’t take it anymore. Vinod read my mind and said, “Don’t worry, Raj . . . it’s just the two of us. Do what we want to do. We got plenty of darkness in the balcony.”
I put my hands in my jeans and shorts and slowly pulled it down. It was a nice five and half inch erection pointing towards wall.
“Wow, Raj. Your cock is so hard!” Vinod giggled showing at my cock, while looking inside the room.
I couldn’t believe I was naked in front of my friend. I earlier became naked in front of my wife only, none else.
Vinod also pulled down his pant/ underwear and expose his erect prick. I noticed that he had hard on too; a royal cock, about 7 inch long. Unknown thrills quivered through me as I saw the long, thick cock appearing into view, already erect and skinned back, mats of hair surrounded the roots, great wrinkled balls swinging there heavy with semen.
I acknowledged,”Vinod, great dick!!”
Vinod only smiled at me, he must be proud of his tool which servicing Viji in 15 years of marriage.
We both stood there eagerly with full erection and looking forward to see the next step and strip off the wives. Each of them stuck her thumbs into the knickers and slowly pulled them down. We two horny males were glued to the spectacle, our eyes wide open and right hand playing with our hard cocks. They all bent over, lowering their knickers to the floor and stepped out of them. All three wives were naked….yes….naked…believe me…naked… We couldn’t believe the wives were naked together.
They stood completely naked there. They stood dashy and proud, dark hair hanging luxuriously on the shoulders. Priya’s breasts were bigger and hung more heavily. She looked very, very hot with generous hips and her belly was almost flat. My eyes travelled lower and I saw she had a trimmed pubic bush as desired. Soma and Viji were equally hot with smaller tits. They had both fully trimmed pussies. As they all talked their tits were swaying and bouncing considerably. They turned this way and that, giving us views of all their charms, their plump ass with the long, deep cleft between the cheeks. We were cursing the costumes which used to cover them and depriving us of their beauties for years!
Our cocks throbbed to the naked sight of Priya-Viji-Soma.
They cupped each others’ breasts in hands and raised them, as if offering each other to touch and feel. They are so close in relations, quite natural.
It was too much for the horny males. We removed our T-shirts in no time and while fully naked we pushed the door hard. It opened like a floodgate and we rushed into the room.
Our wives were frightened seeing our erect cocks.
I hugged Priya and Vinod lifted Viji in his lap. Soma found bit shaky as her hubby was not available there; she was trying to cover her tits-pussy by hands in vain. We left our wives then and tried to hug Soma. She got frightened and ran away in nude. We both nude males chased her in that big room. Soma’s tits were bouncing heavily as she ran and our erect cocks were jerking too with full erection, as if a cow was being chased by two bulls in the paddy field. Ultimately we could catch her near the washroom and started to squeeze her tits, kiss her whole body and pat her lovely ass; she was trying to escape from the grip.
Priya and Viji came to her rescue, “Leave her please, you naughty males!”
We apologized and to bring light mood to the situation, Vinod invited us all to perform dance.
Instantly he started a mild music in his iphone and we all agreed to dance. Priya looked at me and complained, “I have little injury in right leg. So…I won’t….”
We cleared a small area at the centre by moving a coffee table out of the way.
We all requested Priya, nothing wrong would happen. She should participate, and she agreed with us to join.
We started dancing and Vinod really was a good dancer. Soma was also a good dancer so she responded to his moves. We other trio were just showing some involvement, mostly watching them. I observed Soma’s tits to sway and Vinod’s erect cock to jerk touching Soma’s belly occasionally. It was really arousing!
Another song came on, it was bit faster and he insisted all of us to dance together. I danced but my main intension was to check movement of organs, with properly dressed dancers this beauty is invisible. I checked Priya’s tits bouncing and swaying most. Similarly Vinod’s dick used to jerk much more than mine; size matters. My cock was also dancing; Viji’s tits were bouncing nicely. We all touched each other’s organs in dance time. In one case Viji while dancing held my hard cock in strong grip. I found Vinod squeezing my wife’s tits while Priya shaking his rock hard cock. All ladies kept dancing and were turning on with very sexy looks on their foxy faces; I saw their nipples to get hard. We didn’t spare Soma, squeezed her perky tits, and patted her round ass. She kept warding off our hands with little playful slaps. As the song continued, I saw Vinod’s cock producing some precum and all pussies were bit moist.
Viji held Soma’s hand and let her sit in the single sofa comfortably. We four sat together nude in big four-sitter sofa.
What a scene!!! My gorgeous wife and friend’s wife were naked with both of us in same sofa. Opposite to it, another friend’s nude wife was watching us. We never mind that as we were staying together.
In the sofa, Viji was sitting in extreme left, then me and Priya and right most position was for Vinod. Viji turned and reached between my legs and pulled my rapidly growing cock up in her hand and started to shake. The next she did really stunning, started to suck my erect cock with full attention. Priya got tensed there. I watched her stare focus on big cock of Vinod. Apparently, she was enjoying the view of him, as much as he was enjoying her. Priya wanted to turn her face away from Vinod’s naked body, but could not resist the temptation of viewing his massive erection. She was spellbound naturally. She forcibly turned her head to other direction; however, she continued stealing the look of his gorgeous cock.
I understood her urge well and winked her for which she was waiting. Without asking, Priya took Vinod’s manhood in her hand and gently caressed it. Then Priya’s fingers wrapped around his swelling cock. The next thing I felt shocked as my perfectionist wife Priya opened her wet mouth on the end of my friend’s cock sucking, and sucking and sucking. Had I ever imagined that my wife would someday suck another cock!! She followed that by licking up and down the shaft, causing Vinod to moan from the pleasure. She took him inside her mouth and began sucking him off furiously. She cupped his heavy balls in her hands and continued herself. Then she stood up. Priya made eye contact with me and saw that I was still getting sucked by Viji, then quickly turned and bent over with her head in the Vinod’s lap.
Viji tentatively moved her face to my cock and began to wet it with her tongue and bring it into her mouth. As she did, her head turned slightly sideways and she looked at me, and then sucked me all the way in her mouth.
Right at that time Soma left the room and went towards the dark balcony as she felt left out.
I was still getting sucked well by Viji. I was bit annoyed when she left me to follow Soma. Probably she wanted to calm down Soma as she was not part of the sex going on there.
Priya’s ass and pussy were splayed wide open as she was giving a nice blowjob to my friend.
Then, it happened way too quickly. The invitation of her nice round ass was too much and at the same time she was sucking a big cock. I rolled a condom on my dick taking out from the bag kept nearby. I was on Priya and had shoved my hard cock into my wife’s pussy. She stopped sucking on Vinod for one moment to turn around to find me fucking her. Her hubby was there drilling his cock in and out of his wife’s tight pussy. It was heaven for me. She felt so good wrapped around his cock so tightly.
My dream of threesome had come true and I was immediately humping her as she was bent over my friend who had hold of the back of her head.
“Oh baby that’s it! Don’t stop it’s so good! Fuck me honey! I need it!” she yelled at me.
Priya was moaning and I was picking up the speed. I could see my balls slapping against her ass.
I saw Priya bobbed her head up and down on Vinod’s rock hard erection. It was an incredible feeling for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked down to see Priya with her lips wrapped tightly around him, with her cheeks looking caved in from her powerful suction. She at last slid her tongue out of her mouth and began to lick the smooth surface of my friend’s dick.
I found Priya, a fantastic cock sucker, sucking my friend dry. As she sucked, I could look at her big breasts rubbing against his knees and gently swaying with the motion of her mouth. I couldn’t afford to lose the opportunity to do the doggie while squeezing her round hanging tits at the same time.
Still working on his cock, she began to toy with his balls. All of a sudden as his come started squirting out of his cock, Vinod’s orgasm seemed to take forever as Priya stroked the shaft of the cock and sucked just the end of it in her sweet mouth. Vinod could not bear as he shot load after load of his cum inside my wife’s mouth. In fact, my friend’s ever-flowing cum nearly caused her to gag and swallowed everything he offered her.
Priya was moaning a bit louder. At the same time I was pressing her swinging boobs and slapping her ass. I suddenly announced that I was going to cum, but my wife urged to delay it, “Please hold Raj, and don’t let it go.” But it was too late and I was already cumming. Priya couldn’t reach the climax rather I couldn’t take her there. My wife’s hips bucked a little, even after I pulled out, she didn’t cum yet. But no cock was left to relief her! We three got up and sat on the sofa bit tired.
Right at that time Viji entered the room with Soma. Soma sat on a chair and Viji came near sofa. She understood we had just a threesome.
She then took three of us to the bed, ladies asses moved nicely as they walked with us. When we went to the bed, Viji and Priya lied on their back. We positioned ourselves between spread legs of each others’ wives.
The perfect conical shape of tits was flattened, but the nipples stood up proud and tall.
I started to feel whole body of Viji in my palms, mouth. It didn’t take long for my hands to make contact with her breasts, touching her erect nipples. Her breathing began to get heavier again and she started to make soft noises in the back of her throat. Next to us, Priya loves to have her breasts fondled, and I could see her start to arch her back as she strained meet Vinod’s touch.
Finally he gave in to her. Vinod with his palms flat, placed his hands on her stomach and moved them both up and over her breasts, began to roll them back and forth.
It was like an electric shock. Priya’s arms jerked down and her hands covered his. “Uhhggg!!!!!!!” she moaned, with her eyes closed tightly.
I sucked nice melons of Viji. “Yesssss… that!!!!!” she hissed, as her hands guided over her quivering pink cap. She was too lost in the sensations I was giving her.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Vinod climbing on the bed to fuck my wife! Priya just looked at me to see what I would say. No word was needed then. I was eager to fuck Viji. I was pretending to kiss her abdomen area, but my first attention was to see a big cock penetrating my horny wife!
My jaws dropped open as I saw Vinod’s white condom covered cock wiggle as he moved onto the bed. I looked back to capture his insertion of his cock into my wife. He parted her thick smooth thighs apart, and then grabbed his cock at the base. I watched in disbelief as his tip was going into my wife with ease. He drove it all the way in. Both of their pelvises were touching and his rock hard balls touching my wife’s ass. He stayed motionless; Priya in enjoyment closed her eyes. She also held onto the bed sheets. “Uhhhhh!!!!……Oh, God!!!!!! Oh, oh, please!!!!!!!! He moaned in pleasure in his conquest of my wife’s pussy. He was going to enjoy the big cunt of my wife. Then he began his assault on my wife’s pussy with slow and steady strokes.
I finally slid the side of my tongue directly down the full length of her vagina, lapping and swirling her burning pussy, Viji began to pant like a wounded animal.
“Yeeeeesssss!!!!! Oh, yeah……right there, that’s it!!!!!!” she wailed beneath my solid, unrelenting movements.
Then I positioned myself between Viji’s thighs with the only objective of fucking this gorgeous lady. My right hand was between my thighs, griping my condom clad cock and guiding it to Viji’s open cunt. For years I was eagerly waiting to fuck this beautiful neighbourhood housewife! My hand remain there for long, actually I was running the tip of my shaft along the big length of her pussy.
After a while, I lifted my ass in the air, my hand holding my cock and positioning it at the entrance of Viji’s pussy. Slowly, my hard on moved inch by inch inside her womb, and then it was completely buried inside her, my hairy balls resting against her white ass cheeks. That was my maximum cock length.
Once I was fully inside my neighbour’s cunt I waited for few seconds to enjoy my time. Then slowly I started fucking my lady. My pumping was rhythmic, quite contrary to my friend who was thrusting rapidly my wife’s cunt a couple of feet away on the same bed. With every stroke Viji was releasing and contracting around my throbbing shaft and moving her abdomen with my rhythm. I knew earlier from my wife about Viji, like she had given birth to her children by normal delivery or how many stitch she received after delivery etc. But it was awesome feelings to fuck her there!
No one was speaking and there was no sound in the room, other than ladies’ occasional moans and wild animal cries outside. With every stroke I could see Vinod moving completely out of my wife’s pussy and again plunging back into her enormous depth, his heavy balls striking heavily on her ass. Priya’s pink pussy lips were clinging to his cock during course of it’s to and fro movement. I had fantasized about my wife fucking a big dick before my eyes and I was totally in agreement that it is a beautiful thing to see as expected.
I was getting a view of my lifetime. I was fucking Viji and my eyes were equally interested in watching the great spectacle where my friend’s cock was pounding my wife’s pussy. I tried to guess how my sweetheart would be feeling!
My eyes made contact with Viji’s while I found she was laughing as I was hungrily watching my wife’s pounding. She caught my sneaking eyes and I felt ashamed. I grabbed Viji’s shoulder and started ramming my cock furiously into her cunt. I was penetrating at jackhammer speed, my throat emitting sounds uncontrollably. My pumping was reaching to a climax. Viji was also converging with my climax.
“Ohh…..ohh……Ahhh!!!!!. . . .I’m Cumming!!!” She yelled in tempo with the thrust of her hips. Then she held herself rigid as the fireworks exploded through her whole system.
All of a sudden, with a sharp cry I pushed forward my hips and buried my cock deep inside Viji’s pussy. She understood my feelings as she hugged me in tight grip as I cum inside my neighbour’s pussy, but none could see it, as my cock was completely immersed into her slippery cunt with condom. I remained there for a while and then collapsed over her lovely nude body.
We both got tired from exertion, my cock became completely limp. We held each other in arms.
Lifting my head I could see Vinod’s huge balls thudding silently against Priya’s rear end each time he plunged into her. My wife’s naked body was being rocked by the violence of his downward thrusts. The cream coloured flesh of her round thighs were jiggling firmly in rhythm. He pumped her hard and fast, his bouncing ass looking like it was spring driven, powerful muscles bulging in his thighs.
“Aaaaaaaa…..eeeeeeeeeee……Ahhh!!!!!. .Fuck meeeeeeee!!!” She screamed loudly. My wife grabbed a fist full of bed sheet in her right hand. Her other hand gripped Vinod’s hair. Suddenly her ass lifted an inch, her buttocks trying to draw themselves together.
My sweetheart was having a massive orgasm!!
Vinod declared, “Here I go!” He all of sudden came. He uttered, “Oh shit, I am coming in your wife.”
I supported my friend right then, “Come inside her dear, she is yours now, and enjoy her lovely body!”
All were exhausted, gasping for breath, took rest on the bed.
Soma was left herself out of the fun. We invited her to sit beside us. We were talking about how we felt each others’ spouse. We took off the used condoms from our dicks and disposed those in the dust box.
Then we had cup of tea, prepared by Soma which actually energized us once again. We all felt guilty also because we couldn’t give pleasure to Soma so far. Ladies somehow convinced her to join the party. After seeing this hot sex, she had to desire something about sex!
We then placed Vinod in the bed on his back. Our both the cocks were ready to take on lovely Soma. I recommended the name of Vinod because he is bigger than me so he deserved it. Priya rolled a condom on his great dick pointing towards the ceiling.
The two wives practically helped Soma to impale the cock to be served. She took in the whole length of his cock slowly. Vinod took each of her tits in his hands and played with them. She started to bounce on the dick, causing her tits to bounce as well. I was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at Soma’s great ass. Viji and Priya came near me and suggested to take advantage of her round ass. They were not wrong, that humping great ass was inviting me. I couldn’t afford to lose that opportunity.
Viji quickly helped me to put on a condom. I climbed the bed where already action was going on. Soma obviously felt the bed sag beneath as I took up a position behind her. I was focused to fuck Soma’s butt, so pushed her back down. Vinod took the opportunity to bear hug this lovely lady. I first caressed her lovely bottom, patted the big buttocks. Then I rubbed my rock hard dick in the valley between the buttocks, it felt awesome. Ultimately I collected their love juice where their organs met and put some on my cock. My friend spread her ass cheek to share her with me and she felt my hard cock nudge against her anus. She looked back and got frightened. She said worriedly, “I never did this before.”
Priya assured her, “Don’t worry, they will be gentle.” I had my cock in hand and guiding towards her butt hole. Inch by inch was going in, sweetheart Soma screaming for each inch. Vinod just held her tight. Finally my cock was all in her ass. I couldn’t move, it was just like a vice, I was absolutely in tight grip. I had never fucked anyone in the ass, not even my wife. Every square inch of my cock was smothered in warm, soft flesh of Soma.
Viji asked Soma, “You are okay? You were left out for a long time. Let both of the hard cocks love you.”
Soma pleaded, “Please don’t move.”
I took turns to feel her melons from behind. That was memorable night really. I loved to do double penetration, but I always thought who will accompany me!! I started my strokes, soon after Vinod followed. We all had a rhythm going. I could hear Vinod’s huge balls thudding silently against mine each time we plunged into her. Soma’s naked body was being rocked by us. That was awesome; we three were getting some lifetime experience.
We trio were in heaven! Viji and Priya also got very excited seeing the event going on there. Obviously one lady was being dominated, sandwiched by two men; that ladies had to react there. Viji slapped my ass a couple of times, kissed deeply in my lips, “You fuck her in ass! You enjoy?”
Priya asked Vinod squeezing his balls hard, “You like it now, huh? You horny big dick man!” He just nodded yes.
The ladies crowded around us. Priya shouted like, “Yea, guys, fuck your Soma hard!”
That triggered Viji also, “Fuck babe, fuck hard! You Soma 100 rupee whore, your mom a bitch!”
Vinod said “wow, Raj, I could feel your cock inside of her. This is crazy.”
I replied “Right, I too, it feels awesome.”
Suddenly I found Viji was not visible there! But when I found her on the bed, I was amazed to see her in a strap on dildo hanging between her legs! It was about eight inches long and quite thick. It had a big head on it with lot of veins. She must have carried that in her suitcase from home!!
“I have something special for you,” she said softly to Priya’s ear.
“What is left? You’ve already given me lots of love,” Priya asked.
Priya saw the fake cock in Viji’ waist and was frightened with the black rubber stick. But before Priya could think about anything, Viji climbed the bed quickly and pushed the rubber cock in her cunt from back.
“I love you,” Viji said as she leaned forward and bit Priya in her earlobe. Soma and Vinod’s tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss as I saw “Viji’s cock” fucked my wife.
Then Viji began to move back and forth, slowly, steadily. She was fucking in a nice posture! She was pulling the cock as we gents pull back, but while driving it in her was giving nice circular movement to her round bottom! It was spectacular to watch!
I couldn’t resist that, slapped on her alabaster ass and then inserted two fingers in Viji’s moist cunt from back. The nice lady smiled back with a kiss as she enjoyed the insertion.Priya must have felt rubber one or Viji’s special movement so different from me or Vinod whom she had fucked a little while ago. Priya’s body wrecked with serial orgasms!
“Ohh please………fuck me Viji. Make me come……” she cried out.
“Ohh fuck,” Viji groaned getting triggered by my magic fingers as she gently pushed it inside of Priya. “Damn, that feels soooo good.”
My wife collapsed and I thought the sexual urge Viji was showing!! Viji as I knew a sober, cultured and shy lady. But the Viji I saw here was completely different!
Ultimately I fingered her furiously and she had an orgasm!
By that time Soma was moaning rather than screaming.
I wouldn’t last long, Vinod understood that. He said, “Let’s make sure we all come same time.”
Vinod is a good team leader. I believed he would arrange all three cummimg at same time. We both hugged Soma tight; she could give us eternal pleasure. The bed was rocking in full swing. She was the center of it.
After two minutes of crazy fucking, she moaned, “Yes yes, yes, give me that…oh my……..fuck.” She cursed and she was coming. She met each one of our thrust.I was in the ecstasy as I came hard, started to shoot at Soma’s ass. I didn’t realize Vinod already busted inside her sloppy pussy and was lying underneath. Our cocks were still in her holes. We retracted slowly away from her holes.
I couldn’t help but think about how happy we all now. We took some time to compose and then all took shower to get rid of sticky come on our skin.
We all went to bed, couldn’t fuck further. We were drained totally, but some fondling patting squeezing we could do whole night. Early morning we kissed, hugged each other while leaving the bed. We put on cloths, packed up early. The keys were handed over to security persons. We happily gave them healthy tips as luckily they kept us in same room. Viji didn’t forget to carry used condoms in her bag; we threw these on the way to home.
That small outing was the turning point; we could think our lifestyle in a different way now. We reached home safely. All of us collectively briefed to Soma’s hubby about the incidents happened that night. We were happy to find out he was very co-operative to that and assured his participation in next meet. We started group fun to enjoy the sexual bliss together.

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