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Professional Male Escort From Karnataka

This is Rahulraj from Karnataka, am a very sexy, handsome, stylish 20 year old high profile male escort n sperm donor. It was a sunny Sunday I was watching some old songs on 9x, I got a mail from a lady named Sanvi. She told that she want to hire me for a day n asked ma charges n said that she n her sister had a fantasy of having a threesome sex with an unknown slut. I cleanly shaved ma beard took a long shower n left ma home, ma city is in the centre of Karnataka; it takes me 5 hrs to reach Bangalore. I reached their apartment @around 5 pm. I rang the bell, Sanvi opened the door n welcomed me. She was in black velvety slip n shorts. She had very sexy curves, silky black hairs; her honey dip lips were inviting me to suck blood out of it.
We were talking casual stuff, she said that her sister is talking bath n will join us in few minutes. She came n sat beside me n asked tea or coffee, she was damn gorgeous without a second thought I said your honey dip lips n started smooching her then her sister came from bathroom I was shocked n left her. She said “why did you stopped darling I was enjoying the show baba”. I felt little shy n looked at her she said”anyways am Ramya, Sanvi’s sister. It was my plan to call u, come let’s have some drink before playing “me n Sanvi followed her to bed room.
We started drinking, I took 1 cigarette n asked for a litter. Ramya came n sat on my lap n lit ma cigarette I took a deep puff n she asked to blow smoke over her. I did so; her hair weaved for the white fog like smoke of nicotine. She took the cigarette n took a deep puff n locked her lip we were smooching n smoke was coming out of our lips like the steam we get from hot coffee the scene was very exotic. After that she said “did u felt bad honey it was ma fantasy to smooch like this don’t feel bad ah”. I said kissing her neck softly “its ma fantasy to fulfil the wildest fantasy of wild women like you sisters that’s my duty, pleasure n motto”.
We three were high, Ramya was on my lap kissing all over ma body, Sanvi came n pushed us on bed n removed ma shirt roughly. She came over me started fondle ma chest roughly n started licking n eating ma neck she removed her slip n again jumped over me. She was very kinky in her actions simultaneously Ramya was removing ma pant n made me nude , both of them stopped for a second n checked from tip to toe n laughed wickedly. I felt little shy n bowed ma head down Ramya came n sleep over me n said lovingly “oh Sanvi, ma baby looks so cute when he feel shy na” n covered ma face by her boobs n said ”drink some milk baby. “ I started sucking her boobs, Sanvi came she started stroking ma hot iron rod n started sucking that, I was literally in the heaven then I was sandwiched between them Ramya was above me n Sanvi was below me Ramya took ma pennies inside her bushy pussy n started biting ma lips. From behind Sanvi was fondling ma nipples n biting ma back; we cummed together she went for bathroom now Sanvi came over me n started sucking all over ma body.
I inserted inside her without asking her I didn’t knew that she is a virgin she shouted loudly n fell over me. I realized slowly what was going on but I was in no mood to stop at any cost. I fucked her so hardly like I was taking revenge over her. She was crying with pain n pleasure we both cummed together. She was totally exhausted, we all slept for sometime after that we went for outing in their Scooty (trips), we went for restaurant had a great meals after that we went for sum shopping n purchased some drinks n cigars, we went home we talked for hours n hours I felt that I know them from years sorry from ma previous birth. I felt so attached to them I slept on their laps she was singing hey apna dil tho awara, u know she had a very soft voice, she told that she hates the rules n regulations of this society. She wanna fly free in the air n wanna do what they want n said that we are not doing any mistakes everyone wants to do this they don’t do but we do this that’s it. She was quite high but at some point she was right. I was also of the same mindset everyone had a different mind different heart, sum people want to have sex only with their pair, some others have fantasy to have with escorts, sum people have even more wild fantasy. There is nothing wrong in fulfilling our wild n dark fantasies after all we are human beings we born to full fill our desires.

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