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The College Hostel – Unfortunate Incident

The next morning we were both woken by a loud banging on the door. I was the first get up and I quickly grabbed my nightie and put it on before opening the door slightly to see who was outside. Sumathi was standing with four other girls. They pushed me aside and entered the room.
“Where is the Bitch?” she asked loudly. Kala was still coming to terms with what was going on. She was naked and it didn’t take Sumathi to work out the scenario. “You two bitches have been fucking each other haven’t you?” I was dead scared and looked around. The other girls were quite big made and looked menacing. Sumathi said to two of the girls, “grab this bitch an take her out of the room now.” I protested, “You can’t do any thing to me or to Kala. This is not part of the initiation.” Sumathi turned to me and before I knew what was happening, she slapped me hard against my cheek. I was shocked. “Shut up or your will get worse than what she is going to get”. I started to cry and before I could say any thing, the two girls dragged me out of the room. I tried to kick and even shout for help; but no one was around or up that early in the morning and they dragged me to an empty room opposite to ours.
I was more worried about what was going to happen to Kala than about my welfare. I pleaded with the girls, “Please don’t let Sumathi hurt her.” They were quiet. I was standing along the wall and they were sitting across from me on the bed. I couldn’t hear any thing from the room across the corridor. At one stage I thought I heard some noise, but noting else. I started to cry, not knowing what was going on in the other room. The two girls were looking at me curiously. One of them asked mockingly, “did you two really fuck each other?” and they both laughed. I kept quiet. That made them even more furious. One of them beckoned me, “Come here bitch”. I didn’t move. “If you don’t come you will regret”. I decided not to antagonise them. I moved slowly towards the bed. “Sit on my lap” she commanded. I did as she asked.
She pulled my nightie up to my shoulders and bunched it around my neck and then she grabbed my boobs with both her hands. The only other time I have been fondled was by Kala. But this was noting like that. This girl was very rough and she started to squeeze them hard. She had big hands with long fingers and I thought my breasts were going to burst. “Please stop it, you are hurting me” He response was to force her lips against mine and started to kiss me. Again it was very rough and her tongue was pushing against my clenched teeth. After a few attempts, she moved her lips away and hissed “Open your mouth or I will hurt you more” and pinched one of nipples very hard. I have neve experienced any pain like that before. “Oh please” I cried and when she tried to kiss me again I did as she asked me to. I hated the feeling of her tongue sucking on mine and even her breath was disgusting.
The girl who was fondling me was Gita. She looked more like a man than a woman. Tall and had crude manly features. The other girl, Devi was not bad looking and was quietly sitting on my other side. She was watching with a blank face. Gita turned to her and said, “Hey, Devi, I think we should have a suck of this bitches boob. They look so juicy”. Devi smiled and moved closer to me. They pushed me on the bed and were now lying on either side of me. I decided not to object any more as I was overpowered by the two. Each one of them took hold of one boob each and first started to squeeze. This time it didn’t feel that painful. Devi was gentler than Gita. Then Gita first took the boob on her side in her mouth and started to suck on the nipple. Soon Devi did the same.
I only had one experience of my boobs being sucked; that was by Kala, the previous night. This was wired, two people sucking at the same time. The sensation was awesome. Their heads were almost touching each other. As they kept sucking, against all my intentions, I started to feel the same warm feeling I experienced the previous night. I also felt one of them have moved their hand in between my legs. Even though I tried to keep my legs tightly together, she managed to get one of her fingers partly into my vagina and started to move it around.
I have never masturbated in my life but I have heard about the clit and how it could be enjoyable if you stimulate with a finger. The finger which was in my vagina felt quite small, and thus it had to be Devi’s. She was quite gentle again. And she knew exactly what she was doing. In one hand I hated that they were violating my body, but on the other hand, I was experiencing a sensation which I have never felt in my life. I started to moan against my best intentions.
In between breaths, Gita said, “The bitch is enjoying it”. Devi was quite absorbed in what she was doing and she didn’t stop to answer. I was in seventh heaven, but was afraid to let them know that. Devi suddenly pulled her mouth and finger away from me. I was a bit disappointed. But what she said took me by surprise. “I am going to go down on you”. I didn’t understand what she said. I looked quizzically at her. “I am going to lick your pussy”. Oh my God. What a situation I was in. “Oh please don’t do it. I haven’t had a bath this morning and it will be dirty down there”. She replied, “It doesn’t matter, and I promise you it won’t hurt you” I guess I didn’t have much choice. For some unknown reason, I sort of trusted her.
I was still lying across on the bed and Gita was still sucking my boob. Devi got on her knees, in between my legs, and pulled them apart and plunged her face into my pussy. I was not sure what to expect. But for some reason or other I knew that it is going to be some thing not unpleasant. I remember one of my class mates giving me a ‘sex lesson’, in which she mentioned about oral sex. But that was about a man doing to a woman. Devi was very gentle as her tongue slowly started to lick the tip of what I gather was my clit. At first it felt a bit strange but then I started to feel the difference as the warm and tingly sensation in my groin began. It gradually increased as she continued to lick.
I couldn’t hold back my pleasure. I groaned and moaned while wriggling my pelvis. Devi must have got excited by my reaction as she started to lick ever faster. I could feel my secretions pouring out. Devi stopped for a moment to remark, “mmm it tastes so nice”. I gently patted her head to show my appreciation. Now Gita wanted to get into the act. “Hey move over let me taste her cunt too” she pushed Devi out of the way and started to lick. It was different feeling as she was rough and did not feel all that nice.
But it all soon came to an end as we heard Sumathi calling for them. They got up and quickly went out. I waited for some time and as no one came back I quickly got up and pulled my nightie down and went across to our room. I was not prepared for what I saw. Kala was lying naked on her bed and was sobbing. I felt guilty that I have almost forgotten about her for some time when I have been absorbed in what was happening to me. I quickly went to her bed side. Her face was swollen and there were obvious signs of violence to her body – her face, boobs and even vagina. I burst out crying. I felt terrible that I couldn’t prevent it happening.
There was a knock on the door. Oh dear. Hope the nasty girls were not back. “Is any body home?” The voice sounded different. I quickly opened the door. There stood the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life! She was quite tall, with sharp and elegant features and a beautiful body to go along with. She was smiling and asked me “are you Bhani?” I hesitantly said “yes”. She held her hand out and said “I am Mala, nice to meet you”. She sounded very kind and quite polished in her manners. “Can I come in please?” I moved aside and she stepped in. She saw the disarray in the room and the appearance of Kala. She turned around and asked me, “What the hell is happening here?” I burst out crying. “Kala has been hurt”. “Who did it?” She was very angry. This made her even prettier. Kala and I looked at each other. “Tell me now” she demanded. She sounded as some one who always had her ways. I stuttered “Sumathi and her friends…”
She quickly went to Kala and examined her. It didn’t take her long to sum up the injuries. She was getting angrier by the minute. “Oh my God. What have they done to this poor girl?” She then turned around and said, “Close and lock the door behind you and don’t open it to any one else” and stormed out of the room. We both were sacred not knowing what was happening. I locked the door as I was told. Only after she left, Kala asked me “Don’t you know who she is?” I replied “She is supposed to be my mistress”. Despite her painful condition she couldn’t help laughing. “You mean to say you didn’t’ recognise her?” I did think for a moment that the face looked familiar but could not place it. I shook my head. ‘She is the captain of the national hockey side and also a well known model”
It suddenly struck me where I have seen her face, more so her body; in the glossy pages of the weekly periodicals like Kumutham and Kalki, modelling for sarees! Wow. I didn’t know that she was a medical student too. We waited and before long Mala was back along with the warden of the hostel, who also happened to be a gynaecologist. They made Kala tell them what happened. Kala couldn’t remember too much. The two girls who came with Sumathi were holding her down when Sumathi attacked her. She kept saying that it was a revenge for not allowing her to sleep with her. Kala had to tell the incident of what happened the previous night. She did keep back the part about the pact they made with each other.
The Warden examined her thoroughly making notes of her findings. I heard her repeating to Mala that there were obvious evidence of hard slapping on the face, finger and teeth marks on her breasts and rough handling on the vagina leading to lacerations. Oh dear. Even for a non medical person like me it was scary. They asked me if any thing happened to me. I hesitatingly told them what the two girls did to me.
She made a note of that too. Then they left, asking us not to talk to any one. We were also told if Sumathi or any of the girls approached us, to tell them that Warden has asked us not to talk to them and not let them into the room.
Things started to move very fast from that moment. Sumathi and her friends came and did try to get into our room. She threatened that she will break open if we didn’t open the door. We kept quiet, but told her what the warden asked us to. As soon as we mentioned the name of the Warden, there was a total silent followed by a sudden change in attitude with a tone of apology. “I didn’t mean to be so rough. I am so sorry” We just ignored. After trying their level best pleading with us to open the door, finally they quietly disappeared.
Needless to say, there was an inquiry, Even police got involved and took statements form us. The College decided to dismiss Sumathi and made sure that she will never complete he medical degree any where in the country. The other girls were suspended for six to twelve months periods. Kala was quite distraught by all the experience; she was given tine opportunity to transfer to another medical college.
I was very sad that she was going away. After the night we spent together, I had very high hopes of an ongoing relationship developing between us. I could understand why she will never go in that direction after what she went through. We held onto each other and cried for a long time, mostly about the lost opportunities, But for some strange reason, never promised that we will keep in touch. We both wanted to move on from the unpleasant experience of the past.

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