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The Amazing College Days

I was in second year of college when I lost my virginity with my boyfriend ‘Anshuman’. I was deeply in love with him. After the trip, our college started again. All our classmates got to know about the things happened between me and Anshuman. We both were the centre of topic of discussion in the whole class. We were enjoying the attention. Anshuman’s friends became my best friends too. We all use to hang out with each other. Our bonding grew day by day. They all have seen both of us naked too. We all use to enjoy a lot; we use to do party and all stuff. We all became so friendly that they used to tell me to repeat the session with Anshuman again. They want to see us having sex again and all that. We used to laugh a lot while all this.  Anshuman and I were madly in love with each other. We used to have sex like anything. I was enjoying my life. I must say Anshuman was a sexy kisser and great fucker too. One of our groupie ‘Sahil’ also liked me (He told me later on). During this time, Anshuman injured himself and got admitted to hospital. Then at that time Sahil started sitting with me in class. Sahil and I were good friends, but Sahil started flirting with me. He used to call me at night; he used to ask me for an outing; he used to take me for shopping etc. He then became very close to me. He used to hold my hand; he used to hug me; he also started touching me at my back, my thighs, and my ass when Anshuman didn’t come to college. At first I didn’t objected him as he was my friend and I liked him too; but later on I thought that it is going out of control.  One weekend he asked me for a movie; I was feeling bored at home so I agreed and we both went for a movie. It was a Hollywood movie and contained nude scenes; but he took me to that movie intentionally. There was not much crowd in the cinema hall. We both started watching movie; it was a romantic movie and then nude scenes started. He looked at me and was smiling, I also reciprocated. Then he held my hand and started kissing me hand. I was shocked at him doing this. I stretched my hand and said ‘No’. The movie was full of explicit scenes; by watching those scenes I was imaging me and Anshuman and I was getting aroused. It was so many days since I had sex with Anshuman, I was so thirsty for sex that my pussy became wet and my nipples were hard. Then the movie ended and we came out of movie theater.  It was 7 pm when movie ended and it started getting dark. Sahil took out his car from parking and we went ahead. Sahil noticed that was nipples were hard and were poking out of my top. Then Sahil started discussing about nude scenes from the movie; making me more wet and horny. I was so much thinking of sex that I didn’t realized where Sahil drove the car. He took me to an unknown flat. First I refused to go there, but he insisted me for coming with him. He told me that he is the owner of this flat; he has ordered some food for both of us and will drop me home after that. I agreed to him and went inside the flat with him. It was a well-furnished flat and it belonged to his family. In the meantime, doorbell rang and a boy delivered pizza and some cold-drinks. Sahil knew my weaknesses; movie, shopping, sex-starved and at last pizza. I was so happy with him that I ran and hugged him. We hugged tightly and then he put his lips on mine. We were smooching so passionately that I was in some other world and it ended very long. I was kissing after so long and I wanted it more and more.  We were so involved in each other that we hardly cared about anything. Our lips met again and we were reciprocating so well. We were licking each other’s tongue. It was really a very hot smooch. He was pressing my ass while smooching. We broke our smooch and I directly opened his jeans and took his penis out. He had an average penis size but it was too thick. I wanted penis so badly that I directly put his penis inside my mouth. I was sucking his penis so hard that he was moaning like hell. I took his whole penis in my mouth and was stroking it very strongly. I also licked his balls and was giving him amazing blowjob. He cummed in my mouth itself and drank all his juices. I felt so refreshed after drinking cum after so many days.  Then Sahil laid me on the bed and pulled my jeans and panties; I was already wet, he didn’t take any time and started licking my pussy. He put his fingers inside me and was finger-fucking me as well. After licking my pussy, he pulled-off my top and bra and was playing with my boobs. He was pressing them so hard and sucked my nipples very wildly. I was enjoying every moment of it. Then he finally inserted his penis inside my thirsty pussy. It felt so good to have a penis inside me after many days. Then he fucked my pussy so well. He was continuously fucking me and he ripped my pussy so good. He made me cum and drank all my juices. The whole room was filled with the smell of our love juices.  I saw the clock; it was 9:30 pm. I called my Mom and told her that tonight I am staying with my friend; we both have to make some assignments and I will come in the morning. Sahil was very happy with my decision. Then whole night was our, no one was there to disturb us. We fucked whole night in different poses. At night, Sahil told me that we should go to balcony and have a fucking session there; I found it exciting and readily agreed and we both went to balcony naked only. It was 3 am at that time and was all dark outside; plus his flat was on 9th floor so we were safe as there was no one to see us like this. We smooched passionately standing in the balcony all naked. Then he asked me to give him a blowjob; then we fucked there only. It was great having sex in open. After spending the night full of sex, we slept naked in each other’s arm. In morning, we had a quick fuck while bathing; then we got ready and he dropped me to my home.  As Anshuman was on the bed rest now, it would take him 15 more days to be fit and come to college. Sahil and my relationship grew stronger; we were in love with each other; we used to have sex daily in his flat. I was addicted to Sahil now and didn’t think much about Anshuman. Sahil and I used to sit together in class at last bench and used to have fun. He used to take out his penis in class and I used to play with his penis and whenever I wore skirt in class then Sahil used to finger my pussy in class itself. Then next weekend, again Sahil took me to his flat; Sahil has called the other 2 friends of our group as well. I didn’t know about it and got to know later on. When Sahil and I reached the flat; then both our groupie ‘Nishant’ and ‘Yohan’ greeted us. I was happy to see them but I was also disappointed because I wanted only Sahil. But anyways our party started; Sahil has brought some whisky bottles and packets of cigarettes already. So Nishant opened the bottle and started making pegs. Yohan gave us our glasses and we all said ‘cheers’ and started drinking. We also lighted cigarettes and were smoking too. Nishant was making pegs one after another. We were all talking, laughing and enjoying that I didn’t realized that I was 4 pegs down. Sahil pulled me closer and put his lips on mine. I too responded the kiss. Sahil asked me to pull-off my top to which I said ‘No, not here.’  Nishant and Yohan said that it is nothing new for them; they have already seen me naked; they have also seen my videos in Anshuman’s phone. The whisky started showing his affects; and the 3 friends also forcing me; I was out of control and didn’t know what to do. Then they told me that they all (including Anshuman) used to have group sex with different girls. I was shocked to hear this. Then Yohan came closer me and pulled-off my top. I was also excited at the same time and too wanted to experience the group sex. I have seen many group sex videos and I also wanted to try how it feels to fuck with more than one boy at a time. And there can’t be better group sex than having with my best friends. I pulled Yohan closer and smooched him and told him that I am ready for it. All the boys were so happy and there was a smile on face of each of them. Yohan take no time and pulled my bra and started sucking my boobs. Nishant pulled my jeans and panty and I was all naked in front of my 3 best friends.  We all were enjoying our naked bodies. All the 3 boys were on me; one was fucking me; one was sucking my boobs; and one penis in my mouth. The whole of the room was full of moans. We all were having the best time. I was so exhausted fucking with 3 boys but they didn’t allowed me to stop and we continued our fucking session. When those 3 were to reach their climax; they all stopped and cummed all over my body. I was full of cum and I sucked myself till where I can reach. Then we all took some rest for a moment and went to balcony and we continued fucking. Then I gave blowjob to all the 3 at the same time in the balcony itself. My pussy was so swollen and paining after the fucking session that I slept all naked with the 3 boys. In morning, I was still sleeping then I realized someone smooching me. When I woke-up, I saw Yohan smooching me; Nishant licking my pussy. We all had sex once again in morning; it was a little dirty one. We all went to bathroom; there they asked me to lie down on the floor. I did what they said; then all 3 pissed all over my body and gave me piss bath. We then bathed together and got ready and finally went to my home.  This was not all; our group fucking session continued. I used to enjoy a lot and wanted those guys to fuck me all the time. When Anshuman came to college after his treatment, he got to know about all this. He was happy to know this. Then we all used to have sex all together. We 5 were the best; we did everything for the rest of our college life. We all used to have fun; and they used to do naughty things with me which I liked. They all made me so bold and a real sex addict. It’s all because of their friendship that I became so wild, naughty, sex addict, bold. But I can say that we all had lots and lots of fun in our entire college life.

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