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The Pool Games

I was swimming in the pool of our apartment club house. I just swam around enjoying the coolness of the water. It was a Saturday morning. I had nothing better to do and I was bored. So I came down here for a swim. I was in a two piece blue bikini. I had came down for a swim, I was just wearing my small ear rings and had no other jewellery on me. My long hair was wrapped inside a swimming cap.
My bikini was a string type bikini. The top part was tied at the back with a string and the bottom part was tied at one side by strings. My mom had bought it for me from US. It was the first time that I was wearing this. Clad in my new bikini, I happily swam around the big pool.
The club house was separate from the apartment buildings even though the club house had other facilities and was a closed one, the pool which is on to one side of the club house was an open one. It was like an open courtyard, covered with walls on three sides and the club house to the other side. There were beach chairs around the pool where you can lie down and enjoy the sun.
There were no other visitors in the club house at this time. The crowd would be more during weekend evenings as it was a Saturday I knew that, there would be a lot of people by evening. That was why and I had decided to use the pool in the morning itself but there were some maintenance girls in the club house, doing the cleaning and arranging stuff, before the visitors came in.
There was one girl by the pool side, cleaning the corridor beside the pool. I had not noticed her before. She was a little on the dark side, with short black hair. She was wearing the club house uniform. I was standing in the pool at the other edge from where she was cleaning. I was catching my breath and had not noticed her until then. She must have been around twenty five years of age.
She was cleaning the floor with her long handled scrubber and was glancing at me once in a while. I swam across the pool, noticing that her glances were on me. I was getting tired and panting a little bit. I decided to get out of the pool. I got out of the pool and settled on the beach chair, enjoying the warmth, all the time feeling her piercing eyes on my body. She was staring at me, like she could see through my bikini.
I settled on the chair, trying to relax and I was relaxing on the chair when I noticed that another girl had joined the first one. They were cleaning close to the chair I was lying on. She also looked similar to the first and was of the same age too and they were slowly whispering to each other, giggling and looking at me. They were talking in the local language they had thought that
I did not understand their language. I was clearly able to identify their words. Look at her, she looks like a cute Barbie doll one was saying to another her body is so perfect. Look at those well shaped legs. I feel like kissing her feet. She is so fair, almost white. I would die to see her cute tits inside that bikini tops her belly looks so smooth and soft. Her navel is so cute, right?
They both nodded I was smiling at myself hearing all this. I love it when someone praises me. I wonder how it would be inside her bikini bottom. I know it’s going to be sweet like her one said smacking her lips together. They both were laughing. I got up from the chair and walked towards the ladies room. They immediately began to scrub the floor, as I passed close to them but I felt their eyes on my back as I went into the ladies room.
I went to the locker where I had kept the clothes, took out my towel and soap and walked towards the shower rooms. I opened one room and was about to enter when I heard a call from behind Madam the two girls were standing right behind me. I smiled at them and asked yes? We have to clean the shower rooms now do you mind using the open shower? One of them requested no problem.
I replied and walked towards the open showers area just beside the shower rooms. It was a row of showers in a straight line, in a part of the ladies room with no closure. It was used when the washrooms were full and you were in a hurry. There were six or seven showers in a row, but there were cloth hangers and hooks only on the walls on either side of the shower area. I removed my hair cap and hung on one of the hooks with my towel.
I put the soap on that side too and walked to the centre of the shower area. I chose one shower which was in the centre opened and stood under it. I felt the water droplets falling on my body, as I spread my long black hair with my fingers. I was standing under the shower in my bikini. Those two girls were just behind me, acting as if they were scrubbing the floor. I was facing away from them, but I felt their eyes enjoying the view of my back.
Wow! Look at her curves look at those hips see the bulge under the bikini bottom. It looks so ripe and young. I feel like plucking it control sweetheart, control and they both laughed. I closed the shower went towards the side where my towel was hanging. I slowly untied my bikini top and hung it on the hook. I heard them exclaim smiling to myself and I untied my bikini bottom and slowly got out of those and hung it with the top on the hook.
Now I was completely nude with not even a thread of cloth to cover my body, I stood completely naked and started to brush the soap on my body. I had always fantasized about standing completely nude in front of a stranger, letting her enjoy the nakedness of my body, letting her eyes explore the most intimate parts of my body, exhibiting my most private parts before her and submitting myself before her, for her enjoyment.
Now there were two ladies, enjoying the view of my naked flesh, as I put soap lather all over my body. I was actually standing with my side to them. I slowly put lather on my hands, and then rubbed it on to my neck. The two girls had stopped their work and were looking at me in amazement. I slowly spread the lather to my chest and to my stomach, and then to my back. I placed my leg forward one by one and rubbed lather on them too, from my thighs to my feet.
At last I put lather on my face and placed the soap back then I resumed my position at the centre shower with my back to them and switched on the shower. I was standing under the shower as they began to whisper again. Oh did you see that? Did you see those small cute breasts? Yes, they looked so ripe and fresh. Did you see her small nipples they are actually pink and looked so cute and I felt like licking them.
Oh! I just caught a glimpse of that. I was trying to see her pussy. Did you see? Nope. I hope she turns around don’t worry she will by the way, look at her small round butt yes and they are real cuties. Feels like slapping them, one after the other until those white cuties turn red yes, I feel like spreading them and licking their between oooh! I am so dying to see her vagina and I know let’s wait.
I was happily enjoying their conversation as I stood under the shower, letting the spray of water clear off the lather off my body. I was rubbing my body with my hands, clearing the lather off my body with the water. I rubbed my hands over my body, cleaned my under arms and under my breasts and ran them on the front part of the upper body. Then I bent down to clean my legs and feet. Look at that protruding ass cheeks.
I want to spread them wide open and lick up her hole. I heard them say, as I bent down and cleaned up my feet then slowly, I stood straight and turned around, facing them and they had now stopped all their work and was staring at me directly. I saw their mouths gape open, and their lit up, as they saw my nude front part of my body. I stood like I did not notice those two and went on cleaning my back exposing it to the stream of water from the shower.
The two girls were mesmerized by what they saw their eyes were fixed to the between of my legs. I stood there washing my hair, as their eyes roamed around my naked body, their eyes photographing each part of my naked flesh, without leaving an inch look at that pussy. It’s so small. There is not even a trace of hair on it. Do you think she cleaned it? Nope look at her under arms. She is so young that her pubic hair has not grown yet. “Her pussy looks so tight. Do you think she is a virgin?
Yes. I am sure she is a virgin and the skin over her vagina is so tightly closed together that I doubt it has ever opened up before other than for peeing. Yippee! We have actually a nude virgin bathing in front of us and I think so. Look at her small tits. It looks better from the front. So fresh yes she is really fresh and so young but very much ripe and voluptuous, unexplored. She must be very innocent that’s why she is bathing nude in front of us without feeling any shyness.
So, shall we go and violate this young, innocent, unexplored land? Shouldn’t we see how much this cutie pie can handle? We should but this doll looks so innocent. We should not scare her and I was laughing to myself hearing their commentary. I waited under the shower for them to make a move. I switched off the shower and went towards my towel. I took the towel and started drying myself and she is going to leave.
Do something fast ok one of them came forward you are so beautiful. Thank you and I smiled at her what’s your name? Ayesha how old is you Ayesha? Sixteen cool and I was drying my hair you are not drying your hair properly. Let me do it for you”, she took the towel from me even before I could respond, she turned me around and started to dry my hair with the towel after drying it for some time and she slowly moved my hair to one side and kissed my bare shoulder.
I felt her warm lips on my bare skin. She started to kiss the back of my neck. What are you doing? I asked her nothing and she said and went on kissing the back of my neck. Then the other girl came near me. She took my hand and started running her lips over my hand. The first girl hung the towel on the wall. The two girls led me on to the floor, out of the shower area. I stood on the floor completely naked and bare footed, while the two girls stood beside me.
The two girls stood in front of me and started sucking my boobs. They were each cupping up my breasts and sucking my nipples. What are you doing? I asked them. One of them lifted her head and kissed me full on the lips. She went on sucking my lips one by one, as the other started sucking my tits cupping up each breasts in her hands. The first girl was trying to push her tongue inside my mouth.
I slightly parted my lips so that her tongue came in and rubbed my tongue. I pushed out my tongue in response and she started sucking on to my tongue. The other one held my breasts in her hands as she sucked my nipples one after the other. I was getting into a state of ecstasy. My nipples were getting erect and my breasts were getting hard in her hands. The first one now moved down to my navel and her tongue flicked around my navel while the other continued tormenting my breasts.
She was slowly biting them and pulling them with her teeth. Her hands were actually squeezing my breasts harder, giving me a painful pleasure. I moaned, as both their tongues roamed around my nude body. The first one’s mouth now moved down to my pussy. I shuddered as I felt her warm tongue near the top of my clit. I stood there as they both enjoyed every inch of my exposed body.
They had changed positions one was now behind me and the other on the front, both kneeling on the floor. They made me stand with my legs spread out. One was kissing my pussy while the other was kissing my ass cheeks. I was getting fully turned on now. I felt the first one’s warm tongue on my most sensitive private part, giving me shudders. The other one was busy licking my ass slit. The first one tried to opened my tight vaginal lips and licked the skin folds.
I gasped loudly and moaned passionately. She tried to open up my lips as far as it could go which was not much her pussy is pink too she called out to the other one it’s so tight that I can barely open it to see anything. The one behind me spread my ass cheeks with her hands and began to lick my ass slit. I felt her tongue ran through the between of my butt as I moaned excitedly. I was completely horny now. I felt the between of my thighs sweating profusely.
My breasts were hard and my nipples were erect. I was fighting to breathe normally. I was standing on my toes, unable to contain myself. They were both holding my hips, otherwise I would have fell down as sensations, one after the other ripped my body apart. I spread my legs a little bit more, so that both of them could have better reach to my privates. The one at the back was furiously licking my ass hole as her tongue ran through my ass slit.
The one in the front went on sucking my pussy. I felt some wetness in the front of my pussy and I knew that I was very close as they continued on tormenting me and I jerked my head backwards and closed my eyes. I was holding the hair of the front girl, very tightly. I was standing on my toes and my body was completely tensed up. I felt as if my whole body was tight, as if somebody had tied my whole body with a rope and was tightening it slowly.
It was getting really hard to breathe. My whole body had started to sweat. I was moaning loudly now. I pulled the front girl close towards as she went on sucking my pussy lips. She was also stimulating my clitoris. They had understood the situation I was in and they continued on furiously, without even stopping for a second. Suddenly I gasped for breath and cried out aloud. I felt something escape through my vagina and my whole body began to relax.
They held me tight as I began to orgasm. My body was shuddering and jerking, as thick white fluids gushed out of my pussy. They held me and made me sit on the floor as I gasped for breath. I lay on the floor with my legs spread open catching my breath did you see that? I heard them say. yes oohhh! I have never seen anything like that and I lay there and closed my eyes. I felt very tired. I could feel the warmth of my fluids sticking to my pussy slowly dripping down to the floor.
I felt the stickiness on my thighs too. I did not care for all that as I curled towards my left and drifted off to sleep when I opened my eyes, I was alone in the washroom. The girls were nowhere to be seen. I thought it was some sort of dream but my fluids where still on the floor, my thighs and on my pussy. I got up slowly, switched on the shower and cleaned myself again. I wondered why the girls had left me like that.
I wrapped the towel around me and walked towards the lockers. I began to pack my stuff then as I began to put on my dress, I noticed a note in my locker. I smiled to myself happily as I read Sweetheart, we were so fortunate to have met you. Your innocence, cuteness and the way you stood in front of us complete nude and we won’t forget that for a lifetime.
I have never ever seen such a beautiful body before and your orgasm just made us go wild sorry, we had to go fast, otherwise someone would have come in checking for us. I hope to see you soon. You know where to find us, when you want to see us with lots of love, your friends and I happily put on my clothes and left the washroom with my stuff. I was humming a small tune, as I left the place.

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