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Sex In Kerala – Part I

“Common Renu. This is not getting anywhere”, I said desperately. “Hehehe. Wait honey. Let me finish mine and I will help you out”, she said, laughing out aloud. It was our term break. I was spending one week at my best friend Renu ‘s grandma’s place in Kerala. I had never been to Kerala before and jumped at the chance when Renu had invited me. The place was really beautiful. The house was very big and built in an old traditional way. Her family was really large and because of the holidays a lot of relatives too had come over. Everybody was real friendly and I liked everybody rather instantly. There was a festival kind of atmosphere around the house.
We were planning to go a temple and I was desperately trying to put on a white sari that her grandmother had given me. She said it was a traditional dress for women when they go to temples. The white sari was really beautiful with red borders and it had a matching blouse with red borders too. I was standing in my white underskirt that is usually worn with this sari and the white blouse. I had worn the sari in a completely wrong way as I had never done it before. Renu was good at it and she was wearing her sari properly, making perfect pleats. I sat on the bed, in my underskirt and blouse waiting for her to finish and then help me out.
“You people are not ready yet?”, Vaishu, Renu ‘s cousin sister came in. She was a plump lady in her mid thirties. “I am ready Vaishu. Only she needs to get ready”, Renu said, pointing at me, sitting in my blouse and underskirt. Vaishu looked at me and said, “I will help you”. She came and sat on the bed near me. She placed the jewelery boxes near her and made me stand facing her. She looked at me from top to bottom.
Her eyes strayed for a moment on my exposed belly. I thought I saw her lick her lips as her eyes locked on my belly button. I just shrugged it off as a mere thought. “Place your foot on my thighs”, she said. I lifted my underskirt a little bit and placed my foot on her thighs. She took a big heavy gold anklet and wrapped it around my ankles. She did the same thing to my other foot.
While tying the anklet on my second foot, I noticed that her hands were running a little up rather than necessary. Her hands ran up almost to my knees inside the skirt quickly and came back. I felt as if she was slowly rubbing her hands on my feet. But I stood there without reacting. “OK. Now we can put a waist chain for your beautiful waist”, she said, after putting on my anklets.
She took one waist chain and placed on it on my bare stomach. She had placed it near my navel. She leaned down and looked at my navel closely. I just stood there holding my breath. “This does not suit you”, she said and dropped it back in the box.
Then she took another one and placed it again on my stomach. “Now this is beautiful”, she said, looking up at me and smiling. I smiled back at her. Her hands were slowly brushing my navel and this time I was not mistaken. Purposefully she was brushing the back of her hand against my belly. “We have to wear this over the sari”, she said and kept that ornament aside on the bed. Now she nicely pleated the sari around me and grouped the pleats together in her hand.
Then she pushed the grouped pleats into the inside of my underskirt, so that it stayed tight around my hips. I held my breath again, as her hand went too deep inside my skirt. Her hand brushed against the elastic band on my panties, stayed there for a few quick seconds and came back. Then she placed the pallu properly on my should and put on a safety pin. “Vaishu..”, somebody called out from downstairs. “Renu help her with the rest OK? I will have to go down”, she got up, smiled at me and slowly touched my cheeks and went off.
I was standing there deep rooted when I heard Renu laugh. I had almost forgotten that she was there. “Why are you laughing?”, I asked her as she came near me and helped me with my hair. “Nothing. How do you find her?”, she asked, while nicely tying my hair in long pleats. “She is OK”, I replied. “She is OK or good?”. “Why are you asking that way?”. “She likes you”. “Oh! OK”. “You idiot, she is a lesbian”. “What?”. “Yes. If you want you can nicely enjoy with her”. “No no. She is your cousin”. “Hehehe. She only taught me”. “What! You mean..”. “Yes. I mean that we had had some fun together. We usually do every time when I come here on holidays. This time you can join too”, she said, as she finished getting me ready. “Don’t worry about it now. We will see later. Lets go now. We are late”, she said and took me downstairs where everyone was waiting to go the temple.
“So how do you like the place?”, Renu asked me. “Its too good. Its so beautiful in here and very silent too”. “I knew that you would like it here”. We sitting on the banks of a river, splashing our feet in the water. I had my hair nicely pleated on my back. I was dressed in a traditional dress, a magenta colored blouse with golden colored borders and a matching ankle length skirt. I was also wearing one gold bangle each on my hands. I had a pair of nice and cool umbrella type gold ear rings on me. I was also wearing a pair of silver anklets. Renu was also wearing everything similar to me, only that her dress was blue in color. Her hair was short and was tied at both sides.
She was wearing a mobile carry pouch around her waist with her mobile in it. Our sandals were kept at our sides as we splashed water with our bare feet. Suddenly Renu pointed out into the water. Somebody was swimming towards us from the other side of the river. “Its Vaishu. She must have been bathing on the other side”. “You people bath in the open?”. “Sweetheart, our family owns the land for miles together. No one else comes in without our permission. And here, everybody baths in open rivers. Its good. You should try it sometime”. Vaishu had reached very close. She got up as she got closer and began to walk towards us.
Vaishu came close and went near Renu. The water was only waist level for her. She was only wearing a white colored dhoti wound around and tied just above her breasts in a knot. The dhoti was sticking to her skin and all her assets were clearly visible through that wet dhoti. I could even see her big breasts and the big black nipples protruding through her dhoti. She stood very close to Renu. Renu placed her legs around her waist and pulled her closer. Within moments they were engrossed in a lip lock. Both were kissing passionately with their heads slanting to each sides. I could hear their low passionate moans.
Renu was holding Vaishu ‘s head in her hands while, Vaishu was pressing all over Renu ‘s body with her hands. Suddenly they broke the lip lock. They were still standing in the same pose and I noticed that Vaishu ‘s hand were going inside Renu ‘s skirt. Suddenly I saw Renu ‘s head jerk back while a low cry escaped from her lips and I knew that Vaishu ‘s hands had reached her sweet spot under her skirt. “Do you wanna join in?”, Vaishu asked. I simply nodded my head for no. “She is scared”, Renu said, gasping for breath. Suddenly we began to hear noises and it was getting closer. Vaishu got out of Renu ‘s hold and said, “Somebody is coming. Come to our usual place. I will be waiting”. She jumped back into water and swam away back to where she came from. Renu got up and said, “Common. We will go now”. I slipped on my sandals and followed her on her heels.
We were walking through a field with only coconut trees on all sides. I felt like that the coconut trees were there till the end of the horizon. “Where are we going?”, I asked her. “To the far end of this field. This is our coconut tree field. No one usually comes here other than for getting the coconuts which usually last for almost two or three weeks and happens only once a year. After that we put manure and fertilizers. Then these trees are left like that till the next year”. “Nice. What about water?”, I said, taking in the length of the field. “We get plenty of rain through out the year which is usually enough”. “OK”. “By the way, I thought you like lesbians”, she asked me smiling. “I do”, I smiled back. “Then why were you saying no Vaishu?”. “She is your cousin right?”. “Oh! Common Ayesha. That’s OK. Just enjoy yourself. Lets make a very memorable holiday out of this trip, OK?”. “OK”, I nodded.
We had reached the far end of the field. We were standing in front of an old house, which looked like a mansion to me. It looked centuries old. The place was deserted and looked isolated to me. “This is my distant relative’s place”, she explained. “Only one old auntie lives here now”. “Why does she not come to your house”, I asked. “That’s a long story. Years back they had some fight with my grand parents and after that it is like this. They don’t talk to each other, OK?”. “So this is your usual place? In your auntie’s place?”. “Yes. Where else in this world can you be so that no one would find you”, she smiled. “What about your auntie?”. “Don’t worry about her. She is a lesbian too”. “What?”. “Oh! Yes. She is too old now. But she was the one who did with Vaishu when she was very young, or that’s what Vaishu told me”. “Shit! This sounds so complex”, I said. “Don’t think of anything. Just don’t look frightened. Enjoy yourself, OK?”. “OK”. “Good. By the way, auntie likes us to do in front of her”, she winked at me. “What?”, I asked surprised, as we entered the courtyard.
The place looked completely deserted. The entire house looked spooky to me. “Remove your sandals”, Renu said, as we reached the entrance of the old house. We removed our sandals and entered the house barefooted. The inside of the house also looked spooky and scary. The house was very big. There were lots of furniture, all old and antique ones. We had entered into a big hall where an old lady and Vaishu were sitting. “Hi auntie”, Renu went and touched the old lady ‘s feet.
Auntie hugged Renu and they exchanged pleasantries. “This is my friend, Ayesha”, she introduced me. Auntie looked at me. She looked very old and her skin was all wrinkled and dry. A walking stick was kept beside her. “Come here child”, she beckoned me closer. I went closer and touched her feet. Auntie held me by my hand and said, “You are very beautiful”, as Renu went and sat near Vaishu. Auntie made me sit near her as her maid brought tea for all of us. We chit chatted while we sipped hot tea. Auntie was very friendly with me as we talked on and on. Finally, when we finished our tea, the maid whisked our cups away. Auntie got up and said, “Lets go into the courtyard” and began to walk slowly with her walking stick. We followed her close behind.
This courtyard was behind the house and was a large one. It was a large open space, quite natural and neat. There was a large banyan tree in the center of the courtyard where two three bamboo chairs were kept. Auntie was walking in that direction. I could feel the soothing breeze of the wind as I walked on the sand barefooted. It felt good as my bare feet touched the naked ground, a peacefulness that we don’t get in our apartments.
Auntie settled down into one of the chairs. I was going to sit on of those chairs when she said, “Come child, sit on my lap”. I looked at Renu who nodded at me to indicate that it was OK. I settled down on auntie’s lap, with my feet dangling in the air. Auntie held me close with her hands around my stomach. The maid was standing right behind us. “Why don’t you people start then?”, she asked Vaishu. Vaishu and Renu who were standing till then began to kiss each other. They were passionately kissing each other. Renu ‘s one leg was on the ground while the other was around Vaishu ‘s hips, holding her closer to her. Vaishu was holding Renu tightly with her hands on either sides of her hips. Those two bodies were rubbing each other in violent passion.
Renu and Vaishu were taking each others clothes off one by one. There clothes formed a pile on the nearby chair. Finally both were stark naked. I was sitting excited on auntie ‘s lap watching all this. Vaishu was really plump. She had huge boobies and she had a lot of pubic hair.
Renu, whom I was seeing naked for the first time had a perfect body. She was slim and tall with a perfect figure. She had done a complete hair removal on her body. Renu was sucking Vaishu ‘s big breasts one by one holding them in her hands. Vaishu was now on the ground letting Renu continue her sucking. Renu was crouching on the ground, sucking Vaishu ‘s boobs with her back to us. I was watching Renu ‘s ass as she went on with her sucking. Her well shaped ass was round and perfectly shaped. I felt like it was fondly calling me over. I could see her curvy ass cheeks separate as she went down on her knees while sucking. I made a mental note to deal with Renu later when we were back in our place. Suddenly I realized that, while I was busy watching the erotic live show, auntie ‘s hands were rubbing my naked feet.
There on the ground, Vaishu and Renu were getting into a complex position. Vaishu was still on the ground and Renu was top of her with her legs near Vaishu ‘s head and her own head immersed in Vaishu ‘s hairy pussy. They were licking each other ‘s pussy, moaning with pleasure in between. Here, auntie’s thick hardened hands were moving under my skirt, slowly moving from my feet to the top. She was slowly rubbing my legs now, just below the knees.
I was getting really horny now with the all the action happening live in front of my eyes and the anticipation building as auntie ‘s hand moved further up to my knees under the skirt. Renu ‘s and Vaishu ‘s moans were getting into high pitch as those naked bodies moved in unison towards their climax. The inside of my thighs were getting sweaty as I was really getting turned on now. Auntie slowly kissed on the nape of my neck and I arched my neck in instinctive reaction to the warmth of her kiss. “Are you enjoying this baby?”, she asked. “Yes auntie”.
Her hand had almost reached the inside of my thighs. I was dying with anticipation, waiting for her hand reach up to my most sensitive part. On the ground things were getting really hot. Vaishu and Renu were reaching to their peak stage together. Renu was having trouble keeping herself on top of Vaishu. I felt as if she might just collapse. Their licking had changed to vigorous rubbings. Each were stimulating the others pussy with their hands, that too rather roughly now, desperately trying to reach the finishing line.
I watched on in amazement as Renu and Vaishu fingered each other. Their fingers were moving faster and faster in and out of each other ‘s pussy. Renu was trying hard to control now, as her body was slightly jerking with the fast movement of Vaishu ‘s finger. Suddenly they let out a howl together as they climaxed in unison. Renu collapsed on top Vaishu and they lay panting on the ground, gasping for breath in the same pose. I was enjoying the view of two naked bodies one top of the other, trying hard to catch their breath. I let out a howl myself, as I realized suddenly that auntie ‘s finger just brushed the top of my panties. I sat up erect on her lap, with my hands tightly holding to the arm rests of the chair, wanting for more.
Renu and Vaishu had gone back to their chairs. They were sitting facing us, still naked, but watching my every reaction. They could not see much of my body. But auntie ‘s hand movements were visible under my skirt. Seeing from my facial reaction they knew that auntie was spot on.
I was sitting with my eyes closed on her lap, as auntie ‘s fore finger slowly massaged my clitoris over my panties. I was moaning slightly and held tightly on to the chair. Suddenly, Renu ‘s phone rang. She picked up the phone, “Hello.! Yes mom…OK..We are just on the fields…We will come over in a minute..OK Bye..”. Then she turned to auntie, “Auntie, it was mom. We have to go home now. Pooja is about to start and we have to be there”, she said, as she got up and began to put on her clothes. Vaishu also started getting ready. Reluctantly auntie put me on the ground. “I did not get a chance to be with her”, she said, holding my hand sadly. “Don’t worry auntie. I will bring her in tomorrow. You can have a whole day with her, OK?”. “OK. Bye baby. Bye guys”, she waved us good bye.

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