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Peeking At Lesbians In PG

Hi mates hand shake to guys, boobs shake to gals and thanks for your appreciation on my previous stories and this time I’m going to narrate a hot lusty short lesbian story.
From many days one of my fantasies was to watch lesbians in action. My dream came true when I got a chance to go inside a girls’ PG accommodation. I was managing broadband service providing and infrastructure management firm.
I was assigned the job of providing broadband to the entire PG as I scanned across the infrastructure of the building for wires and router installations. I couldn’t help but notice some hot chicks in several rooms in their careless sexy night dresses.
I was surprised to see some group of girls boozing and smoking in a couple of rooms. I saw some girls watching porn too. I was kind a excited with the
environment. I continued with my work and I had to help my boys tie a wire on the roof of a corridor.
Me being the tallest had to do that and I climbed the railing of the corridor to tie the wire. I peeped inside the ventilator and I saw a group sex video running on a laptop which was kept on a table beside the table there was a cot and I could see 4 legs under a single bed sheet
I became suspicious if there is a guy inside. I went down and enquired the receptionist of any guys being inside. She said none apart from you more
curious. I went back to same corridor to find out and the movie was still on and the legs were rubbing each other.
I climbed up a little more to find two hot girls rubbing and cuddling with each other with the caressing and rubbing getting more erotic the bed sheet that covered them moved out to show me two gorgeous teen bodies wrestling for pleasure. I couldn’t see their faces but only till their neck.
I could hear them kiss and giggle their pussies were rubbing each other so I couldn’t see their love holes yet and there was lot of squeezing on their tits and ass they sat up in X-shape by facing each other and putting their legs across each other.
One leg inside and one leg out their pussies got clutched only then I could see their vaginas. One cleanly shaved and the other, bit hairy they let their heads back moaning and rubbed their pussies against each other their hips raised from the bed in pleasure rubbing more and more, fingers started to work on their clit, with juices flowing down their pussies, through their ass onto the bed.
I can hardly control exploding without even touching my dick and just by watching at that amazing act their boobs facing towards the heaven and their heavy movements making them say hello to the heaven. Thanks to my assistants who stopped down flirting with the receptionist.
I was alone to watch live porn with a slight scream, both of them reached orgasm and fell down on the bed with their fingers rubbing the other one’s
wet pussy with no one around, I took out my dick and masturbated with not more than few strokes.
I came all over the corridor’s walls. I finished my work and wrote a little note and kept on their door lock and I left it read I wish there was a dick in between from distant place and I wanted to see their reaction. I went to the other building opposite to it and stood there.
One of them came out and she noticed my semen on the corridor. She called her lesbo mate to show it. She saw the note on the door and read it and they were shocked and puzzled to know that somebody had seen them fucking they also came to know that someone has jerked off looking at them so it must be a guy.
They went to enquire the receptionist whether any guys were in the building. I left the place with my assistants to my office those girls got a know that it was me who left the note, from the receptionist. The next say I receive a note from them on my office door lock it read and we wished it was yours.
The next day I made an excuse to go to their room telling that there was some router problem and the rest becomes another story. I hope I reached out lesbian lovers. 

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