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I’m going to written something secret of my life that I’m keeping it secret for long time. Today I read some story from iss So I feel to share my story here with iss reader. I’m Lisamunny, my nick name is Lisa 27 years old now I born in New Delhi. From my child I’m not interested in male; I’m always feel for female as u can call me lesbian or gay. Its feeling from my heart. 1st I want to tell about my family, in my family only my mom and me. My Dad has been pass way about 20 years ago while I was 3 years old, after that my mom moved in Norway by her profession as she was lucky. My mom is a lecturer in collage in Oslo still now. My mom is very conservative woman with very restricted.
I don’t want to make u boring so I want to start the real story, I’m a financial executive in a bank now, but this incident happened 4 years ago with my real mom, after finish my BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Finance. After finished my exam I was nothing to do as my mom does not allow me to do part time work. So I was waiting for my result.
After 4 days of finished my exam at day time 12:30 I called my mom while she was in office. My mom told me to take lunch then sleep but I was not sleepy, so I opened my PC & go to Lesbian Chat room as I only have feeling with woman, but I had a yahoo ID is secret from my family or friends.
So, while I entered in lesbian room someone PM me and said like to chat with old woman, I didn’t denied her, I said sure, why not. Tell me your ASL means age, sex & Location. While she reply 46 F from Oslo. Then I said I’m 23 f but I didn’t said where I’m from, but she didn’t ask me either. After then we start talk about what she does & what she is looking for.
She said she is looking for just chat fun, I asked her what kinds of fun; she said just chat as she is free. I replied her that’s fine. I asked her, R you bi or lesbian? She replied me she is bi. She asked me same question I said I don’t know I’m bi or lesbian but I’m feeling only for woman. Then she asked me, am I still virgin? Sure I was virgin as I had not have boyfriend.
Then she asked me do I do masturbate I said sure some times. I asked her, does she married? She replied she is window. I said sorry to her, I asked her do you do masturbate too or had gf or bf? She replied that she doesn’t have any gf or bf. But she does masturbate very often then I asked her how often she said 3 or 4 times weekly. Then she asked me do I have webcam or microphone. I said no, as I don’t have really. Then she said its ok. I asked her the same if she has, she said she has but will not show me as I don’t have. Then I said, if u don’t mind we only can chat. She is ok with that.
Then we chatted for 30 more minutes approximately about sexual feeling and how she masturbate & etc. but I don’t know when I slept on the bed. While I woke up I’ve seen few message from her & she requested me to add in her list but I accepted her. Few days later she again messages me while I was online at day time.
She said she likes chatting with me I asked why, she said I’m quite nice & good to chat. I thanked her. Then she asked my picture I rejected her as I don’t show my picture any online friend. Same way she told me. Then we start talking so many thing about sexual no other topic. While I became little wet & feeling good and I did masturbate as well. The next day again chats with her as I feeling to chat with her. This day she said she is horny every day while in office. Then I asked her do u have webcam she said she has then I asked her can I see u & do u have personal room she said yes but she will not show me her face or any part of body, only can show me her private part. I agreed with that.
She opened her cam she only show me her breast nothing else but she has medium size breast but very beautiful fair skin. While she was showing me I feel something strange in my mind and I feel horny too. And I also did masturbate too. Then I asked her can I see your face, she rejected. But she showed me her pussy, her pussy was very cute & clean, no hair at all there. I asked her when u had shaved she said last night. While I was watching her pussy while she got a call from someone while she was going to receive the call while I saw her dress. And its look familiar to me. While I feel very strange inside me. From that day I feel something inside me. Next day I again online same time and said hi to her. And start chat with her.
While I asked her about her family but she said why I want to know about her family. I just want to know u more. She said I don’t have to know, she just want online friend not in real life because she is a lecturer. She doesn’t want to it in real life. While she said she is lecturer while I feel stranger inside me. I feel that she is my mom but I don’t tell her I’m lisa. By the way my mom name is Tarin. Then I asked her name. She said her name is Jane. Now I’m confused because name is different than my mom name. While I stop chatting with just tell her that I want to sleep then I said her bye. After finished chat I was thinking that she is my mom or not etc….. the next day again I chatted with her & I requested her to show her face but she doesn’t show me but I requested her many time while she show me her face & I got big surprised like I fall down from sky.
But I didn’t show her anything or I didn’t tell her. I just told her she is pretty. And asked her why u doesn’t get a bf or gf for your sex life. She said she loves her daughter. She doesn’t want any problem in her daughter life. I asked if u get a gf or bf what will be problem to your daughter. She said my daughter can get any problem. She just doesn’t want. Then I didn’t ask any question. She asked me why I don’t buy a cam. I said if I buy a cam I even can now show u. she asked me why I said just cannot. Then I asked her do u chat always with online people & do cam sex. She said no. then I said, then how can u show me your cam. She said I feel u and I’ve very good feeling for u. & it’s my 1st cam show that ive been showed some one.
You are the only one I show my naked on cam. Then I said I’m so special to u, right. She said she has feeling for me from then 1st day we chat. Then I asked her do u want to meet me. She said yes. I said why because I want to make love with u the way u chat with me same way I want to make… then I asked her did u make sex with girl before, she said she did before married with one of her friend & after married one & once only. Then I asked her with who u make after married. She said her sister in law mean my aunty (my dad sister) then I asked her how it happened she said my aunty was convinced her to do. Then I asked her do u like family sex she said, what kinds of family sex. I said like mom & daughter? She said no problem. My mom told me while that she has a colleague that her best friend too.
My mom best friend told her that having sex with daughter is awesome ever. Then I asked her does your friend does with her daughter, she said yes. Then I asked her do u like to try with your daughter, she said if I’ve a chance. I told my mom that why not u convince her. My mom said how? Just show her you’re sexy body and make her horny, while my mom said, I don’t know she like female or not. Then I said nowadays all women likes female. Ur daughter also will like. Then she told me if I can convince her daughter for her. I told her how I will know your daughter she give me her daughter email id and told me don’t tell her daughter that its her mom give her. Then I told her ok. At night I just think about all the day I chatted with my mom & also feeling horny and masturbate myself.
The very next day I again chat with my mom and told my mom that your daughter like female also like to have family sex. Then my mom told me that how can I manage my daughter. Then I told her u should stay naked at night and sleep together at night I mean same bed. Then she thanks to me. Then I feel horny and asked her to show her cam and she show me and asked her to show me her body and we do a great cyber sex that day. And while my mom came at home from office I feel shy and feel some pleaser. And I saw that my mom look at me different way but she looks very smile I never seen that way kinds of smile to my mom ever.
At night while I went to bed in my room I was feel horny and I will do masturbate usually I do. I just lock my door and just release my pant, shirt and bra. I’m just with my underwear, while my mom nock the door and tell me to open the door quickly, while I said I’m half naked wait for few minutes, she told me no need to wear it just open. Then I just wear my bra & open the door. My entered the room and she just look at me, she didn’t said anything then I asked my mom, what’s mom, she said oh yeah, she said can u sleep with same bed with me I said no. I don’t know what in my mind that I rejected her. Then she feel little disappointed and go back her room. Then at night I just imaged my mom and masturbated myself.
Next day morning I woke up lately, while I seen mom made breakfast for me & called me. While I saw my mom was only with short pant and bra only, I never seen my mom in bra at home except on webcam. While I see my mom was in black bra she was looking so sexy and beautiful I even seen any lady, while I see her with bra I feel little wet, somehow we take breakfast while my mom was smiling and looking at me by peeping. We finished breakfast. Then my mom went for shopping grocery for daily needs. At evening my mom asked me lisa lets watch a movie, I said what movie, she said I bought a old movie that a woman love to her daughter, the movie name is Seductive mom. I said, why u like to watch that kinds of movie suddenly, she said, she heard from her colleague that this movie is very good, so I bought it.
I said ok… u start play I’m coming… while she open the DVD player and start playing the DVD while I was on sofa, she was other sofa too, then suddenly she came my sofa that I was sitting. The movie was going on, in the middle of the movie was 2x… like mom having sex with daughter… while I saw mom was feeling red like she was horny I guess so… then mom went to bath room while I saw she came from bath room without any bra, just she came with a towel just with underwear, no short or shirt. Then suddenly she came sit beside me so closely, but I was watching movie very intensely. After 20 minutes mom keep her hand on my leg & keep moving her finger on my legs I feel excited more… and slowly she is going up by touching…..then I said mom I feel uncomfortable.. Then she removed her hand. Then we finished the movie.
And its being late night, mom told me don’t close the door, u sleep just open the door, I said why, she said she needs use my pc. As we have 2 pc one is laptop 1 is desktop that was in my room, I was horny I feel to do masturbate while I came in room but I forgot to lock the door and I was masturbate myself alone on my bed, I don’t know when my mom came in my room and watching me and touching herself. I was so wet while I was look my mom was touching herself, then my mom touching my breast and give me hugs I didn’t say anything I just enjoying the sex,
Now she is just touching my breast by one hand and touching my pussy hair by other hand. My pubic hair was small, cuz 5 or 6 days ago I was shave, so its very small, and I’ve less hair on there, so much juice came by my pussy hole she was touching it then she make herself fully naked. Now she is touching my nipple and finger my pussy hole, now I cannot control myself, she said just relax baby I’m waiting for this day so long…. I love u lisa, I’m yours, just enjoy it. I said mom I love u too and hugs her we start kissing each other, and slowly she kiss my all body and touch my breast and suck it. Then she suck my nipple and slowly she kiss on my belly and slowly she goes down on my private part and lick my clict and lick my pussy very nicely more then 10 minutes then she finger me very nicely cum 2 times already, she still kissing me and fingering me, it was like heaven.
Then more than 1 hours we do it like that, while she was kissing me I also was kissing her and touching her, later she separated my 2 legs, bring a wood stick what she put inside my pussy hole I was so horny& moaning loudly myself, and she keeps in & out long time and I could not hold it any more I cum again finally. She told me to that her too and I just touch her breast, and finger her little while then she said she is Cumming and she told me do it faster I do it my best and she cum too and my hand wet by her juice.
And we hug each other and she told me she loves me and I told her I love her too. And we did it again that night and now we doing almost 3 years, I will write u more lately on more story about my mom and my mom colleague. I don’t have gf, but I’m looking for a girl who is Indian origin, and like to come in NZ and live with me. Everything I will bear for her. But if any female interested then sure u can contact me. Only female will be accepted….. My story can make u boring but its real and true story from me.

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