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Small And Very Hot

Hi, I am from Karnataka I am from costal part of Karnataka. I studied at Manipal about me I am lesbian from my childhood days. There are 3 friends we are all play together when we are small. This is not a complete on but touching and creasing each others private part o body and we also enjoy a lot when I got admission at Manipal, there I got an hosterl room, whole my education life.
I spent with a Chainies girl who is lesbian too. I appreciate myself we do sex daily one time whie sleeping there and also keep pur self nude in our room and we use to wore dress only when we out or for meals or break fast when I finished my exam I cam to Bangalore for work. Here I rented a small room and start to stay there but due to the gap of sex, I am going nerves day by day once I got a chance to visit my aunt house. My aunt was too sexy.
She normally wore nytee in the home and here while chating we gone to kitchen. There she bent for pick up small knife and at that time I saw her boobs. My dirty lesbian mind woke up once from long time whenever I am getting chance I use to see it and imaging about it from that day I use to visit there 2 times per day actually my office is near to her home.
One day she told that her daughter will come by tomorrow and her school will commence by tomorrow. So my all plane are gone and I went to home. Here I got, I used to chat regularly through face book. I searched for aunt address but I dint get and I searched her daughter name it was there so I sent and request. We use to chat regularly whenever we are online. One Saturday I gone to therir home at 2 pm, Aunt was in kitchen.
I was sit in sofa from there is start to see aunt boobs which was too biger at that time her daughter was came to hall and sit before me. She was in skirt and T shirt and her name is Sindhu (Name Changed) she start to explain about her collage life. In mean while my eyes suddenly falls under her skirt when I saw her white thigh I was totally fall and my eyes start to image of her inside on. I start to stare it and she also sit by spreading her thigh.
I saw he pink panty and tingling started in between my leg. I came to room and whenever I close my eyes I get her imagination. I was edicted to her in one way. I on my PC and waited to her. I searched for her id I got and I created a fake id sit o chat with her from that day, we started regularly to chat at a time I was chatting both face book and yahoo mail. She doesn’t know that I was cheating with her from yahoo. She also sends response. She asked me to see. So I told I don’t have cam and sent my friends photos. She asked my Number and called me.
We chatted regularly after a certain days I started to send naughty massages and she also pass the comment on all these massages. One day I tool little dare and sent ans SMS. That today I will come by cam but I cover face. If you agree for that I will come and she surprised and agreed. So at around 11:20 pm she comes to online. I just I close my face and she asked me to show but I’m shy and she’s on her cam and she was in her sleeve less shirt and trouser. We sit to chat till to 12 pm take little courage and asked: are you sleeping alone?
She: yes and you?
I: Yes.
I: If you don’t mid can I ask you one thing?
She: of course.
I: Whats your figure?
She: 32 28 20 and yours?
I: 34 36 36, Can you stand I want to see you fully?
She: Stand little far and removed round and now your turn
I: Sure and I stand and shown myself.
She: you are too sexy
I: you too
I: Can I ask one thing if you promise me that you won’t be angry?
She: yes sure
I: Can I see your breast and she saw me and said no:
I: requested on it though
She: asked me to remove my top and I did it and her turn now.
She little hesitated and removed top and sit in petticoat and her boobs are visible from side.
I asked her: I want to see you nude and I will show mine can you please. I think she may hot at that time so she stand went some where from cam that I can’t trace her and but she come their by covering a towel and sit before me and I asked me to show. I was ready to remove bra but she asked me to show my face. I was too hot but I told first you remove and I will show you and promised too her.
He on spot light and removed her and stand before me naked, I was stunned her beauty and I keep on seeing. She asked me to show mine. So I also removed all and shown me and she asked me also to remove the towel and I removed and she was totally surprised and shocked too. I asked her not to say it to any one and told a lie, I did all this for to make fool of you but without knowingly I was liked you.
She was quite and agreed and I asked her that I will come to her home by tomorrow. She told mom will be there and asked me to cone at night. So I agreed and slept. Next evening I came to room and sent an offline massage that to not to wore any inner garments and taken a bath and wore pink bra and lease panty in black colour on that I wore long skirt and went after a certain minute that I got massage that ok, I will ,
I will be little late I replied ok and want to her home at around 8.30 pm I went to the kitchen and sit to talk to her mom. She came and given me naughty smile and went upstairs. So, I sit in hall in watching TV. She come and sits before me and smiled and I asked in eye is she did. She seen kitchen and confirm her mom is not there and just up her skirt and spread her leg.
I got look over her littler pussy and my juices are starting to flow. I said I need and she smiled and we sit as we don’t know any thing after dinner her mom went to room and I came to her room this was big and I went to piss and open the door. She comes to me and I asked her to sit together. She smiled and sit in X position and hug together and I come to he room and on PC and open porn site and we watched for awhile.
I asked her to show everything and today she was too shy because this is for real. I removed my dress and stand in bra and panty. I hold her hand on my boobs and she said wow! It was nice and I hold her small and pinched her nipple softly on dress and hugged her while I asked her to remove the bra also. She releases the knot and my breast come to hang in front of her.
I asked her to touch and in mean while I removed her bra too and hugged in mean while I release the knot of her skirt. She was ttally nude just I put my hand her pussy. It was wet as according to her age. She put her hand inside my panty. She removes her hand which is totally wet. I slept on bed and she come over me and hugged I sucked her small nipples and I allowe her to suck mine for a long time and promised that I will offer myself whenever she want. She opens my panty and saw my hairy pussy.
I told you will get the same when you come to our age by saying it without wasting time put mouth to her pussy. It was so wet and liked She was moaning like any thing and I turn on the music on mobile that no one heard us. We tried ake 69 and after I log I cummed in her mouth. She zips it then she was cum she holds me tight and her nails make a wound on my skin and she reaches orgasm. I drunk her and slept with her and she told she was too tired and we face each other and I put my nipples to her lips and asked her to suck. She sucked I don’t know when I got sleep from that day we do it regularly every week ends.

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