All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Professional Male Escort From Karnataka – Part II

I was recovering from the love bites of the sweet sisters , I was relaxing in the pool I heard ma cell ringing, I came out n received it, it was the call from a gentleman from Davangere, he introduced himself n asked for a descent service for a couple , we chatted in Whatsapp for a while I send ma photos n ma details they were very much impressed n told me booked me for evening , Davangere was just a 2 hr drive from ma city, I left my home taking meal n reached dvg at around 5pm,i called him he came n picked me , on the way we talked about many things including our profession, Kannada movies etc.
We reached his home his wife opened the door n welcomed us, she was a descent house wife with a unbearable looks she was little bit fat n little bit fat makes women more sexier, the couples were in their 40s they were very well behaved n sophisticated, they told that they do swapping n all such naughty things frequently n felt to taste young meat once n hence called me, they were very matured couple, who crossed the dirty restrictions of this out dated society n knew that no form of sexual activity is wrong which gives happiness for the people involved in it, she asked me “coffee or tea?” . I replied with naughty smile “chilled bear”. Rajesh laughed out loudly n said she don’t like that lets have that in the evening come let’s play now it been years having a threesome .
I followed him to master bedroom, later she came with tray n closed the door. we had a coffee n every one was staring at others with little hesitation n shyness , he told her don’t be shy darling taste him he is damn sexy you don’t get a meal like this daily , she came near me n took ma face I thought she is gonna smooch me but to ma surprise she bite my lips so strongly n came over me I get damn horny by this sudden shock I removed her sari my god she was looking like a goddess in a blouse n petticoat, she removed ma clothes one by one, simultaneously Rajesh removed his clothes by himself he came behind her n kissed her neck romantically they were such a romantic couple who understood each other so well, he lifted her petticoat n sat behind n started caressing her body, from front we were smooching , I was fondling her boobs over her blouse they were very milky soft n smooth.
I removed her blouse n Rajesh removed her bra, I hugged her he lifted her petticoat n kissed her ass n inserted in her small ass hole, she was enjoying the sweet pain given by her husband he signed me to insert , I lifted her petticoat n inserted without a single taught she was shocked by the double penetration n shouted loudly we were drilling her ruthlessly n she was crying with pain n pleasure, I was kissing n biting all over her body he was also doing the same , after 15 min we 2 cummed together , she was damn tired n satisfied , we all took the bath together n went for outing Davangere is famous for benne dosa, we had that they were damn tastier, n we went for one of the reputed cloth centre for some shopping. Rajesh colleague found him n come toward us he asked about me n I introduced ma self that am son of Rajesh elder brother that situation was funny, we returned home after wards we were chatting the normal stuff. She said that there would no rapes no harassment if prostitution s accepted as normal thing , he added, everything is wrong in this society marrying girl of our wish is wrong, having free, open sex is wrong n in some months of year fucking our own wife is wrong.
They were dreaming of a much liberalized n clean society. We chatted till late night n we were energized again, we all undressed ourselves she starting sucking his dick n I was sucking her pussy she got very exited n started abusing me with bad words you bloody slut suck it hardly are u sucking your sister you cheap slut suck it harder. I don’t mind for these things my motto is just customer satisfaction I sucked her harder n we both again took position n double penetrated her again, we cummed n take some rest n had 2 more sessions n slept nude, morning she woke us with a beautiful smile n mild coffee we had that., I went for fresh up, I collected ma fee they give me a compliment. I hugged them once n returned home; I had a great time with a sweet couple.

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