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Shweta Saxena Is Getting Explored

Hi, this is Shweta Saxena from Delhi. I am writing here after a long time. I am glad to be back here once again. I am 23, Punjabi based girl, completed my graduation and doing my post-graduation in a reputed college in Delhi. With flaunting assets of 36C-27-36, I am a particular Delhi babe which can you see in pubs and malls of Delhi. I am going to write about a particular incident which changed my life, which turned me towards this world of lust and mould me into a horny bitch.
My mom died when I was 5. After that, dad didn’t marry and took the sole responsibility of raising me despite of the family pressure of marriage. This incident took place when I was in first year of my graduation i.e. when I was 19. I have a friend called Pooja. Indeed, she used to my best friend that time. We used to go college together, play together and spend a lot of time together at my home. She is from a poor family and therefore she used to spend a lot of time at my place.
One day Pooja told me she had a stomach ache and couldn’t go to college. I went alone to college. At lunch, I called her but she didn’t pick up the call. After numerous calls, I decided to return home. Our house has two keys- one remains with dad and the second with me. When I reached the house, I saw a Toyota parked outside. When I reached the main gate, I saw a lot of shoes at the door. I sensed something fishy is going on. I decided to check it out. I opened the main door with my personal key and entered without making a noise. I heard a lot of noises coming from the hall. The window was perfectly closed so I couldn’t make out anything. An idea flashed through my mind and I bent down and peeped through the keyhole. The scene in front of me was sensational. It was something I never expected. It appeared that someone just took out the floor under me. It was a huge gangbang going on there. I had seen that in pornos so I could make that out. Pooja was the center point and the big-bellied guys were surrounding her. And there I saw my dad sucking her 34D melons while she was stroking his massive penis.
This was the first time I was seeing a cock in real. I couldn’t believe what is happening there inside. I could see that Pooja was equally enjoying the show. My cell phone ranged. I got horrified. I disconnected the call at once but the damage was already done. I moved away from the door. I turned back and bumped into a tummy, my hand touching his dick accidentally and my phone fell down. It was Sharma uncle, Dad’s friend, standing nude in front of me. I backed out but my eyes met his. He smiled and said, “To aaj pata lag hi gaya tumhe” (So you got to know today). Before I could say anything, he caught my arm and took me inside the room. Seeing me there, dad and Pooja were a bit shocked but others were smiling. Everybody was nude there except me. Dad was not making eye contacts with me though his dick was making contact with Pooja’s left hand. She was looking at me with wide opened eyes but her mind was still at the tool she was holding. A moment of silence passed in the room.
Tripathi uncle broke the silence, “Areyy yar Vaibhav. Ek din to ye hona hi tha. Ab kyu pareshan ho rahe ho. Shweta ab badi ho gayi hai. Samajh jayegi.” Dad looked at me with grievance in his eyes. He could speak only one thing, “I am sorry.” I was feeling helpless. I said, “It’s OK dad. If Pooja has no problem, its fine with me. It is your life, I won’t interfere.” My words gave a life to them. They continued what they were doing. Dad asked me to get us a bottle of vodka from his room. I reached his room upstairs and took a bottle with me to the hall. I made pegs for everyone and gave a glass each to the four guys present there. As I took a glass for me, Tripathi uncle directed me to sit beside him.
My heart was skipping seeing his hardened dick which he was stroking. Sharma and Mishra uncle gulped down their drink and joined Dad on the couch. Pooja was sitting on his dick while her two melons were being caressed by both uncles. I was gazing at the scene when Tripathi uncle interrupted, “Maja aa raha hai na dekhne me?” I was red hot inside. My nipples were hard and my clit was burning. It could have busted anytime. I gestured with a smile. Tripathi uncle sensed my burning desire and moved forward towards me in order to kiss. Before I could understand his intention, my lips touched his. This was not my first kiss though, but I enjoyed. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue inside it. We explored each other with our tongues.
I was wearing a pink top and blue denim. Inside, my bosoms were covered with black sporty bra and pink kitty panty. While kissing, he raised my top up and pressed my boobs. I broke the kiss and helped him by undoing the top as well as bra. He gasped at seeing my big melons and said, “Tum bilkul apni ma ape gai ho”. I looked in surprise, “how do you know?” He smiled and said nothing. He caressed my boobs with both of his hands which forced me to moan loudly. Hearing my moans, everyone else fixed their eyes at me. Soon, Pooja was left alone and everyone took over me. Pooja was getting fucked since last 4 hours and I thought it’s my time now.
Dad saw me with lustful eyes and came to me first. He was on his way to release and thrusted his penis into my mouth saying, “Suck it babe. I wanted this from a long time.” I sucked it like a horny bitch. Meanwhile, Sharma uncle unzipped my denim and took over my ass. His patting enthralled me from head to toe. Soon, dad released his semen on my face and some on Pooja’s. He looked relieved and asked, “Are you virgin?” I was busy sucking Mr. Tripathi’s cock during this. I turned back towards Dad, cum dripping from my lips, smiled and said, “You don’t know me dad. I am a mystery girl.” He looked angry. He forced me on the couch and on seeing my widened pussy, he smirked, “You bitch.” I winked at him, “I have earned a lot.” Everybody looked confused as my cell phone ranged. The name “Akshay” flashed on the screen.

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